I saw all hours
Day and night.
You kept me up,
Brought me up to fight.

Worked me and worked me
'Till I fell
Then dragged me up
And gave me hell.

From a child
You dragged me down.
Told me to fight back -
To win the crown.

Made me build my walls
Like you, impregnable.
You took me to town
And showed me around
And said

You told me to ignore
The tears on my face.
Get up and fight on;
Spit the blood you taste.

Broken bones are trophies,
Bruises are victory.
Wear them proud
Among the crowd

I cant be broken apart anymore
I am indestructible

You broke me to make me
You shook me to shape me
And it paid off
I'm indestructible.

Inspired by the likes of Imagine Dragons, especially "Believer".
Iska Mar 10
Nothing is WRONG

I live through the CRACKS

I am splinterig
I’m Falling apart
I am shattering
My splintered old heart

I am faint
I am frail
Am I even here?
Who can tell?

I am a flicker
A faint blur
Is this pain worth it?
I’m no longer so sure
The world is full of

No matter where you look
No matter what they say
The world is full of

It’s said that fire can destroy anything
           if it burns hot enough
           if it burns long enough
even if that anything is as tenacious as steel
because steel melts
and it can be bent to my will

I am fire
I will burn
I can bend the world to my will

The world that’s full of Inequality

Because I am a woman
Because I am resilient
And no one will tell me otherwise.
My heart cries out in silent echoes to you
An oscillation through the sea of longing I am drowning in.
I look up at the bright sunlight peering through the indigo water
A siren of hope from the grounded woman that I am
I sink deeper and deeper
My lungs running out of air
Suffocating in regrets of missing you
I weep,
My salty tears getting lost in salty waters
Migrating with the currents ahead.

I saw a sliver of you earlier,
Swimming by the shore
It glistened with hues of sapphire and emerald.
Mesmerized by a radiant memory,
I dove into nostalgia,
Letting the refreshing water
Wash away my hostility for a moment.
The sun kissed me deeply,
The water’s fingers running through my hair,
And with this, I got carried away
Swimming further and further in;

Now, stuck in a whirlpool of disappointment
I look at my bleak surroundings
I look at where I could be if I let myself drown in my own sorrows
And so I cling to the rope of a nearby anchor
A mirage of my dreams and goals ashore.
I emerge to the surface
Breathing again
Reality caresses my face
Filling my lungs more wisely
Than the breath his memory yielded in a kiss
I had a beautiful day today, being outdoors with friends lounging in the sun. A cloud made it's way across the sky and it was shaped like your smile, I smiled back unsure why.
Carl Webb II Feb 24
Dressed in all black with a spirit to match.

Brilliant scenery trapped
beneath the  surface of obsidian.

a haunted cave, a burning light,
enchanted rock, a dying flame,
ignite the chamber,
start again.

Ok, wait, hold it...
start again, dude, c’mon...
But this time,
give a bit more detail, will ya?

Ok. Fine.

A young man dressed in all black,
with black skin...

that part’s not really important...

I just want you to feel me this time.
Ya, feel me?

This dark soul is deeply disturbed
by the devil, dude...
...or maybe...
simply disordered by the darkness...
either way,
the dysfunction has a depth to it,
I’m telling you.

Are you listening?
Ok, great!

So, moving along
beneath the surface
there is no light.

That’s it! Ok?

But there’s more
there’s so much more
up top!
on the ceiling!
bulbs are blooming
with brilliance!

I’ve lost you again, haven’t I...?

...ya think...?

all I’m really trying to tell you

Life has beat me down, man.
Inside and out.
But more so on the inside...
It turned my soul black,
made me depressed,
made me dark.
Inside and out.

But, for some reason,
something within me still lives.

and I just wish you could see it
like me...
O Feb 22
She means nothing to him,
Her heart is his to crush,
He says he adores her,
He builds up trust,
Just to show her her worth,
She looks at him with love,
She is the mat that lies in front of his door,
She was made to be broken,
Like a wild horse,
She fights until she can fight no more.

She gathers her things when he's not home,
Packs up her car and locks the door,
No note, no explanation,
Just freedom once more,
Though she fears the inevitable.
When he finds her, what will she do?
He still has her trapped,
Scared and fearful, he'll be coming soon.

Love was replaced with hate,
Fear with drive,
Let him go ahead and try,
She breaks down from time to time,
Remembering why,
Why she can't be normal,
Why she has so many triggers,
Yet she grows and she grows,
In her mind he's a dark figure,
A figure to strive to beat,
He has no power here,
She plays that sentence on repeat.

He hasn't come yet,
She's breathing relief,
No more nightmares,
She's working through the bad memories,
He has no power here.
He has no power here.
He has no power here.
With every day that passes, I feel more power.
Damian Murphy Feb 20
Don't you just love it whenever
Everything comes together?
When despite all your fears and doubts
Your hard work pays off, things work out!

The feeling is a special one,
That feeling of a job well done.
For though 'twas hard, you stuck at it;
Though you could have, you did not quit!
Janery Alban Feb 16
Today I got to scream all of the things I wanted myself to know when I was younger.
Past me. She sits there, Shaking like a leaf. Part anger. Part Fear
Shattering resilience.
You are what simultaneously brings out the worst and best of me.
I resort to the tongue of my father because my mother's sweet and damaging arms couldn't do the trick.
You are the reason why I know I probably shouldn't have children.I just can't seem to let go. And so I become the sin. I become my father's sin, and my father's father's sin.
I'm sorry they were never there, but I still dream of holding you in my arms like my baby and taking you somewhere safe. I still dream of saving you.
But I guess in order to do that, first I have to save myself.

I have never left you. You can only imagine why it is so hard to do so now.
Tina Feb 14
You go through void like a dancing Cliff
Bold,having nothing to latch onto!
In your highest highs tasting earth with gratitude
And yet you dance through and through.
Watchful of the background and vibration.
The mother and the child too.
sorrow came and washed away
All you thought would stick like glue
You cried and laughed along this wave.
You watched you could take nothing with you.
I know for a reason you paused,
Extracted the pain from your pocket
And sold it to the Sunbeam.
And you rode each wave,beaming, without a clue.
To my beloved Spiritual teacher who's had a huge impact on my life. Thx xxx
Jen Snow Feb 12



Learn to tie my shoes 26 different ways to see if it could be done

As a five year old whose hands stung from slaps anytime it came out wrong

Balance at the top of the basement stairs with you hanging on to the tail of my shirt to test my trust in you

Until you let go and I tumbled bloody to the basement floor

Clean every speck of dust from every piece of furniture we owned so as not to be less than perfect

God help me if I missed a spot

Be silent and appear happy even when I wasn’t

Because family is all you ever need

Stop hugging people at age seven

Because that is the age too old for hugs

Run for miles, practice music for hours

Don’t dare be less that #1

Take hits like a linebacker and blows like a boxer

Always get back up with a grin


To make me

small and scared

But really




Fierce in the face of a bully

Resilient to hard times

Independent of anyone or anything

Nobody’s bitch

Not afraid to punch above my weight

Proud of who I am today and who I will become tomorrow

Loyal to my friends who are my family

Fearlessly passionate in my love

These days I hug everyone I meet
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