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Let's celebrate the success
And enjoy the moment
Let's recount the problems
And how we solved them
But let's live for another day to celebrate

Let's satisfy the hunger
And dance to that banger
Let's toast to the dangers
And how we survived them
But let's live for another day to celebrate

Another day to drink
Another day to sing
Another day to drive
Another day to thrive
Let's live for another day to celebrate
leeaaun Dec 2022
my problems are too much
how can i bother
to celebrate
new year?
how problems leave you for new year?
Zywa Dec 2022
At parties I try

to leave soon, always longing --

for festivity!
"De terugkeer van het nieuwe jaar" ("The return of the new year", 2022, Eva Meijer)

Collection "On the fly"
Banana Jul 2022
Abortion access and rights are being slashed and women’s voices silenced by forced pregnancy and poverty..
So when I got my period this month I felt the need to celebrate.
I don’t have to grow a life to participate in an existence I myself can’t justify.
I won’t have to raise a daughter as an incubator for a state of lies.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2022
I hope you live life to fullest
The image you've always dreamed
Want your plans to work out for the best
If they differ from how you schemed
I pray you realize power you hold
Could fell mountains with one hand
When it counts the most
Do not hesitate to take a stand
I hope you find tranquility
Joy that you deserve
Sure your resilience will get you by
Each time world throws you a curve
If finding yourself in a state of frustration
Take moment to breathe and clear your head
Patience an essential component
Navigating the road ahead
You have integrity and a heart of gold
Two things will take you far
Don't ever doubt that you have the strength
To bounce back from even the deepest scar
If trying your hardest I know you'll triumph
Achieving the peace you desire
Remember when you're feeling your lowest
Forever you'll be someone I admire
Like how you surely speak your mind
If it's not what I want to hear
The way you never fail to strive for excellence
At home as well as in your career
It's time I tell you I am grateful
For constantly being there
From the bottom of my heart
Thanks for showing you care
I am happy for you and Cheyenne
Should be proud as hell
Having a woman who is not only beautiful
Intelligent as well
You both are lucky to have each other
Lean on through thick and thin
To each have an equal partner
Sees beneath surface of skin
I am certain you treat her right
Never let her go
It's rare to find your soul mate
If and when you do you know
So congratulations you lovebirds
Finally tying the knot
In the future if nothing else
At least you cherish each other a lot
So raise our glasses together
I declare another toast
Honor and celebrate Cheyenne and Michael
Couple we all love the most!
A toast I did for my brother at his wedding
Zywa Mar 2022
Parties everywhere,

in every house there's something --

worth celebrating.
"ondertussen in nederland" ("meanwhile in the netherlands", 2017, Anne Vegter)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
Zack Ripley Nov 2021
Don't worry about trying to change the world
by yourself; that's a job for all of us.
If you want to change something,
try changing your world first.
And even if it seems small, celebrate it. Because any change you can make
is often the biggest change of all.
Omokeyede Nov 2021
Sometimes there are so many simple solutions to a problem, but your anxious state of mind prevents you from seeing them.

Take a seat, relax your head, and alter your thinking and perspective.

There's nothing wrong with you; it's simply a phase in your life.

Don't let current happenings make you feel less than who you are and what you are intended to be.

Nobody has life figured out yet; everyone is simply fighting their own battles.

Don't just be downcast and beat yourself up all the time; it will only cause more harm than good.

You deserve to be happy.

Every day of your life, live as though you had everything.

While you anticipate and wait for the big triumph, celebrate your tiny victories.

And, thank God, it could have been far worse.
Glasgow Girl G1 Jun 2021
Lilibet Lilibet
What’s in a name?
Doria Doria it’s just not the same
It’s too private and gracious
And won’t fan the flame!

If you’re starting a brand?
Then the tag line is crucial
But to trade on your Baby
Well, that’s downright Brutal!

Do they have no shame?
In this quest to stay ‘Private’
Yet **** out their spawn
While the, dignified,
Stay Quiet!

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