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The world has

done it again

revolved and rotated,

As it does milenias


And will do

millenias after,

Forever constant,

This cosmic reality

that don't count us,

The stars don't care

most of them long dead,

The planets are following


No grander scheme

than numbers,

Nothing really matters

that's the truth

So find your meanings

solely logical to you,

Might be senseless for others

but the world's a speck of blue

in a universe that don't bother

to look,

So rejoice, jump and shout,

fail, succeed,

The blackness of space


And it won't tell anyone

what he's seen
Kyle Oct 10
Even if I'm swept away;
I will always find a way.
I'll accept the challenges;
With bravery and courage.
She was full of courage when it comes to challenge
As she face problem on every stage
But she gets tired and it's strange
And so she did, she made a change

She always show her side of weakness
When it comes to the stage of darkness
She felt nervous and selfless
Knowing that she is nothing but disappointments
Faizel Farzee Sep 13
The night i was born there was a crimson moon.
There was lightning and thunder, not different to a monsoon.
The wind blew eerily while wrapped in my cocoon.

Then suddenly...

She came to me in a blinding light, told me about the power of word and its endless might.
I listened intently at the tale she recite, asking me to repeat after her
under a silver starlight.

She said, I bestow upon you a thirds mind eye
You will see the pain of this world through a poets eyes
you will marry the writing craft, it will course through veins
the oxygen you breath you will need to survive

I obliged, I gave them wings and made them fly

So i started training these words to thrill
My craft pure, refined, distill

None of this hippitty hop ****, look I use alliteration quite frequently
I think I'm the ****, well like a candy isle  in a convenient store i need bars you ***.
These words running through my mind, a marathon of thoughts
It's  is on training schedule, they ripped and fit.
This to me a game of chess, I play with finesse
you all toddlers, so easy to outwit.

Like taking candy from a baby, your defense unfit
i think you cold, here is some wool and needles leave the writing game, a new hobby for you, knit.

I see these guys with alliteration for days but ain't saying ****
Weak like trumps wall missing its bricks.
I need medical assistance my brain sick, you have no flames, a candle without the wick.

anyways, for now i'm done, i wrote this in 15 mins
ahead of myself, myself i outdone, I'm Ra
myself i out-shun.

After reading this i know you  will be brooding, I am divine, A angelic presence in a world of humans.
So don't confuse this, I'm not in battle mode yet, my demons was asking to give you some lip.

This my conclusion, sinners get down on your knees and pray for absolution.
For a written battle contest, I tried.
every man looks bigger than they are in the shadows
it takes courage to step in the light
and really be seen
Do you agree?
From which old, cattle ****
my dearest child, you've found
the tongue that cried a silent entreat
on perilous miles, those perilous miles
peeled out from under your feet
your soul unmended and worn... gone
never coming home to reconcile

What indifference has time gifted?
that empty score you left...
...for the old hearted man
deafening him, with its silence.
He sobs for you, my child, he sobs
with battered old scars, so gray he dreams of you
the child from whom he ran away
Don't be too eager to become an adult... enjoy your childhood
Orategile Jul 22
To my dearest self,
Most of the time I yearn to be you again because growing up is weird
Growing up is having to adjust to each an every event that occurs on this planet
You lose yourself for a moment then fight for your sanity
Well, atleast half of it
You grow up to be a walking contradiction
Because society itself is contradictory
" Be yourself ": they say, " but not like that"
Now you tune into your survival mode just to get through the day
You lose friends, yes even the ones you called "bestfriend forever"
Because "Forever" now has a subtle "hopefully" prior to it
Everything now is shortlived
There's too much violence, malice and deceit
Many lives are taken
Many people are unhappy
Ego is the new 60% and 40 is figuring out what 20 could be.
We feed each other pain like it's a daily bread
While trauma is the new normal
And being cool means hurting the one you love.
We lie so much we end up lying to ourselves, then we go into a battle of trying to know ourselves.
Crazy right?
Growing up you find yourself in an academy, "a real life academy", a Wise one once said.
You learn, you unlearn and you survive then you learn again.
It's a whole neverending vicious circle.
But trust me when I say, you are going to be alright.
Because amidst the chaos, you will find a beautiful and deserving love.
You will lose friends and gain new precious ones.
You will find perfection in your imperfections and make it work.
You will find peace within yourself
You will understand the meaning of being in the moment.
Mostly, you will be happy and find healing.
Just be patient
Because life can be beautiful when you alienate yourself from the norm and just be!

Remember to love yourself always!

your older self
Mrs Timetable Jul 21
Life can sometimes
Be the pits
But it’s the pits
That protect the seeds
That make
Things grow
Into the sweet and tender
Now I want peaches
Keiya Tasire Jul 17
At times  I find myself blocked.
Stopped, unable to move forward.
Standing still, as the days pass me by.

Lost dreams, lost hopes.
Lost loves, lost friends,
Lost parents, siblings and children.
Lost heart, Lost soul.

Enter, exit, enter again and turn left
Or was it right?
May I go forward? Stop and  await.
Do this! Don't do that!
They are wrong. We are right!
Over manipulated. Over controlled.
Enough!!!! No more!!!

Watching loved ones leave
Never to return again.
Broken hearted,
Longing throbbing pain.

So easily distracted by appetite
The smells and enticing words
"Massaman curry with rice with spring rolls
A slice of cheese, with date or olive
Lost in tasting, numb in feeling....
Eating myself into the land of oblivion
Drifting, floating, never to return.

It came quickly!
The rain fell hard in my summer!
Can you see us?
Everyone in their own storm.
Oh, please be still my restless soul.

Watching "them" drawing up schemes
Complaining maneuvers and attacks
Smiling smugly, together
under their "justified" umbrella.
I turned my energy away.

The wind continues to blow
And the rain continues to fall
Do I give into despair?
Or take courage to persevere?  
Courage my friend.  
A  glorious choice, courage!

Moving gracefully through the storm
Calm stillness begins
Facing the sun
The shadows fell behind me.
"What if I grab the silver lining?
Will my life be forever changed?"

I am not a lone "Black Sheep" in this rain.
Each of us in line, shedding our fleece.
Letting it go, as white feathers
Gracefully floating higher
Upon sunbeams Home.

The storm continued as I built my  new home.
Among the quiet of the fragrant cedars
Maples, birch and pine.

The fragrance of the wind
and the touch of the rain
Now fills  my senses!

Opening, freely.
Spirit Dancing in the Rain!
My senses love the spring,
Summer and the fall rains!!

It was in this moment the clouds parted.
Revealing a flowing rainbow
With  vibrational colors of resonance
A phi ratio within each color
Singing, songs, and connecting
Each strand of my human DNA.

A smile expressing itself
Thousands upon thousands of Colors!
An adventure within each
New sunny and rainy day!!
Oh, how I love, this sweetness in life!!!
Alienation: as I looked for the silver linings within each challenge, I began to transition and move through the countless births, deaths, and rebirths within my current life, as wisdom opens and begins to sprout each day.
Unsuspecting, we rode the oceans
Wildly mysterious, and beautifully free
Blinded as we were, we laughed
And smiled as we dared the breeze

We never saw the waves coming
Not till we drowned in their hold
Not till we fought and struggled
And grappled for air, all alone and cold

Slowly, we learned to breathe underwater
And breath by breath, we eased into this life
We swam and we frolicked, delighted by these wonders
And, we started enjoying this fleeting dive

Months have passed now, and we remain underwater
Each day passes, the 'now' ordinary
We have done what we never imagined
And at night, we lie content with the usual beauty

But deep in the hearts and minds as we lie,
Our thoughts wander off to the day we would surface then
Maybe tomorrow or maybe centuries it might be
Before we laugh and smile, as we ride the oceans again
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