Bee Mar 10
This marks the birthing of monumental proportions
turning a black and white world to one of perpetual
variegated sunrises. You are the furthest thing from
an accident.  You continue to cultivate one step at a
time breathing new life into each set of hungry eyes
waiting to confront the trojan line that produces the
battles in the brain.  What to write next is under the
surface,  patient and dormant,  for the future paints  
you in the adrenaline of other colors.   Instinctually,
I look to you and surrender to the abrupt,  arresting
grip of the ghost of a thought that’s just out of reach.
like swimming baby
pulled from coiled loopy and jettisoned
away from first body light touch
slow thing drifting into a puddle
Our worlds keep spinning; around and around!
It's constantly spinning around!

When I as a child, I’d open my mouth and bite the moon,
When I was a boy, I’d lay my head within the stars,
And when I grew old, there was no place like home,
When I died, flowers grew from the palms of my hands.

When I as a star I sailed for a boy with a dream,
When I as a moon a child bit a chunk out of me,
And when I grew old, there was no place like home,
When I died, flowers grew from the palms of my hands.

Our worlds keep spinning; around and around!
It's constantly spinning around!
The cycle of life!
Dawn was born in the beginning
Dusk born at the end
Only to circle back to dawn
For dusk to be born again

Circles, cycles turn and die
Then turn around to wave
Morning awakes to live
While night sleeps in her grave

Know the end is not the end
Only a simpler way to phrase
The birthing of a dawn
The beginning of future days.
A poem of circles
Pagan Paul Feb 27
And the waves crash down on a distant shore,
as worlds collide in a dramatic final encore,
a panic birthing universe, the original sacred chao,
bellicose suns carve furrows like a plough,
seed stars ejaculated from the maelstroms core,
illuminating that which was not there before.

The universe is a cell inhabiting a bigger store,
a microcosmic component born and newly restored,
internal explosions of chemistry creating divisions,
warping space about ideas, moulding time's schisms,
imagining life as the accident of a misplaced spore,
as the waves crash down on a distant shore.

© Pagan Paul (24/02/18)
chao (pronounced cow) = A single unit of chaos
KM Hanslik Feb 26

The clock tells me it's past midnight
when I first realize the feeling
of unspoken sentences itching beneath my skin,
prickling up my arms like gooseflesh;
it's just past midnight when
the dams burst behind my eyes, unexpectedly;
it's just past midnight when I begin to think of
all the sunrises I've slept through
all the highways my tires may never travel,
just past midnight when I realize
our concept of "love" is caused by chemicals
in our brains,
that my existence might never have happened,
except it did.

I begin to smile
at half past midnight -
I have come into this world
riding the high of my forefathers' hopes and dreams,
I have bled for this life;
I am the thunder that splits your eardrums
right before the rain -
I am the flash right before you realize
We are all birthed in the light of impermanence,
and my life is just a flicker in the dark
next to yours,
And we are beautiful.
Cat Lynn Feb 24
T* wo
W eeks
E arly...
N ot
T he
Y oungest...
F orever
O btaining
R adiant
T wo
H ues

O nly
F or

F ew
E yes...
B right
R ivalries
U nite...
A new
R elative's
Y earling...

Hello Again, My Reminder Of my Birth*
(I don't know why the strong thing is up there it's suppose to be **T**.. of well XP
...okay not the best poem...but it was something different I wanted to try?

Okay for those who didn't understand it, but something that has been passed down in my family are two different colored eyes, they aren't that noticeable like they USE to be when I was a baby but if you stared into my eyes, and looked around the edges... you can see how different they really are. My uncle on my mom's side had them, and before him my grandfathers brother had it. It's been passed down for generations. And that was the first thing they noticed with me when I was little. I was forced to be born 2 weeks early, so I was a pretty small baby XD. but.. yeah... although i wish they were more noticeable... idk it's always something I've been proud to have... I am the second youngest of my family,  although i was SUPPOSE to be the youngest. ....but yeah..

The Yearling Part is weird I know, but a yearly refers to an animal of new birth, Since I am called "Cat" and so was my uncle, some say I am his "yearling" if you will.... yeah it's weird... idk XD

Idk it's a strange Birthday Poem I wanted to try I didn't know else what to write or even how to write it XD forgive me if it's terrible

Thank You Lord <3

Cat Lynn ///
Smith Feb 18
To not have felt yet, what a shame
Tiny child that opens dilated eyes
Without a wrinkle caused by sun
Or love from which the troubled child shies

Inarticulate, lolling tongue
And someday, a swear word or a French kiss
Pink glands gel in salivation
No earthly child denies the Self of this
Gowtham Ganni Feb 15
born was this day -
the king of the kings
the monarch of the south
the lord of the war elephants
the nightmare of the enemies
the upholder of the righteousness
the fervent patriot of the nation

established had he -
the mightiest empire of the renaissance
the kingdoms that don’t know dearth
the cities with surplus rubies and diamonds
the villages with flourishing greenery and jubilance
the sites with fascinating monuments
the territories with impenetrable borders

known was he as -
the ambidextrous sword fighter
the indomitable malla wrestler
the maven of the fine arts
the polyglot patron of the five languages
the prudent administrator and strategist
the paragon of an ideal ruler

been had he –
the hope of the people
the savior of the Hindu culture
the beacon among his contemporaries
the generous and the inclusive king
the valiant frontline military general
the esteemed scholar and poet

ended had he –
the atrocities on the peasants
the societal repression on the women
the ludicrous taxes on the residents
the brutal conquests of the invaders
the pernicious rituals in the communities
the chaos and disunity among the kingdoms

left has he -
the fear in the evil
the legacy of his deeds
the stories of his glorious reign
the prolific heritage sites to the people
the spectacular literary upsurge
the inspiration for the united India
Sri Krishna Deva Raya (Emperor of Vijayanagara)
Francie Lynch Feb 13
They're laying their hands on
Two of everything;
A and B have my mother's chin,
I've seen the pictures,
Though they're still in.
Two bassinets and blankies,
Strollers and onesies,.
Cots, cradles and potties.
And let's not forget breasts.
Surely both will be put to the test.
Perhaps alternating could garner some rest.
Those peanuts at present share one shell,
And the bump... well, you should see the swell.
Soon they'll gather and cut the ribbon,
There'll be crying and laughing
At The Grand Opening.
Twin girls on the way. Thought a little humor was needed.
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