PrttyBrd 16h

a limp body
carried in broken arms
to a funeral pyre
hidden in the woods

tinder, salt-saturated
won't catch
drowning in the perception
of failure

life flows out
and seeps in
healing in unfettered

exhaustion bleeds thought
cracks fuse invisibly strong
still feeling both less
yet more, somehow

pyre lays unlit
as the heart dreams ablaze
in lost memories
of a life not yet lived

one without the other
cannot exhale
breathing in all the nothing
looking for the only thing

not knowing what or where
but the when is now
as wood sits on the ashes
of what came before

in the jolt of drowning
on overflowed tears
it flows out of each
and into the other

cracks fade
accidental truth is never an accident
too tired to continue
it was found where it lay sleeping

patient and blind
sprouts into the best
of unseen possibilities
the day you carried me in silence


Teri zulfon k chav mei
chamakta yeh chand sa chehra,

Aab isse jyada mai tujse aur kuch na keh raha.

Sunane ko bahut kuch hai
Par sun ne ko koi nahi.

Mana galti thi meri
Kya mai Maafi k layak hu nahi?

Alone again, I close my eyes
Dream I am flying away
To some far off place
Maybe up in Canada
In the spring time
You said it was beautiful
This time of year
Maybe we could plant a garden
Of primrose and lilac poems
If the snow has thawed, by then
And you have forgiven me
For being so cold, by then
then maybe, we could be

©LadyofRavenhill 4/24/17
Andy Randell Apr 15

Show me, the lamb with two horns,
Show me where her's wasn not the wrong,
Show me when her lips didn't drip with honey
Show me when she didn't take without giving
Show me where she didn't play the actress
Show me how many she helped
Show me that they don't wish they hadn't
Show me that they can still find the time
Show me when their needs were considered
Show me it wasn't a ride
Show me how I'm not another
Show me that it's different
Show me how she's changed
Show me how she's good
Show me, please, show me I'm wrong

Their is a massive (hug) for
Bring your pain to the cross
Jesus took all of this
Be (healed)

It's not a story it is the truth. .
It about a personal relationship with God...
Easter time was a sacred
Jesus was sinless
Taking our place ..
This Easter  reflect on this .
It will change your life for good ..
Valentine Apr 12

The sun rose again that day,
At this I was surprised
My raw hands reached up
To cradle it and
Pulled it from the skies.
The sun rose again that day,
It seemed like a mistake.
I held it closely
As I cried,
Fearful it would break.
The sun rose again that day,
It never explained why
But in my heart I knew I
Loved the sun
As much as it loved I.

This is about a lot of people but most importantly it's about myself

Open up the eyes of my heart Lord.
Open up the blossoms of my heart
Show me were  I can best meet with you.
I long to know you more.
In the garden of tears  were  you where  interceeding  for me .
Let me Lord come into your holy presence
Let me be saturated with your love.
Open up the bells of heaven
Singing hallowed be your name.

Thankful precious  Father for giving up your life for me upon the cross. Never let us take it so lightly what Jesus done for us. Thankful for dieing for me and giving me a second change ..

the heaviness fades,
but all the scars linger on,
latching onto me

20170409, rkc
prompted by writeaboutnow day 2

Am I wasting my time waiting on you?
You're so valuable to me and yet,
You choose to damage yourself as much as possible.

I am unsure of you, more now than I have ever been before.
You're foreign to me for once.
There's nothing I can do but sit back and hope for the worst.

We've never been this far from each other.
Please, I don't ever want to be this way again.
I don't ever want to feel this far from you again for the rest of my life.

Even if we hate each other,
Even if there are no words to be said between us,
Please, I beg of you, don't give me silence. At least let me know how you are.

No matter what, I will care.
You have been my top priority always,
And nothing can ever change that.

You mean so much to me...
And it makes me sad to see you so upset....

I'm sorry for everything I did.

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