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I tell myself I would forgive people,
Those that have done me wrong.
Forgiveness, will allow me
To let go of my heavy heart.

In reality, the ones that I want to forgive
Are the same exact people who,
Wouldn’t even bother to forgive me.
And we wonder why we can’t let go.

You put a gun to my head,
I think I'm already dead,
You show me time and time again,
Hours of sub-conscious-ness

Between the fight and now

These days, I always wake

Before the sun

Before you

And remember the fight-

"Well, MAYBE

I look over


When you wake, you won't remember

It always takes a while

The sun will make you squint

And you will smile

Because, really-

"Good morning, love!

The dog whines at the door

As you try to close your eyes

Feed me, walk me, pet me

I will let him whine

It's the only revenge I have

You finally sigh

"I'll get it, love"

You stand out of bed

And I notice

You have morning wood
Nava Um Oct 6
The light behind our eyes
Shines brightly where we hide
As we fall, curiosity prys

Still this cliff has not crumbled
Without attention
Even if for years we stumbled

Our hearts have broken
Lost count of keeping shut
When we should have spoken

Child selves in smaller beds
Under blankets
With rain clouds in our heads

Much more than happiness
Sometimes we need sanity
and forgiveness

Keeping all three wide
The light behind our eyes
Shines brightly where we hide
Alaina Moore Oct 5
I'll never stand between you and your family,
but I will point out when they use you.
My relationship with members will differ from yours.
There are somethings I'm not sure I'll ever forgive.
Simply put, we are different people,
marching through this life together.
You have to understand
you may be able to move on,
and I may not be able to.
I have a great fake smile,
but I am not going to lie.
That person is dead to me,
that's not something I joke about.
I am done with them,
even if you're not.
I hope you understand.
Martin Dove Oct 5
The price for existence is that nothing is free
The choices you make are fixed in high degree
It’s all predetermined in infinite ways
Determined, determined by natural sways
In some lives you die while some have you fly
How can you look at life with a serious eye?
While knowing what science has known to be exact
But how then, can you take living lightly as a given?
When nothing you do is ever truly forgiven
Sarah Grace Oct 4
Please show me how to forgive
my heart wants to give
every last one of you
the forgiveness
that has been ripening in me for years

But my mind projects the memories
of your actions, your failures, and your lies
and suddenly forgiveness is tainted with
disgust and disappointment

I was a child until I wasn't anymore.
my youth expired as my blindness was healed
and, finally, I saw the crimson of your sins.
Have you been washed as white as snow?

No, you have not.
because only I posses the power to forgive you
only I can heal the disease of your mind
only I can cleanse the guilt that eats you alive everyday

But you never asked me to forgive
never sought out my healing touch
never begged for my mercy
were you too fearful?

Too prideful?
Too selfish?

Healed, cleansed, and forgiven.
These belong to me.
You will never know the depths of the purity and beauty
that only the humane can feel.
He stands next to her bedside
Her eyes closed to the world
Unaware of her surroundings
Unaware of his presence

It was three weeks since the accident
Her children did not survive
The other passenger that was in the car
In the other room, barely alive

The news crews have disappeared
The lawyers and judges on hold
Our attention spans have vanished
This story has gotten old

He extends his hands loving warmth
Gently below her breast
Wishing to feel her heart once more
Beating within her chest

A smile breaks his haunted face
As memories flow within,
Of life she shared with all her kin
Each victory, every sin.

The ache in her soul, it resonates loudly
The misery and pain that would follow
too many years of aches and recovery
Haunts when she wakes up tomorrow

He knows that he can take only one;
All the burden and nothing to gain
The power that's bestowed within him
He decides to relieve her of pain

His gentle hand caresses her cheek,
The devoted servant standing by
A shock of hope, an energy bolt
jolts life and she opens her eyes!

Un-amused, bruised, dazed and confused
The patient in complete disbelief
As if surprised, looks in his eyes
This man; the sickly heart thief

Her eyes filled with tears, her heart filled with fears
Not knowing of her dear children's fate
The man reassured, they both joined the herd
Their souls rest at God's pearly gate

She wanted to scream, in horror, it seemed
Not knowing at what's coming next
The very kind stranger who laid in a manger
Now stands at the pearly gate's steps

He reached out his hand and issued command
"You're safe now, your life is now free.
"You'll surely employ, your heart filled with joy
Now, child please do come with me!"

"And what of my mate, and what of his fate?
The man in the adjoining room?"
The soul of the sky, with tear in his eye
Said that her mate's soul was scheduled for doom!

"The man that's next door, is mean to the core
His mind and his heart, black as pitch,
The hurt left beneath, forever bequeathed
His soul's path is straight to the ditch."

"His heart full of tar, he left me with scars
Forgiveness is not what you preach?
My soul will not rest as it views from afar
This man that you leave at the beach."

The holy man said that before he is dead
The darkened heart has time to heal
Forgiveness and penance is now his life's sentence
The darkened heart needs time to heal

And so they ascended, their holiness blended
All things that were wronged turned to right
The angel of death; he took her very last breath

and her essence.................... returned to the light!
it's weird the things that
pester your mind
just when you thought you had
it all sewn up...

you tell yourself you are this
generous and big-hearted person
well maybe
on some days

and then you remember the kid
in fifth grade that rushed up
asked for a five pence loan
was all I had left

but I did it, didn't I
believed her
that she'd pay it back
in the morrow for sure

but she wasn't at school
the next or the next
and I'm still inanely
mad at her

and at myself
as she knew
she was moving
the very next day

and man was I
but you know I
couldn't give tuppence

about the coin -no
'twas the principle
of the matter
wasn't it

she knew she
would never
pay it back
so why lie

I would have given her
way more
had I known it was
her last day
Just an off the cuff poem. Inspiration came from reading a poem just now by Natalie:  https://hellopoetry.com/nataliestilescarmona/
where I left this comment:  You are indeed worthy of being called a muse of sorts for my head is rattling around with all kinds of possibilities - but the little ping pong balls haven't formulated into much in the way of sentences yet - but it is coming - yes, I think something is emerging. Bit longer than I expected so will post it as a poem and give you the credit for the inspiration - lol
GuiseOfALoner Sep 29
There’s something about writing
my feelings for you.

When it hurts,
the pen doesn’t stop.
With every stroke,
it gets darker
and poisonous.

Until it all gets ugly,
The tears smudged the ink.
Because no word,
no phrase
can ever substitute the pain.

All of them are wasted,
crumpled into the shred.
That’s what it’s like
thinking of you.

All of the hurting,
Time had made us
good enough
Not for each other
But for ourselves.

There were too many words
For us to say,
When all we needed
are four simple words.




the art of letting go
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