I would travel the world for you
Would you travel it for me too?
I would reach the stars for you
Would you reach them for me too?

You left
And I went after you
And decided to stay with you

I would search the world for you
Would you search for me too?
I would search the stars for you
Would you search for me too?

You left
And I stayed
And decided to finally let you go

"Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter." ~Melissa Marr
Scarlett Jan 8

I think of the days
That I woke in those cardboard beds
Not knowing how I’d gotten there
The nurse’s pity filled stares
Burnt a hole in my chest
I remember
What that lump in my throat was made of
Something bitter
Something cruel
I felt guilty
Not for consuming
The drugs
The drinks
The pills
I felt guilty for wasting their time.

shauna-leigh Jan 4

You taught me that I am nothing.
You showed me no one cares.
You pulled me into a hole,
A hole of guilt and despair.

I found a ladder,
A way out of there.
It causes me pain not talking to you
But that pain I am able to bare.

You can push me around no more,
You have no say in what I do.
You can’t make me feel bad.
I’m happier and better now; thanks to YOU.

floating freely
body moulded by a few sheets of shimmering blue
focusing purely on accepting the insignificance of my body to the earth so vast
erasing all the insignificant obstacles within myself

floating fearlessly
letting time take over control
meanwhile absorbing the scarlet sun

floating, simply floating
acknowledging the deep depth of the big blue
my mind drowned with blue thoughts

literal description of how peaceful i feel when i swim far into the oceans deaths
Shane Leigh Dec 2017

Full, of what a reflection would be;
still beautiful,
still haunting.
Where it is you rise
there is nothing left but in between -
but what is left of in between?

Oh, Ivory Moon,
do not change your hue
or fade from view
for I suffer;
Longer still do I suffer.
Mountains topped with white -
still not as clear as you
for you are like a ghostly wine,
numbing my limbs
but clearing my eyes
to the outside.

I am not sober,
it is true what people say,
I am not sober,
I am NOT sober ...
And you,
My Ivory Moon,
are the wine that slips easily past my lips
intoxicating me
and I eagerly acquiesce to my drukeness -

I am not sober,
and you are not the brightest thing;
So why do I continue to let you be?

© Shane Leigh
Enjoy (:
Jey Blu Dec 2017

Do I let you go?
Or force you to stay
In my usual selfish way

I never know
What to say
When you're in pain

But you always have the words
To make my life whole
To make my heart feel full

You were a cheater
But I really do love you
And you're one of only few

It was with my sister
But you fill my life with sun
And I thought you were the one

You live 4,164 miles from me
"It's nothing" we both say
But we think about it everyday

Now they're telling me
Stop talking and let him go
But I'm so selfish I say no

You need to be free
You need someone there
Who can physically show you they care

So maybe its best
To let you leave the way you came
And for I to do the same

riwa Dec 2017

let it come.
let it hit you as hard as it may.
let it sting; heartbreak always does...

then let it go;
you are stronger than this grief.

allow yourself to feel all of the feels, but never hold on to them for too long.
Maria Chona Nov 2017

Pareho lang tayo ng nararamdaman.
Ang akala mo ba'y ikaw lang?

Sa bawat kong ngiti
Alam kong 'di mo wari
Ako'y tahimik na humihikbi.

'Di natin maunawaan
Sana'y 'di na sinimulan
Kung tatapusin ng isang Paalam...

Ngunit alam natin
Lahat ay may hangganan din
Kahit ang pag-ibig na ipinalangin.

Sana'y lagi mong pakatatandaan
Sa lahat ng ating pinagsamahan
Minahal kita, kaibigan.

Zoie Marie Nov 2017

“I pushed him away too. I hurt him. But if he can’t handle me at my worst he certainly doesn’t deserve me at my best. You gotta treat yourself as if you’re the finest most fragile piece of jewelry and take care of yourself“

Poetry isn’t always poetic my love
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