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We met when you were small
a tiny white puffball
I placed a band blue
round your neck to
show you were my kitty

I knew so exactly
what you should be
good, kind, lovely, sweet
smart, fun, strong, complete
the package with loyal

and you were, so royal
without blemish or soil
upon your pure white fur
heart free of smudge or blur
your name was Snowbell

you grew to know it well
from birth to when you fell
crimson mottled splotch mess
stained your angelic dress
a broken vessel as am I

speaking of how you did die
your life story in my eye
tale of cuddles, head rubbed
rolling joyful in the mud
you spirit confined

by man’s wall defined
freedom’s what you pined
for ever gazing at door
shut stuck wanting outside

Petite Cherie, where now you reside
may sweet freedom fully abide
may you live without doors
fields of grass be your floors
enjoy them, please, it is your right

for this world which held tight
to be lost in pursuit
finally allowed to be you
I let go the band blue
but never my love for you

Petite Cherie, run, be free—
please wait patiently
for the time when we
both have naught but grass floor
no remnants of that shut door.
In memoriam of Snowbell (2005-2019)
She was the best feline companion this fellow has ever been blessed to have.
RequiesCAT In Pace, Petite Cherie
My cat is a manual Pithecanthropus,
My cat is like a pterodactyl,
Alien, ecilop,
But he's my friend and a bully.

My cat doesn't believe in miracles,
Tries to stay sideways,
Youth hides the moustache.
And pulls the notes accidentally.

Why try to explain
The artist's stream of consciousness?
We fail to grasp this thread,
Don't guess the random shot.

When emotion stings
Syrup of burning excitement.
When the mermaid swims
In front of the showcase body painting.

When you laugh, yawn, nod
Will disperse flour, boredom, drama.
Break through to the sea stream
From the Urals to the Volga river via Kama.
Toxic yeti Mar 24
There was a little
Girl with
A blue dress and blue hair
To her
Pet blue chickadee
That’s the size of a Boeing
Sarah Quinn Mar 21
Chaotic feline is
Adamant that owner
Takes steps to come home.
Mitch Prax Mar 20
I think about our future cat
that is, if you wanted more.
Would we have too many to pat
or would they be ours to adore?
We'd argue over countless names
in between our countless grins-
these perfect moments hung in frames,
soaked in pure love and the finest gins.
Aeryn Mar 9
I believe that she's a goddess
in all her female, feline glory
every worry seems to fade
when I ****** her from neck to tail

Pine-tree eyes gazing from underneath the table,
a rarely used mew like the tinkling of chimes,
intricate silkiness intersewn with sable,
and a glinting little bell collar, shining like new dimes

I hardly ever see her,
but she's there when I need her,
as if bleeding saltwater
causes her to feel friendly.

If I ever have to leave this earth,
I want to find the feline hearth,
with all of its eternal worth.

If something,
someone ends me,
That's where she'll send me.
This about my cat, Gwen.
She's elusive, but always seems to be there with a sweet expression when I'm hurting the most. I love her to death.
Mitch Prax Feb 24
Viking cats live
in such magnificent ways,
and he was no different-
Valhalla awaits him.
Ceasar A Jan 24
our door is always open, if you need some food
our door is always open, For u can rest ur fur.

i hope ur doing fine my child
for i miss you.
i hope the best for you my child
in this awful world

i raised you for a while my child
and promised you the moon.

i promise that youll sleep my child
i promise you soon.

youll be safe my child,
for youll live within my heart my child

your paws will not be forgotten my child and
i will long for you my child.
fur found on my jacket my child.  

wishing everyday to kiss you my child

my sweetest little Riley
i love you
My cat died and i really miss him. i lost him.
this is me picturing him just running away because i guess that hurts less..
puppy eyes
looking up at me
always remind me
that I am
so very lucky.
Alastair Fenn Jan 26
If ever the world gets you down
your pet will still be your best friend;
they’re joyful and wild
and with big doleful eyes
their love never comes to an end.

Your pets will not hide how they feel
or lock up their hearts in a box
they’re loyal and gentle
polite and respectful:
they’re everything humans are not.
One more children's verse; back to more gloomy output after this!
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