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Ackerrman Sep 26
It takes a very small man
To “Want to punch that girl in the face”,
Or to compare,
A young student to a “Sewer Rat”.

To bully twelve year olds,
Single out young girls,
Transparent fold in time,
Stunted growth.

It takes a small man
To bully children,
It takes a smaller man
To expect respect this way.

“Do yourself a favour
And just shut up”

“Get your head down-

It is like watching a ******
Order 'sewer rats'
To be clean,
Tell the sea to recede.

Your idea of a model student
Is a student who
Already knows
What you are incapable of teaching.
I work in one of the worst school's in the country. Some of the teachers of cowardly, incompetent bullies. But in England, the worst performing schools are given the least amount of funding. In fact, the tiny salary that teachers and support staff are afforded mostly just attracts half-wits who could never earn 20k any other way, I have seen very few members of staff that care about the kids. What is being invested, does not attract professionals, it attracts phonys.
Hilary Sep 15
Standing on a mountain
looking around
at other mountains
is not growing

Growing is climbing down,
looking around,
and choosing another mountain to climb

and while they say
that life is a journey,
Exploration without knowing
what direction to walk
feels a lot like being lost


These things I thought I'd mastered

I was skimming the surface of a lake,
talking about things
I had reasoned were inside

Throwing myself into the water
changed my understanding of it

Maturity means more than growing older
Vulnerability means more than speaking my truth
Intent is never finished or checked off a list
Community is a two way street

Experience is not always expertise
Confidence is not always complementary

A year has shown me
that life really is a journey
and I know which direction
I want to walk
OpenWorldView Aug 12
learn learning
learn teaching
teach learning
teach teaching
Danika Aug 1
How can I motivate you to learn
organically, without negativity
without complaining
without avoidance

How can I relate to you
when my whole being loves to learn
and craves to know
of history, of art, of literature, of what makes us human

We only have a short amount of time
in an infinite universe
How can you not want to soak up every second of knowledge?
just for the sake of it
F A Pacelli Aug 13
mothers and fathers
do not wish
upon your children
a life free of pain
that would be impossible
rather wish upon them
strength and learning
from the pain in life
केहि कुरा म बुझ्छु

बुझ्न चाहन्छु केहि कुरा
केहि कुरा बुझ्दिनँ
त्यो समय म  
गुरु सम्झन्छु
कथन: तिम्रो बिचार पढेको भए म ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला
बुझेको भए झन् ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला
मेरो चकचक तिमीले बुझेनौ
तिम्रो ज्ञान मैले बुझिन
धन्यवाद ।
imagine a magic wand could solve my problems:
at what cost? why not let life teach me something.
F A Pacelli May 22
“daddy, i want to be an artist when i grow up”

“no dear child, you can’t be an artist
you won’t make any money and will struggle”

“but daddy, i love to paint
why can’t i make any money?”

“because artists are poor
haven’t you heard the term starving artist?”

“ok daddy, if that’s what you think is best
maybe i will do what you do”

“that’s my girl”

“i love you daddy”
its been a tedious day
after five classes
and an extra rehearsal
almost 200 students
full of energy that is hard to
thinking back
i dont remember it being this hard
things have changed
things are different now
the older teachers say it all the time
i remember it too

for a moment
i stand in the bathroom
just to breath
and stare at my reflection
the man in the mirror
looks foreign to the man inside my

my face could never lie.
what happened to the
man i thought i would be?
i guess no one gets to be
happy at work
but i thought i would come
Being a teacher isn’t all fun and games, if it ever was.
Helping me
Helping you
I write to feel less blue
I write so that you can stay brand new
Letters for you
Lessons so you can’t feel like me
Lessons so you can stay like you
These lessons are put here so you don’t follow me through
These lessons hopefully make you become stronger than the current you
Maybe I can make peace with myself this way
Maybe I can feel less haunted knowing you’re okay
I teach so that the people reading these can feel better and have positive days.
I wrote these poems each time I felt alone, broken or in love. I have a lot of evil people in my past that I run from everyday. Think about my poems, learn so that you don’t become like the evil people in my past or become depressed like I was, I wrote these so whoever reads these feels less decayed. The world is a sad place nowadays, move forward with these poems. I used to feel hopeless and sometimes I still do and I hope these poems help you understand my sadness.

My other reason for writing these poems is so that other people can be heard. People in the foster care system, hospitals, nursing homes, bars. These people tell stories, if you listen to my stories/poems you might be able to understand other people as well. My poetry is a series of lessons on life, decay, old age, love, loneliness, death and yes murderers because I’ve met quite a few.
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