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Tierramxrie Oct 2023
To the girl whose childhood wasn’t the best and who didn’t have anyone show up for her in the time of need I’m proud of how far you’ve came. The obstacles you’ve managed to overcome despite wanting to end it all despite wanting to give up you still pushed through—I feel like that says a lot about you.
To the girl who wakes up everyday battling within herself and struggling internally everyday wondering when is it gonna end? Wondering if it’ll ever end? Just push through a little more I know you’re tired baby I know it feels like the world’s heaviest blanket weighing you down but I believe in you so much.
To the girl who always longed for love because she never fully received it from her parents so she seeks it in others. When will you start loving you? When will you pour into you? I hope one day you come to the realization where you in fact love you just as much as you love others. I hope one day you see that your first love and your last love should always be you.
To the girl who’s afraid to let love in—it’s okay to let it in come to terms with the fact that no one is ever really “yours” there are people out there that don’t wanna hurt you and in fact wanna love you while you’re simultaneously loving yourself and learning yourself all over again. Don’t allow your past to hinder you from what’s yours and from what you are deserving of. When it’s genuine and it’s authentic magic it’s beautiful what can be made. Let love come in—in all forms let it embrace you it’s scary I know but love shouldn’t hurt.
To the girl who is struggling to live I hope it gets better for you. For us. I wonder what the future looks like for you if you just keep fighting—I know it’ll be beautiful. Please keep fighting.
Don’t give up Tierra.
Litha Blue Jul 2022
Rivers of velvet sadness
Stream through my veins at night
The heaviness of the flesh
and of my mind crippling blind
I'm crippling blind
My eyes wide open
Gradually turning black

The feeling before syncope.
Litha Blue Jul 2022
There I was
I stood in the
Eternal Graveyard
Discarded melodies Long forgotten
Thought forms that could have been
Scattered across miles half buried
Broken bones
I wish this place
Was never born
in the face
But I said I'd keep going
Let this be
The time I come closest
I can't bare to see it
Happen again
Angellah Nyamai Apr 2022
I wanna let my pen bleed words to the world,
I wanna tell the broken to open with a reason for the season,
I wanna write light to your night,
I started the journey anyway....

I was blind about it,
I turned all way all round,
I was never told what I required,
I packed my bags and took the way,
I started the journey anyway..

Whirlwinds blew me,
My skinny body almost left me,
Unfamiliar and terrible paths I walked,
I cried when it got tough,
I took the journey anyway...

Here I stop to look back,
Here a beautiful way is created,
Here I write for you know,
Here I am is not where I was,
I am in the journey anyway....

The journey to success is faith, hope and action
Some stages are fearful, but you have to pass them,
I write to you for you are strong,
Strong to take your journey too,
Strong to hope that it's a good destiny,
Strong to start,
And so I write to you
Take the journey anyway
starstrike Nov 2021
nothing in this world is linear except  t i m e
and even  
is relevant
Jaicob Jul 2021
Open your eyes.
Break the habit.
Cut the old
With a hatchet.
Don't you worry
Don't you stress.
I will help you
Through the rest.

I'm your mentor.
I'm your guide.
I'll light your way
Through life's ride.
It's no problem.
I'm on your team.
Just take my hand
Before you leap.

It'll be hard.
It'll hurt a little,
But looking back
Where you started
Is such a miracle
Zack Ripley Jun 2021
Whether you Wake up to
silence or a rooster call,
darkness or light,
love or a fight,
You still woke up.
Day or night, even if your hope is gone,
You woke up. So keep moving on.
Because however it happened,
You woke up.
And that's another chance to change things. Another chance to live.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I continued to ask myself:
How do I trust a word?
I’m going out of my mind
This can’t be right

As you spoke in snake tongues gone rogue
There was nothing for you here except my sterile wit and huge imagination

Leading, draining, careful precision like
the stairway to heaven
I was consciously moving choosing creating my future
Playing chess with my emotions
Were yours even human?
Stale bread is the answer

I loved and so I became the greatest to build
I am. Because I trusted Him. When I chose to become an understanding of those learned moments of momentary promise
Severed bliss; Nothingness (emptied)
I Never lost reflection

So just leave me the pail
Water dripping over my skin
I am gratified
There is no longing for longevity anymore
There is only me now
Lacquered with the Spirit of enlightened authenticity

Infused with a Spirit that has woken me up!

For what is spiritual peace but a moment in time that feels so ripe and right with goodness and a kind of high (ness) Power to become One with
The threshold runs deep you see

And so does the knowledge
of limitless humility
with a gratuity of acute consciousness  
Awareness is Power
And I am free
To finally live. I am alive and well
I am.
Consciousness was the biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout this year and a half long experience. I also learned to expand the love I had kept inside for myself which is the most important thing I could have done, and a bit of humor of course. In all brutal honesty, as a woman, when you go through these challenges in any relationship especially with men who have been harmed either physically or emotionally abused which if not most if not always present itself to you in the form of a deeply hurt and neglected individual with a trauma background, you want to identity that immediately through using your intuition and reaching out to a loved one, a mentor, someone you trust, a coach, a therapist, or a good friend who supports your wellness and mental health. Writing this piece and thinking back to who I once projected myself to be as I was going through this challenging time, enabled me to bring out my courage and my self love and respect and even my faith and gratitude in a deeper more meaningful way. Through writing I develop my faith in those who I do want to surround myself with and who want to enhance my life rather than unintentionally or intentionally entangle it in their pain. We all have a story to tell. We must believe we are greater for it. I am greater for it. Say it to yourself. I am. I am one with love. I am powerful beyond measure. I am amazing. I am grateful. I am the best for myself and for who believes the same in me and shows it. Remember that. One must speak to it as they show you the worth that you show yourself each day in all you do.
Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
Do you understand how hard it is for someone?
The ability they have to conquer any situation.
To face not only the outside world, but themselves.

The toxicity of their bad habits clinging onto them for dear life.
Pulling and scratching to control,
Fight back with everything they have.

But it’s those days where they are able to win the fight.
The feeling of accomplishment.
Rejoicing in the ambience.

Thankful and grateful.
Now they keep going.
Never quit.
Raven Blue Nov 2020
Have you ever felt tired?
That you just want to give up.
But you wanted to achieve what you desired;
You keep on fighting and standing up.
Even if you've lost your way;
You keep getting back on your track.
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