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Another day
Another challenge
Another "pick myself up"
Another heart wound to bandage
Another determination made to keep going .
Another  stand myself up straight & strong
Another  resolve to find wisdom within the pain.

Today I look out the window
Today's sun is shinning.
Today I face the sun  
and the shadows fall behind me
Getting up whit courage and moving forward everyday no matter what life give us.
Darkness picked him up, and watched him grow for years

He had grown up yo be a man now, and the dark had taken away all his fears

Beneath the shadows of the dark he had spent almost all his life

But he still had a longing for the light, he wanted to feel what it was like.
Gizette Feb 23
People say don't think with your heart.
Well I don't, I think with my brain.
I have learned to isolate and manipulate.
To feel everything and to feel completely nothing.
It didn't take long to realize I was stuck in a deep deep hole.
I can't allow myself to love, even if I wanted to.
There is a huge wall I cant tear down.
One guy... can ruin your whole future.
My love life is gone without a trace.
My screams cannot be heard.
I can feel myself being numb.
I can feel the emptiness in my heart.
But I am not necessarily upset.
I am glad I wont let another male figure hurt me.
Cheers to my demons.
Adios to my once innocent soul.
Take a deep breathe, and continue sipping on your chamomile tea.
Dark Jewel Feb 22
Has it's troubles...
It's challenges.

It's testing,
To see who is worthy.
To see who is strong...

To bring them forth,
Into the light.
To make them believe.

Is what we hunger for...
Is what we want...

We want to believe in ourselves.
As one being...

Under the watchful sky,
We stride forth..
One foot after the other.

To start our journey to greatness....
Ana Laag Jan 31
I miss you,
Every single day.
Longing for you,
Is like torturing me,
In every possible way.
But I promise,
To be strong,
To be faithful,
To adore you,
To love you,
In each day of my life.
The daylight is slowly fading.
Yet another day,
Lost in the waves.
I will wait for you,
Until you come home.
And drive these worries away.
Ana Laag Jan 31
I sometimes fail.
I am faint.
I don't know where to fit in.
I don't know what I meant.

My feelings are unstoppable.
Mistakes that is inescapable.
Wounds I can't mend.
Is this the end?

Time passed by,
My feelings turned out fine.
I was able to hear thy heart.
And I was able to make a new start.

I realized I was wrong.
God is the one who's keeping me strong.
And in this life,
I am what I am.
My piece when I was in my senior year in high school.
Ameed Jan 31
Some waves came by, hitting the tender shore
And a lot of sand freckles left the poor thing alone
The shore was weakened not holding anymore
It felt so fragile with no flesh only bones

The shore was a person left far behind
A person with no one to care for and trust
The shore was a person who was seen as blind
A person with no feelings, that’s typically a must.

The waves were the challenges everyone would face
They were bumpy and grumpy all the way till the end
But challenges are not there for us to only ace
They’re there to expose these sandy suspends

When you’re being hit, the honest only stay
Liars will leave you not even looking back
They will just hit the road, running away
Leaving you as dusted as a book on a rack

But space has been emptied for a new set of sand
A set that is truthful, loyal and bold
The shore is now happy with this beaming land
Instead of trusting sands, it is now trusting gold
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
As brutal as a desert drought!
Baren lands, hungry crops and starving mouths.
31 days seems like 62.
A neverending nightmare.
It is a marauding scavenger.
Devouring all that cross its path.

It starts off good with a lot of hope.
Before reality dawns and the struggle begins.
Each new day we limp forward.
Carelessly crossing this chasm
For finding fallacy in fear,
Enter with enthusiasm,
Through thoughts that are thanklessly there.

Bringing bravery to the bridge,
Tripping over trepidation,
Pacing o’er pious pilgrimage,
Away from alienation.

Approach with awed anticipation,
The bridge beyond being banal,
To the valued validation,
Across achieving all your all.

Taking up this terrible truth,
Understanding what is under,
Spanning the other side will soothe
Being burdened by your blunder.
Instagram @insightshurt
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CM Lee Jan 16
I’m 20 with a bachelor’s degree
My dad’s the proudest of me
My sisters are smiling from ear to ear
Finished first, but why wasn’t I happy?

I’m 21 and I passed the exam
It was ruthless, getting to where I am
I was alone in the water but I still swam
Got all the awards and accolades, but ****

I’m 22, no work, no dream
All those times I was rowing on the wrong stream
Forgot who I was and where I’ve been
Now I’m lost and they all think I’m mean

Friends and family said I’ve changed
They said I’d turned emptier and strange
But they don’t understand, I’m not deranged
For a long time, from myself I was just estranged

I’m 23 and still trying to find myself
Lost some people and honestly, I’m okay
Still no job but I know I’m on the right way
I’m finally doing what I love and I don’t care what they say
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