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Bardo May 23
Y'know whenever I go to my brother's to watch a football game
He always brings out a lovely big platter of cheeses, with a selection of crackers
This and some hummus, nuts and potato crisps
Along with a nice cold beer
He really likes his cheeses does my brother
Me! I don't mind a bit of cheese myself
But Him, he's a real connoisseur.
Anyway last  Christmas I was looking for a present to bring him
And in my local supermarket, guess what, they had these lovely big platters of various  cheeses
Wow! I was delighted, that was his present sorted
No more traipsing around shops, tiring my poor feet out
And this was a good present, something he'd really like;
So I brought the cheese home and put it in the fridge
Next morning I was up early sorting out the presents, who got what
Putting them in nice Christmasy type bags
I then packed them in the car and took off,
An hour later I'm sitting at their table and we're talking about some poor celebrity movie star who's just passed away
Their saying he had some Brain disease, just like Alcheimers except it wasn't Alcheimers
My brother's wife is there trying to articulate, to explain
"It's like his brain had holes in it"
And I'm thinking "Holes in the brain, hmmm... just a Swiss cheese"
Then, of course, I remember. "****!", I say out loud in front of them all,"I forgot the cheese, I left the feckin' cheese in the fridge"
Really ****** me off
Then I start thinking, that's actually quite funny
We're talking about Alcheimers disease and it reminds me I left the cheese in the fridge
What do you call that, is that ironic or what ?

What's a Paradox ? Sounds like a washing powder.

Wait! Is this a poem at all or am I in the wrong place ? (LoL)
This actually happened at Christmas and I wondered could I write a poem about it, more of a story. Something lighthearted.
Joyous angels an entire night spent,
singing with flutes they ceased to relent.
Shepherds lowly pitch their dusty tent.
A story indeed reminiscent
of ageless advents when we all went
to sing in churches in wintry Kent.
In fright we gazed at Santa's beard length,
in a speed sleigh drawn by the Elks' strength.
We sought more fun for an extra cent.
But after pleasure we did repent,
speaking solemn words of a good gent:
'Oh, what a pleasant time in advent,
to usher in the infant God sent.'
A Christmas poem for kids. Christmas in Europe and the Nordic.
Darren Whippe Apr 21
As a kid
My family celebrated Christmas
Every year
Even though I’m Jewish, my mom’s family is Atheist
So we did it for the tradition
And not much else
It’s always fun to make-believe
That good behavior will be rewarded with presents
As opposed to coal
I think, maybe, that I was always just excited
That someone who wasn’t obligated to
cared enough to watch what I was doing
Even if it was to judge me
Deep down, though
I knew he wasn’t real
I knew that making us go downstairs
And close our eyes
Was just a formality
To preserve the folly
As long as possible
There was no man in a red suit coming to reward us
Or shower us in gifts
Because we ate our vegetables and
Brushed our teeth and did our homework
I knew he was an incentive
Because if Santa ceased to exist the moment a child laid eyes on him
Wouldn’t he already be gone?
Svetoslav Apr 17
The streetlights are flashing
rhythmically in the winter evening
when fluffy snow pours
through the streets of our city.

The green grass disappears
as the landscape dynamically turns white.
For adults, this is another cold evening
and for the children is a time for rejoicing.

The fireplace warms our bodies
like the sun in the summer,
while the love of family and friends
brings delight to us all.
Translated from Bulgarian
Svetoslav Apr 5
The seasons and temperatures change,
but it shines on.
As the cold breath of north steals the heat
the sunshine there gives us an everlasting light
while it lights on.
Shining from afar the sun is still here to stay.

Our christmas stockings filled with presents
near the fireplaces are cheering us up,
removing all thoughts about our working places
as I am drinking a cup full of wine.

Let the change come
commence a winter full of smiles
and let us stay calm and let the happiness begin.
At first it made me happy
But now it makes me feel ashamed
My Christmas tree in February
Christmas is coming very soon
Oh, you will never know when it is here
You must behave or Santa will be mad,
You will not know what going to happen in the end
So, you better watch out for what you did,
better not cry for what you have done.
Santa's here, and you will know why,
While you're asleep, Santa will be there,
Christmas is awesome for everyone
Love Christmas all year long
Santa will always be happy.
Christmas Is Here
A plate of cookies, A glass of milk. On the table next to the tree, With nothing to see.​

We went to sleep. Without a sound, Santa came with a bound​

He went through his bundle As we are asleep ​

He went up the chimney, without making a sound.​

As the morning sunrises, We jumped out of bed. Still in our jammies.​

Ran to our stocking to see what Santa has given us.​

Under the Christmas tree, Some presents for us.​

We all went out on a Christmassy Party, It was a blast​

As the night drawn by, We had goodies to take home.​

As soon as we're home, We were all tired and a little cold.​

We took a warm cozy blanket and warm ourselves, We ended our night with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands.​

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ​

Welcome 2021​
Cookies For Santa
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