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David Plantinga Jul 2021
For ***** to bounce is very rude,
Unless they dropped.  Ascendancy
Is boldness we don’t like to see.    
And roundness really is quite lewd.  
For spheres, directions are the same,
And favoring the vertical
Is impudent in a mere ball.  
A proper toy should be more tame.
I got the idea for this one from Kafka’s short story Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor.  Those weird bouncing ***** really freak me out, like something out of The Twilight Zone.  I’ve always thought this story was one of his best and under-appreciated.  I’ve never been able to find much critical literature that mentions it.
onlylovepoetry Aug 2020
People say they don’t understand [my songs], but I never believe that.
It’s like understanding an embrace…
”Leonard Cohen

<>for cj<>

perhaps, there is someone in this world, who does not
understand an embrace; something physical no doubt.

perhaps, you thought that first kiss was the portal to
shedding the inhibitors, lobes stings, first arousal aroma.

but you’ve been practicing embracing from toddler age,
but someday, it traverses from hugs to all-encompassing,

the sensory adaptors, go wild from shock; and you think
to yourself, dear god, you’ve been holding back on me!


two hands,
smooth the shoulders, slide down, elbows grasp,
you’ve been taken unawares, while fully aware you’ve been,
taken, taken, and need to take, more and back, take again,
and you can’t decide between reciprocation or incantation
breaking separation, if only to start over from the last lingering...

touching vibration and every sense erupting, and you think
I’ve never been fully  embraced, and now I understand the
music and muscle of your poetry, and will add my verses,
lay on my stanzas,
ocean crossings, seafaring voyages, exploring hands on hips,
then encapsulating another’s face, stroke, not squeezing

arms come to rest on a pacific neck, the hairs tensile teasing,
and you can’t believe this newly formed addiction and why
everyone simply doesn’t go about constant craving embracing,
racingoverloading uncomprehending, it’s fulsome fulfilling, quenching
a new thirst, a new taste, extending your ******* reach everywhere

you clear the catch, the cache, and your voice now begs, announces,
commands, whispers, screams, so many things that all emerge as
simply a guttural exclamation raw and needy, again, again, again,
you say it as if that was your vocabulary entire, a one word language
because it is, it is, the language of insatiable, the speech of
only love poetry*
basil Jun 2020
black heart
making paper mache knives
sitting on pottery thrones
cause we're the reigning water
falling from the
quilted sky
feeling... artificial.

When we were  not taking so serious
dig the land to make a great hole to trap the people in serious
pit so deep and those fallen never awaken very serious
we recognize as criminals than serious.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
To comprehend the idea of freedom,
Thrown around me in retort,
Goes along the path of reason,
The very thing that I was taught.

Unbeknownst to me this beginning,
Built up of loss and flames,
Brings me courage to carry on winning,
Lifes ever changing games.

I bring you chance of please and pardon,
A route not yet walked by,
Snakes slither round you in this garden,
But you do not flinch or cry.

From broken bones and desperate illusions,
To a place to rest and drink,
We open our minds to other conclusions,
The worlds bigger than we think.
Andrew Layman Apr 2020
The deepest cut
is the first
then the one that follows
I find that I am tired
as my essence puddles out
crimson tears form in the well
and become a weeping waterfall
of wasted life and battered choices
I want to take it back---
but the redness of me,
breaks free
seeking to be exposed to the outside
and remain uncaged from weakness.
BUYER'S REMORSE, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman, All Rights Reserved.
Daniel Manns Apr 2020
I the pen chucked in a can
Lay here in anguish the best I can
Usually kept by a business man
I ran dry of ink when snapped in the hand
Written as part of an essay, mostly as a joke
hazem al jaber Mar 2020
An amazing diamond ...

between all stars ...
you are the sweet ...
main shiny star ...
that gives always ...
the bright light ...
to that dark sky ...
to be the only star seen ,,,
to all lover's eyes ...

yes you are ...
brilliant ...
amazing ...
as that star ...
excited me ...
and my pen ...
to get me more happy ...
to let me write ...
to create a sweet poem ...
just only about you ...

hazem al ...
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 2020
Worthless life let me to rest
Lost in faith, Thy gothic Soul lured
For they the Regretted filthy blissed of priest
For that, shall unending poverty be cured?

The grimy monster gnaw, as mind been pawn
Death reminds, the lovely once demise,
Why wouldn't you change?, are you a prawn
Sins swallow righteous deed, the evil stands and rise

Grave for the Deaths at brisk
Indeed Death shall continue to frisk
Alert! Destiny to final destination
Alert! Amnesty of resurrection

Crippling deeds swing in pain
Occults of evil were spiritually tass
Wretchedly bore life is at hunt
Running from the gossiping ghasts of Satan

As those deity faith overwhelms
The cherished sprit of evil is at mirth
But Innocent souls fly at frith
But for all shall they resist those claims

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