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Keiya Tasire May 16
I am?
Be Still.
Be Love.
Be Peace.
Walk with Faith.
I Am  Peace.
I Am  Love.
I Am  Still.
I Am.
Moving through Fear, challenges and pain; to find the connection within.
Juliana Mar 2
I am unfinished.
I am not yet me.
I am not complete.

I am not who I was yesterday.
I am afraid of who I’ll be tomorrow.
I am unrecognizable.

This is not my face.
There are not my hands.
These are not my words.

I am a paradox.
I do not exist.
I am hidden from myself.

I am joy.
I am pain.
I am an enigma.

How do I know who I am
when that fact changes
every day
every hour
every minute

Do I exist as a point
or as a timeline

I am who I will be in twenty years
and as the little girl who held up
three fingers when she said
the word five.

I am a mystery.
I am an open book.
I am myself.
Pretend the formatting saved.
Dear Diary, perhaps you might tell me: "What Do You See?"

Cause the mirrors offer a reflection, that just cannot be: An eighteen year old boy, who's both happy and healthy.

Dear Diary, Dear... Who? Perhaps you might credit the broken creature that penned you. The one that inflicted these tears and tears; these crude reflections... recreations of its own scars and pains.

Dear Diary, Dear... Who? This question is one, that you wonder too. Perhaps ironic, as the answer is known only by you; just call me, Dear Who.
Who am I?
I am the boy who sits at the back of the class; I am the myth and legend, that you have never heard laugh.

I am the eloquent, who so seldom speaks "Good day." and "Goodbye."
I am the b r o k e n, though you will never see me; p a r t i a l or cry.

I am the Lie.

I am the Lie, well housed in the illusion of an ever-present smile.

I am the wary traveller, exhausted yet still encouraging others to walk the extra mile.

I am the dying and ill, who screams to others. "Keep surviving and living, hold fast to your will; life once truly lived, has both bad and good."

I am a human... for better or worse. I am a duality to all others; either a blessing or a curse.

I am a song sang, though others remember only a verse... I am a play, that has been exhaustively rehearsed.
I am tired... so very exhausted of it all; inside of this frail body, heart and mind wage a war. I am human, and only human after all.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I must dream a long
time in order to act
with grandeur
creates my faith

The dreaming of anything better
first must be nursed in darkness
Transforming into light
Is to know that such a form of love is
borne out of being our own witness..
To the truth of ourselves
of what we are held so capable of
In a sky that shines for a real love unknown at the time it was inside stirring
Waiting to accept its reward
To know someone who takes another’s form; embraces it
For everything they are
Is not afraid to lose it
Because they know...
They’re meant to keep it

The highest form of love there is
Is the highest form of light
I can be and belong.

And I love you for showing me.

God: that I am.
Sally A Bayan Dec 2020
(A series of couplets, from 2014...edited)

Though I AM fast like an arrow,
i hear, even your silent bellows,

for, I AM the COLORED ARC above your cloud
when heavy rains are no longer around.

I AM THE LIGHT...i melt and clear the gloom,
when gray days seem to be spreading doom.

I AM your  ARMOUR, your SHIELD,
when you're without strength, and stilled,

when you feel weak...when moments are bleak,
i prop you up...and when you're unable to speak,

I AM your VOICE, your WORDS, your ECHO
your guide flying by...I AM your SPARROW.

I AM the reason you are calm and mellow
I AM with you, in waters deep and shallow

I AM both your RAINBOW
.......and your SHADOW

I   AM    A L L
That can make you WHOLE.  

I am with you, here, there, everywhere
all times...and that means, FOREVER.


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
   (from June 13, 2014)
December 9, 2020
(an old poem, posted June 2014...edited)
paschelco Aug 2020
I am from chipped beveled glass
from hand-me-downs and prideful hearts
I am from the burning cities of Perth
where art is a way of life and beaches are home
I am from a peaceless nights' sleep
with covered ears and whimpering cries
I am from closet thoughts
from the "what ifs" and "could nevers"
I am from the empty holidays
with lonely living rooms and booked flights
Chelsea Rae Aug 2020
Without the world around me,
I am a different being,
If a being at all.

I am just a character
built from experiences.
And pieces of those memories
stuck to form all that I am.
It's all in your mind. #olddrafts
Parker Aug 2020
i am cherry red lipstick
i am 6 shots of whiskey and loud words
i am soft fairy lights
i am the day and the night, simultaneously
i am my mothers daughter and then some
i am unashamed, bare faced
i am artist
i am writer
i am being

thank you
weird, free verse
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