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UA Slam Aug 2020
Creature mother referred to as benevolent to salvage his miscarried stride, brother said his wingëd arms were ordnance and that was the workings of a good man (rather a tool I suggested), father thought his wide ego was equitable, a trait lacking in most boys, and I thought they felt like the hands of someone who grappled with your body in pool water, the exception to “pool boy” was that you had every right to elbow them hard in the windpipe, you close-lined his smirk with the same forearm that you used to cradle your niece, your arm was stuck to your hip bone -- by now you’d supposed it hard as cement and requiring the effects of a jackhammer, all night you underwent the pain and once the adults getted and got together the world came to a closing -- you got a slap to the spine indicating “job well done”. But. For this irritatingly foolish“pool boy” you faked flustered when he botched his cries with a surprised expression and you never got in trouble -- it was an accident, and their mothers needed them to learn anyways; for their interest in curves was now only game for the land sharks and you ruled the riptides. You made it clear that if you couldn't take a bruised lip then you should learn to drown in other places, and his webbed chest soaked up the minty fresh breath that your throat excreted when you dealt to the devil a hard “no”, and got back humor, and you both with your red skin, each burning the other amidst many. short. touches. Decided you had no choice but to laugh.
AE Jun 2020
There is a breeze that floats around you
When you stare longingly at opportunity’s shoes
They’re polished and ablaze with the colours of potential
And your soles are aching as they breathe through rugged leather
I know your feet can’t brave walking down the rocky path of regret
But around you, there is an enchanting glow
That pulls the wind as it lays down carpets of soil beneath your feet
And as you hang your head low,
Imagining the door that those glittering shoes would’ve taken you to
Courage follows you like a distant shadow
Your silent companion in pain
Waiting to embrace you with its resilient air
And as you long for reaching opportunity’s door
Courage prepares its wings to carry you to a million more.
Niki Gray Mar 2020
guts required
sweat,blood and tears
racing heart masking fear.
Relentless desire to be the best me,
leave a legacy of resiliency.
Enjoy, thank you for reading.  Shout out to everyone I care about.  Stay healthy.
Justine Mar 2020
The Sun may have burned me,
But it also gave me life.

The Moon could not light up the pit,
But for an hour a day, it shed some light.

The Wind may have hurled me against my will,
But it also lifted my flight.

The Ocean may have drowned me,
But while I drowned, the ocean floor grounded me,
To show me the ocean creatures that thrived in the dark.

I have always dreamt in my dream for God to show me,
What I am and what I have become,
"Tell me why you have made me suffer,"
He gave me His silence,
And I sure did give Him mine.

I have finally realized,
In His own unmerciful way,
He was painfully showing me,
At the peak of my fight, he finally told me,
"My child, you are your own Light."

And so, I thank the Sun for burning me,
I felt the light.

I thank the Moon for not lightening the pit,
I saw my own light.

I thank the Wind for hurling me violently,
It sped up my flight.

I thank the Ocean for drowning me,
It revealed I was drowning out of spite.

I thank God for losing me in the dark,
You gave me the depth of sight,
You deafened me so I can hear the sound of the night.
You disabled me slightly so I can empathize.

Now that I have found my way in the dark,
You have finally returned my dead vessel on the shore,

As the world drink from me,
You have surprised me with an overflowing vessel that fills up night after night,

And so, my fight finally stops on this shore,
I peacefully rest my body on the sands,
I return to you this beautifully painted vessel,
That was never mine.

I grew in it a delicate rose,
That grew slowly in the dark,
I colored it red,
The blood of my plight.

The world continues to sleep soundly,
While the next child cries loudly,
As she falls hard from the sky.
Give to her my vessel,
It may appear broken and worn out,
But it is whole and sound.

I will always dream in my dream,
To wake up forever,
To a blessed vessel that is full of life.
A poem about rebirth, resurrection and accepting one's own faith as a spiritual contract.
H Mar 2020
she falls
she rolls
   she falls again
fragile     forgive
exposed    honest
forward    slowly

    is her skin

paper in this damp salty air

take her with you
when you find her there

warm her
in your hearts fire

warm her

your gentle wind
will ignite her

resting volcano

she has come apart so many times now
her pieces lay where they may


they are the same now

she is neither



sweet sweet slow learner

uncross your legs
the knots of usury

take hold of the ground beneath you

she is you
she is me

she lives in the smallest of places

she is wild in excess

a fractured heart will blossom within her walls


Kate Borlasa Feb 2020
Five years of life lost --
the suffering incessant;
life imprisonment, perpetual torment...
But here I stand defiant.

Sanity lost to chaos;
godforsaken, anxiety stricken...
Yet courage lay pungent --
ever resilient
Keiya Tasire Sep 2019
Year 1
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 2
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 3
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 4
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Years 5 -
I love school!
Maybe I'll find a new mom!
1956 t0 1961
Evangeline Aug 2019
It's the calm before the storm
(It hunts me)
I wait for the thunderclap
(It knows me)
Like water, rising like tides
(Above me)
Knowledge was all I craved
(And wisdom to hold me).

High, as a kite in the sky
(Or low, you tell me)
The thunderclap fades away
Pain are my bones and now
   they are breaking.

It's always been me against the world
(And the world against me)
On an equal playing feel
But never fair the game,
The world always had the advantage
(My bat kept breaking).

Accustomed to changes
(And the blows of destiny)
I've grown vigilant and weary,
(Bending, not breaking).

Burned but not buried my heart is
(Even when)
My body at the stake is burning
(A promise, neverending)
My spine holds stories and there aren't
  enough books to tell them.

Scars of place and time
(tenderest engravings)
And the sweetest of kisses
(An icy heart melting).

Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
(And Earth in Heaven)
Let the masses know my name
(Oh, let them!).

The thunderclap rolls again
Its strength is devastating
Fire and flood
And fire and ice
(Oh, the world is ending!)
But not me,
Not me,
(I'll be just fine)
I'll be resilient.
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