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CarolineSD Jul 9
Every night I am here
In this quiet darkness,
Reaching out for you.

And you move into me
Like water
Like moonlight
Like gentle things that never force
Or abuse.

How strong and beautiful
Is your love for me,
As if I have never been used,
Like fire to the wreckage
I have been through,
Steadily erasing these wounds
Like new meadows
Across decimated bones;
The scorched forests of
My soul.

We are building something lush
And beautiful,
With the strength of red woods and
The eternity of the sea,

Something as real as our children's Laughter echoing across the sands
Of this sun-soaked beach.

There is nothing but hope
As far as I can see
And your brave vulnerability;
Your unfaltering belief in me
And all that I am, and was,
And could be.

Wesley, I will love you forever and I
Will hold your heart in my hands,
And I will hold you together

In the same way
That you hold me
Like the rarest treasure.

Every day I can feel

The way that we will



Each other.
It only took me forty years to find you.
little lion Jul 7
I wish that the cost of my resilience
could have been anything other than
my happiness.
I am so very tired.
anthony Jul 2
once a rubberband
stretched beyond capacity
now a bungee cord
K D Kilker Jun 26
My abusers are doing fantastic
I know what they did
I know what I became
under pressure, to save myself
I became
ten times as fantastic as them
as they'll ever be
I could carry their burdens
walking on razor blades
and I have,
I'll do it again
Jammit Janet Jun 9
People push my buttons
Everywhere I go
Intentional or not
They constantly push me
To grow
Step outside my boundaries
Find new ways to know
What I’m comfortable with
What I won’t allow
And ways to glow.
Eloisa May 19
And the day sends bursts of gold and brilliance to the coming night.
Beautifully engraving divine colors through the horizon.
The rambling of magics, mysteries, and charm has commenced.
The whispering of the leaves,
the spirit of spring.
The lighting beacon of my love
and resilience.
Nurturing my dreams,
unfurling my new-found wings.
An amorous night to soar,
an idyllic moment to fly,
While I await for the moon
to join the sun
in the same pastel sky.
Just saw the most beautiful sunset today.
Latina1813 Apr 27
How could I know you really love me
When u don't love like I do
How do any lovers
Communicate their feelings
Their truths
How can anyone trust
What another says to you
When my love
Is so different
Than any love given to you
How can I see where ur love lies
And bends
And ends
When I love like fire
And you love like wind.
We could start a blaze
Or burn out and that's it
How can any lover know
When love is resilient
Or resistant
K E Cummins Mar 20
The beloved community,
An antidote to despair.

Dark things cause their opposites,
Because when night falls
We must light fires.
I found kindling in a crevasse
And called it hope.

Some things will always be the same,
So we change, we move, we rise.
We burn.
Atop the ladder twenty-twenty,
I was enjoying the view.
Care Home visits a plenty,
Faces old and new.
Singing songs to raise a smile,
And vacant minds re-awoken,
Music to boost morale,
Mending souls once broken.
Frail voices murmured approval,
For favourite singers of their day.
“That was lovely! - Just wonderful!
Have a tea! - Please stay!”
Then, we talked all afternoon,
For little did we know,
What was around the corner,
The invisible foe.

And just like that, we were separated.
Back down the ladder I’d go.
Down there at the bottom,
The flowers would not grow.
The rays that kissed my cheek,
Were hidden from my gaze,
A tortured isolation,
As we entered a new phase.
Yet in your darkest hour,
I wished to shine a light,
So I worked to find new ways,
Tirelessly through the night.

Springtime and summer,
Brought with it a new hope:
Outdoor shows, joy and laughter,
(Needed to help us cope.)
My feet were on the ladder,
And life was on the up,
But slipping on the rain,
I fell back in the muck.

Atop the ladder twenty-twenty,
Now that seems long ago,
Through all the loss and tears,
I did the only thing I know.
Which was to carry on,
With a stiff upper lip.
I’d see you all again,
Once I regained my grip.

Twenty-twenty one flew by,
Just like the year before.
With notes of heartfelt lyrics,
Hidden in my drawer.
What awaits atop the ladder
For twenty-two, who knows?
But I’ll never forget,
When I helped them through their woes.
Winner of the 'Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022' poetry competition, 18+ category - Serendipity Gift Shop
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2022
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