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Seanathon Sep 25
There is no time left in my life
     For fitted dreams and windless sheets
     For trees without low limbs to climb
     For years without ever seeing the sea

There is only that which stands here between
     The hopes
     The plans
     The quiet dreams

And yet I find, in the eyes of mind and present being ⁠⁠— And for the sake of those who walk beside
     That there ought to be more to find in me
A verse about searching. About the realization of moving and time passing. People changing and the earth spinning.

Or a shorter title for this would probably just be "urgency" since there's a definite twinge of that within these words. The immediate desire to leave and better yourself. To be free and let go, moving on from all of your prior shortcomings. Because shortcomings ****. But time certainly is ever ticking.

And why between, you may ask? Because the earth beneath is what grounds us flat with it's gravity. And I was looking up at the time. Walking Beneath the Branches of Realizations.

See ya!
B D Caissie Aug 29
Weep not for the forest of my loneliness, for I am surrounded with branches of inspiration.

Woe not for the canopy that casts darkness, for friendly shadows are all I choose to see.  

Fret not for the rooted path of my existence, for in the woods is the only time I'm truly free...

silhouetted form were painted
on the sky's azure backdrop
of leafless winter branches
naked in foliage
Nathalie Jul 20
The branches reach for

One another in love

As the wind shakes the

Leaves off the trees

There is a rumbling thunder

That disturbs the clouds

But only for a moment

Until the showering rain

Replenishes the earth

The sky weeps and

Then turn towards

The warm glow of the sun

Which illuminates the arch of

colour long and wide

Across the distance

Poetress2 Apr 2
Oak branches reach up,
as if to kiss the blue sky,
a breathtaking sight.
Leslie Offerd Mar 31
Swaying to and fro,
     weathering breeze and gale -
          silently, leafless.

Standing ***** like sometimes I,
     casting shadows twice a day -
          never sleeping in the night’s, darkness.

Birds tend to rest upon their lofty branches,
     but for a moment -
          others a seasons, length.

Fluid from the sky drains to its roots,
     nourished by the abundant ground swells -
          growth spurts upward and, full.

The dull green color will never change,
     its hue will be recognized differently -
          during clouded, skies.

Its death may come as, lightning, STRIKES!
Christian Jan 2
Your voice,
hearsay of the breeze
when it caresses
the petals in our garden;
zephyr in my ears
as my hands reach your depths,
equanimity broken
like the branches under our feet
when we entered
this forest
called desire.
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
Tried to tie the rain drops
when there was rain all around
In the chains of nature’s beauty
I tried to tie it up
Soaked in rain
feeling pretty much cold
heart bathed in love light
Shining brightly in the forest

playing with animals around me
in the puddles
splashing through them
i jumped over few branches
waiting for the sun
But you came right to me
like my light and the warmth.
Nathalie Dec 2018
Pearls of rain kissed each petal

Of pink, yellow and green

As the rabbit scurried to find refuge

Under the old birch tree

The branches mingled playfully

To support each other under

A sky of gray mixed clouds

The howling echo of the wind

Reverberated throughout

the house, announcing

the arrival of the scowling storm

adding a sense of urgency

to fasten all the windows shut.

Trails of papers scattered on

the floor as the air stormed through

the entrance of the study

and the scent of jasmine

from the neighbouring yard

filled the empty spaces.

The cat curled up on the sofa

As birdy remained quiet

And found comfort at the

bottom of its cage; feasting

on seeds that had tumbled

to the ground floor of its castle.

We smiled as the awareness

Of our heightened state

Revealing the contrast

Between the brewing storm

And the peace that flowed

Through our hearts …

Kerri Oct 2018
It’s as if the bare branches
stroke my hair
with the comfort of Autumn
Each time
the soft, shushing wind
whispers through the trees.
Beneath a milky moon
I find peace
Knowing that
The heat between
me and Summer
Has fizzled out.
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