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the horses are still beside the hill
the hotel still has a neon sign
that’s pleasant as the wild way he would
say it as it is
Tulsa 1d
Gentle muzzle
velvet soft
lipping at my palm
searching for the treats,
sugar and molasses
a rich combination
only a good horse

Supple leather
worn smooth
over years of dedication
and application
that comes from
this sport.
already promised ahead of time,
three months earlier,
hauling to deserted fairgrounds
a dusky sky setting the tone
for lead ropes
through stock trailer slats
cow dogs
up down sideways
trailing owners between horses legs and rusty pickups.

Tacking up
underneath floodlights
set to the soundtrack
of jangling spurs
and soft nickers.
Younger kids
hanging on the arena rails
drinking syrupy sweet
a tradition
root beers before your run
good luck
in our community.

Foot in the stirrup
old braided reins in hand
broken into submission,
under years
of use.

Slapping hands
with other riders
who already went
slick with sweat
foaming at the mouth
ready to go again
with rippling muscles
still taunt in the sticky summer night,
aching for one last run.
three turns
and a gallop home,
don't care about the money
unless you beat your last time-
your only competitor

Hard packed dirt
pounded down by hooves,
tails swishing at flies
as you wait
for your turn.
Adrenaline and happiness,
an addictive cocktail,
these are the nights
Paul Apr 8
First, a tundra in stasis;
a white-*****, emptied book
whose unmade letters sleep:
icy, furled, and blank. Then,

breath; a near audible thawing
of unbridled shapes and mute
fire; now, the bright stampede
of hooves breaking into the field. Next,

a poem about the process of conceiving and writing a poem. hope you like it.
Poetress2 Mar 15
Horses are gorgeous,
as their Mane flows in the wind.
I love to ride them.
Anya Mar 2
We play with sickles
Through bounties of wheat
Waiting for our mothers to call
We follow the footsteps
Of jackals and hooves
Beyond the forests of Yew
We follow the tune
Of the lyres sweet song
To a friend we had forgotten
And while we danced
Our fathers plowed
And our mothers were weeping  alone
Though we few
Who never knew
Him who we thought we had known
Fallen Feb 12
Horses chase the wind—
shamanic drumbeats of hooves
shake our bones with love.

Here we remember
what it is for Mother Earth
to reach out to Sky.

Beneath crashing hooves,
she flings to freedom's embrace—
Mother and Father.

In this holy kiss
Freedom and Nurture unite—
the Way of the Horse.
May 11th, 2012 to August 28th, 2018
R.I.P. My Best Friend
You were here for such a short time

I can feel your spirit
within me and around me
and in the pasture
with the others you left behind

You were one of a kind
Your personality like no other
You were King of the pasture

With some work and persistence
you learned to respect me as the leader of the herd  (most days)

Our relationship grew into an amazing friendship
A bond like I've never felt before

You amazed me everyday
Your colors as beautiful as the sun
A coat mostly a deep red and gold
Your Mane and Tail mostly black with red highlights

Your movement was free and bold
Your gallop the best
Your Mane and Tail
blowing up into the wind
Your chest rhythmically drawing air into your lungs
Your nostrils flaring in excitement with some snorting too

When you arrived here into my pasture and my heart
You were a force to be reckoned with as a Stallion
Gelding you didn't change you into a docile horse as expected
Your personality was yours and nothing would change it

You were my favorite
You will forever be in my heart

I miss you everyday
I miss your kisses with your
warm and wet tongue
I miss you following me around to see what I was doing
I even miss when you tried to use my head as your chin rest
I didn't even mind when you were pushy or stepped on my toes
I loved warming my hands on your neck under your thick mane
I loved knowing that when I looked into your beautiful brown eyes
I knew you were looking back at me with love and understanding

It was the saddest night of my life when you had to leave us behind
The unfortunate accident that changed our destiny
A moment of time that
can never be taken back  
That whole day is forever
emblazoned in my mind

You left us no choice but to send you back to God to run in
His golden pastures
You will never be hungry or thirsty or cold ever again
Best part is no more pain

Wild and Free forever
in the light of heaven's pastures

I will see you again someday
when my time comes
I know this in my heart and soul

You are physically gone from our lives but you will
never be forgotten

You are and will always be our Lucky 
Always in the hearts of those that loved you most

I will love you forever

Author: Julia LaRae Vogel
I have written and rewritten this so many times.  The first was written right after his death.  The second was a try at making it less like a story and more like a poem, it continued to be a draft.  Now I hope it gets published as a poem.
Ian Robinson Jan 1
Running through the plains and meadows
they are not native to

Much like the happy and merry widows
that were abused

Wild Horse won't stop for anyone
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