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JR Jun 27
No man is as attentive to stoplights as the one who must leave his loved ones.
s i r May 9
Ulap sa lupa ang maputlang buhok
Sing kinang ng pilak, sing pilak ng usok
Isang obra maestrang handog ng Panginoon
Sagisag ng nakalipas na halos isang daang taon

Sa balat malinaw ang mga lumipas na panahon
Tigib sa pinong linya at kulubot
Sa mukha nama’y walang kolorete, alahas o pulbos
Kasing kinis ng balat ng masintahing musmos

Sa mga mata’y nakalubog ang karanasan at karunungan
Naipon ng mga pagkakamaling pinagdaanan
At ang mga tala sa langit, bumababa sa lupa
Napunta ang kinang sa mga matang minsan nang lumuha

Ang gaspang ng buhangin sa palad ay ipinasa
Marka ng walang katapusang pag-aalaga
Sa kanilang buhay ay alumpihit, pagod
Upang tayo ay mabuhay ng malugod.

Lahat ng sugat, pagod, galos, at kulubot
Ito’y pagmamahal ni inay na walang pag-iimbot
Sana’y maunawaan mo ang nakikita ko
Sa puting buhok at gaspang ng palad kagandahan ay totoo

Can I have...
I'm cold.
I'm hungry.
I'm hot.
I want...
Can I have...
Can you help me...
Why can't we...
When can we...
They hurt me...
Where are you...
Where is...

Where's mom?
Our moms...
jonny Mar 5
I don't think you get it.
Everyone else gets it.
You don't need to love life.
You need to learn from your lessons.
xavier thomas Jan 14
Surpass limitations of a promised prophet
No man can ever break your spirit of value
It is the show and seal of nature's flawless
My only mother, I will always love you

I give you a lot of credit when know one else will
Continue to work on your craft mama it’s an amazing skill
Mastery of Sacrifices and unselfishness from the thrill
“Wait a minute gym shoe” is your favorite saying, please mom just chill

When I ask God for guidance
He tells me to call on you

Reminiscing faith on reliance
You never want me to quit, just push through

The Rose tribe is a beautiful morning horizon
This is our identity, ‘‘tis true

Shine bright like a diamond
Fierce as Wonder Woman, you are my greatest hero to

At 13 you got scared of demons as they were creeping

Then found Jesus, helping you with the powers of healing

Getting older now & life started becoming a teaching

Fast forward-Pregnant at 19 was tough but you kept breathing

If i ever got out of line, you put me back in my place by leading

Now you have two children who made it, thank you for never leaving
mils Oct 2018
I've met men
who would rather climb mountains
then raise families
they spill lies like fountains
time and time again
This is insanity

I've met mothers
Who would trade their children
For another high
Painted as they are, villains
But they still ask “why?”
As they dump it on their brothers

I’ve met parents
who don't let their kids cry
And they grow up mad
at themselves
At society
But deep down, they're sad
packing problems away on shelves
And it grows, anxiety
They try to down in Barents
For those who don't know, Barents is a sea! Feedback is very much appreciated.
y'ay'a Sep 2018
mother dearest
tell me when this hellhole of a house
is meant to start feeling like a home
tell me when my body
will stop feeling like a misaligned,
jumbled mess of skin and bones

mother dearest
tell me when my heart will stop hurting
over people i lost but never got to meet
tell me when i'll stop feeling sorry
for all my lost dreams
i let get crushed beneath my feet

mother dearest
tell me how i'm expected to let myself be loved
when not even you
afforded me that luxury i dreamed of
when not even you
would take me as i am; tell me
how am i meant to feel loved ever again

mother dearest
tell me how it's possible
to claim to love your own
and yet at the same time
to leave them

mother dearest
i still love you
Miguel Carmona Jul 2018
Crackling of fish frying
Corn boiling
Momma sewing
The best days for Tj
He remembers them so
How sad it is
His heart is low
The joke she told he missed
All because candy needed a fix
Hugs, kisses, and love he dissed
While selling bricks
He wished for more time
But always had to grind
She wanted him and
He wanted money
Why couldn’t he just let her be his mommy?
How could he they needed a dad
No man in his life only fiends
And addicts filed his dreams
With a habit that no one could
Green, chains, and women
How could he say no?
While his mother cries
He lies and the community
Dies all for wallet size
All he had to do was be a sun
So he could rise up
But he set every night
Losing his inner light
They did finally talk
They finally made time
She offered dinner
And he decided to go after nine
However the devil had plans
He wronged a addict long ago
Now he was looking to say hello
With a knife gun or a ***
My how that arsenal grows
Tj made it home stunned to see
No mom in the home
Food still hot
He didn’t know but his mom been popped
See on the way back with rolls
The addict filled her with holes
Thinking that Tj was driving
From back in the day
So he pulled a Mac-11
Which sent she her to heaven
At the funeral many cried and yelled
Yet Tj decided to skip and bail
All because he had another brick to sell
Nathan Porter May 2018
Mother Dearest, Dearest of all
A helper and lover, to all who call
Mother Dearest, Life-Giver to ourselves
I don't know how to tell you
Your love is life to all of us
Mother Dearest, Kindest to the world
You'll rebuild what has been broken,
Like toy blocks fallen on the floor
Mother Loveliest, most beautiful of life
Your smile whiles away the pain,
it cures me of strife
Mother Friendliest, most caring in my heart
You've turned words into a treasure trove
A gorgeous work of art
Mother Wisest, most guiding and most fair
Although I'd object to grounding
You most of all make it seem better just to share
Mother Kindest, most helpful and most sweet,
You have changed the fields of ashen crops
To bounties filled with wheat
Mother Dearest, You're all around the best
And if you'll permit, at your behest
Mother Dearest, I'd like to carry on
For pages and pages, as ever you read on
But Mother, can't you see? The greatest Love I'll ever know, is the one you give to me.
Happy Mother's day all!
Spencer Smith May 2018
I wake up. My vision is blurred by tears I don’t remember crying. I feel a pit in my stomach. A small voice in my head tells me to wake up. I feel too tired. Too exhausted from sleep. I give myself a small laugh at that. How pathetic. I can’t even get out of bed. I lay in bed thinking about why I fight day by day to stay alive. “Why?” the voices say “No one likes you, that’s why you're alone.” it always does this is starts as a whisper and turns into a burning scream, that takes up all of my vision. Hope is simply a grain of dust in the wind, coming and going quicker than I ever thought possible. I eye the pills beside my bed. I could end it all right here, and why not? I’m not sure. I roll over and grab my phone. I ask my mom if she’s busy today I could use some help. But no, she has work. My dad never understood me. I glare at the window slowing brightening, I pull the blanket over my head and sleep.
I wake up and regret it. I go to sleep again and regret it. I get out of bed and regret it. I eat cereal and regret it. I watch T.V. and regret it. “You can’t do a single thing right, just end it all.” the voice whispers. It’s quiet but so reasonable so, so, right. Not a single person in the world cares. I close my eyes and wish for something to happen. I wish to be swept away by the wind in particles of dust, to forever be taken away from my sadness from my pain. I eye the pills in the cupboard. The voices yell now. “Do it! Take the pills! You have nothing to live for!” I pull the blanket over my head and shed a tear. I break more than I thought possible. I turn the T.V. on and watch the screen display images of people that aren’t broken, people that enjoy life. I envy them. I look at the clock and decide to go to bed again. I sleep a deep dark sleep.
I wake up to a knocking on my door. I walk towards my door. I open in it. No one stands there. I chuckle bitterly to myself. “Why would anyone want to see you?” I see an **** beast inside my head sneering with joy at my sadness. I look at the box left for me. My heart brightens a little when I realize it’s from my mom, the one person who ever came close to getting me. I turn music on the stop the screaming taunts saying she doesn’t care. I open the small box. I almost cry at the sight, it’s a rainbow that says “To Brighten up Your Day, I love you, Dan!” I look at the rainbow colored things she sent, a rainbow scarf, a bright pair of shoes, some skittles, and other assorted things. I chuckle as I remember the kids that used to call each other *** and think about all the things they used to say, if they saw me in these they would definitely never stop teasing me. The walls seem brighter. The colors in my head more vibrant. The monsters in my head a little less intimidating. Today is the day I do something I tell myself, as I leave my house wearing the pink shoes my mom sent me, to where I don’t know. All I know is the sun has never been brighter. “You're still alone.” the voices argue, “No I’m not,” I say back with a finality that quiets all of the voices besides hope, now a gleaming sun in the abyss.
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