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SpiritHeart67 Sep 29
No matter
what might be
going on in your life
if you are still here
you are stronger
than it...

When you are Loved,
and so deeply cared for;

There is nowhere to run..
  Nowhere to hide

The only thing you can do
(under the warmth of that beautiful Hold)

     Is to slowly unwind..
     Until  you  Become.

It is already in you, Love..
buried behind the horrible Residual.

Within the soon to crumble Wall..

within the Corruptible,
that was so unfairly and horribly

Is the  absolutely Beautiful  in you
that has been  (and always will be)
.. preciously-Hidden, behind the wall

"It is Incorruptible..
It cannot undergo Decay"

You are in there, sweet-one
   buried underneath
every horrible part of it all.

      As the wall comes down..

      Love will find you.

   When allowed,
   it always, always does.

.. Always❤


You see, kid..

(it's like this) :
With every door,  closed
another one   previously unseen
opens up  fully..

   The moment  I lift you
   and press you   up
   hard,  against that of the last

      ..Call it,

"A little Mommy and Daddy time"
once the children of the world
have fallen  peacefully asleep..

In fact, Love.. call it  anything
  you want

There is a price to pay
for a life of Courage..
In as much as there is
a Payment  to be received

   that may.. (or may not yet)
        have been  received.

Consider also, Love..  the  cost,  
as to  how utterly Incredible  
(it is going to be..  to be able to feel)

        What  it  is  like

  to Truly  become Paid in Full

..    ..    ..

Earth, Sky..  Scenery..
Is she coming back again?
Men of straw, snooker hall
Words that build or destroy

Dirt.. dry bone, sand and stone

Barbed wire fence  cut me down
I'd like to be around--

     Build a spiral staircase
     To the Higher Ground

And I, like a firework..   Explode;
Roman Candle Lightning,
               lights up the sky

Cracked streets.. trampled underfoot
Side-step,  sidewalk
I see you stare into space

.. Have I grown closer now,
     behind the Face?

Oh, tell me..
till you dance with me,
turn me around tonight

Up through spiral staircase
to the higher ground
..    ..    ..

(..Slide show.. suicide town,
Coca-cola, football.. radio..
radio, radio, radio, radio, radio....)

Arms outstretched ,

her awakening spirit--
within the celestials..
These pirouettes,  bourne
on nothing but air--
   ((free air..))

She is beginning;;
and as she does
her spirit stretches back
to a time  before creation; she Unfolds
as she  maintains
underneath  this blanket   of Love
   she  now  feels.

And like  a hen
that gathers her chicks;
her newfound  wings
pull all the  pieces  of her  own heart
back to her self..

Back to her-self

       (( back  to  herself. ))
..and against all odds, she sings.

"People see me
I'm a challenge, to your balance..
I'm over your heads,
how I confound you  and astound you
To know I must be one of the wonders,
God's own creation

And as far as you see,
you can offer me no explanation

  Ooh,  I believe

Fate smiled..  and destiny--
laughed as she came to my cradle
Know this child will be able

Laughed as my body, she lifted
Know this child will be gifted..

With love, with patience,
and with faith,
She'll make her way.."

She'll make her way  <3
stillhuman Jul 2022
Crimson clouds cloud my vision
I see red all over
My reflection's blurry in the mirror
and its eyes look for cover
They're ashamed of what they see
as I dream of redemption
of wrongs rectified and apologies made
of certainty in my being
but spiders keep on crawling
in the shadows they build webs
of guilt and of me, missing you
while the sun is out
and the flowers sing with their colours
It is bright
so bright it hurts my dark eyes
they're not used to this light
of your hand touching petals
in a  different kind of summer
George Krokos Mar 2022
Oh dear Lord, please don’t allow anything to obstruct our devotion or love to You
but if something interferes help us to overcome it so as to Your love we can be true.
In this world we are all beset at times by so many unwanted tribulations and woes
that it seems as if they serve to lead us away from instead of towards You dispose.
The first 2 lines originally written in first person grammar, From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
My Dear Poet Mar 2022
Life won’t wait for you
to wake up from your pain
Don’t wait till your happy
to learn to live again
Run further than your fears
Through that open door fast
Jump the hurdles in your mind
reminding you of the past
Don’t look back behind you
Keep your head held up high
Know when you can’t keep up
Hope, won’t leave you there to die
My Dear Poet Jan 2022
When you first fail,
you learn to fear

When you fear,
you continue to fail

When you fear to fail,
you learn nothing

When you fail to fear,
you’ve learned everything.
My Dear Poet Feb 2022
Michele Di Carlo became a freak show
the day he climbed up a tree
To his dismay, that rainy day, he fell
and broke his bone in three

Some say, it could have been worse
a deformity for the hard ******
but humbled now, with a wrist to hide
now that his fingers were all twisted

Yet, no shame is in the mangled
Michele dangled no pity in his pain
He learned to show it off in pride
though be crippled or he be lame

When shaking hands with most men
he smiles, offering a disfigured hand
His strength was in his frailty
a bashfully better and stronger man

For on the day of his funeral
photos reveal before he died
an array display of his freakish limb
his best pose by his side

Even then, Mr Carlo in his coffin
requested only one thing when laid to rest
that when they placed him in the ground
they’d lay his hand upon his chest
Inspired by a funeral I attended
My Dear Poet Jan 2022
Don’t be ******* yourself   self
when you talk   talk
imagine what you would look like  like
if it were a walk   walk
you’ll be pacing back and forth   forth
tripping over of course   course
but only to get up   up
and you will get up   up  
because you can   can
you know how to repeat  Pete
if you’re as good as  as
your talk   talk
up on your feet   feet
this one’s just for fun, and sometimes it’s a nice respite
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