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oh precious flower,
we marvel at how you uprooted yourself in pursuit of a healthier home,
not only did you sow your seeds in foreign soil,
you defied the seasons to tend to their every need till they flourished into the blossoms we regard today.
your discomfort is now their triumph.
their victory reigns as a testament to your sacrifice.
A daughter of Punjabi immigrants, my triumph is testament to my grandmother who came to this country and raised a family. This is a testament to my mother who navigated a system unknown to provide me the foundation I stand on today. This is a testament to a sister who stood in as a mother on nights our mother was working away. This is to the women who made me who I am today. Happy National Woman's Month, may we respect the women in our life who contribute to our society and upbringing.
You better keep your head up my dear
Do not let them steal that crown,
You've worked so hard and come so far.

Don't let them make you feel like you deserve to be treated unfair.
You were not born in this world,
For others to make you feel small.

You are bright, your energy is so big
And the world needs you to share more of it.
Don't listen to them when they try to dull your sparkle.

Don't believe them when they try to convince you that you will never get better.

Don't let them make you feel like you aren't good enough.

Because my God,
I promise you,
You are so much more than just good.

You are strong,
And wonderful,
And resilient,
You are kind,
And courageous,
You have a beautiful soul.

Anyone who tries to get in your way as you begin to heal and to progress, isn't worth investing a single thought into.

Be proud of yourself,
You've grown
You've endured
And you're still growing.

Be proud of yourself.
You're healing,
and not everyone is going to clap for you,
some people are just bitter.

Clap for yourself and carry on.
Be your own cheerleader!

Keep that head up, adjust your crown and keep walking.

-This is resilience
Bullying is never okay, it's important to remember that often times, when someone is bullying you, they are projecting their emotions on to you because it's easier than dealing with what is going on inside of them. It doesn't make it fair. It doesn't make it okay. And it doesn't make it any less painful. Try not to lose sight of who you are if or when this happens. People have a hard time watching you become successful. People have a hard time watching you heal while they are still struggling. But the right people will be there clapping for you. And you are stronger than you
LannaEvolved Feb 14
Love is the feeling of what it feels like to know
without a glimmer of anything but certainty.
That Love is faith in what still exists
In the sliver of a piece of the life
you always knew lives and breathes deep inside you
A new life where the moon overlooks
the shadow of doubt and dust from a past one
It is to form the new horizon of truth happiness inner peace in silent deserved action. This truth you know.
Believe in that love.
A lovely heartfelt message delivered by butterfly that has found her wings again over the past 4 years; learning to understand the love that resides within herself and always has.
Cheers to the day all my amazing Shifters, to this day, and to the happiest and beautiful of Valentines to you all. Love is here for you now.
Brittany Ann Jan 29
What a great heaviness it is

to be an empath

surviving in a world

that is often discovered to be

egocentrically brutal

as well as incessant.

To be a collection of reticent voices

in this world full of such

powerful shrilling white noise.

To be determined as weak

by those who know not of

the very resilience required

that can only be formed

out of true humility.
LannaEvolved Jan 2
A broken record
spinning replays

Captions of the
past 6 years
in silence
leaves no stains

It clears the mind
when it flashes
without your permission

To an old face or time
When things were not as they seemed


The grooming lasted
for months
He called it courting
then disappeared
He must have known I liked the words
When time felt blank
He didn’t seem to care

I would leave to boost
the ego
Find what I thought I’d been looking for
But that was the wrong door

I heard my own words
They stuck with me
When I pushed through
the piano to land on the keys

I am my own conviction
I was secretly
for what is the now
It is many doors

When you need self-esteem that much
It’s like a drug you can’t misuse anymore
You need it even more
After there aren’t enough leftovers
After the last drop of water in the canteen
But know that time can’t last forever

It took about a year
I did an interview
at the radio station

She made sure I was safe
She said there is so
much out there

“Find someone who is like you
from your background
who aligns with the level of your life
You deserve to be happy”

And I never forgot that day
The guides were there

And the broken record made its last replay appearance
I rewrote the lyrics

To this day
Refining the script
Pruning the shears of revision

What a beautiful life
Is a grateful play

on words
on beliefs
on your intuitive feelings
That could never take you away
from your destiny

You can turn it around
Any time you wish
Keep revising

You deserve the best
Because you are that
For yourself

Remember that

Imagine and Believe
Life is a fluid chain of situations and progressive mental improvements that can change at any time. Your ability to adapt to new thoughts and powerful awareness of what is happening to you and how it’s affecting your life can significantly take it to new heights and raise the bar levels and levels ahead of where it might be now.
Take that next step bring it to the next level.
It is never too late. Change your life because it is best for your growth and your own evolution.
You can have that new life. Believe something better for yourself, and empower yourself to shift into new; a kinder more loving relationship with who you wish to be for yourself.
And you’ll find that in the world. Try it.
It is only an imaginative thought away.
I love you.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020

Surrounded in silence

Earth’s luxuries

Knowing that everything was created
to show

The signs of becoming

when prism lights run the deepest

Sitting with the pit of a fruit in my stomach

Looking to the space between

Someday I will find my person under the same sky

To imagine the day when a soul finds itself  
In another

Merging into the embrace of Silk Silhouettes

Hands held tightly around their bodies

We just know.

Nothing ever comes to us without accepting the space exactly as it is

Loving it and all the beauty it allows

For Eternity is an everything

Grateful for the moments

Infinite patience

Is knowing a higher Power
And believing it has you
Support finds us in many different rays;
A butterfly’s wings are always filled in color no matter how blind we may feel. When things go wrong or a way we may not anticipate or accept for ourselves internally, we must become our own savior and rise above them to find a solution without giving up. This means continuing to do what’s best for us while staying with your assumption at the same time. :)
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Am I nothing more than a cemetary’s contradiction

Spouting life and death

Growing against the soil

Am I not clutching life by its limbs

Turned upside down

Stretched upon a bed of roses

Am I woman?

Am I flora?

Am I human?

Another soul in its wake.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Undoing every punch
Lock my voice inside a dial tone of conflicting passions
Is it ok to cry?
or should I rather call?

It’s a curious thing when
You let these buried phantoms master you
They reappear and sweep you up
Into uncharted territories
unknown to a single man

As you sit and stare at their ghost of a memory
Reflecting the dimensions of yourself
Smiling happily knowing you are not that

Dissecting the luminosity of your youth
Naive innocence
Still there
No faded imagery or idea
too far away to be..
All is possible
in the mirror
of another world
or so it seems…
Samara Dec 2020
Chimera gave me a
Molotov cocktail
on a Friday night
in a neon-lit
downtown scene.
- - -
they never told
me not to drink it
because they wanted
me to go down in flames.
- - -
so I drank it, and it
burned my innocence
for I will never trust
another when they
hand me a drink
- - -
but i am phoenix
and from the
flames i keep
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