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Anita Daniel Sep 26
Here I am at this adult stage          
Step by step flipping a neww page    
Dare to wish I was caught in a cage  
The life I have lived ain't fair              
Cos I never got my fair share              
Fooled myself that I didn't care            
Seconds, minuetes, hours, days, weeks, months, years even decades has passed                                            
After each heartbeat I wish I had asked                                                      
I have been told lies                              
Each time tears filled my eyes              
I have been told that weak is she who cries                                                
Deep inside my heart silently  I could cry
Jd Sep 12
two roads right in front of us,
stopping, staring, we choose one

thinking of choices which one is worth it

but today we will smile
nobody can stop us now
feet off the ground
hearts on our sleeve

we’ll be ready
ready to face the
new beginning
so much has gone and passed
and i believe that
we’ll be together after all that started out

this is the moment to step in the light
and i will be ready to reach for the sky
no one can hold me back, i will fly
and brightly shine  tonight
short caps intended
Keiya Tasire Sep 12
We may find ourselves blocked.
Unable to move forward.
Or we are standing still
As others seem to pass us by.

Lost dreams, lost hopes.
Lost loves, lost friends,
Lost parents, siblings and children.
Lost heart, Lost soul.

We may go forward. We may stop and await.
Who knows, for how long?

Others exit the shuttle, turn left
and we never see them again.
Some, I asked to never return.

Some stayed here
Some travel there.
Some walk on by.
Why do we not stand within stillness?

Do you know exactly what you want?
"Yum! Massaman curry with rice with spring rolls, please."

"# 11, your Massaman & spring rolls are ready!
Just how you like them."
"Oh, Thank you!!"

It came quickly!
The rain fell hard in my summer!
You can see them
Everyone in the storm.
Some moving to avoid it.
Others standing still.
A few preparing to leave.

Yet, those over there were not pleased.
And they just complain smuggly under their umbrella.

Delightfully I am no alone in the summer rain.
Talking happily with friends as we wait for the last shuttle ride Home.

Yet the wind continues to blow
And the rain continues to fall down to the ground.
Do I give into despair or take courage to persevere? 

Moving gracefully through the storm
With calm stillness
And yes, wonder
"What if I grab the silver lining
Will my life will be forever changed?"

As the storm continued
The fragrance of the wind
and the touch of the rain
Filled my senses!

Opening freely
My Spirit Danced in the Rain!
How my senses love
the spring, summer, fall and winter rains!!

It was at this moment
that the clouds parted
and the rainbow flowed over me.

Vibrational colors with haromny resonating
Lifting and returning the phi ratio
to each strand of my human DNA.

I feel the smile
Expressing itself in dance!
As an adventure of each rainy day!!
Oh, how I love to enjoy
Such sweetness in life!!!
Your Choices
We can see both sides of a challenge. It can be a problem we never get hold of or it can be a challenge to learn and growth through. we choose what it will be and if we will open to the lessons each presents. You see it is just a matter of perspective. It is our choices that make our burdens heavy or open us up to "The Sweetness of Life."
Freezing water on my skin is unobserved while a warm breeze flows through my steady state of detached focus

Comfortable illusions embraced by the tribe, you look to me and see something of a demon, to be feared, yet respected

I stand tall as any man might, my gaze contains an eternal essence, an angel in this creature

A vessel of blood and bones, feels the emotion of an abandoned infant, the alienation of a wolf betrayed by its pack

Continued to climb with broken arms, walked with a shattered heart, intercepting the silence with bitter expressions of being

Once blindness had become so much better than seeing, watching brothers bend beauty to fit a God forsaken form

I look now upon your beaten face without pity, painfully acknowledging the choices you have made

The sounds of war replaced the quiet calmness of the child I used to be

Weeping without recognition, you scoffed at this agony

Now night after night I contemplate our complacency,
wondering when the rivers of blood may awaken the hearts sacred sense of urgency

A soul of the whole world. I watch the floods and flames engulf the stillness that once was, the peace that was taken for granted, now falling down, and heaven cries it's last goodbye
B D Caissie Sep 4
Choices or challenges in life regardless of their outcome should be viewed as stepping stones to a wiser and more beautiful you.

The more you’ve been through the more aware and sensitive you become of the hardships others might be facing hidden behind forced smiles.

Sadly not everyone is able to handle or overcome hurdles they are presented with in their lives, by mental illness or by sheer circumstance.

Those of us that have been blessed with the strength and fortitude to overcome must remind ourselves daily that there are those that may need that one act of kindness, a strand of hope to face another day.

Hope can be a powerful thing but only for those who know it’s there. Some need a helping hand to see it, find it and grasp it.

Hope... I pray I never lose sight of it and if I should that there will be someone like you with a kindness of heart impossible to ignore to pluck me from the shadows.

Carl D'Souza Aug 1
I need
to frequently revise
my principles
for living
a joyful and happy life
so that when challenges come
I’m ready to respond
in a wise way.
Marla Apr 16
My existence weighs heavy today,
Heavier than any moment to precede it.
I must decide now what will be my way,
If I shall rise to victory or remain defeated.
But in all truth, I feel not afraid.
Other challenges, I have vanquished
Lacking that languished hand of aid.
Yes, life is my special stage.
I shall revel in it's light,
As well as that of my new age.
Keiya Tasire Mar 18
Another day
Another challenge
Another "pick myself up"
Another heart wound to bandage
Another determination made to keep going .
Another  stand myself up straight & strong
Another  resolve to find wisdom within the pain.

Today I look out the window
Today's sun is shinning.
Today I face the sun  
and the shadows fall behind me
Getting up whit courage and moving forward everyday no matter what life give us.
Darkness picked him up, and watched him grow for years

He had grown up yo be a man now, and the dark had taken away all his fears

Beneath the shadows of the dark he had spent almost all his life

But he still had a longing for the light, he wanted to feel what it was like.
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