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Zack Ripley Feb 11
Dear fellow lonely hearts I will never know, as this Valentine's day rolls around, I just want to let you know...i love you.
There are universes in me
That I cannot show you
I want to tell you so many things
Whisper them in your ear

But as I sit alone at the dermatologist
At the appointment you promised me you’d come to
Scorned by your icy silence
On the Valentine’s Day you promised we’d celebrate

Empty promises, my heart, broken
I decide I cannot tell you
For now
It must stay hidden, deep

(Baby, if only you knew)
monique ezeh Feb 15
I’ve always wondered if I know love.

I know
stomachs hurting from laughter, a mother’s perfume dabbed wrist to wrist and behind the ears, the smell of vanilla and cinnamon filling a house, shared lip gloss swiped on my lips and hers, a kiss on the forehead and the nose and then both cheeks, grass-stained jeans and the scent of chlorine from days I wish I remembered,
dancing and jumping and laughing
and breathing

I know
bruised knees and scabby elbows, runny mascara and smeared lipstick, broken glass and angry whispers, hiding under the covers, sitting with the lights off, chipped nail polish and picked-at hangnails and sad songs on repeat,
yelling and hurting and crying
and breathing

I know
the feeling of when you’ve inhaled deeper than you thought you could, when your chest hurts and you think your sternum might just crack in half if you don’t exhale right now. And then you do exhale, and you’re hit with a relief you didn’t know you could feel.
I know that love is in the sighs and the gasps, in the snorts and gentle inhales, in the shortness of breath and the calmness after.
It is in the pain and the peace. The noise and the silence.
The happy and the sad.

Love is in everything.
I know that much.
a lil v-day poem (because love is in more than just romance)
He goes through women like a food critic goes through a restaurant menu, one after another they were all flings and one night stands. But as his loneliness grows evermore, he comes to realize that one day he wouldn't want to give up a woman that fits all of his desires. That one day Cupid will catch up to him and lock the shackles of love to his ankles. He laughs it off as he orders another drink. Then she walks in, and he can feel those shackles close around tighter.
This is the third and final poem of a three poem project that I've been working on to celebrate the people of Valentine's day. This poem is dedicated to all the bachelors that were finally caught by cupid's arrow.
He watches His calendar, seeing the day of love tick ever so closer. Yet another year without a significant other, He thinks to himself. But one day, He'll win a woman's heart with his charisma and charm. All He has to do is let Fate spindle its wire of time and let that woman stumble into his life.
This is the second poem of a three poem project that I've been working on to not only celebrate Valentine's Day, but also the people of Valentine's day. This poem is dedicated to all the hopeless romantics who still look for their better halves.
They confide in one another, wishing for time to stop so that they may have the world to themselves. So that their personal lives don't tear them apart from each other's loving arms. Then, the day finally comes where the flow of time is at their feet. They spend their blessing learning about one another. As time flows on, they decide to let the world continue around them as they depart with a final kiss under the rising moon.
This is the first of the three poem project I've been working on for Valentine's day about the three different people of Valentine's day. the first one to represent the couples of this day
lauren Feb 14
my love, you are a haven of tranquility
cloudiness climes and starry skies.

your laugh lights up the world
which the sun takes in vain
for it shall never shine as bright as you.

the way you burst into a room with such ebullience,
brings me such euphoria, for I am proud to say
that is my love, my love.

loving eyes, pools of honey
the few things that make you so dear to me.

the smile, the laughter, the voice of an angel,
the good times, the bad times, & even the painful,
the adventures, the train rides, darling I love them all,
with you the world just needs to be explored.

you’re wise mind is envied from all those around you
for they wish they could be speak with such eloquence
and outdo life as you do.

it was only through pure serendipity that I met you,
for without you the world feels so blue.

so in which I thank you, my love.
I love you <3
Archer Feb 14
those are just pieces of a woman
i love them all
but i hate you
Adrian Feb 14
I am by no means omnipotent,
So the meta-thoughts I have
About the couples on this day
Are quite biased.

I have to wonder
What these people are thinking
When vigorously presenting their love
Without even a shred of conscience
Or shame.
It got repetitive within a heartbeat (ha... ha... ha...). And after being too repetitive, it brought itself into my bitter contempt. Jealousy is powerful...
Mick Feb 14
so this
is what lips
are for
Find me @MickRWrites on Instagram <3
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