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I don’t remember sleeping
The act of unconsciousness
An awakening of conscience
A letting-go of stress

Becoming something organic
Folded into dotted wood
And fabrics made of ghost
Torpid fibres snake my blood

The calendar flicked through days
The clock ticked through time
Smacked out my mind adventures
Back when I was in my prime

Thinking way outside the box
Deep slumberer in rictus tomb
At one with earth and universe
As safe as mother’s ****

Cruelly wrenched back to life
Birthed hard from safe oblivion
Dreams jet-washed like pebble-dash
Still waiting for event horizon

© pofacedpoetry – Billy Reynard-Bowness (2018) – All right’s reserved
The oblivion of sleep.....
Kicking and screaming,
Within weeks meningitis overrides the quiet side,
To a nineteen-year-old mother, suddenly, that’s a fight for two lives,
Naivety of youth versus reality of life,
Her fathers disowned her,
Kid’s father’s a stoner,
The baby is screaming,
It’s hard to keep breathing,
It’s mid-winter,
If she gives up now it will mean giving up,
Full stop,
Book closed,
Claustrophobic cold,
You feel so alone,
Dad’s getting ******,
That’s just pathetic,
World getting hectic,
The hospital service,
A miracle happens,
The doctor saves him,
The baby is safe now,
That doctor stands sacred,
Tears are hysteric,
And she raises the child,
Gives it her all,
Gives it her soul,
Destroys her mind,
And he’s so ungrateful,
And they’re so distant,
As he grows older,
That miracle’s tarnished,
Becoming addicted,
Becoming obsessive,
Becoming dishonest,
Becoming reflective,
Writing this poem,
To try being honest,
To try understand this,
Not just alcoholic.
That’s how I’m coping,
At least I’m not coking,
Except when I’m coking,
But every morning I wake up reeling,
Can’t escape the feeling,
Of wasting away,
Just ****** up my uni,
Because I can’t commit for more than five ******* seconds to anything,
It was a television course,
Who even ******* likes television,
**** television,
I never wanted to do it anyway,
I just want a drink,
I just want a drink,
***, what a ******* miracle,
Thanks doc,
I need to find reason,
I need to find purpose,
This is a confession.
little poetry dump, this is maybe the opener of the collection idk
Bragi Nov 12
Time flys by
It was when I was born
That my life flashed before
My eyes.
have you ever noticed anything that sent you spinning
off into the empty infinity of blossoming cognizance?

pupils dilate,
sweat beads,
words collapse back into what they imply; we only know
because we watched the footage.

yes, we watched it together
and yes, it is the only father figure that pays for her own dinner these days.

i wish i was worth forgetting in the future.

i wish people didnt feel they had to be anything but here.

i wish people would teach their children about how i could market loose teeth to coastlines.

im laughing at your puzzled aura
from the next epochal shift.

(man enters and exits stage right, nervously)

it's deep is a depth but really nonsense.
say hello to poetry. she made me write this.
I'm wandering...
If you knew the duration
will you have still
chosen to be born?

You last little more
than a dream's delight
Little more than
the unbroken silence

But in the very end
you always opt for
the gallant deed

Will you please
give a lesson
to humanity?
Will U?
Allen James Nov 9
The moment you came into this world,
I was born in yours,
Nurtured by your wisdom,
Held safely in your arms,
I saw those bright, familiar eyes,
And realized,
It's been so long since I saw through them,

With every shallow breath,
You filled my lungs with air,
Every drop of tear,
Bathing my heart anew,
Brought into a home,
Where even angels fall asleep,

On this very day,
My life began.
Lyn-Purcell Nov 8

Feet swollen, short of breath
a blossoming career with make
its due through my blood,
sweat and tears. As I continue
to spill my ink on my page in the
public and private eye...

Feeling better today...
I will keep my dream alive and keep
spilling my ink. Thank you everyone for your patience and kindness!
265 followers - that's just insane!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Much love,
Lyn ***
One day, Dad and Mom find out I'm growing inside.  What a warm, relaxing place to be. Sounds are like echoes, but pleasant to hear. I'm so small, my little heart beats fast like the wings of a hummingbird.

Times passes and I have grown. The sounds, muffled I hear, are getting familiar to me. My little arms have grown and I have fingers. My little legs also have grown and I have toes.  Not as much room to move around though.

A little more time passes and I'm getting uncomfortable, no more room to move. One day, I have an urge to roll so my head is down.  I am getting an urge that something new is going to happen.

Then it happens.  All the warm fluid I have been in leaves me and suddenly I feel like I am being squeezed.  I get a little break, then the squeezing starts again.  I'm being pushed into a small tunnel.  I think, "am I gonna fit?", then the squeezing gets stronger and there are no more breaks.

First my head goes into the black tunnel, wow, so much pressure.  Then I feel one of my shoulders enter the tunnel, wow, so tight.  Then my other shoulder pops into the tunnel.  Sure am happy I developed a bit of a slimy coating, or I would get stuck.

The top of my head is getting cold, I don't understand what is happening to me.  The constant pressure is still there but I only move a little at a time. The outside noises are silent right now.  I feel afraid.

Oh my, lots of pressure and my whole head pops out.  Something is happening to me.  I feel something hard in my nose and my mouth.  Feels like it's going to **** my insides out.  Lot's of really loud noises and the light is too bright, I can't see.

Once more I feel some pressure and my whole body slides out of the tight hole I was in.  As my chest expands, I take in my first breath of air.  All of the sudden, something in my chest takes over and I keep taking in air and blowing it out.  How strange that feels.

Lots of loud talking and someone wraps something warm around me.  I see shapes and shadows.  The person that caught me when I came out put cold things on where I'm attached to my mother.  Then he severs us from each other and I'm taken somewhere else.

I'm really frightened, I start to cry.  What a strange noise, but I can't stop.  Where is my mother, where am I?  Why are they doing all these strange things to me.  I'm in a warm box and my protective coating is getting cleaned off.  Someone is putting something in my eyes, now I really can't see.  Someone is putting something on the lower part of my body, it's staying on.  Someone pulls each of my arms into something warm, they lift my bottom and put my little legs inside.  Then they snap it up, funny popping noises.

Wow, I'm really tired, but my tummy feels funny.  I get wrapped up into a warm blanket and I am brought back to my Mom.  She wraps her arms around me and I can hear her voice and her heartbeat. I feel safe again.   She bares her breast and helps guide my mouth to her milk.  It takes me a little coaxing to latch onto her ******, but when I get a good hold, her warm milk pours into my mouth and I  swallow as fast as I can.  I knew how to swallow while I was inside in my warm fluids.  I drink as much as I can, but now I'm really tired, can't keep my eyes open anymore.

I fall into a peaceful slumber, there in my mother's arms.  Wow, what an adventure. What will I dream about?  Only me and *** know that.
Inner thoughts of how the infant feels about birth.
NoctOwl Nov 5
I hate this day
The 13th death anniversary
Of my beloved grandfather

I do not like this day
The day I backslided
Six years ago

I am learning to admire this day
For today is the day
Of small beginnings

I really love this day
My creator gave me life
Indeed, it is a happy birth day
julianna Nov 4
Is 17 too soon?
I don’t think I’m ready
I look nothing like her
Or what I thought.
Age complex... I feel weird turning 17 in 2 months. I don’t feel like I’m ready for it even though nothing will really change.
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