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Keiya Tasire Feb 2020
For my sons and their wives.
For my friends and their wives
For my friends and their husbands.
May no challenge in life be more important
Than the bond of your true love.
May you live in kindness.
May you live in love.
May your hearts dance in eternal joy.
Forever and ever in Love.
No one needs to stand in the way of a train. If abuse is happening and your loved one will not seek help. It is time for a tough decision. Sometimes tough decisions help to bring change before a possible divorce or even afterwards. The offending partner may decide to seek help,because they have lost someone they love. Others, may not choose to change. We all have agency. This post is for couples who wish to keep their love alive and do all that they can to grow in respect, love, and honor for each other. There are times when marriage gets tough and it is by determination to work it out that a marriage survives. It is by wanting the best for each other as individuals and as a couple, together, that matters. If this determination is not there, it is not eternal.
Raven Nov 2018
The world was dark and then it was bright,
But not dark and sad, to beauty everywhere
like all of those stories say.
The world was always beautiful,
You just made it more so
Because I see little parts of you all over,
And I cant help but smile
The story of falling in love with your best friend
colzzmacdonald Apr 2017
Pull me
Kiss my lips with the passion you express
Let me push my body on yours
Feel locked together securely
No one can compare to this love
That's getting stronger all the time
I want to run the back of my hand
Gently down your cheek
I want to
Undo the buttons of your blouse
Let those jeans fall to the floor
Slide my hand inside your underwear
So that we can be naked together
Forever, sensually, softly, lovingly
Cement our love over and over as we become one
Husband and wife
For all of this life and the next
On each of these nights
As the moon provides the only light in the window
I can lose myself in your sighs
Stronger together, weaker apart
Love needs no disguise

— The End —