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Four 4d
Looking at them made me smile,
They don't even have to try.
Knowing they're comfortable makes me feel good,
For it's a proof that I am doing good.

Why are they so cute, even when they don't move,
Their laying position is enough to set my heart in positive mood.

My love for them is over the top,
I could not even understand.
How could I love so hard,
A creature that could not even tell "I love you" back.
I am looking right now at my two lovely dogs they are laying looking so comfortable and cute, they are such a baby haha. I love them so much, I can't even explain 😂 I guess it's the power that only animals can have. Just love. ❤
dollops of dander
mighty mousers meander—
cats with cattitude

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
5/22/2020 - Poetry form: haiku - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
ConnectHook Apr 30
My cat WOKE:
Petra Electra Perpetua.

I’m telling y’all, she massive woke;
lit, like wicked wick holy smoke.

She outsmart Christopher ******* dreamin’
teach a dog where a BONE at,
discern every demon,
(not to mention advanced forensics.)

She rise, she yawn, she stretch, she flex
then start cashin’ every other pet paychecks.

She charge per minute just to LOOK at her fur
while she sharpen her nails. My Petra purr . . .

Dogs be all: WOOF
She don’t even answer.
Scribe rhymed Arabic lyrics
while she beat a belly dancer
with her TAIL, pfffffft. . .

My girl don’t tag, she SPRAY.
Mark every wall, y’all . . .
Seen all over the hood, gnome sain?

Offer her Sheba, she like:
Won’t touch it. Give me that Meow Mix.

My girl teach Afrikan lioness about *****;
*** on a paean, droppin’ lyrics like mice
other feline get fussy
my kitty get NICE.

TikTok your Instagram feed
right into her bowl.

My girl so woke,
save her own fanged soul.

Slip out the house—she gone.
Workin’ secret route to EGYPT.
Roast every priestess in Bastet city;

My kitty taught CLEOPATRA (u feel me?)
about *****.

She scratch Catwoman, pounce on Robin
Batman wet his weak-*** mask, sobbin’.

My girl woke;
so woke she don’t nap, she sleep—

profoundly. Soundly. DEEP.
write a paean to your pet.

Christopher Smart referenced
Black rabbit,
Fear has become a habit
With you so soft and fierce.

I guess it makes sense
That you're so tense
Life hasn't treated you kindly.

The cage is all you've ever known
Your sanctuary, your home
Such a pity to live this way.

Yet, I can't set you free
Because I know you'll leave me
And you'll never look back

At our picket fence.
Eva B Apr 25
The world would never be the same
but the wind still sways the
bare tree tops and when
the cat meows it
still wants attention.
Mrs Timetable Apr 18
The age of stability is over
Some lights in our life
Shimmer truthfully
We know who they are
Hold them tightly
And don’t
Let them go
We need our loved ones more than ever
Scorpius Apr 16
She slinks
Between feet
Curling one
Of tail
To shoulder
And scampering
I reach
To engage,
To satisfy.
And fleeing,
To the next.
And he
Is patient
And slow
And strong
It’s time,
And ready
For my return.
you are soft all over, yet i still feel your comforting weight when you lay with me
you are swift and sleek, but also adorable in your own small ways
the way you lay on my chest as if i’ve no need to breathe is insanely frightening
and the way you make sure to position yourself just right, where my arm will fall asleep
but i won’t be able to move
is absolutely ingenious
you have the most enchanting pale green eyes
they beg for cuddles while simultaneously asking if i’m alright,
and it’s admirable how you are loyal to me
when some days i can hardly bring myself to feed you or change the litter
you have more faith in me than i do
because when i am sad or crying
you push your head against my nose
make sure your **** goes in my face,
curl up on my chest and sleep with me
or you meow until i’m forced to get up
and you trust that eventually i’ll get up
i absolutely love my kitten
she always helps to brighten my day
miles Apr 13
i love my dogs.

i talk to my dogs like people,
i treat them better than most of my
friends, which i should probably work on,
but that's neither her nor there.

i don't know what i'm going to do
when there gone. they love me unconditionally.
they don't care about my body, gender,
mental health.

animals don't care who you are,
they love you for you.
how will i find that again?
and how can you move on from that?

animals are better than people because
they will always love you. but there's the
catch, because once there gone your left
i love you moxie and simmy :,)
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