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hypnopunk Apr 28
various lovers stood
at my doorstep in pure wrath
like red clover mites,
embers, hurdles in my path

neglecting them, i drive
through such a familiar route
i pick up the one i love,
need, can't live without:

earl grey tea.
first letters spell out "valentine"
written on February 14th, 2019
Evan Mar 25
red, pink, and white
cheap or expensive gifts
from friends, family, or loved ones.
some people are sad if they don’t
receive one from anyone they know.
a holiday celebrating couples,
what about the single people?
what would happen if
you weren’t loved?
what would happen?
valentine’s day originated
from women getting sold
in a town square
and hit and whipped
after being bought.
Truckaduk Feb 17
There’s that smile
You’re rolling your eyes again
What did I do this time?

I take your hand
We skip across the boardwalk
Laughing our ***** off

I want this moment to last
Forever, not just on Valentine’s Day
Think we can do it?

Your kiss tells me yes
I spin you around
We race each other to the car

Knowing we’ll be safe
Tucked in each other’s arms
Never letting go
Skye James Feb 15
it’s valentine’s day
and i can’t help but think about what you’re doing, with her
i ended up signing into your music app
to mourn
not expecting to come across that you’ve been listening to our breakup playlist
after listening to those songs, the same songs i’ve been listening to for months
scenarios swarm my mind
possibly you’re having problems in your new relationship
maybe i have a chance
but i remind myself that you could just be listening to music
because frankly, your music taste is beyond words
like the song about caged birds, it’s really about how you had to find yourself after we ended things
then there’s the one about how i never took the time to hear you out
appreciate your love for me
which is true
these songs have so much pain and are so passionate
every day that i listen to them it’s as if someone is stabbing me
just like when i drive over the patch in the road from our first date
my heart stops
when i pass the place downtown where we would ride bikes
i cant breathe
but now you’re a free bird
you’ve found yourself since me
flying high in the sky above clouds of smoke
definitely not thinking about me
especially the way i think about you
the way i’ve thought about you these past 259 days
and will probably think about you for even longer
all i can do is wait
my timing was poor, i was oblivious to the love you felt for me and didn’t fight hard enough when we tried to fix things
so you thought i didn’t care
but i’ve listened to your songs every single day
the ones you’re starting to listen to again
and now i wish to know
if you’re possibly wondering about what i’m doing today
happy valentine’s day, my dear
life is full of things you’d never expect, and timing *****
Alex Adams Feb 15
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You love me,
And I love you,
You are sweet and very kind,
That's why your my Valentine!
Dante Prince Feb 15
tendons hang from this pit like strings
dead meat dangles at the end dancing
torn from the bone, ripped from myself
mangled, ****
gasping for breath, nothing is left
flies infest and lay their eggs
the worms consume my flesh
the agony of being eaten alive
then the birds come to feast
more insult to injury
but I claw
and dig in
creeping to safe haven
never giving up
If you asked me how I feel (which no one does because no one cares) I could only describe my life as feeling like I was left for dead to be eaten
Remember well, O breathless kiss
While melting oneness in your skin
Soulful eyes of passion’s abyss
Hold me close to the dream I'm in.

Trembling hard within our embrace
Fearlessness settled on your hips
Tenderness spread across your face
The Heaven found upon your lips.

The whispered comfort in your ear
So satisfied in binding trust
Broken down walls that brought us near
Two souls beyond two bodies' lust.

Ne’er more perfect did two unite
Released from tortured fallacy
Compassion roused to star the night
A night surpassing fantasy.
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Seeing you
is like opening an old door
to sunshine and warm breeze,
after hunkering indoors all winter.

Touching you
is like diving into the ocean for the first time,
the bubbles fizzling and the current playing with your toes.

Hearing your voice
is like Home got up and started talking,
and its favorite song is laughter.

Smelling you
is the familiar scent I’ve always known
but could never figure out from where,
until I met you.
Happy Valentine’s Day! I delight in who you are and the place you have in my life. I love that we act like we just met and our love for each other is new every day. I want to fall in love with you over and over and over again forever.
M Salinger Feb 15
I watch him
& hope
he does the

and wonder
if this will
all end

he glances
at the swing
in my
the curve
of my

and doesn't notice
all the
behind my eyes, in
my mind
my heart
my being

he doesn't know
the agony
of allowing
& restricting
from loving

he doesn't fear
that inspiration
is tethered
to the

his fear the

of my demons,
in the shadows
taking on the
cloak of

his fickle in nature

by his
of never
loving someone
when they love
M Salinger Feb 15
I just want
a man
who is sweet
will wash my
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