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Hilla254 Feb 11
Nothing is promised under the sun
For evil and misfortune can befall anyone
For no matter how secured one can feel
you can't protect the soul from death
the wise one or a fool
can't tell what tomorrow is about
And the Mights of the creator
we just revere in awe
for no one can comprehend it
worrying meaningless
As it can't add a single hour
In my unknown day's to live
Though the mind doesn't rest
Caring a lot triples the Dream's
And the nightmares of losing it
But everything's just meaningless
For there is nothing new in the world
And there lived the old
Who got back to eternity
Many of those we don't remember
So beautiful or not,  wise or not,
Wicked or not, poor or not,
We share the same destiny
Destiny that overtakes us all.
Forever taught the teacher, but those with ears chose not to listen
Chicken Feb 10
The deleterious presence of his breath, is not missed,
He is not missed.

He spent our days talking *******, raiding expensive alcohol,
From the fridge.

He decided that he was most important of all,
Above any creation of thine.

He assumed that he could work to remove every worth,
All value, to dull thy shine.

See, he was fairly foolish,
In his delusional

He truly believed that the foolish one, that the deluded party,
Was me.

He had no idea of his death breath, and his unattractive

He did not have the slightest idea that I was bored shitless,
By his chosen, daily grind.

So you can call this a poem,
Because this is not
a song.

Written just to get it out,
So I can fly, cross the water,
Move on.

See, I don’t sing for *******,
Not no more,
This bird is free.

And through it all no person, no man, nobody can shake me
From this tree.

If you seek him, you shall find him at his address, No. 1,
Futility Mews.

A barren place where there are no changes, nothing matures, and
Pissy tea brews.

You can take all the lessons, you may climb and
You will grow.

That is what these ******* are for, that is all, and they
Don’t even know.
This is an epic purging poem, maybe a bit of a story. It’s not very nice in part, though neither was he... and in heavier doses. I learned a lot.

Can’t be on the love songs too much :-).

Take away consideration: does pointlessness exist?
Everything, and everyone has purpose. Everyone has value.
HTR Stevens Jan 30
To one teacher we are little devils, little imps,
But to another we may be little cherubims.
As you see, my class has many a variety:
Mischievous, intellectuals, as well as the sleepy.
But this variety is what makes the world go round.
I do not like a class that is too sober and sound.
Seriousness does not make a mind care-free and easy;
Instead, too much seriousness can cause insanity.
Kyle McAfee Jan 24
I do not know why things happen as they do,
But I do know that people exist
To teach us only two lessons
Which we cannot learn elsewhere;
The ability to truly enjoy our lives,
Regardless of how insignificant they may be,
And how to weather the storm,
Left behind in their absence,
So that we may live to see them another day.
I see the students looking at me as I teach
I see their bored, dull faces
I see anxiety, and the deep, passionate boredom of angsty teens
I hear them behind me as I write on the board for them to learn

About Walt, about list-poems, and life, you see
They are whispering and think I do not hear
True story
Paul Kgaje Dec 2018
I saw a hand in darkness,
laid instructions in elegant expression.
Reach for the stars, grab the brightest and lay rest to the shining moon.
Cover your eyes for shadows will come to live.
Don't cry as the empty vessel is but a package of sorrow,
Smile at your ending fight.
colzzmacdonald Dec 2018
For Christmas this year, I’d
like all those who are missing
back home safe
I’d like the lost and lonely
to find themselves again without trying,
safe in the knowledge they are loved and needed.
Those fake power hungry people who
destroy other’s lives – just because they can
the corrupt politicians who take from
the mouths of all those ordinary
families who are struggling to live
to be held accountable and a change comes
I wish each family all have ample
to thrive contently, this Christmas.

You, the weak and the listless
to find inner strength, so that you
may rise like the phoenix
in the blaze of glory, you burn
brightly shining orange and gold.
This year, end all world wars
send all the boys and girls home at last.
For me and all those people like me
will you bring a little happiness
so we may all find our place in this world?
can the orbit of life
echo this in all of us
this year, and every year, for Christmas...
Leeli Barton Dec 2018
Here I am, an Educator, new-formed
And on the verge of ideas and thoughts
That I’m told are too lofty, too grand, for their
Purposes of having students graduate at Funding’s Earliest
Convenience. Administrative charms
Have already told me not to display
Myself and my passions with honesty. I must teach
Like I am greater than them,
Like I approach our stories each
Day with a very very serious
Focus on structure and style and each
Incredibly important
Comma. But I know the Truth.
The Truth is that the richest
I’ve ever felt was when my educational harvest
Had received its lowest return. I first thought, “How shall
I punish? How shall I repay
Your bad behavior's damage with more damage? Your
Misbehavior doesn’t deserve my toil;
Your disrespect was just as bad as their
Records said it would be!” But then my reason
For anger crumbled, and I let love strengthen
My tired and trodden heart, as
I decided to speak to my students with the honesty their
Lives often lack from authority. Intentionality, Honesty, Truth. No amount of years
Will change what I’ve learned in Year Zero: to let love increase.
Peter Roads Nov 2018
what person could have known
how a cataclysm rolls in
the towering force
                  of nature
what person could have known
that there was a tip to that tower
how cold is the view from its peak
now clouded by teardrops
now rising through
though heaven made mist of the sky
rising from a cotton mouth
to make a liar of the tongue
what person could have known
for we do not speak
of a lonely tower
but to climb it
we do not speak
of a distant summit
but to find it
we do not speak
but we see it
rising from a bluff
on a cold shoulder
turned away from gruff land
on a plain sky residing
it is not enough
to pierce the sky
to see through it
where there is a window
there is a view
it must be seen to be true
where there is a cloud
there is the sun
shrouded though it seems
get high enough
to find the clue
what person could have known
that you were here alone
watching for a break in the storm
unless it was them all
and the tower was home
to everyone
all at once
Been a while since I wrote but the storm rolled in, it’s raining in Sydney and I have finished teaching for another year. Time to reflect on success and failure. We reach out and hope to enrich even a single mind, too often trapped inside our own fear, but we try
Leigh Jacobson Nov 2018
If only parents behaved the way they expect their children to act.
This has frustrated me all my life. I still see it happening. Parents yelling at their kids when frustrated... for the child who yells out when frustrated. ....and it still does today.
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