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Robby 12h
I saw an owl once
It swooped down in front of my car at full speed
It flared it’s white wings and looked me in the eyes as I ran over it
I always knew it meant something because it shook me so bad
I saw an owl the night I went to see her
It flew across the road and looked back at me
It taunted me to remember his brethren that I killed
It planted itself again in my memory of remorse
I saw another owl again this morning
He didn’t even look at me this time
He just flew past me to remind me that they’re still here
Maybe they forgive me… maybe I forgive myself
Justin Oct 12
I know
No matter what I say
I can't fix this
I know
There's nothing I can do
To make things right

I'm always looking
Up above
Holding out hope
Leaving room for grace
Wondering if there's a chance
You will forgive me

And even though I'm drowning
In the waves of all my doubt
I try to keep my head above the water
I don't want to sink down to the bottom
I've already been there before

And maybe it's all for nothing
But please believe me
When I say that I'm sorry
I'm sorry for the pain
I'm sorry for the hurt
I'm sorry it will never be the same
I'm sorry things had to be this way

I wasn't the man I was supposed to be
I failed in my beliefs
I compromised everything
I didn't cherish anything that was given to me
I let the world crash in on me

Now that I'm here
Back on my feet
All I can do
Is make the best of this life
The life I owe to you
B D Caissie Oct 3
Sundial casts shadows
Mirror reflects forgiveness
Joy comes at sunrise

Tyler Matthew Sep 28
I remember you well,
your crooked spine,
and heart of a widow
that’s turned so black.

What’s made you bitter?
I wonder, now.
You look back on years, but
you can’t go back.

Have you forgotten
my face by now,
even as I walk by you
in a roaring crowd?

Does it ever occur that
you could be wrong?
For me, the guilt I have,
it screams so loud.

There’re two kinds of people:
one kind forgives.
But that isn’t you, no,
and you don’t forget.

As I lean over to whisper,
“you’ve dropped your crown,”
your look is so telling -
you remember, yet.
Quick write - unsure of the inspiration or the significance.
Nicole Sep 27
Perhaps the greatest gifts

Everyone has given me

Is the courage to love myself

A little bit more

Each day.
A Yorks Sep 25
The time has come to understand all that you said;
Although it fills my heart up with a sense of dread;
To entertain the thought, that maybe I was wrong;
To think that I was helping you to get along;
You didn't love me, you just loved what I could do;
You didn't need me, and I guess I don't need you;
I was the stepping stone you needed to break free;
And when I fell apart you stepped away from me,

You tore me down with everything I did for you;
I still don't see how I could manage to pull through;
And after every single suicide you feigned;
I still don't understand what you thought you would gain?
I held it all inside and let it build away;
I thought it was for you I held up everyday;
And when the time had come that I did finally crack;
You went immediately around behind my back.

I wish for peace but don't receive it,
                                   Mercy upon me,
If I could only be forgiven,
                                   It can never be.

The time has come to understand I must move on;
Although it fills my heart like concrete that you're gone;
I know I never should have reached for you my hand;
Why did it take so long for me to understand?
All that I did for you, I thought I did what's right;
Now I can't even get myself to sleep at night;
My notes in therapy are scribbled with your name;
The final end result of all this twisted game.

I wish you peace, though not deservèd,
                                   Mercy upon you,
I wish I could deny forgiveness,
           But I forgive you.
With chord notation.
Justin Aug 28
Must I answer your questions?
Can we sleep through the night?
We can count sheep
Or stars flying by.
Please, don't press me.
Tonight, let's stop thinking.
Let's stop asking, "why?"

Even though the night is dark
We can count on the morning
To bring us the Sun.
No need to rush its rising;
The day will come for everyone,
Like a thief in the night.
We should enjoy the starry tapestry.
Its peaceful shimmer that gives wonderful ataraxy
For the world passing by.

Let everything be done
With love;
Let the past be the past.
Forever is present;
A little piece in everyone.
Let go of the ending;
Nothing's meant to last.
Eloisa Sep 18
She made her crown out of thorns and broken things and built a castle in her ruins
and became a forgiving queen.
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