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Blessed be before birth
Free from pain
social shackles
taught to fault
stress on brain

Feed head heart and soul
Deciphering tones
Raised energy
View clear to see
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Mark Toney Oct 2019
koi pond quietude
values and tones of zen stones...
find repose and peace
8/9/2018 - Poetry form: Haiku - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
clever Apr 2019
i wish we didn't have to break up
every time you say your cell phone does.
you're avoiding everything i've got to say about us just because we're ending "us" again.
stopdoopy Jul 2018
Expressing my feelings for you, it worries me.

How would you take it?

Is it awkward?

Are you annoyed or flattered?

I don't need you to feel the same.

I just need you to understand, what I say, feel, mean.

Drenched in two tones.

Both full of love.
And they weren't worth ****
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
If I memorized
all the tones that drifted in from
a world of happiness
we are no longer inhabitants of,
the tones that drip ever so slowly
filling our heart with love
and filling our life with pain,
the tone that ripples through
every word I weigh on my tongue.
all the tones
that resonates in me as the wind passes
through the places in my heart
where your laughter once lived,
all the tones
that separate bird cry and bird song.
I think I would find the song we lost,
the song we sought
that we could never hear
in the noise of our shouts.
And though our love is dead
I would like this song
to have a home to rest.
As for our love,
what is lost is probably
lost for best.
Tanisha Jackland Jan 2018
They are spying on us
from the black ether
eyes good enough to
spot you from over there
to over here and beyond
What do they see behind
this thick veil of flesh
are they soul searching us
or are they just curious enough
with all that money to find
nothing but me and you
loving each other...
Most of us are just living our lives.
Shruti Gauba May 2017
I am a little note,
A voiceless sound.
Until I am embrace life,
I shall stay bound.
But lend me to an artist
and then you shall see,
How he'd mix me with his mayhem
so a symphony I can be.
But if I wished, then I
could be a patriot's song;
the anthem you people would sing,
but that won't be for long.
Because the next time you hear
I'll be a melancholic tone,
tearing your heart apart,
as you stare at walls alone.
Or I could be a joyous rhythm
to make your soul smile,
or to make you tap your feet
and forget the world for a while.
For I am just a note;
you thoughts, I can vocalize.
Deciphered only by the heart
and not the brain of someone wise.
xmelancholix Apr 2017
I thought God was calling me until I realized my phone was dead and
my brain was just reverberating the ringtone that was ingrained in my head next to your name.
I'm so ******* lame, because
it was just the static along with the 100 miles with no signals.
a you showed me what love was when I thought my savior had left me.
I thought you were the one, darling..
only to have you smash my heart as much as my ******* phone screen.
it's okay though,
I have my network to back me up after you left me.
so more more dial tones.
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