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Sarah Flynn Apr 24
I used to want to **** myself,
so I did. I killed myself.
but not in the way that
you're thinking.

I killed the old me.

I murdered her bad habits
and tore apart her self-hatred.
I cut off her toxic "friends"
and blocked most of the
contacts in her old phone.
I kidnapped her and took
her on a relaxing vacation.
I taught her a lesson on how  
she deserved to be treated.
I gifted her with new clothes
and some therapy sessions
and a newfound sense
of long overdue self-respect.
I took every part of who she was
and every single detail that she
hated about herself, and I
squashed those feelings
with my bare hands.

I killed myself
without taking my own life

and a confident, loving,
unbelievably beautiful woman
rose from her ashes.
Beckie Davies Apr 23
thankyou for staying here
by my side
through this rollercoaster ride
i do not deserve it
this merciful forgiveness
thankyou for treating me
like a princess
thankyou for staying here
my forever faithful sidekick
my lovable, loyal romantic
thankyou for staying here
thankyou for the forgiveness
thankyou for the forgiveness
Luca Apr 19
Because of wound, I learned to be strong...
Because of wound, I learned to be able to forgive...
Because of wound, I learned to love pain and imperfection...
Every pain gives a lesson...
And every lesson change a person...
Whatever comes, let it come...
What stays, let it stay...
What goes, let it go....
MoonFlow Apr 13
Is there something that can lift my bitterness away?
Can it free me of my lingering wrath?
Or help my throbbing heart to laugh?
Or empty my mind of loathsome?
Evaporating the wholesome grief I had swallowed in my hippocampus.
God has granted this gift to our hearts.
Why don't we perceive life as bliss?
Oh, Flourishing Forgiveness!
How I longed to taste your fragrance!
To obscure my grief-stricken heart with your warm radiance.
Enter the teary eyes, O Forgiveness, with your gleaming light!
Heal the grudges that make our lives tight.
Help us flip the decrepit pages.
And abandon our grimaces.
‘Whoever severs ties with you, approach him with good conduct. Whoever deprives you, give to him, and whoever wrongs you, forgive him. ’ -Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH)
Jehzeel Apr 12
When was the last time you felt loved?
When was the last time you let down of your walls and be vulnerable?
When was the last time you said "I love you" sincerely?
Dates? Months? Years?

Nah! it was all because of that stupid person whom you gave your all and received none in return that made you skeptical after all.
The butterflies that used to be in your stomach already left,
gone with the person you thought were your meant.

But hey, lovelies!
Blame not the love but the lover.
It's time to give yourself some love.
A love coming from you,
not from others.

By the time you are ready to love again,
By the time you find the person to be vulnerable with again,
By the time you speak love sincerely again,
It's no longer for someone else's sake
Because you know you are worthy of the love you deserve.
MoonFlow Apr 11
you chide me
   to right me
then you utter an apology
    although you don't need to
for you'll never tolerate if hurt hurts me

you swallow guilt
   and I swallow resentment
I fill myself with fury and ****** it all to you
    Do I ever care if it hurts you?
Zillion apologies emerge from you, but not even one emerges from me
cried out
until I cried no more.
I hid the anguish
in my soul
the pain blocked the flow
Of blood around my veins
The viper stole my peace
It embedded my hope
It grounded me from my faith
It stored up countless wounds
Darkness clouded my being
But God never gave up on me.
Even when my mind rejected his very being.
He stuck with me .
Even when things were tough.
Time after time I blamed Him.
I accused him
Yet he remained faithful.
Even when my heart was in a dark place.
Until one day I received your forgiveness again
Faith love hope Freed forgiveness forgives
Lily Priest Apr 8
Forgive me.
The world is busy,
stormed with shards of uncertainty
that razor at the ropes of sanity,
till only frays remain, stumped at my thumb,
light in my grip.
Its times like these that I sink;
Kind faces become blurry blobs of expectation,
Waiting hands are impatient in their skin,
Opening and closing with the clasping closeness that feels choking.
I am smothered by the too much
and bury my head beneath the deluge.
The quagmire blots my ears,
Muffles the movements
All the sounds of all the somethings
going about the day.
In the ignorance I remain saved,
Every thought just about intelligible
Every feeling a negligible waver on this frequency.
Forgive me, hold me accountable for the hurt that I cause.
But the world is busy
And all I crave is quiet.
Gods1son Apr 6
Admittedly, to forgive is not always easy
But it is, without a doubt, very liberating
Not forgiving only increases the pain, hurt and stress
But forgiveness begins the healing process
Forgiveness is an act of self-love,
because you do it for you and not them.
Jason Apr 5
In the story, Samson is said to lose his power when his hair is cut, breaking his vow.

I think he was wrong about his hair, and the actual source of his power was his love.

I think he lost his power the moment he realized Delilah had betrayed him.

Not when she betrayed him, nor when she cut his hair, but only once he realized what she had done, see?

So at the end of the story, when Samson gets his strength back, it happens not because he grows his hair, but because he forgives Delilah.

His hair was only a metaphor for his faith (in God, love, women, and Delilah in particular)...

Anyway, I'm growing my hair out.

*Edit - I wanted it to be clear this was about forgiveness, not betrayal. <3

Disclaimer: I'm not religious, but I grew up going to church and Sunday school, etc.
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