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paschelco Aug 24
I am from chipped beveled glass
from hand-me-downs and prideful hearts
I am from the burning cities of Perth
where art is a way of life and beaches are home
I am from a peaceless nights' sleep
with covered ears and whimpering cries
I am from closet thoughts
from the "what ifs" and "could nevers"
I am from the empty holidays
with lonely living rooms and booked flights
Chelsea Rae Aug 20
Without the world around me,
I am a different being,
If a being at all.

I am just a character
built from experiences.
And pieces of those memories
stuck to form all that I am.
It's all in your mind. #olddrafts
Parker Poole Aug 14
i am cherry red lipstick
i am 6 shots of whiskey and loud words
i am soft fairy lights
i am the day and the night, simultaneously
i am my mothers daughter and then some
i am unashamed, bare faced
i am artist
i am writer
i am being

thank you
weird, free verse
Wallace, my man Wallace, fell
In love with his wife,
For real for real
Fell in love.

If someone should happen upon
To see the two of them
If by chance passed by
Them two together

How odd a couple
They may say
She's such a little thing
Something so prestine to
Wallace, homeless guy howler.
Who is more himself with her than
Without her.

Mr. dumpster-diver-king!

The two individually are
Themselves genuinely
Together lovey-dovey,
Not an act.

Wallace falls in love,
Says that's a fact
Knowing that it also means
You've found someone
to lose.

Still, Wallace knew
It's the god-honest Truth.

Then I ask Wallace
Mindful of the streets,
I ask him poignantly

Do you believe

in-- ?
Hastily he barks:
"Of course I did, do--believe in God above."

Didn't let me finish:
"Do you believe in --Love?"
Didn't ask for more
Than that,
Oh my ...

(Word) (goodness) (God)

To Wallace,
A Lonely Man's church is
His wife, her love is long, tho
Dead and gone.
(Dedicated to his wife, lost to Covid)
The stitch in mine
Is not like yours
A cut deep down
Into my soul
Am made of dust
From stars below
In shades I flourish
Deep dark I flow

At home I am
Inside my hull
Away from bias
Rubbed in salt
Away from dispute
Hatred immense
Inward I look
In my defense

Observer of time
A soul so old
Rivaling the titans
I stand so bold

Infuriating accession
From exterior advances
Yet trudging along
Onwards alone

I go
I am from comfort
from the green side
but then I am double
Comfort is gone
I’m from the other side now
I’m caught in the wind
of a lost train
I am from despair
because it is worthless
I am in a place of regret
but in the eyes there is no change

Now I am from the green side again
I know it won’t last
I am going back
Now because I no longer want
The eyes don’t like change
The eyes want me to regret
Want me to hate
Want to compare
I don’t feel comfort
now I’m from distance
where I am fine
but never really loved
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
The world is so cruel to you
But your words are so kind.
How can you trust people
or be nice to them
When they've robbed you blind?
I don't trust them.
But I believe that even though words
Have incredible power,
Actions have even more power.
So when life gets me down,
I think of a phrase
I act, therefore I am.
I act happy, therefore I am happy.
Yes, I'm still wearing a mask,
But if you say something enough,
you start to believe it.
I don't fully believe it yet myself.
But I want to get better
So I'm up to the task.
Are you?
Yeah...doesn't rhyme completely but important message nonetheless
Sarah Salako Feb 28
i feel new,
i no longer have chains holding me down,
i no longer feel like i have to take my time,
hold my tongue; be a good girl now,

i feel new,
i can stretch my arms i won't me a brick wall,
taunting me; i want out but they hate when i am free,

i feel new,
i can feel the sun on my skin, the rain on my lips,
the wind in my hair, the love in your kiss,

i am new,
no longer in the past,
i am the future,
i'm more than happy with that.
this is the first poem i've written in a long time. Most of my poems have been really dark so i wanted to draw back the curtain and let the sun in
Drusila Jul 2019
In a green expanse,
I am the prolonged fall that never touches the ground
A bottomless pit

The most accurate painting ever made
Beautiful to the eye, tender to the touch,
Makes you feel everything
But nothing in it fills your comprehension

As a vision under the pale moonlight
A silhouette
Takes the shape of the reflected light

Life not yet lived
Wisdom not yet expressed
A beautiful song with only two melodic lines
A Kiss on the forehead with a bittersweet taste
I guess it's already Tuesday!!
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