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George Krokos Mar 19
Oh dear Lord, please don’t allow anything to obstruct our devotion or love to You
but if something interferes help us to overcome it so as to Your love we can be true.
In this world we are all beset at times by so many unwanted tribulations and woes
that it seems as if they serve to lead us away from instead of towards You dispose.
The first 2 lines originally written in first person grammar, From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
My Dear Poet Mar 6
Life won’t wait for you
to wake up from your pain
Don’t wait till your happy
to learn to live again
Run further than your fears
Through that open door fast
Jump the hurdles in your mind
reminding you of the past
Don’t look back behind you
Keep your head held up high
Know when you can’t keep up
Hope, won’t leave you there to die
My Dear Poet Jan 30
When you first fail,
you learn to fear

When you fear,
you continue to fail

When you fear to fail,
you learn nothing

When you fail to fear,
you’ve learned everything.
My Dear Poet Feb 6
Michele Di Carlo became a freak show
the day he climbed up a tree
To his dismay, that rainy day, he fell
and broke his bone in three

Some say, it could have been worse
a deformity for the hard ******
but humbled now, with a wrist to hide
now that his fingers were all twisted

Yet, no shame is in the mangled
Michele dangled no pity in his pain
He learned to show it off in pride
though be crippled or he be lame

When shaking hands with most men
he smiles, offering a disfigured hand
His strength was in his frailty
a bashfully better and stronger man

For on the day of his funeral
photos reveal before he died
an array display of his freakish limb
his best pose by his side

Even then, Mr Carlo in his coffin
requested only one thing when laid to rest
that when they placed him in the ground
they’d lay his hand upon his chest
Inspired by a funeral I attended
My Dear Poet Jan 8
Don’t be ******* yourself   self
when you talk   talk
imagine what you would look like  like
if it were a walk   walk
you’ll be pacing back and forth   forth
tripping over of course   course
but only to get up   up
and you will get up   up  
because you can   can
you know how to repeat  Pete
if you’re as good as  as
your talk   talk
up on your feet   feet
this one’s just for fun, and sometimes it’s a nice respite
Keiya Tasire Dec 2021
Long ago she lost the ability to cry.
He thought her so hard
She turned her face and walked away
As though she did not hear.

His eyes gestured, "I am drawn to you."
Wondering, "Is something here to explore?"
She walked away without looking back.
Staring straight ahead.

He thought of himself, as a man of power.
So, he followed her
Lured with the intrigue of conquering.
Yet, she did not desire to be conquered!

She was only uncertain
How do I express, "I only want to be truly loved?"
He came to her. She resisted. He conquered.

She sank in despair
Becoming once more withdrawn.
The uncertainty of life loomed
As the shadow of doubt.
Does love even exist?
Or is it only an illusionary butterfly?

Determined to find love
She walked away.
Vowing, "Never will I be conquered again!"

She licked her wounds.
She grew.
She learned to cry again.
She healed.
Mending her once festered soul. 
No longer did she draw nor desire conquers.

A bright sun, anew
She roamed the universe. 
Within the Light of Wisdom.

At Dawn's New Day
Emerging with a lotus flower
Crested in her hair.
Dancing among the green meadows
A gentle man watched
"I'm drawn to you. Is there something here to explore?"
In Spirit
She replied, "Perchance."

It was then
They began to dance among the stars.
In graceful movement
Timing their waltz
Assessing capacity for esteem
Open to honor freedom.

They danced within agency
They danced within
the integrity of their movement.
She sighed relief.
Evidenced by a gentle tear
cascading along the arcing curve of her cheek.

In heart felt love
He gazed into her eyes
Receiving her golden tear.
With an anchored
To continue the dance
In Vita Grande.
Today, Tomorrow & Forever!
My challenges and resulting choices knocked me down. Yet, I stood up again and again. Standing until I discovered exactly what I did not want.  Standing until understanding came regarding how to open to what I desired. Now my life is not perfect. Yet there is freedom within partnership and we dance working through life's chalellenges and grow within love. I am forever gratefull.
Khoi Aug 2021
Raw burnt fingertips
hell bound blown
scull thought to the bone
in the overtone of death's
ever risising crimson tides
still your love for humanity
must never die
I heard it in the rain
falling from so many eyes
you are free from it all
for the meek and mild
were also the bold
blood became water,
from a fearlfull heart
of stories
never been told.
Greyisntwell Aug 2021
Black Part 4: The Grand Finale

A deep breath in
I close my eyes

She wraps her arms around me
"Heaven knows I'm miserable now"

I'm becoming a deep shade of jaded
Once my muse

I shouldn't be used to this abandonment
You said you'd love me until the world goes black.

Here we are
My world is black
And you're no where to be seen.

A deep breath in
I close my eyes

She whispered to me
Letting me ago

I'm alone now.
The ending of the Black Era
stillhuman Jun 2021
My most persistent insicurities
the ugliest ones
always begging for attention
they become cherished parts
of me
through your eyes I saw their beauty
and I can't thank you enough
Of all that you gifted me with your presence, this is still the one that gets me the most
stillhuman Jun 2021
I get you
we're one
I feel your essence
and you feel mine
and my loneliness
in crowded spaces
with eyes pretending
to understand my thinking
and my pain
and my mending
You get me
get my anger
and my shame
and my torment
and how everything hurts
my skin tense
like needles are stuck in it
and tearing it apart
and i think i exaggerate
and i make up things in my mind
to try and survive
all the horrible darkness
the average human knows
but you tell me
that it's fine
it is mine
I'll survive
day by day
step by step
and that this pain is real
though it can't be seen
and i tell myself that i fake it
but it causes me to cry
at random times at night
when all else is still
but all is blurry inside
and i get a sense of clarity
when i'm hurting
cause i'm trying
to make sense of my reality
and you get me
and it's alright
and we promise each other
we'll be fine
It really ***** when the pain you feel inside your head affects your body but the people you love still can't see it
They are doing their best
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