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Jamesb Jul 16
There is for everything under heaven a time,
And mine has come,
And mine has been,
And mine has become history,
And so now time for something new,
For someone new,
Someone with whom to enjoy
The benefit of all the lessons learned
With me,
Someone fresh and unsullied
By our mistakes
And our cocking up,
The rows and the stupid misunderstandings,
A bright new future in
Those sunny uplands we oft discussed,
Those painful conversations
We both hated to perceive the truth of
Have come home at last to roost,
For everything under heaven
A time comes,
For everything and everyone
A time also leaves,
So now I am left,
Now I am alone,
As perhaps
Should be.
Jammit Janet Jul 7
Finding the flow
The balance
The art
Of fulfillment
And letting go
Knowing when to say yes
When to say no
Self care at its best
Proof that I’ve grown.
Jude Quinn Jun 25
When this room disappears,
you'll be gone.
You may excuse me then,
if I stay for another drink.

////This is my emotional growth now////

I tried to deconstruct my self,
but I found so little,
it was easier
to start from the ground-up.

I'm building
the end of the world,
one mistake
at a time.
(The plastic pleasures
never much appealed to me.)

Tomorrow, I'll talk to God.
Tonight, I only wish to feel your skin.
Erin May 9
We met in winter
flushed cheeks warmed from weeks with you
called love till spring blooms
we said I love you

Silence turned me blue
feeling empty without you
thinking what to do
thoughts piled up the room

she made you smile
thinking maybe it was time
to let you fly free
and so It shall be

from that moment on
you hated me to the core
I was just afraid
that you never loved me

we stayed for a chance
hoping we'd bloom once again
tied a broken string
yet breaks once again

I meant what I said
that you were a life that matters
the beats of my heart
you were everything,
why do we fall apart?

I'm sorry I stopped
it doesn't feel like it's us
words were still just words
and secrets behind your eyes
nothing will ever be right
I wish to say more but I know it wouldn't matter.
I wish my person well, better, and happy.
You deserve more than me.
Erin May 8
The past haunts me still
As the silence stole the show
I think I'm not her
Just Leave the coffee cold

You deserve the sunsets
And all the golden stars
Forget about me
Enjoy the sweet chocolate
My everlasting heart
Random thoughts that I can't put into better words, that's all my heart could come up with
Allesha Eman Apr 21
Somewhere in the tremor of this monsoon rain
Your heart itched in remembrance
And denial took its hands away from your eyes
and so, you cried,
you cried a mountain of tears
Enough to fill the gardening pots
When you watered your roses
With salted despondency
And the flowers began to wilt
You realized to set these dreams free
But even then, they were too far within
Like the arteries in your chest
Keeping you alive
Keen Apr 6
It’s 3 am again,
You’re in my thoughts creepin’.
Whatever’s the cost;
I just needed to get lost.

I’ve been so scared—
of what I’ll become.
Moments are shared—
til’ my body feels numb.

Come back home to me,
and please don’t let this love set free.
How wonderful life can be—
For you and me till eternity.
L, wherever you are now in life. Please remember that I am forever grateful for the time we shared and spent together. I am wishing all the best and most of life can give to you. Till our paths may cross again.
Sonorant Feb 6
A Young ghost had grown old,
Her memory I ferried for Lethe.
Enervating knees fell in orison
Upon the samphire, married.
There I drank in dizzy stupor;
This is the quiet of my release.
lua Jan 3
my heart's not in it anymore
this tired deck of cards
with bends and tears at the corners
my fingerprints stained across the backs

i've had my fun with you
and you've stayed by my side
but my fingers are numb

i think it's time to say goodbye.
Erin Dec 2021
Close my eyes
Color me blue
Take my breath
Make me new
Exhales to the ocean blue
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