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If fate told tales to her sister time
of young lover's words that do not decay
but only rhyme,
these feeble beckoning seconds would not fray.
Thus every mistake, would be worth youth lover's pay

And if all my world sang songs of
anything but dismay.
Then the role of a young lover would I play,
My most sturdy moments would hold no dull pain,
My heart, a place of anything but disdain.

Had hope pleaded with destiny,
affections could hath still breed
spawns of faith, desire and need.
Then these feeble beckoning seconds would be not of greed,
thus every mistake, would be worth youth lover's please.
One of my very early pieces, let me know how it makes you feel
Jay Aug 12
What do I have to do
To get her to love me tonight
For a single moon
Where we can go out and love
And do the things she loves to do
With someone who'll love them too
Because they make her happy
She makes me happy
What is the cost
What must be given
What dues must be paid
For her to love me tonight
Just this one time
i know i don't need her but it feels like i do
Shin Ha Mi Jul 22
Even after all these years,
So many attempts,
I still believe,
There is someone out there
For me.
Tony Tweedy Jul 16
I think back on the good times and the memories that we made.
And in my quiet moments those great times are all replayed.

I remember the laughter and tenderness of the time we had shared.
And feel so much less lonely thinking on how you once cared.

Of course there is a melancholy sadness in knowing it has passed.
But we built so many memories that the warmth of then will last.

Do you recall those moments when we shared intimacy and fun?
Or are they all your past and in memories, then made you none?

I think often of the passionate warmth of you entwined with me.
And feel again the excitement of how those times could be.

Always with some loss, but too an overwhelming sense of pride.
When you were once my lover, I have to put those memories aside.

I keep selfishly those memories that you and I have made.
Musing often on what I could have done to ensure then had stayed.

I think of you often in that wider world out there.
And hope you kept one good memory as proof you once did care.
Inspired by both my past and Lorraine Colon who writes some simply amazing and insightful stuff. I wish I were as adept at cutting through and seeing it real.
A B Faniki Jul 2
May and Wish
I will give you all my wonderful may,
and all of my most heartfelt wish;

your are as beautiful as flowers in the month of may
so I will grant you all your thoughtful wish;

As you strive to live a peaceful life may
God grant you all of your heart desire and wish;

As your enemies set a trap for you may
they end up in it, and their evil wish

be withheld, as you set to leave my home may,
the angels guide you on the journey you wish;

life is full of many wonderful may;
but I will rather have you pick your wish,

then asked God to bestow it upon you and may
my prayer be heard that joy be added to you wish.

I will drown your in the amazing sea of may
so they will stick to you like the fallen star sticking to wish.

this many may and wishes are not for the month of may
alone, nor are they limited like the jinn's wish;

for every season greeting that comes your way may,
they content all the good may attach with lucky wish;

may peace and good health be with you every day
and may all your wishes come through in a golden dish.

these are my precious gift to you my dear and may
they always find a home in your heart, for their in my list of wish.
may and wishes is about how people used these words to blessed or bestow wish on others
There was this weird tingling feeling as if I smoked to many cigarettes on an empty stomach. Once these feelings subdued I was greeted by a lovely smile and beautiful blue eyes. For the first times things felt right, I’ve made this mistake before but I just knew. No anxiety or apprehension just solely being in the moment. After that wonderful day I was reluctant to part ways as if we’d never cross paths again. Will I see again?
eversoslowly Jun 13
Another day that comes once a year
a day for you, about you, only you

Celebrate these numbers that we all keep counting
remembering the more we live, the more we share

Remember your friends and family, keeping them close
as they will be with you always in body, mind, and spirit

You'll get to where you're going, to the greatest lengths of life
though a long journey still awaits in your years to come
Written for a close friend of mine for their birthday.
Hallmark could never speak my words.
Keane S.
Just imagine the ocean
The shear amount and size
Now think about a tear drop
Or a thousand years of soft goodbyes

It’s somewhat hard to understand
Like Japanese in brail
Sort of like a beach of sand
Or a green cloud full of hail

Would the world be just the same?
And would the sky’s stay blue
Like if I never heard that name
That name that’s only you

The sea would never look so blue
And blue skies colour run
Cause if I never noticed you
There’d be eternal night, no sun.
Yolanda May 4
You left like I wasn’t reason to stay
Not being heartless I’m just using my heart less

All I wanted was your time but that was a crime

Wrapped up in misery you became a mystery
Two peas in a pod estranged from one another
Almost inevitable
All you had to do was stay.
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