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To all of my fellow classmates,
In the hateful sixth grade,
Thank you for the experience,
I am grateful for your autumnal inconvenience,
Thank you for letting me live alone,
Carving my own bejeweled gravestone,
Morality gone,
Boundaries blurred,
Began with that one curse word,
Why does adolescence,
Have to take someone’s innocence?
Weren’t we all blooming and beloved,
Poplars of the snow,
In the shadows,
Of distant meadows?
To all the ones who have suffered in junior high, I sympathize with you. You’re not alone.
*Innocence has a very different meaning here, so please do not jump to conclusions.
Cné Oct 7
shall i strip myself bare
letting those committed to jealousy
see the things in me
that were never there
though they won’t bother
to scratch beneath the surface  
to see i have purpose
in this icy netherworld
to live a life in love
so i let go of those  
who choose to
never see me
Cerulean Sep 20

Pain and

Float away
Hi my fellow human comrades
Heyaless Aug 23
He's back . !!!
Today when I was sitting alone thinking about us then habitually i pick up my phone ...What I saw was heart dropping .
He sent me a song cover of his own . And texted me how are you .
This is it . The conversation began .
He was in hell , still he's going through a lot of ******* situation .
I don't know but when he suddenly withdraw from everywhere i had this feeling something is going on. ..I knew he'll be back ....
Today I felt one thing the most...
Trust and let go .
If he's yours he will surely be back ..❤️
It's not like I had restricted all my life happiness for him.... but i love this man and how am I suppose to feel good when he's gone by saying I'll be back soon ..I was worried , heartbroken...I was in a roller coaster of thoughts for 19 days ..But not for once I had any doubt on our love ....I knew he will be back ..
Lupus- Aug 21
It's really hard to believe
The words coming out of your mouth
I do my best to justify you
But it doesn't seem to work this time
Not this time
All these constant lies
How many more chances do you need
Until you finally decide to change
Do you think I will fall for them again
I have before and I was a fool for doing so
But not anymore, I'm letting you go
Not this time
Shadow Aug 20
There is a certain freedom
A certain contentment
That comes with letting go

When you realise that
The sun will still shine
The birds will still sing
The flowers will still bloom
The wind will still caress your hair

When the thought of them no longer makes your soul weep
When their name doesn't fill your eyes with endless tears
When seeing them doesn't ravish
your heart any longer

There is a certain feeling to letting go
The feeling that you get when you smell the wet soil mixed with the morning air
The feeling of finally laying in your bed after a long long day

There is a certain freedom
A certain contentment
A certain ataraxy
A certain bliss
In knowing that
life will still go on
If you love something let it go
Let it fly away like the free bird
And its song will wake you in the morning
And it's thoughts will put you to sleep in the night
Like the rain's melody on our windows
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