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Breeze 4d
Like a playful child
I zigzagged across blue streets and corners
to the soundtrack of my soul I
pedalled till my mind went blank
pedalled till my legs were burning
pedalled till I reached that hill

and when I reached that hill
I closed my eyes.
and in full surrender
I took my hands of the breaks
and embraced the spirit of the wind
hearing her voice in my ears
as she took my fear away from me.
My biking soundtrack:
- David Bowie: Heroes
-The Smiths: There is a Light That Never Goes Out
-The Cure: Just Like Heaven
-Pearl Jam: Last Kiss
-Third Eye Blind: Semi-Charmed Life
-RHCP: Bicycle Song/ The Zephyr Song/ Dark Necessities
-Taylor Swift: False God/Cruel Summer/ Out of The Woods
-Artic Monkeys: 505
- Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks
When you get lost on the way
When the true way
No longer exists.
Remember such sayings.

Sometimes the way forward
Is the way backward,
When nothing feels right
Try the wrong one.
Dearest October,
please be kind -
already the leaves are flame-bright,
and made fragile -
I am the same:
ready to fall to the earth
and find rebirth among the twining roots

Dearest October,
please be kind -
my leaves are changing hue
and grown fragile
in the season of change,
ready to feed the hungry ground -
fodder for the spring rot

Dearest October,
please be kind -
my leaves are tearing away,
plucked and pulled by each ardent breeze,
My roots grow deep,
bracing for the winter
and the dark night of rest
Wrote this on September 30th as I pondered the change of the seasons and what autumn means to me 🍂
Angel Aug 22
I was gonna write you a  letter
Talking about how nothing’s gotten better
How it’s your fault why I’m not a go getter
Don’t know how to love
Don’t know how to get better
Was gonna sign that **** in red
But you claimed that colour
When you were trippen, rippen my skin
had one hand on my mouth
Other on my throat
Watchin the colour go
Given me a taste of death knocking on the window
You shown me what true evil is
Made it easy for me to wanna slice your throat n knock your **** in
Spit on your face & leave you to rot like how I should of did then
Instead of tryna find a way to get you straight
While I was traumatized sitten thinking
This ugly *** ***** keeps spitten
Something bout oh I wanna be your first take me to the psych ward
Forget I did this
But I hadn’t let that pen hit the paper
Cause I rather tell it to your face like I did
I told you I ain’t afraid no more
I got two hands working
Ready to ring your throat if you ever
Put your hands on my siblings
Told you to look me in the eyes cause you acted like a ***** crying
Like you ain’t the one responsible for me standin here confronting you
Wanting to die
But I started rewriting that ****
Cause it’s been 7 years
& I’m nearly my own again
Phil B Aug 18
Cold empty chrysalis
And pig slop -

Suckle the hearthfire **** of mother earth
we praise ourselves on being diverse
but we are the biodiversity,
spread so thin we can't nourish the hungry and thirsty.

The pale moon shines on a world somehow even colder,
we consume the birthday cake leaving only the smoulders,

Built monuments and towers to a false kind of power,
mycellium clouds bloom come to consume what is ours,
The midnight clock ticking to doomsday, now minutes from hours.

We believe that we control the elements, but loom they,
The ancient forces come soon to smother and cover in dirt
this mausoleum soon to be crematorium Earth.

And when the smoke clears and lifted is the haze
I dream of a peace on Earth without the human race.
Betty Jul 16
A sky full of rain
New life springs from brown parched earth
Green shoots from grey clouds
Donna Bella Jun 12
Make me over
A sense of renewal
A new
It’s what I so desired
What I fought for
Sometimes clouds
Sometimes rain

Sometimes a little gray
to wash away
the inhumane
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