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alone and happy on the 14th
i rise to the occasion; as it's
beautiful rose


roses that are red, and violence not so
new. sugar lips of a nightmarish diabetic kiss,
but what stops a love sick fool

               ..i sit back, and watch the view


a heart made of steel
someone stole your heart easily, cos you're
leaving the windows of your eyes so open;
there's going be a lot of robberies this
Valentine's day


here's to a valentine red:

red as the flags of one you
should avoid with caution
red as the daring run of emotions
being chased by a bull
red as the tomato of a terrible first
kiss, causing acid reflux
red as the overdrawing of your account
all to prove you value someone for a day


"would you be my Valentine,"
he asked her on his knees

A chuckle she gave, "tis these only
few times I have a man on his knees,
afterwards spoiling me with dinner and
eating out"

                                               wink, wink.
sky Feb 2022
he walked silently to the nook of my heart where i was most vulnerable. he ignited a candle light in a room that had been damp and gloomy. his thoughts were conveyed with a light touch. in his heart, he had nothing but love to give. his arms were a pleasant surprise. one who is not afraid to take risks. as time went on and despite my best efforts, i was becoming increasingly dwindling. my heart rate has slowed down.

i felt safe in his presence, and he shielded my emotions while strengthening his inner soul. he inspired me in my fierce battle against the knife of loneliness. his tender kiss washed over me. it was his palm that rested on my soul. in the hope of a new beginning on walkways painted in soft pastel colors scented with jasmine and marigolds, framed by the sunsets of deepest blue sky.
this is my random entry for the month of february. happy heart's month everyone!
Kelsey Feb 2022
You are my flower in bloom;

Beautiful, Evocative and Unfurling.
Jay M Feb 2022
Silky red
Fabric flowing
Gracefully in the breeze
Flirts whispered and said
Hearts melting, hearts growing
Confidence flared, a day of ease

Earrings dangle
Necklaces gentle thump
Some words, they strangle
Whilst in others, hearts pump
Wildly like jackrabbits
Pretty little words and habits

High tapping heels
Arrows to the heart,
Right in the feels
Only a small part
Of what may be
That of which
All shall wait
And eagerly
Wait and

Empty arms
Wait for the hour
To hold within them
The beam of desire
To then shower
In deepest love
Amorous affection

- Jay M
February 14th, 2022
Happy Valentine's day.
Dave Robertson Feb 2022
Thrilled, wrapt, beguiled,
bruised, broken, lost,
tempest toss’d
or star-sky smitten,
it’s your heart we love alone

even if it feels so,
you never are x
Havran Feb 2022
"Let me be your living poetry.
Rewrite me in all the ways with your love."
Deep Feb 2022
In the midst of this fleeting crowd, I

Lived like a hermit in seclusion, in search
of truth and purpose, saving the
vestiges of the bygone era, but one day you
entered in that hermitage like a deer, onwards

You became to me what stars are to the sailors,
Or gravity to earth, or library to an aspirant,
Under the shade of your love, I want to grow.
to find more, read the first letter of each line
Dave Robertson Feb 2021
I give you this knackered heart
and hold yours in return
as we bumble from supermarket to sofa
and all sweet pointlessnesses in between

the odd flashes of glamour
we submit to, bemused
fuel the common love
of early nights, remote controls
and daft chatter
Juliana Feb 2021
Look, I’m ace.
This is the first year I know this,
which means it’s the first I know
that I may never have a valentine.
At least none in the traditional sense.

No lover to get me chocolates.
Hubby to bring me flowers as
we’re sitting by the fire.
No homemade card to reclaim
the capitalism of the so-called holiday
all for ourselves.

Yet, what saddens me most,
is that I don’t care at all.

I don’t feel sorry for the nine-year-old me
who just knew that the picture she took
during the class party with her one and only crush
would be in the yearbook forever.
The one she was ecstatic about,
but always felt a little odd
and she could never pin why.

I don’t long for the ability to love
when the selfie he and I took a year ago
popped up on my phone.
The one I always knew was useless to take.

I don’t wish I had somewhere to be last night.
My online community raised
over 2.2 million dollars for charity,
the most we’ve ever done.
I painted for the first time in months,
the first items of pride I’ve ever owned.
A call from a friend that I haven’t seen
since another time,
another place,
another me.

I used to love Greek mythology.
I was a hopeless romantic.
I blasted love songs
and screamed them with all the air
from my lungs.

And I still do.
And I did.
And I always will.

Because I know that
love doesn’t only come
in one shade of red.
Because I always have
loved purple.
SquidInk Feb 2021
Happy Valentine's day to my ex
I will always smile at our pictures
I will always find you funny
I will always contemplate saying something to you when I see you
I will make fun of you to my friends to help me cope
I just wish that I hadn't completely lost you
Towards the end, we weren't in a healthy relationship
But I still miss you being my best friend
I still miss texting you good morning and goodnight
I hate that we have shut each other out
Because no matter how much you ****** me off I wanted to be there
Because you were my best friend
i miss the other parts of you i lost when i lost you
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