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Panda Boy Mar 29
There’s this holly tree
That can imitate
Its shape to
That of a Christmas tree,
And every time I can’t help but state
‘Doesn’t that tree look like it wants to be
A Christmas tree?’
And all year round,
My co-workers laugh politely.
I S A A C Mar 23
im a lil scared, my mom is unwell
i am reliving fears, i know this feeling all too well
each hospital visit, each tear filled eye
oh god why do you make my family cry
sadistic incision into my heart
idealistic vision into my art
i don’t want to feel good or bad, i just want it to end
i dont want to hear news good or bad, i just want to hold my mama’s hand
friends, family, it all hurts the same
constantly shifting frames, day in day out
labour hard, echo chamber scream it out
its hard, its hard, it hard
waiting for the other shoe to drop, wondering where is the next empty spot
in the christmas dinner, thanksgiving dinner
dreams of the deceased, am i a sinner?
basil Dec 2021
we both got sweatshirts for christmas
i hope we can trade sometime
i have been diagnosed with simp

Dave Robertson Dec 2021
as usual, buttered
with senescent conversations
this year fizzed with a citrus dialogue
of scrunched ears, hot water bottle hugs
and altogether too much hair
on the smallest head
Mackenzy Dec 2021
Christmas isn’t about being happy.
Christmas is being grateful for the people who’ve stuck around for the ride…

Even if they get off at the next stop.
Ruheen Dec 2021
This is what happens when you lose your ******* mind:
You start to ramble and despise
every word you hear and say
every picture you see
and then comes along the one person
who swims right into your sea -
you don't mean to block their way
but you want to make them stay -
so you shut up and sit tight
and wait for the right time
to say or do - god knows what
or who I'm becoming
with you.

This is what happens when you're on some ****** island
Only you can see:
You start seeing what you want
but never hearing what you need
you start feeling things you'd rather not feel
then you scream
suddenly everybody's looking at you
all weird
-cause everybody was your nobody;
your nobody was always somebody-
they can see your crazy
you would hide but you're too lazy

This is what happens when you lose your ******* mind:
Somehow you start making sense.
Merry Christmas!
Jerry Joseph Dec 2021
I opened a gift from a friend
So early on Christmas Day.
There inside I found a note.
"Be friendly, love each other."
No matter the birth of one,
Or just the orbit of the Earth.
On this joyus day, embrace.
Feel the warmth that's found,
Be in peace, with no anger.
For no moment is assured.
When darkness then decends,
Your gift, you shall receive.
Steve Page Dec 2021
I noticed the sudden silence
balanced on the off beat
of a carol left incomplete,
but after a while I found
- despite my long belief -
I was enjoying
the competing peace
a little more than the jingle,
the insistent hush
more than the chimes
the spreading rest
more than the dance.

And I put it down
to the close knit company.
A quieter Christmas, what with one thing or another.
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