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i’m not afraid to say it,
i need it out there so the world knows
how much i love you and how much i treasure you,
and how i’m not ready for you to go
but you deserve to be free of pain
even if life won’t be the same

i’m so thankful you kept your daddy happy
long enough for me to meet him
and that you two shared so many memories
so many journeys, so many stories
and i’m so thankful you became my baby girl too,
that the memories you two had together
are memories you let me see,
and so thankful i have my own memories of him and you and me

i’ve loved you dearly, even when you were naughty
and i’ve loved you as you were happy, playing with the hose
i’ve loved you as you sun bathed
and as you’ve cuddled with me in the cold,
and i’ve loved you as you ate treats
and got excited for fresh meat,
i’ve loved you jealous of the new puppy
and i’ve loved you bright and smart and sneaky

and i love you now as you tell me you’re ready to go
and i’ll always, always love you, more than you’ll ever know.
Robyn Little Mar 28
Lulu Little had a mysterious start to life

No mother father or siblings to speak of

Three nameless kids with one father

Absent to each, hers to keep clean

But you see

Lulu was thrown out onto the streets

Barefoot, pregnant and nowhere to call home

Then she was picked up and put in a shed

Giving birth to three babies alone

Then strange people came and took her away

She slept most of the day away

Arguing with the neighbors and a few mouthfuls in between

Occasionally she still wonders about her babies

In the night her new mother whispers to her about them

Lulu may have grandchildren by now

She certainly acts like a grandma

Moaning about her woes

Sitting in her chair licking her wounds

Falling asleep for 22 hours straight

Oh before I forget just let me reiterate

Lulu does all these things and she does

all these things because Lulu is a cat
Humans love their pets,
In many different ways,
Building a bond that is strong,
Until either one dies, no matter how long.
People remember the good happy times,
With their pets, bragging every day,
They can make a mess in the house,
Their humans clean it up,
Forgotten, in a fast way,
Why can’t humans treat each other the same way,
If the toilet seat is left up, easy to put down,
From some, you hear complaining for days.

The original: Tom Maxwell© 3/6/22 AD
1:46 pm
Cozy, snuggly, curled up tight
People think I'm sleeping, but that is far from being right,
With one eye open, the other tightly shut
I plough the very trade refined by every cat.
Quiet adoration amongst the whispered sighs
For this wonderful creation, nature's wily prize.
And all the while I'm lounging, perched upon my throne
Surveying my domain from this place I call home.
I'm fed and duly watered, patted when I wish,
My life a constant slumber, something I call Bliss,
As to these poor humans, scurrying around
Their feet so often frantic, they barely touch the ground,
The one piece of advice I freely choose to give,
Is simply look at me and learn from how I live!
Elizabeth Kelly Dec 2021
Is there anything more pure
Than a dog who curls up at your side
And leans her sweet meaty head against you
And falls asleep,
Dreaming her dreams as she snores?

A studied and precise move,
(the snoring is key for peak adorableness) clinically proven to woo your human into giving you a bite of her dinner.
Not a chance, River, you manipulative bish
EP Robles Nov 2021
NUMB(Land) came ashore near the boat house
where i last saw my precious kitty cat.

And upon the edge of sea and skies
i see a brewing storm and i fret for her.

How i want her and I need her although
she acts as though she never loved me.
i saw inside her eyes last night
that she cries all for me.

I stayed home all week and now the storm
past but my heart aches | i won't forget her.

Today i found a soulless mouse next to my door.
How she breaks my heart because she shan't
cry for no one any longer but I believe in her.

::  11.16.2021 ::
Justin Aptaker Nov 2021
or was it today? i can’t really tell
i saw God
more clearly than i’ve ever seen anything

She was
struggling to breath
unable to understand
why everything was pain
why She’d been so alone
away from all those She loved so much

Her eyes bleary and fading
joy erased
but we were there with Her
She could feel us again
along with Her children and sisters huddled against Her
for one last image
equally at a loss

but the last image She gave me
was when the sedative finally kicked in
and i sat face to face with Her
gently stroking Her beautiful head
She finally made sounds of joy again
or they could have been pain
but i think they were joy
and i think i saw joy again in Her eyes
i think the medicine had relieved the fear and pain
just enough for Her to feel the joy of me loving Her

but that moment was cut short
as they took Her away
i cried “goodbye sweet baby”
sweet Angel, sweet Love
then i fell apart

the next time i saw God
all the life had departed from Her
all that remained for me
was Her still, beautiful form
eyes open, but lifeless
and my eyes are open, but lifeless
until I see God again
In loving memory of Boo, an angel who was taken from us too soon on 7/10/2021.
Priya Oct 2021
I see him & I see you
I see the way he stands with the eager eyes.
The way his actions speak like your unsaid words.
I always listen to you asking me to take you out.
Eventually I do what you ask for.
The way you handle your frienship
The time that I spent with you,
I see that all in glimpses when I see him.
The voice that is cheerful & energetic
Your anger and the consequent actions.
You alwasy take my clothes to terrace to tear.
Well! Least should I know that I should keep my promises.
The way you move your head on seeing new things.
Like a sincere student who learns from scratch.
Training you was easy, but me training for it was hard.
The same care, affection and loyalty.
Except for the fact you wag your tail
Yes, You! My little brother with tail.
I always pictured you as human.
What will you talk and how will you behave.
And now I found a human just like you
As I see him a pure warmth fills my heart.
Though far away, you are here with me in memories.
A dog compared to a human. :) Have you ever felt this  way about your dog?
meka Oct 2021
You're all I need
The whisper of the leaves in the breeze
The sun scattered along the ground
You, smiling and running gleefully
Just so happy to be alive
I try to keep up but your wonder forever exceeds me
You're all I need
To keep me from freezing over
My best friend forever
There's nothing you could ever do to hurt me except disappear
and I know one day I will have to say goodbye
But in my heart, you're eternal
Pets are really special
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