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😭😭It all ended in smoke😭😭


I won't be very gentle, If I shouldn't say Goodbye .
We have gone through Countless hustle, bustle, But your heart and memory still fully dry.
You've passed through double-puzzle,
so do I.
Not only with your bubble trouble,
But also with covered shadow-lies.

Flashback! You seemed quite humble,
very stunninng beautiful butterfly.
Fearlessly I approach you and stumble,
with your cradle lullaby.

Flashforward! I had Bible when I fall, knowing it would give me an audible sigh.
Not because I never fall or fail to fall,
But had fear to fall in love with my Ally.

On 14th of February I recall,
Reciting my first best poem, "I comply."
Followed by  Endless texting and calls,
I cercrifise my heart to be a twisted pie.

Like an horrific mathematics table,
I felt proud criming it, wasted time rhyming love sci-fi.
Our relationship was like an American football,
Where modification was to be held to qualify.

I was left in the fog of a Temple,
Like a frog, waiting for your magnifying Justification to standby.
Was too late to clarify the jungle-rumble,
Coz you left me in a cage tongue-tied.
I never get your co-operation, So our love passed by.
Now probably, I write this last letter to you to say good-bye
True story. It hard to live apart from people we love with there memory stuck deep in our hearts! I loved her but it all vanished away, tho' I still remember the good time we spend together.
To being and end
Life undoubtedly used to be thoughtful
until you became thoughtless f**
with the inconsiderate
Why inflame to be tough with words.
Out of all the nouns and verbs heard mouthing,
Mimicking public gimmicks vue'd
reused hoping it'll rescue you
from your current situation.

They have finally cloned man.
Vultures looking for validation
to eat
One man's trash is another animals treasure
In this kingdom.

I hate the word humble
I'll rather have reality over imaginative validation
having to tip toe around to not offend the ground
rather i'll leave a building for my young to build on wealth

Generational Empire or at lease somewhere to live
Deconstructing these blueprints
that has been illusory to pass me's and future men

Clarity is nothing unless action follows.
Rest today always become rest assure tomorrow

Finding comfort in your demise because
At lease you have a bed this time
Though this house is not your home

Time merits beauty
Breath is food for thought
Cognitive slips into depression is reality
and shell be appreciated as such
As this is proof of you living.

I myself used to be a superhero.
Oh my, I have aged.
Aged. Self reflecting on the world, future plans and overcoming depression.
Yassine Sep 18
Life will dive your head into the muck, And facilitate your way to the ****.

So While the owls hoot, and the wolves howl,  Standstill.

The longer the night hits, The sun will shine despite everyone’s will.

Stick to your guns even when you’re ill,
And make sure you won’t miss the right feel.
thoughts in my head clouding my sight
my anxieties keeping me up at night
constantly thinking you’re not on my side
thinking that all my demons will collide

there’s something in the water i drink
i know this because i fear what i think
you tell me i’m crazy and that we’re okay
are you tired of reminding me everyday

i spin further away from my truth
i dive deeper into the pain of my youth
digging and searching for some peace
but these voices in my head don’t cease

i remember the rush the joy the ache
knowing there was something at stake
self harm my absolute longest lost friend
i hope that we never ever meet again
Michelle Rose Aug 12
I wish to write happy
about the time my boyfriend brought me flowers
and wrote me a hand written note
just to remind me how much he loved me
but I find my pen drooling
about the time he left me instead
and how he broke
every promise he ever made
I find myself
peeling back layers
of deep heartbreak
Drowning again
as I look up
to the sun above me
into dark waters
mumbling the words
’I wanted to write happy’
as the bubbles suffocate me
and absorb my lungs
My body sinks in
to every inch of this comfort
and as my mind stills
I give in
I doubt
that I will ever come back
I settle
into this shelter
where my heart saturates
the ocean I’m swimming in
and as I lie there  
my toes start to wiggle
My eyes begin to flutter
My hair sways
and my arms bend
My body begins to move
and in my mind I think
As much peace this blanket
of warmth brings me
I can’t stand being down here
And so I start to kick  
I kick
and I begin to move again
and I realize in this moment
I can still swim
So I start to swim
with every muscle of my being
I swim
Until suddenly
my mouth hits the air
I gasp
and my lungs feel
what healing feels like
My skin begins to learn
what real warmth feels like
When I look below
I recall the deep end
I remember how cozy it felt down there
but I learn
how nothing compares to the warmth of the sun
I speak
‘Write happy’
out loud
and it fills the space
so much clearer up here
For all the time I had spent down there
I never knew what it felt like to really breathe
And I know in this moment
I can
Write happy
about the time I found my future
and stopped drowning in my past
Edited version from a past poem
Robin Green Jul 12
Running  through my brain
Emotions filled with anger sadness and pain
Walking to the edge and looking down
I know I could end it all by hitting the ground
Trying hard to find a reason to live some more
I search my hardest right down to my core
I recall memories of my life
Some are happy others filled with strife
Memories come flowing  through my brain
Tears run down like a torrential rain
I think of my daughter and son
Memories filled with laughter and fun
Being grandma has brought lots of joy
1 granddaughter 4 grandboys
I step back from the very edge
Nope today  isn't the day I step off the ledge
I'll leave these words as I depart
May love joy and happiness fill your heart
michael Jun 25
How many days lost,
In bed? Black dog by the door.
Bad dog, no breakfast.
Allesha Eman Jun 10
You anxiously pace the room
As you sit still lost in thought
Caught in a time loop
Running back and forth
Between your ambitions and anxieties
Your heart is constantly racing
As your mind is overthinking
You are lost in the present's darkness
Hoping to find your future
Somewhere in your past mistakes

The moon vanishes
As you surround yourself with anxiety
Whenever you turn your head
Towards a past shaded with regret

So, settle your restless heart
Turn towards the sky
Do you see it waiting?
Like a dim lamp
Waiting for recognition
Like a gift that will illuminate
The night that has fallen
Over your dreams

Destiny will smile at you once again.
The drought that has infected your heart
Will be washed away
With showers that rain down from your ambitions
NitaAnn Jun 9
Looking back over the last twelve years
Wondering why I am still here
Unsuccessive at living or ending my life

Have there been good times?
I suppose that depends
On your definition of good

Its an anniversary
Reminders of the pain and grief
That I both endured and gave

Looking back
I am more than that
I survived - I have overcome
it is a meaningless curiosity,
to wonder where you went.
the anonymity of the future
seems to disembody what came
and went.

and i sat, and wept,
and inhaled what your cigarette bled.
there, lonesome, where
two sparks had once met.

a fire so bright that  
dripped kerosene where it stepped,
was put out by time,
and i observed as it crept.

i did spend restless nights,
and i prepare. more will come.
but trust me my dear,
one day you’ll know where i'm truly from.

just as you told me we were,
that there’d be no more “us”
as the sun rose in morn’
and then set off towards dusk.

the light will dismiss,
like the flicker from a chalice,
my skin will thicken
like mountains on an atlas.

and i will rise, and i will tremble,
as my words craft me a temple,
colossal in height, and treacherous in-depth,
where my scripture will live, and in solitude kept.

but you’ll hear, and you’ll listen, and you’ll reflect on my image
as i watch myself glisten, from you and beyond.

on that day, understand my duty as an artist,
and why my memory of you will last.
as the suffering turned to art for my future
will be composed of our distant past.

recently went through a breakup with someone i'm still completely in love with. this poem is about how i'll overcome these feelings of heartbreak and loneliness only to use my suffering for productive and creative art. i mean, what else can you do with pain besides let it consume you for the better or worse?
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