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You lay your skills, on a neatly made bed,
And now you look at them  and want to stretch them
You lean your thoughts, on your open palm
But all the heaviness is supported by your elbow,
Implanted in a pillow, filled with rusted nails.
Your eyes sting from all the disappointments,
Your mouth coughs out all the rages,
You know you have to step barefoot on shattered glass,
So you lick your soles, with empty promises,
You take a sniff in search of oxigen
You think you found it, then you gather your tired bones
You stamp a smile on your lips and exhale
You roll up your sleeves, and you get up!
I never wanted to admit it it. I hated that it stayed so long. However the more I tried to fight it, the more apparent it became. The deeper the roots, the stronger the hold. To the point of my beginning was its end and its end my beginning. I let it wrap me. Take all my energy and love. Even though I could feel it, I didn't want to admit it was there. So I moved only when it let me, I thought only want it allowed me to. I spoke when spoken to and overslept to the point of illness. I no longer cared. I no longer felt. I no longer…. I no longer…. I was longer.. There was no I. There was simply it. And it fell deeper. And then I knew I needed to turn. To face it. While there was still some small part of me that could.
ALC Apr 8
This world will throw road blocks in your path
Disguised as people.
People masked with love and honesty
Men and Women adorned with fair hair and a sparkling smile.

This world will throw boulders into your path
Marking you with kisses and scars
Swaying you to stray from your goals
Asking you to give up your morals.

This world will send storms into your path
To push you back
And off the road
To hold you down.
Though through all of this,
We continue to walk
To run
Away from their grasping hands
And through the pelting rain and hounding thunder.
Toward the horizon shining with the ever-present idea of hope.
-ALC April 8, 2019
Jennifer West Feb 17
I won't be quiet
When you stifle my voice

I won't lay down
When you walk all over me

I won't be give up
When you crush my soul

I won't let you
Get me
Letting go
is the hardest way to flow,

but sometimes,

it has to be done
in order to move on
Lieke Jan 26
With my red lipstick on
soaring through the deep
melting through it all

hair behind me
chin raised up high
arms spread out
vision clear

look back
see you
deep breath
keep going
With my red lipstick on.
December, 2017
Fires are for the hopeless soul,
the souls with nothing left in them but broken bits and bones.
They try to drown it out,
but it only feeds the flames,
soon turning it into,
an out of control raging inferno.

Floods are for desperate souls,
drowning any purpose of life,
they are pulled to and fro,
their breath all but dead.

Snow is for the empty soul,
cold and guilty,
void of anything but control.
Yet it covers them,
leaves them in a blanket of protection,
though it leaves there skin red and raw.

Hail is for the restless soul,
the pent-up energy,
the out of control,
the burning craze.
It cools there rage,
yet they can't see far in front of them,
they live in the here and now.
The hail hurts there skin,
leaving them cold and raw.

Earthquakes are for the broken souls,
the ones who worry to and fro.
Their lives are fine,
even great,
until the earthquake comes and breaks.
In an instant, it rips apart,
what had been a perfectly planned life.
It comes and cracks the land,
decimates it without a second glance.

Each of these has claimed our souls,
our lives, our time, our only goals.
and yet I trust you will go,
today with a message of hope.
If you try with all you have,
to fight these things I have said,
though it will be tough,
the journey long and hard,
met with troubles,
and many sorrows,
You. Will. Succeed.
And see the light again.
I haven't written a poem in about 2 weeks (or at least finished a poem, or came out with anything good). It feels really good writing something again.
Juvia Cecilia Nov 2018
Time continues to fly by, the day will continue on, life will keep going by, so don’t stop, keep going, get back up and go. You are strong, you can do this, take a moment to breathe and go because I know it’s hard right now and it will be again but what makes you happy will come again so look forward to that do not look back on the past because those tears will dry and your smile will come back so please keep going
I will going to go on with my life I will not let this stop me
Broken Arpeggio Oct 2018
This step,
Moves you forward
That step,
Sets you back
Be determined to just keep moving
And not panic, when the mind attacks

Being present,
Allows growth
Numbing out,
Smothers the seed
Staying nourished, in both body and soul
Lifts the fog and allows you to breathe

Going quick,
Isn't always better
Slow and steady,
Can set the pace
Running, may not be faster
For crawling, could win the race
All steps, are as varied as the individuals who take them...What's right for one, may not hold true for another...Thus, there is no right or wrong/ winning or losing here...True accomplishment comes from simply deciding to take the first step!
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