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Miriam 5d
Minutes turn to hours
Hours to days
And we r drifting further away

Moments turn to memories
Memories they fade
But all the blame floats my way

Days turn to weeks
Weeks to a month
Guess I just wasn’t enough

Words turn to thoughts
Thoughts they bluff
But I know the truth and it’s tough

Pain turns to anger
Anger then accepts
That I deserve more than reject

Sadness turns to happiness
Healing is complex
But I now know letting go is best
Sometimes we have just got to let go and then we will find freedom
stillhuman Jul 17
I dreamt of you
letting go
and because
that had never happened before
I woke up
I've kept you in my hands for so long I had no other space to grasp new things.
I let you go now in the box of my memories
Zywa Jul 14
The longer you live,

the less you care about it --

what you think of it.
Collection "Metamorphic body"

Unwrap these wounds
To let them bleed
These ghosts have no more hold

Deep within you know these answers
Bite down and bare it all

Unwrap these wounds
Feel what you need to feel
Say what you need to say

Will this be the end of things from the past
Entwined together

We keep dancing this dance
These flames licking us
Entwined together

With all if this anger and pain
Unwrap these wounds
Let them breathe

Unwrap these wounds
This pain is not the end
Eleanor Apr 11
I will cut you out of the picture of my life.
I will take a scissors, to these complex memories and
hack your influence out.
It took me months to buy the scissors,
years to get to the shop
but I got here, I have them.
I will hear sharp snips as I cut across
the images that are burned in my mind.
No longer will my thoughts wander towards you.
No more, will I allow my feelings to be  
clouded by a person who dug their words  
into my lungs and shattered
my ribs with boots made of malicious intent,
of careless incompetence, of clueless mockery.
I will use the scissors to cut your burning strings,
wrapped around these cheap candles.
A chord cutting spell, Dust beneath my heel
The memories I cannot cut I will burn.
I'll light a match on the bridge you
You said people never change, so killing current you’s influence
In revenge for past you’s violence is righteous, it is fair.
I'll sharpen their blade on the soul you hardened.
I'll rip up the pictures if I have to, claw you out.
I'd sacrifice that part of my memories
I'd happily **** the old me entirely to take you too,
To cut you out of the picture of my life.
I won't let us be friends anymore.
I love you, for real I do,
I don't know when I started, I have no idea I have fallen this deep either
You complete my day with your smile
You are everything I was praying for
But you hurt me, I was broken by your words you know.
I have my fears too, I am not that brave either
You gave up before it even began
What if you hurt me, you think I am not worried about that too, of course I am but each time I think about you I know I can get through those fears, I love you that much
But I cant force it so I am going to let go.
Yeah it hurting me big time but I will heal again
I am not going to forget you but I am going to live like I do before I met you. I hope you find love when you heal.

S. O Sther
Are you strong to let go?
Marga 梅香 Mar 30
there are things i have promised you,
things i don't ever want to put you through.
i'm sorry i broke those promises somehow,
i knew we weren't for each other anyhow.

i just want you to be happy,
i know we're both tired of being shady.
things between us are already sketchy,
every day, holding on seems very heavy.

letting go of you was hard
yet i don't want toxicity to bombard;
i want the best for you and me
so please, let's just set each other free.
It was a long time ago
I still love you though
I want to grow
But you're holding me back
Keeping me off track
Every time I try to let go
It makes my heart crack
I'm afraid of breaking
But you left my heart aching
I used to have a crush on someone but we moved away and it's kinda hard forgetting him.
Floating on a still river
I begin to break and shiver
For I am all withered and broken
And for being alive, I appreciate this token
I remember my green past
Yet it faded by quite fast
Is this how long I will actually last?
I had let go of my branch
Now I’m drowning in this watery avalanche
Nothing to hold onto any more
I break the closer I am to shore
Kat Culture Mar 1
Something happens every night at sunset. Blue turns to yellow. Hot fluorescent pink and red. Do you watch the sunset every night like I do?

I want to chase you like I want to chase the sun across the sky. All the way to Oklahoma and across New Mexico, pink mountains and ochre deserts. And then to the ocean, dazzling light on every wave. I'll chase the sun all around the earth and never live in darkness. One perpetual morning. A fresh cup of coffee that never goes stale.

And then somehow it flutters open again. The memory of the way you made me feel; the way I felt; that it's all so fleeting after all. Why do people go away?

The creek runs heavy in spring. Rushing, rushing, rushing. But, I can't place my finger on what the stream is, after all. Each particle moving so fast---it's gone before I can perceive it. A current, moving in a constant state of change.

I stared too long at the stream last week and that night I dreamt it as clear as day. I dream of you, too, sometimes. My face buried in your neck. You smell like a memory. Like an illusion.

Now the moon is full like the street lamp. This is the hour when parents get scared and call you in. Every shadow plunged to deep velvety blues. The smell of grass on my trousers. Crickets singing up the stars. Am I safe in this moment? Am I safe here?

We're laughing. It's the moment the laugh rises. I want to reach out and put you in my pocket before the release. Before it's over. Please don't go.

This. This is craving.

Love is something very very least expected. Love is letting go. Love is the exact opposite of the fear of losing. Love is wherever you are, wherever I am, cool and calm and going with the flow.
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