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Slippy slimy slime
Slugging through time
Sublime hate crime
It’s a pain going through mine
• • •
Don’t you know?
What it’s like to fight with all your might
Pity going through
But at the end
You’ve won the battle
A teenager’s chapter
“There is a fire, it is true
Sometimes it's red, sometimes it's blue
If you’re not careful, you’ll get burned
If you give up, it won't be born.

There is a place beneath this sun
Where our story becomes one
But its not here and it's not now
We’ll live threw it, alone, somehow.

And maybe someday, you and i
When we’re both looking at the sky,
Will see a dragon in the clouds
And think of others whereabouts

And for a moment, in our hearts
We’ll know we’ll never be apart
Two souls collided in the woods
And it made all the difference”
Arianna Dec 5
Time indeed heals deep wounds,
And at last, in its invisibly-working slowness,
The brine of have-beens
would, could, and should,
No longer sears my tongue
Spreading bristling flames of silence to lips
In the nexus between stirrings-of-Essence and their expressions,
Choking desire
With the brambles of the brier
Crawling along my throat,
Throttling the voice,
Of itself.

Of myself.
The words won't say themselves. :)

"And though some still feel like boulders
Bulging and scraping
Out from my lungs, trailing blood
As they fall from my lips,

All dissolve into rose petals
Traversing the air between us,
Floating, dandelion syllables
In all directions
As the chorus grows, echoing
Mile to mile with
The infinity of minds in synchrony.

For with each amber pebble spoken,
I float higher
And am free."
alexandra j Oct 28
on a cold brisk day
following the agonization of my mind
you asked me something quite unforgettable
what brings you joy during your dark days?
i believe my answer was
you see its a mixed assortment of
    any flavor of adventure
    plane rides to tropical cities
    road trips to unacknowledged towns
    blasting classic 80’s jukebox tunes
    tears for fears / queen / violent femmes
    dancing in parking lots with my friends
    quaint and unknown coffee shops
    driving past state line after state line
    autumn blazes lighting up the view
    a warm cup of vanilla chamomile tea
    cozying up near a fire
    to unthaw my frosted nose
    my family’s classic movie marathons
    popcorn popping in the background
    while we soak in the glory of
    star wars / james bond /
    mission impossible
    oh the list goes on and on
    you know that
all these beautiful distractions
remind me of the grateful mind
you should possess
for the small blessings
step out of the chaos of your mind
appreciate everyday ordinariness
affix yourself in the glory
of the little things in life
i overcame my dark days
in the light of the plainness
of everyday life
plainness shines so brightly
can you see it?
Ndumbi Oct 26
Beyond  the fiery embers
Amidst a smoky furnace
a dreadful chamber
growls with passion and flare,
"A tomb for three," they say,
"With zilch but death in a wink.
Woe unto these
For the king has the final say."
But Alas, Hear!
Incline thy ears to the hymn
Alas! Look!
At the four men in white!
But did not dost cast three into the flame?
Did not dost say in plain,
"Their Lord can save them not."?
The three trod out,
Not a hint of odour,
Attires and all,
As new as gold.
Biblical illusion. Shadrack, meshach and Abednego, who were tossed in a furnace heated seven fold and came out unharmed.
Life's a battle that is won when valour and Faith work together to spawn the possibility of the impossible.
Mr Uncanny Oct 12
The clouds overhead presenting an ominous expression
The feelings of sadness looming from the darkness
The cool air providing a shiver down your spine
The weather is taking a turn

But then something happens

The sun begins to shine through
Rays of light breaking through the clouds
As if to guide souls to the pearly gates
Warming the air to bring comfort

The light cutting through the darkness
The light lighting up the path
Through its brightest reveals hope
No matter how dark the days, there can always be light

Keep hope alive
Let your light shine
MarvelMe Oct 9
Don't give up
You're built strong
*** gave you a backbone
Just hang on

If no one loves you, I will
You have nothing to atone
I'm here you'll never be alone

Has anyone told you that you're beautiful?
But realize, you were a handful

Don't focus on what's on the outside
That was never the game plan
See what's on the inside
That's how we think man

I am you now
And I saw you then
You never gave up
And and made cool friends

You did well
You stood strong
You were weak
Now you built bonds

Don't give up ever
You didn't then not now and never forever
I picked up writing again. Reading all my old poems made me wanna cry, so I wrote this to console myself
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