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Natalie 4d
I allowed you to exist
in this place of confusion
deep within me
somewhere between
my chest
that was heavy with sadness
and my stomach
that felt flutters of hope
and I could never
reach you there
You liked to get close
to one place or the other
but you never wanted
to exist completely
in either place
just in between
audrey 7d
I might have tried, but guess. I'm done.
I keep trying, I keep coming in, but you build a wall on us.

I'm stucked.

Between, rather to wreck your wall or step back. To the place where I belong,

Because I know. I do realize, I'm not your home. I can't be one. And I'm not, and can't be yours either.

Aytree Feb 8
I’ve been so busy these past few years struggling to hold my sealing up.
Trying prevent it all form fall apart.
But in the end it’s to much.
so you just let go and let it all….  fall.
It’ll break your heart
But then you’ll realize that it’s a whole new world out there.
you just been using power,
on something that only made you weaker
Paras Bajaj Jan 28
Breaking doors that got jammed
so I can just run away to be free.
Today I’m letting go of who I was
to become who I really would be.

Leaving the past into places unknown
where my memories would never crawl.
Climbing high walls that are not my own
in the only hope that I would never fall.

Fighting demons every now and then,
hoping they would die and rest in peace.
Trying to win battles just from my pen,
only then I would find my real release.
mads Jan 27
I don't know how to do it
how to let people go
people who I don't need
I'm too worried about them
I know I should be worried
for me
SB Jan 24
Who was it that decided that a knot should be so painful to untie?

Sometimes, a tie is loose,
It has no purpose,
It is old,
It decays!

So why do we hang on?
Why don’t we just allow the knot to be broken when its clearly no longer functional?

Its quite sad really. How a knot becomes so weathered when two ends just can’t let go.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 22
It's cold out side
Snow is falling down
Light is shining
Kids are playing in the white glittering

I am sitting inside
Falling down in the void
Light is dimming
My mind is playing with memories

The sun is warming body's
Everything looks so cozy
Lanterns are lit
The feeling of warmth is spreading

My body is cooling down
I feel like I am going crazy
My eyes are closing
My body is cooling down

Out side the sun has set
Darkness a rises
People are moveing inside
Curtains are closing

My mind has set me free
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
Thoughts are popping up
The path has been found

You did something
I wish it was different
My life has been hurt
Body has been cut

You are not worth it
The pain, the cutting
I can't let the control go
I am the one who owns it
Isla Jan 22
to hate is all we know
it is safety  
but what fool mistakes strangulation for affection.

although you have surrendered your icy grip on my heart
in the early hours
cold fingers still pry my eyes open
so you can seep into the edge of my vision

when i dream, you sleep beside me
when I breathe, you are in my lungs
a whisper
a steady rhythm
a constant reminder
to be burdened is all we know
it is safety
but despite that
i exhale
and i let you go
guess who's still surviving ****
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