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i was just accepting rejection
i’ve been receiving the lesson
walking through pain to the

ultimate blessing
Night Jul 25
You are not here
How do I live
How do I breathe
I feel lonely and it hurts
Just in here where they cannot see
Why did you go
Didn't you know I'd miss you so
I want to run into your arms
I want you to hold me through the night
But where are you
Will you ever come back to me
So many questions clouding my mind
Last night I walked under the rain
Thinking back to when you were there
Do you remember our first kiss was under the rain
Did you hear me scream your name
As I let my tears get washed away by the rain
Today our daughter asked about you
What was I to say to her
Should i tell her you are gone
I wish it was that easy
Would you please come back to me
death is such an unexpected occassion that takes our loved away leaving our souls yearning for their memories
SiouxF Apr 15
Remember God loves you.
He has your back.
You are safe.
Praise be.
SiouxF Apr 15
When you believe in yourself,
Toxic words of others
Wash off
Like water off a duck’s back,
So hold your head up high,
Be true to yourself,
And don’t be swayed
By others’ pettiness, jealousy and spite,
For that is their chosen stony path in life,
And you have yours.
SiouxF Apr 15
People tar you,
Throw their beef at you,
Call you names,
And undermine you.
You can put their skin on,
Walk around reeking of their ****,
Or you can take it off,
Shine bright,
And be the person you’re meant to be.

Which do you choose?
SiouxF Apr 15
The trials and tribulations you go through
Are testament to who you are
And the strength in you,
For you will never be tested beyond your means,
So hold fast to your values,
To your dreams and desires,
And show them who’s wrong
And who’s right.
SiouxF Apr 15
When all around you are
Dragging you down,
Calling you names,
Undermining you,
Do you stoop down to their murky depth,
Or rise above,
Show what you’re really made of,
Who you really are,
Leaving them coughing and spluttering in your dust.
Lee Aaun Mar 30
curiosity alone
can cause problems,
but when it mingles
with resilience
you create a different story
your story, you create it
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