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Isaac May 16
He doesn't need
To lie on his death bed
To celebrate
The simple gifts of life.

No matter what form
Or what size,
He celebrates.

Bystanders watch,
Jealous of his joy
Not knowing his secret
Open to all.

The grass is greener
On the side of who
Celebrates more than what
The other chooses to.
Written 16 May 2020
. . . . . . .  . i bite my lower lip
. . . . .ready to tease the tease
                                                 the taste of your swollen lips
                                                 lingering on the tip of my tongue
                                                 ***** eyes glimmering in the dark  
                          come to me  
                          come home
                                                we’ll celebrate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                let's toast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Crystene Apr 26
One and the other of us had a mission
That only God can gave
Perceptibly that you can execute it
For He is our Life and saviour

God acquiesce to navigate our procedures
Coherent in haphazardly to be set
To effectuate His words on this world
For His kingdom comes on earth

Individually of us has an end
A term of life back to grime
In heaven we will exult
For His eternal love for us
Bhill Apr 16
from the depths of yesterday gone
a different newness rises in the dawning
it has occurred, after every nightfall, we have known
it alters and creates a fresh presence to carry into the day
to carry and to see what might improve from days past
who can deny this
who can celebrate this
who will accept this as a constant

Brian Hill - 2020 # 107
Watch as the days change into the newness of the present...
Amanda Feb 3
Celebrate small wins
That which are overlooked
Things causing grins
Stuff in places you may not have looked
Celevate even the tinieSt victory
chimera Nov 2019
we can't go backwards
but if we could
I wish
it would be to that perfect twilight,
just me and you
standing on that quite crowded boulevard.
I remember
we didn't talk much as always,
but I felt you deep inside my heart,
"our eyes would have made love" perhaps.
That night we celebrated our love with our souls.
Yindrachapa Nov 2019
It s this time of the year,
With nowhere to be directed heavenly vibes are loitering in the psyche.
Peyton L Oct 2019
The sky is old, it is tired.
It is aching.

The sky is bruised.
It is blackest blue and deepest blood purple.
It is tearing and writhing and mashing.
It is molded by someone
who knows not of their own power for desire.

It is being destroyed and created at the same time,
it is being pushed and pulled and grabbed
by hands who have known little of gentleness
and have been overcome by violence
but are trying to be soothing.

Hands made for wielding swords
steadfast give up when attempting to weave flowers together.

But he has not given up.

He is immobilized-
lost in his own despair and pain
as he tries to create.
He is searching through things he doesn't quite understand
searching through himself
and his own power he has left untapped for many a year.

He is trying-
hoping to help build a world
where love knows no bounds
and hate is only as strong as those
feeble hearts who use it.

The End of Time has already passed,
and no one can see past it
no one knows whether he will succeed.
But they do know
that he will continue to try
to press on
until the last whisper of his soul is gone from this world.

I am waiting for the day
when we can all celebrate
as one people
united behind
he who tore the sky
and lifted it up again,
I don't really know what to say about this, other than I have been uniquely inspired by some of the reading I've been doing recently and this is the product of that.
Keiya Tasire Oct 2019
When I feel like quitting
I tell myself, "Take just one more step."
Then I do it.

And then again
When I feel like quitting
I tell myself, "And then take another
"Just one more step."
Then I do it again.

And again when I feel like quitting
I say, "Self, take another,
"Just one more step."
Then I do it again and again.

I keep talking to myself
And I keep going
Again and again and again.

Until there is just one more step to take
And then I say,
"Self you can do it. Take Just one more step!"
As I step into my, "I did it!"

I celebrate and celebrate
All the while
My mind is thinking
"Self, What is  next? Let's do it again!"
One challenge after another. Keep learning, keep growing, See the lesson. = increased wisdom.
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