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resilience is
giving more and loving more
in the face of loss
Give more and love more in spite of loss- not only for others but for yourself, too.
Keiya Tasire Apr 24
The sun, shined warmly this morning.
Yet by noon the rain clouds rolled in.
We donned our sweaters and hats.
Yet off they came and the clouds parted
And the sun began to shine.   

Facing the sun
It warmed our cheeks
Lifted our souls.
Our hearts understood
Even when it rains
The sun continues to shine
Above and between the clouds.

COVID-19 is just like a little rain
In the larger scheme of Life.
When trouble comes
We don our coats
And remove them
The sun shines  hot upon us.

Day after day,
Season after season
Year after year
Looking between the clouds
Lifting our eyes to the Light
Noticing the wheels
Within the wheels
And cycles within cycles

It is the same within
As is above.
The sun in its orbit
With the Earth revolving
And turning upon itself
Inward around the sun.
Season after season
Circling, around
The evolving celestial paths.
Until this too is but a memory of long ago
When the COVID viruses used to roam the earth.
And this too shall one day pass into history. For there is a part of us that will always remain eternal and never die.
Rishawn May 13
Uncertainty is terrifying
Indefinite is paralyzing
Isolation is immobilizing

We take these terms in stride
as we know of the greater struggle
yet the fear of fear itself is not a source of pride

Feel the stress, endure the hardship
and remember there is a family here
that will be there for kinship

What is coming is unknown
what has happened is not overblown
How we move forward will make a noise that resounds

Lets band together and rise
Ensure we mitigate a demise
Keep away and safe
but not alone
without good faith
Ben Meraki May 12
You think you’re hard ‘cause you threw me in a cold cell?
You think you’re cold ‘cause you giving me the hard sell?
You’ve shown your cards and this game is getting old.
Hell, you just mad ‘cause I’m ******* wit’ your cartel!

Huddle up, cover up.
I’ll call your mother up.
Ask her if she’s proud of her son
Then we’ll snuggle up.
Make another little pig squeal; hit the double-up.
Pack a bowl, lean back and we bubble up.

Another day in the life of a citizen.
Getting chased down by the pigs
‘cause we dissing ‘em.
Wool in your eyes?
That’s their lies.
Don’t be missing ‘em.
Always spoke the words of the truth,
Now I’m spitting ‘em
and I don’t need no introduction.
Please, no interruptions.
Quiet down! We’re here to talk about corruption.
You’ll make a copy, right?
Free for reproduction.
These ******* think that nobody can touch them:

Shouting HANDS UP!
Yeah I see ‘em on the clock.
‘cause your time’s running out.
Tick, tick tock.
You want a witch hunt?
Put me in the dock
And we’ll see who’s the ***** when
You’re ******* on my ****!

‘cause I’m gonna rid your face
Of that smug little grin.
Convinced the world I’d lost it.
Oh! But I’m about to win.
So little pig, little pig, let me begin
‘cause like an anorexic hospital my patience wearing thin!
I said…

Prosecution full of lies and irrelevance
***** please! Don’t insult my intelligence.
You want respect? Well excuse my irreverence,
But a little birdie said you’re fabricating evidence!

Beneficent, benevolent.
Arresting your malevolence.
I’m shattering your elements.
Establishing a precedent.
My work may be inelegant.
My actions are unhesitant.
But when we gonna talk about this ******* elephant?

You know it’s tragic
How you cannot see the logic.
******* neurons are nomadic,
Your intelligence sporadic.
You’re an infection, I’m the,
Sick enough to turn a man
******* spasmodic episodic.

Drink swill from your buckets
While you steal from our pockets.
Red pill. Better **** it cos you’re,
**** out of luck.

Deep-roots to your habits.
Blue suits to the Sabbat.
You’re Masonic yet moronic,
And you know I’ve ******* had it
With this *******!

Cos you’re full of ****.
Forked tongues set to stun with a full clip.
You’re just a bully and
I’m sick of all your school ****.
Law unto yourself
But I won’t let you enforce it,

‘cause I came to rescue an angel,
and I can smell what kind of **** this is.
Yeah, it’s evident
You’ve been intimidating witnesses.
Like FGM.
You kidnapped Themis and Astraea
And circumcised their ******* – is

This a ******* joke?
Are you for real *******?
It’s the Devil you invoke.
What’s the deal *******?
This a dreadnought you provoked
And I’m steel *******!
Now it’s time you ******* spoke.
Take the wheel *******…

What, you got nothing to say,
And it’s too late to pray?
Justice coming your way,
Now truth has entered the fray.

So I’m passing the mic
‘cause we gonna indict.
Focus the limelight.

******* be ammonite!
Thanks for reading. This is written about AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE in the UK. Rated as no.2 most CORRUPT force in the country. Bringing malicious prosecutions against me to protect their own. Forcing vulnerable young women to sign false statements. Chased me out of my own town. Never play chess with a grand-master!

My next piece is called 'Checkmate' ;)
When this is over
Can't wait more
To be back
With a lesson
Of resilience
What defines us

That normality
Yes, the mirage
What seems
Is a paint of illusion
Or a mask of disguise
Or an abyss of a lie
Or ***** realm
Nothing inside
Worth authentic
Theme: Lockdown Diary
Note: The New Normal
Margaret Apr 14
My moods swing.
Sharp left,
sharp right,

This time has be me loosing my footing,
floating off,


you can swim.

This is hard.

Some days,
to survive.

Other days,


It will be okay,

You will be okay,

We will be okay,

you are a survivor.

We are survivors.
Coping with Covid
Bipasha Dutt Apr 14
The whole world has come to a STANDSTILL

What are we so PROUD of?

INSIGNIFICANT in the grand scheme of the universe,
But RESILIENT enough.
Alexa Ocampo Mar 30
A rose
with its petals
so soft to the touch
like velvet across fingers

But, don't get too close
for their thorns will cause harm
but only for the right reasons

Beautiful and delicate
yet powerful and vibrant
going against the grain
having thorns where there shouldn't be

But, what would be a rose
without its thorns?
For something so heavenly
needs protection

Be like a rose
gentle and elegant
fragile to the touch

But, never underestimate
the power of something
so lovely

For its thorns will protect you
Even from the enemies
you can't see
Garrett Mar 26
First job out of school,
Tasting success
But with life I’m no fool,
Hard times have come before
And they surely will again,
Hard times presently upon us
And I’m now with the unemployed men,
Surely I’m frustrated
For this I cannot hide,
But I know life is a journey
And I must go with the tide,
As one door closes
Another shall shows it’s face,
Who are we as people
If we do not fall from grace,
In the cruelest moments of life
We learn who we truly are,
We must embrace hardship head-on
Not merely look from afar,
Staying down is easy
Resilience is the true test of man,
So I urge all to step up
Fight back against life as best you can,
For what is life without hurdles
But a meaningless quest,
Opportunity lies in the struggle
Belief in yourself will conquer the rest,
Hold tight to those you love
But believe better days will be here soon,
Never doubt yourself
You can reach beyond the moon,
Stay safe and strong my friend
For you will surely overcome,
Life is mysterious in its workings
But to despair we shall never succumb.
For those who need to hear this right now, I'm with you too.
Eli Juniper Mar 11
They hamper me, as I walk, lingering, through this maze of mine. Shining Shrines of Silver, metaphors in anchors. They obstruct my resilience, shadows of reluctance.
They dim my light, so bright to begin with. They kindle my kindness in a gentleness, while they consume my rage. They are my griefs, they are my ghosts, they are hateful and fruitful and faithful. If I were to summon them in my dreams, they would already be there...
For I reckon that they seek and track my inmost fears and hopes. Delights and aches. Lost, am I? Yes. I believe so.
For I am in a room of puzzles once more.
Shall I follow the maze and remain, sore?
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