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Zywa Sep 29
The fortress: I roll out my mat
in the silence of sleeping cicadas
the wind is warm, time is crawling
with the sun to Naples

It's all in my head
high above the noise of life

of crowded streets and shops
where the money never rolls far
looks are leery, kisses fleeting
and hands groping

It is not as it should be
I start a storm
sweep chairs from the terraces
slam doors and blow dust

through the city, like night
guy-wires and bars rattle
a dog whines and a cat
glares at the perch

in the water of the harbour wild
from my rebellious thoughts
that die down after all
between the snails on my mat
The Fortétza (fortress) in Rétimno (Rethymno), April-May 1989

Collection “Blown sand”
KMH Sep 28
The rain descends
like a velvet curtain.

I use that steady
pounding, thrumming

to cleanse my skin
of your touch.

It fills me up, and I spit you out;
wring you out of my hair.

Thunder crashes
lightning flashes
and I
© KMH 2019
are Sep 25
Why did you have to come into my life
And destroy the self love that took me so long to create overtime
You could've just left me alone
Because now im sitting here wondering why it was so easy for you to let me go
Why did you wait so long to let me know?
That from the start your intentions weren’t profound
Why lead me on with words you didn't’ mean
And send them to every other ******* your screen
I wasn't as special to you as I once believed
Now I feel stupid as I weep
I was fine before I met you
So why make your way in just to make a mark and leave?
If you knew you didn't want me
Why play games and make it seem
Like I was the only girl you wanted to see
are Sep 24
He's the kind of guy who makes you feel like it’s too good to be true
He's the kind of guy who will tell you lies
But he's the kind of guy who will make you feel like they’re true
You’ll feed into his words
And believe his lies
Because you want it to be true
But deep down inside you know he’s going to hurt you
But that won't stop you
Because you figure you’ll enjoy it while it lasts
Though you know it won't
And it’ll be over soon
So when it ends, it will break you
It already is
His half *** attention
His broken promises
His words he doesn't prove
They hurt you
But you hold on
Breaking yourself
For a boy who’s too good to be true
fray narte Sep 24
this is how i'll let you go:

i'll open our photo albums for the last time, touch the yellow edges where your body ends, and not get drunk on what we could have been. i will wipe the coffee stains you left in perfect circles; sometimes, i pretend that they had the color of your eyes when the sunlight hits them. i will scrub your fingerprints off my spine; it's time for them to let me go too — slower, gentler than the way you did.

i will pass by your street, and not send you a bunch of paper rings engraved with all my overused metaphors. i will not hope you'll chase after me, wearing them over the promises we've broken, and over the promises we're yet to break. i will stay up late; midnights are somehow still for missing you, but i won't be writing anything. and we both know it kills me — not writing poems about you, when loving you and losing you are the closest things i ever got to call poetry.

instead, i'll hold on tight on every word that spills out of my mouth, seal them all in a trinket box buried in some place where we let romance die. i will fall asleep next to our cemeteries, wet from the rains we made; i might wake up at 3 am and not think of calling you. and i will wake up at 7 am, when it's still raining, and i will watch the early morning thunderstorms, and i won't wish you're back with it. i will sit there, free from the damp coffee stains and from the traces of your kiss. my tailbone will no longer recall the intricacy found in your fingerprints, and my eyes — they will have forgotten if yours were cobalt or turquoise or electric blue, 'cause darling, maybe it's too late to make you love me again, but it's not too late love myself.
Mary Frances Sep 20
Our parting was silent yet the pain it brought was loud.
The tears were behind the twinkling eyes and sweet smile.
The fear of letting go went along with holding your hands.
The prayer for you to stay laid within feeling the  warmth from your embrace.
Looking at you with a smile was how I kept my silence.
Then I drown myself with  your memories as I reminisce.
Justin Aug 9
Way down,
I've drifted
And somehow
I'm riding the waves.
Waiting for the tide to take me home.

It's hard to believe
That things have to be
So black and white,
When the dreams that keep me warm at night
Are full of colors, so bright.

Even though life's a mess,
I'm running to keep it all together.
Chasing after the pieces of me.

I keep losing the pieces,
I keep losing the pieces,
So I let them all go.

Can we make up
The time that we've lost?
Or has it all drifted away?
Is it all over now?
Can we fix what's been broken?
Can we start over again?
I guess, for now, we'll have to wait.

I've got so much time.
Seconds like water in my lungs.
I think I'll be fine, dear.
I've been floating here so long
I've learned how to breath through the pain.

Even though life's insane,
I'm running to keep it all together.
Chasing after the pieces of me.

I keep losing the pieces,
I keep losing the pieces,
So I let them all go.
EmVidar Sep 15
The colour of your skin
masked the marks
you had left
while mine bared it all
hidden only by the
I allowed myself to tell

-em vidar
Micah Sep 6
You let go of my hand; you did it. You finally severed the connection between us. But, I realized how lost I was without you, so I turned back around. Tears gathered in my eyes and began dancing down my cheeks, but you were already a ways away. I longed to scream “don’t leave me”, but I knew it would amount to nothing. So, I watched you leave, set off on a new path in life, a less destructive one at that. A journey that would better suit your health, and mine, as well, but my heart would wreck havoc on my physical body. I was now a lonely soul with no friends to call my own, but it was no matter. I was destined to be this way, for my spiritual being was too deeply sad to truly connect with others in this god forsaken world. As you disappeared up the city steps, you did not dare look back even once. My heart shattered completely at the thought of never seeing you again. I love you unconditionally, truly, sorrowfully, yet... you would never come back to receive that love again. Never again would you cook for me, nor would you again allow me to sneak my way into your bed. Everything felt as if it were swelling up inside my head and throat; a mashing pain thundered through my skin and flesh. And then it came; a whimper-like sob arose from the very depths of my heart to beckon you back to me. Though, it was no use... you were gone now, and I was completely alone.
My ****** unrequited love will come to an end!
Through a year of heartache and seething bitterness;
Wallowing in my despair of falling in love.
The truth is a cruel unforgiving mistress.
Feigning ignorance ended in damning remorse!
Sundered hearts and sundered souls are love’s currency,
So may it be paid in full; may we meet again.
A seven-line poem that corresponds to a week (MTWTFSS) with twelve syllables per line which represents a year (twelve months). I want to move on but my hesitations are still here.
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