Ami Shae Jan 28

If wishes could come true
I'd wish complete healing
to come to you.

If wishes could come true
I'd wish eternal joy
to find and comfort you.

If wishes could come true
I'd wish all love you feel
to multiply tenfold back to you.

Someday all these wishes
I wish for you
truly WILL
all come true...

just wishes for one and all here and beyond...
Izabella Valero Jan 25

A small laugh from a child,
Is all worth the while.
As they play in the sun's
Magnificent shine.

A pure from a kitten,
As warm as a mitten.
While you stroke,
It's soft as silk fur.

A smile from your husband,
Who's holding you hand.
Who walks through the trees,
With you next to him.

You forget about life,
As sharp as a knife.
Who cuts and tears,
Til your eyes fill with tears.

Who needs money,
When you have love?
Forever rich,
With love those dream of.

No money, no problem. Live laugh and love for as long as you can, because true happens is rare and rich.
Kimiko Dec 2016

On that day, you were with me
under the universe's eye and the moon's light;
You held my hand as you stare through my eyes
humming a sweet song for our hearts to jive;
Under a gazebo with stary lights on the trees,
bringing me warmth and comfort everywhere I see;
You said every inch of me is beautiful. that
I should never change who I am;
Then softly you touched my cheek and kissed me
so gentle yet so passionate;
A tear escaped from my eyes as you confess your love,
for I don't know why out of all people, you picked me;
Yet all I felt at that moment is that I love you too,
Your the only person that can make my heart
beat so fast yet so slow, at the same time;
Many people hate me for you, yet you
leave them all just to be with me;
Then suddenly you kneel on one knee
and ask me to be your wife;
all kinds of emotion overwhelmed my heart
With uncontrollable tears I replied...

... Forever babe...

Until that day we meet, I will keep my promise.
Finley in Despair Nov 2016

When I hold her gaze
meaningless trinkets are priceless
in the reflection of her eyes
such beautiful eyes that melt me
or turn me to stone
in my mind everything she touches
is gold dust
in times of turmoil and uncertainty
she makes the stiff breeze become soft
my gorgeous best friend
my lover, my world, my rock

She knows how to comfort me
though I'll never feel good enough
whilst all I want is to comfort her
and let her see that it is me she can trust
she turns the stars to diamonds
then she makes bitter taste sweet
she fills the numbing nothingness
with everything that sweeps me off my feet

She is holidays in the sunshine
she is weekends reserved for us
she is late nights tucked in bed
she is cuddles on the late night bus
she is the one that never lets me forget
exactly how far I've come
a lesson learned with her is wisdom
there are many I'll never forget
her love teaches that love itself
and decency are the reasons we regret
and I'd be lost to this turmoil if one day
I woke up and we had never even met

Pamela Rae Nov 2016

forgive me for intruding upon
the moments you chose
as your own--
i saw you there
tears silently gliding
in torrents
down your face
as your shoulders heaved
again and again
trying to keep the sobs
from leaving your heart

my body, my heart, my mind
took off without my permission, you see
and all I could think, all i could feel
was i somehow wanted
you to be light and free
and out of whatever pain
was enveloping you
so i approached with arms opened wide
merely aching to embrace and comfort you--

your look of fear and genuine alarm
caught me by surprise--
was that hatred i saw there
as i peered into your eyes?
what have i done
to enlist this hate from you?
i only wanted to bring
a sense of relief, of deliverance
which surely you must feel is true--

but you refused my help, my endeavor
to share your grief, to comfort
or minister my heartfelt desire
of bringing relief to you--
and now i find myself
with tears in mine own heart
as i wander this land
wishing i could just somehow
find a way to fully
©Pamela Rae 11.04.2016

i'm learning that sometimes no matter how well intentioned,
others don't always need or want our help...
Finley in Despair Oct 2016

My darling takes a nap
"wake me up in an hour"
but I never do
I kiss her softly whilst she sleeps
hoping she feels them in her dreams
because I love her mind and her body
I think I always will

Dylan Jones Oct 2016

Day dead bye-gone
Laying near the lights
Of the knights of the northern lodges
There's a border road
No one slip slides or stoppin'
And the neighborly, sleeping in a coffin

With enough keif
You could really bore someone
Took a rat trap out to the Ache Inn
We were drinking all the ways to down
Door's wide open
You know what were saying 'bout us now
He's a legend
I'm a legend
And we both go tripping through the door

You know that we are northern now
Heard you promise me at the north end of monogamy
Cut there from filament lead

Somewhere I heard you scream
For others' hearts
And in the limiest of lights
Hold the keys to a Cuban flight that you won't ever ride
It's time to up and die

Set sail!

Finley in Despair Oct 2016

My mind is wasted
well, out of sync
I can't keep up with the thoughts
that would be brought over seas
of consciousness, like weeds of mind
rooted in so deep , they bury themselves
in to the back of my eyes
and I'm always concerned about
running out of time
one thing after another
like some premature adolescent
I scream "why, fuck why?"
I'm confident but I'm tired all the time
if you feel the same then don't be shy
I can't give you the answers
I can't sell you the time
but I can suggest a solution;
don't give up, don't die

Not just yet
Kurt Carman Sep 2016

Did you ever have one of those days,
That causes more than a few eyebrows to raise?
Black clouds looming inside your head,
And fools rush in where angels fear to tread? (a.pope)

Then start by lifting up just one corner of your mouth
Point it towards the sky, DO NOT go south.
And with your index finger, push up the other flection,
Keep it right side up in the very same direction!

With this smile take a long deep and meaningful breath,
And Sing a song that warms your your mind forgives & forgets.
Stand tall young one, cause your living in the light,
This day has past but tomorrow you'll reignite!

You don't feel like smiling? Then what? Two things. First, force yourself to smile. If you are alone, force yourself to whistle or hum a tune or sing. Act as if you were already happy, and that will tend to make you happy. Here is the way the psychologist and philosopher William James put it:
"Action seems to follow feeling, but really action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is not.

- Dale Carnegie

Thanks to Mr. Alexander Pope who coined the proverb "Fools Rush In where angels fear to tread". And thank you to Dale Carnegie for opening my eyes all the those years ago. May you both rest in peace. Lastly to my Grandson who is about to be born.......more than anything I want to be here forever and don't you think for one minute I'm not!
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