Aidan A 1d

Verse 1 -
Shes done something to me that I just cant explain
And all the words I thought I lost I have regained
When paper meets the pen,
I fear the lack of ends
I know she'll list'n in
When I sing

Chorus 1 -
Go to sleep
My enchantress of a myriad,
Beautiful come with me
Eternity could be ours

Verse 2 -
I knew I'd love her even if only from afar
Away land I couldn't hope to get closer
I knew I'd love her even if I'd have to wait
A moment longer, till Im beside her...
When paper meets the pen
Thats where my love begins
Shes now the meaning
In the words that I sing

Chorus 2 -
Go to sleep
My enchantress of a myriad,
Beautiful come with me
Eternity could be ours

Show to me
My enchantress of a myriad
Leave your pain
But keep your eyes on me
We can live in fantasy
Eternity could be ours

Outro -
Go and be,
More than just my silhouette
And though you are now
Finally free
Remember our fantasy

My enchantress of a myriad.

I've been busy completing these songs for a small project of mine, so this is the extent of my poetry, of late.

The chorus stems from a much, MUCH earlier poem. This song has been 4 or 5 years in the making, so naturally the EP will be named after it.

Interested in hearing how it sounds?

Instrument is a guitalele. Uke players please take your seats. The song is meant to emulate a bittersweet lullaby.

Obviously there are mistakes and flaws in it's arrangement, but this is the song at it's core. Currently transposed in A but will be recorded in E standard, cause lets face it, no one cares about the lower octave.

Input and criticism is very welcome! Thanks for reading/listening
harlon rivers Mar 26

                               ­ a photo captured
                                   comes to pass
                                no matter how hard
                                we might try to grasp
                   ­             a moment fades
                                     over time
                                     of our life ...

                                memories spilled
                                    poetry writ
                                the real artifacts
                                timelessly beheld

                                reminders of the things
                                we try to hold on to

                                reminders of the things
                                   we try to forget ...

      March 26th, 2017 © harlon rivers ... all rights reserved

Notes (optional)

just because it didn't last forever
doesn't mean it wasn't worth it ❤
Keda Kanye Apr 13

I have something to say
It's a beautiful day?
I have something that I want
To tell you
I can't
Look at the shape of that tree
And the way it moves with the wind…

What I wanted to say was…
Hey I never noticed
That building before
Hey are you cold?
I'm cold
Should we go somewhere else?

I have to say this just listen
I can't see you anymore

Katie Ann Apr 7

im trying to build houses but
youre stuck inside my head
burning them.

i still search for pieces of you
in Sunday mornings
someone else's blue eyes
or lengthy snapchat stories
and i'm not sure why
i guess i still hope
to see you around
or somewhere close by

AD Fox Spirit Apr 3

Quietly I'll let you go,
Slowly I will allow you to get over me,
Gently I shall inform you I was not the one.

Do not muse over me,
I do not wish to be a bitter taste left on your tongue;
That is why its best that we drift away from this broken love,
And slowly forget.

You do not need to call me anymore,
Its no longer your concern to take care of me.

We were not functional,
And this dysfunctional Love only leaves us emotional;
Leaving us naked on the floor for each others to see one another faults.

Neither of us are peacemakers,
And never bring any justice to our cases of broken promises and hearts,
Leaving smudges of dirty lies polluting our skin.

These is our dysfunctional love and we need to know when to let it go,
So as we drift away, remember when I said "Its for the best,"
Because that is the most truth that spilled out of my mouth since the beginning.

yne Mar 29

with shaky fingers
i clung to you
whispering to don't leave me

i know our rose
has lost its dew
i just couldn't set you free

our love
a wilted flower
i'm still asking it to bloom and grow

but your eyes
were fragments of shatter
no more buts as i let you go

Payton Mar 22

So we finally have reached the end.

Finally, you have pushed me too far
Finally, I am right on the edge.
I'm feeling too uncomfortable now to not jump
It took longer than I had hoped.

I reeled you in, again & again thinking maybe this time,
he will go through with what he says,
darling... you never did.

Only created a bigger mess out of what already was piling over & in the process you butchered me. You butchered how I felt,
the kind softness I had for you,
you finally turned me to stone.

So how do you like me now?
When I am eager to go,
how does it feel to be "given up" on?
Can you imagine how I have felt?

Theres no such thing as letting go when the person pushes you away.
When the person brings others into the equation.
They already weren't giving enough to just you & now
you saying I gotta share?
You had the nerve... to not even ask... but force me to share?

You only want me when you need me, you weak fuck.
You use people when you down and you dont even take the advice given.
You a goofy mf.

The type to neglect the only one holding you down &
look into other girls eyes saying you love them.

Well, go on and love them then.
Go on ahead and miss them
Go kiss them, rub them, lust after them
like you lusted after me, only,
dont call it love this time.
Don't leave them mistaken too.

It ain't right, making someone feel like this,
it ain't right and thats all I can say.

Can't talk to you no more because I left for good this time.
and it hurts but I've just got to keep writing and depending on the Lord
because those are the only consistent things in my life these days.

Im trying not to think of you
but I keep finding myself staring into space and at blank walls wondering where things all went wrong between us.

Wondering why now just wasn't meant for us.
Wondering why I tried so hard to make it meant for us,
wondering why you watched me try so hard and didn't have the guts to say my struggle was pointless.

I would have moved mountains for you, love... had I never found your dark intentions.
It could have been us against the world.

but it wasn't meant for us.

I keep feeling like I smell you,

but it wasn't meant for us.

Im wondering if the other girls liked your lips as much as I did
I want to rip them off your face for letting them all get a taste of what I thought was mine.

So how could you do me like that...
Why was I not enough?
I know timing was off,
but you didn't have to go and do that.

I know timing was off but we talked about making a family
you told me you'd rub my back every night, no question
That we'd go on morning walks
and talk for hours

Love, that was everything I wanted to hear,
Because it sounded so right with you.

Only, we dont have the future. It is not outs to control. All we have is now.

You ask me is there still a chance we can be together when timing is right?
I tell you I don't think Ill be able to trust you again,
but if its real then it comes back.
You said that wasn't the answer you wanted
I said what did you expect.

I didn't tell you though,
how weak I felt.
How badly I wanted to tell you "yes. Ill wait. Please, get it together and I'll wait."
You've turned me pathetic. I still have the armor on
but beneath it everything has gone soft.

You sensed it in the beginning.
My weak spot for you,
and boy you used it again and again until I finally told you to stop.

& I feel better now,
but I can't help wondering what if.
Will we really just become a "what if?"
Something that never happened,
something too good to be true?

I want to believe God will send you back to me
but we're at such a transitioning stage in our lives
who knows what could happen.

Maybe you'll go back to her after all
maybe you'll find another who looks like me
Maybe we will bump into eachother
While I have my kids and you have yours
and suddenly, we'll remember.

How we talked of living like it would be the easiest thing in the world. Like we could create anything, we always seemed to be in a dream land.

I can't help remembering the beautiful parts of you.
I wish I could because it'd make things a whole lot easier.
Its hard because I want to cry
but for some reason you're the one I want to cry on.

Like I want to just lay with you and put my face in your neck and let you hear what you have brought me to,
as if it would matter.

but you gone now,
ain't no more feeling your skin, now.
ain't no more soft feelings for you, now.
Only in my thoughts do I still bend to you,
If I ever saw you I guarantee I'd be frozen solid.

Because sadness lingers,
but that anger burns.

and I ain't ever been so angry at someone.
I ain't ever felt so disrespected, felt like I was nothing.
Like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe
you stepped on me again and again.
till I was so worn I fell off.
Here I stand, and though I feel limp I know I am about to be at my strongest.

Because theres no way but up once you've been thrown rock bottom.

Without you, I can get back to loving again. I can emerge from this rut I made a home out of for you.
I will love myself again,
since you could not.
I did it before and the Lord will show me I can do it again.

"So this is goodbye..." you said...
& I finally just said "goodbye."

and I think now I'll wait on someone new.
a breath of fresh air who will love me for me and only me.
Better yet, I will find someone who lives in the present.
No more being dragged backwards, thats no way to live.

I'll find someone who loves me the ways you never could.
& sure, he will smell different.
His hands will not be your hands.
His lips will not be your lips.
He will not make me feel the exact ways you made me feel

but his words will be different too, love.
They will be honest and I will breathe heavy, long, thankful sighs of relief.


The words will be honest.

Hi welcome to the abyss of my emotions
Delta Swingline Mar 20

Most of my life is a forgotten cliffside. There's nothing you can really do about it, it's just the consequence you pay for being alive.

I don't remember a lot of my childhood. I can remember my schools, my friends, my parents, my teachers. But I don't remember my sisters. Only my brother, the little boy carrying the family name on his shoulder blades... But he is not ready for that.

As for my sisters... I do not officially "know them" until they begin to leave. I was 11 when they started leaving my house, and 13 when they started re-entering my life.

There is no excuse for arriving late to my life crisis. But what crisis is there anyway?

I grew up alone.

Sisters too old, brother too young, parents too protective.
And me...

Too eager to run through the halls of my early life, and high school is not what I expected the years to be. But I am still here... alive.

And there will always be that to hold on to when the sky falls from the stars that pin up the rest of the universe.

Or the the clouds fall from the blue sky just before that cliffside collapses into the abyss.

This is the artistry that is my life on a power surge. Feeling the shock of the first kiss, and the break of the last word.

The many voices, and single sayings. The before and after. The push and then the fall.

The feeling of all my memories being shot.

But not killed.

This is the joy of living off of the electric tower... or the Eiffel tower.

This is life made wild, love made public, friends made family, me made whole again.

Me surviving the cliffside fall for the 378th time this week.

Safety nets were never written in the fine print of this circus act.

But this feeling can kill as much as it can save. It is, and always will be a cosmic shot across the front of my skull...

Opening my mind into eternity. Until I decide to go back to that cliffside...


Let me put everything back together.

My friend came by the other day
As a leaf in the wind he has blown
From street to street
            Town to town

A wanderer he may be, but not at heart‑‑
He longs to be attached to a tree
                                            Any tree

In spring and summer the leaves are green
                                        And attached
Summer slowly dries them out as the tree
                        Prepares for winter

My friend, the dry brown leaf
Blows in his perpetual autumn

We all grow in our own time and season:

Winter dormancy

         Spring regeneration

                   Summer fulfillment

                               Fall  preparing for the
                                            Inevitable season of death

These  seasons of the soul
Are the very essence of our existence

They teach us

                         Temper us

                                                 Fulfill us

But there are those who do not see
The purpose of the seasons
To them winter means only




Spring means only


                          ­            Mud


Summer means

                                Beauty to mock
                                     The heart in winter

I trust in the wisdom of the seasons
Nature teaches us lessons in her cycles

Let the leaf fall to the ground
Let it rot into cold


                                     Winter desolation

Spring will come

Bleak gray will become bright colours
                  Of spring

The beauty will fade once again but will
Reappear in winter's own stark beauty
Though it may be cold and gray
Then spring will come

          Spring will come.

                     --Daniel Irwin Tucker

NOT just another poem about spring.
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