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With what the world gives me
You make me stay
With the rocks in my shoes
You make me run
With the tears in my eyes
You make me smile
With my burdens
You make me breathe
With such ease
You take me away

In life, you will not always get what you want
Sometimes, you have to wait for a long period of time
Sometimes, dreams will always haunt
and it will last for a lifetime

Life may either make or break you
but you have to stand still
and don't let yourself be in blue
because if you do, you will be killed

Challenges will come and go
Trials will always be your friends
but God's blessings will always overflow
and it will be superior in the end
Bowedbranches Jul 12
Haven't set up an alter
In I dont' how many moons
The few times I tried
I truly knew the futility of it
And understood
That security, for me, is fleeting

Just another thing
That seems so easy for the others
Oh no dont applaud
My  baby brain  for its
Whining,ll just make it worse
So the other day after
I snatched the sage you left
For me outside your window sill
(Thank you btw)

I instinctively started
Then broke down for the 5th time that day
"How could someone like you ever deserve a home"
Then I had remembered  
That Im not allowed to
Have a safe space

I'm a drifter
Pushing the limits
My health is at risk
Every minute
No one to care
Whether I die or live  

Sitting on my hands
In a thicket
Praying wishing waiting thanking
God that I woke still broken
Throwing up stuff
Everytime I tried to move

Stay low
on your toes
Please No
Please make it stop
Oh god here it comes again
My Sweat drips endlessly
Chiggers bit my skin
So it wont quit itchin'

Bites that bother until next week
All I want is a place to hang my hat
Or hopefully lay my head without trip wires surrounding
All I want is to oggle my alter and call on my angels and my God
Without being on constant alert
Watching my own six

Bc your own brother will turn on you
Don't get comfortable
Dont relax
Dont unpack
Dont believe
A ******* thing they tell you
Prove me wrong then

Haven't had a mfr not turn
Haven't seen anyone actually keep their word

And why cant i set up an alter without it being destroyed?
My week has been hectic sporadic challenging. This poem was written in bits throughout the course of this week i realize im all over the place and my head space is caving in
Sakshi Balla Apr 1
Testing the waters
Dipping and swishing
Drying out the fears
Soaking it all in
Swimming, sometimes
Then waves hitting
Closing me in a box
Full of angst
And reminder
Of what I am looking for
Jenniff Hill Mar 26
i want to pretend i dont care,
that watching you be happy with someone else doesnt makes my heart shatter.
Call me selfish but i wish you were not
because maybe in that way you would come back to me, to us.
But then reality hits me
and its that you are there with her
and im here trying to find you in another person.

Overcoming the pain your absence left
has been a challenge but eventually i started doing it.
My days have become bright, i can see far away a tiny light at the end of my tunnel. Its gonna take me time to get there but at least
now the impossible seems more possible.
Evelyn Ann Feb 23
Every day we face challenges or triumphs.
Like a game, we move on to the next level.
Retry the same level until we finally pass.

Living Day to Day or Day by Day,
we each overcome obstacles in our own way
and experience life in a different way.

Every decision I make, every decision you make,
every decision we make will take us down different roads.
We are human beings, we will never come to the same crossroad.
We each have an equal right to make mistakes.

Let us acknowledge that we, we are perfect.
Chad Young Feb 15
"I just graduated from high school, what should I do now?"
There are some things to consider first.
1. Muhammad, pbuh, said that no one can take away the knowledge you're destined to have.
2. Self-directed learning is the highest form of knowledge, and in India the highest recognized scholars are self-taught.
3. There are free courses, videos, and lessons online in every field often done by some of the brightest minds, and textbooks for sale online.
4. Study one course or book at a time. Separate books that require study from books just for fun.
5. If you decide to go down this path, know that it is governed by motivation and this can change direction, often in conflict with true will, so be patient. Sometimes it can take years to finish a book.
6. I knew none of this when I was your age.
Hypothetical children, right?
Zack Ripley Jan 18
Being strong has nothing to do with strength.
It's about your ability to adapt to
And overcome obstacles.
If you look at it like that,
Anyone can be strong.
And with all the challenges
We face this year,
you'll have plenty of practice.

Nobody has
chance of
got to
learn to
learn ahead
of trials,
order to
make hay
mine word.
comes by
time, while
Cherish time If
you really
to succeed.

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