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Alice Nov 2022
Time is passing by
But I refuse to change;
My sails are too tattered now
To withstand Poseidon’s rage;
Part of me wants to let go
And just go with the flow;
But part of me wants to stay put
And just win this game.
Rei Nikolai Jul 2022
It all starts with an idea, that you can
Feelings come between now and then
Thoughts come running through your head
All the time is ripened for what could be said
Then it takes what was yours
It just breaks all your core
And you'll never know why
You gave in just for more
All the sights and the sores
Painful cries as they court
And you'll never know why
You take in, lust yet torn

Sometimes I fear the feeling of contentment
Of completion and accomplishment
Because afterwards I'll never know
If the passion dies, or if I'll still grow
Then it stops what you start
It just drops from the heart
And you'll never take back
What you gave just for art
All the lies and the lores
Faithful eyes now they tore
And you'll never know why
As you come back for more

And it starts as it the ends
The idea that you can't
As you say one goodnight
The last of all goodbyes
To the brush, to your pen
To all books that you've read
To the lovers that come
To the letters you've read
As you'll never come back
To create, you just can't
One last time, one last sigh
Close your eyes, one last breath
All the doors closing in
Right where we all begin

Our dreams come pure with uncertainty
When all doors are closed as answers can be
When everyone has turned their back on you
While the chance is null and you have no clue
That dream you have is yours alone
It only comes once, yet with you it's grown
It all starts with an idea, that you can
You were passionate once, embrace dreams once again
this poem is for the poets, writers, artists who have lost their passion;
may you find hope and inspiration and pick up that pen (or keyboard) again.
Whenever I feel alone and lost...
I try to smile the most..!

I smile to hide the pain that I bear,
I smile to hide my eyes full of tears.
I smile to hide the truth that never lies,
I smile to hide my sufferings that continuously rise.

I smile, 'cause I know the cunning nature of this world,
I smile, 'cause I don't want my pain to be unfurled.
I smile, 'cause I don't want to show myself vulnerable,
I smile, 'cause in the crowd, I don't want to be uncomfortable.

I smile to put a smile on my loved ones' faces,
Amidst all the challenges, I smile to hide my every weakness.
I smile to look strong and hide my scared inner identity,
I smile to spread a little ray of humanity.

I don't want this world to make fun of my dream, suffering and pain...
That's why, I smile... 'cause only this smile has the ability to drive them insane..!
I always try to smile, Even in my hard time...
'Cause only two things make me strong, when I feel low
One is my fake smile and another is my flow of rhyme...

Wasn't active here from past few days... Hope u all are good... Just came back here to say 'HELLO' to u all... 'Cause again taking a break from tomorrow to prepare for my sem. Examinations, will see u all after that..! Till then, we can connect on Insta, I'll be active there.

My User I'd: ubirajarajubatus
Just leave ur user I'd in the comment section, I'll follow u there to connect☺☺😊😊.
Don Bouchard Feb 2022
Burns Creek
Climbing Chimney Rock.
Dad and David Scoville
In their mid 30s,
Two men out to prove
Their bravery,
Their derring-do.

My Mother,
My brother and I,
Five and six,
Necks craning,
Wait and watch;
Dad moves up and up
Clings to the top.

Inept and six,
I stand below,
Admiring my Father's

I am nearly blind,
The myopic, thick-lensed gawker,
Peering upward.

The men climb down,
The day’s challenges

Heading home,
Choking dust.
Old land,
Deep ravines,
Rattle snake domain.

My father's old Ford
Bumps over red scoria,
Billows burning dust.

Ancient land,
Cindered clay,
Open grazing land,
Dry and hot.

Memories churn
From sixty years ago.
Keiya Tasire Jan 2022
Because every memory is still beautiful!
Even when intentions of actions were unkind.
For these burning fires have birthed
My greatest strengths.
Thank you for all you have done.
Our roles at the close of the last act, complete.
Watching as the curtain closes
Shedding the glove, we call a body
We return to the Light from which we came.
There is a purpose to everything we go through. There are rich lessons that come by seeking understanding as we grow through the pains, we face in life. No matter how difficult they may seem, there is a rainbow in each struggle. Ask to be shown the Light within your darkest moments.
I assure you, it is there. ❤ May you find it and find peace ❤ 🙏
Anais Vionet Nov 2021
Who are you? Self awareness is very tricky.
You’re very complicated, we all are,
people are the most complicated things
we encounter in our everyday lives.

Now imagine two complicated people together.
We manage this complexity by limiting each other,
with social contracts, to limit usurious behaviours.
If we abide by the contracts things are simplified.

Part of that is being polite - you don’t want a complex,
bank teller, dentist or policeman - our society runs
on simple transactions - perhaps 10 for each of us daily.

The wild card is emotion - that’s why *** is so tricky.
Do you want to depend on an emotional doctor
or be stopped by a really emotional policeman?
I think not.
I love university because my view of the world is challenged, broadended
Everything is alright as long as you're delivering to their expectations
but when you'll fail to deliver so,
The same moment, you'll be taunted and 'll get hates from everywhere,
From them too... who was your so called well-wisher in your good time...

You'll be embarrassed, humiliated and will face unnecessary controversies,
They'll make you feel that you've destroyed your life and nothing is left for the future,
They'll forget your hard works, achievements and all... that you've earned for them over the years,
And will only remember your one bad moment...

They will object even to your smile then...
But don't give them your any single attention or thought,
Just ask yourself...

Every month for a night even the Moon looses its moonlight but does it mean that it will never shine again?
Every autumn, the tree looses its leaves but does it mean that it'll  never be green again?
Every evening, the Sun sets but does it mean that it will never rise again?

You will get your answer then...
Your all thoughts and worries will be vanished,
You will bloom like a new flower from a bud and your good times will come back,
From then, never look back in your life and don't give your thoughts to them who've hurt and humiliated you in your bad times...
To my favourite cricketer... #DAVID_WARNER
We know you're facing hard time... Suffering from a bad cricketing phase... But don't listen to the critics... Just believe in yourself... You'll rise again 😊

Jolan Lade Sep 2021
With what the world gives me
You make me stay
With the rocks in my shoes
You make me run
With the tears in my eyes
You make me smile
With my burdens
You make me breathe
With such ease
You take me away

Ivygail Mandani Aug 2021
In life, you will not always get what you want
Sometimes, you have to wait for a long period of time
Sometimes, dreams will always haunt
and it will last for a lifetime

Life may either make or break you
but you have to stand still
and don't let yourself be in blue
because if you do, you will be killed

Challenges will come and go
Trials will always be your friends
but God's blessings will always overflow
and it will be superior in the end
Bowedbranches Jul 2021
Haven't set up an alter
In I dont' how many moons
The few times I tried
I truly knew the futility of it
And understood
That security, for me, is fleeting

Just another thing
That seems so easy for the others
Oh no dont applaud
My  baby brain  for its
Whining,ll just make it worse
So the other day after
I snatched the sage you left
For me outside your window sill
(Thank you btw)

I instinctively started
Then broke down for the 5th time that day
"How could someone like you ever deserve a home"
Then I had remembered  
That Im not allowed to
Have a safe space

I'm a drifter
Pushing the limits
My health is at risk
Every minute
No one to care
Whether I die or live  

Sitting on my hands
In a thicket
Praying wishing waiting thanking
God that I woke still broken
Throwing up stuff
Everytime I tried to move

Stay low
on your toes
Please No
Please make it stop
Oh god here it comes again
My Sweat drips endlessly
Chiggers bit my skin
So it wont quit itchin'

Bites that bother until next week
All I want is a place to hang my hat
Or hopefully lay my head without trip wires surrounding
All I want is to oggle my alter and call on my angels and my God
Without being on constant alert
Watching my own six

Bc your own brother will turn on you
Don't get comfortable
Dont relax
Dont unpack
Dont believe
A ******* thing they tell you
Prove me wrong then

Haven't had a mfr not turn
Haven't seen anyone actually keep their word

And why cant i set up an alter without it being destroyed?
My week has been hectic sporadic challenging. This poem was written in bits throughout the course of this week i realize im all over the place and my head space is caving in
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