Harry Kelly May 30
I went by your old place on West 26th Street
Your name was no longer on the buzzer.  I pushed it anyway.
When an Asian woman answered  I knew you were gone.
Nobody coming out of the building seemed to remember you
Just goes to show.

I went by the old diner at which we used to eat
Same handwritten signs, same menus
Same old tables.
But no you.

I found it strange that the waitress remembered me but couldn't remember
The guy who'd been going there for decades.
Maybe I should have brought a photo
To spark her memory
Maybe I should have reached out to you,
Bitten the bullet and swallowed my pride
Because now the fight seems trivial
Its the rest of the stuff that seems important,

All the good stuff we shared.

People used to sew patches on old jeans and put new soles
on favorite shoes.
Modern life has changed.  We throw things out and buy new.
But some things are irreplaceable.
They are worth the effort a repair would require.
My friend.
Xylos 1d

It isn't about saying its okay...

It isn't even about being okay,

But about telling them that you aren't,

But will be fine...


We all will be...
Why do I still love those who hurt me
Even though those people are extremely unworthy
I cry to the wind.
I cry to the stillness.
I cry to the night
begging for forgiveness.
You love her
she loves you
you love her
she loves you
you love her
she loved you
you love her
she loves him
you love her
       loves him
you love
you love
a poem depicting my break up. When "she" disappears it represents her leaving. When we both disappear it represents how i lost myself and all that was left was "love" in an empty room.
You and I sometimes speak in energies,
our auras reach out, connect, and entwine.
Like when you call out from another room
to me in the shower, just to tell me
that I am loved, when--unknown
to you--just moments before, I was trapped
in my head, apologizing still
for something I did a year ago.

You are the most attractive to me
when that's the way you feel.
You pull me into you with big brown eyes
and lashes long enough to do it alone.
Your hands, up behind your head,
effortless, and you smile to one side
while your hair just perfectly
swoops to the other, and there
was never another option; I am yours.
life is full of imperfect people.
Don't let others get to you.
Let go quickly
Have the courage to move on.
Emilie 6d
You stay low to the ground
Afraid to move, to make a sound
Why let gravity pull you down?
Look behind you my dear...

You have wings

Wings of mercy that can carry you high
Over burdens, like dark clouds in the sky
Tell me, haven't you always longed to fly?
Just look my dear, you have wings

Once you take flight you will finally see light
The darkness is real, but there's no need to fright
The Son will surely destroy the dark night
He gave you your wings
So take courage
Take flight!
God's forgiveness lifts our burden of sin and gives us wings of mercy
unnamed 7d
There are reasons why people get mad at you
The reasons are not always you or related to you
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