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bring me to my surface and taste every drop.
release me of my stress and help me overflow my sins into you.
devour the pain and leave pleasure in its place.
let me worship every inch of your masculinity.
Shay Dec 3
Stay me
Why won’t you stay

You continue  to run from time running from what you fail to see is your own shadow

Stay face me with me
Together we can hold hands and interlock a bond unbreakable by the universe itself

Can you not see that every eye contact you make is the deepest fears of yourself begging to be accepted and cradle

Stay me
Stop running
Dwell for just a few and relinquish all control

Allow the freedom of internal chaos to be your best dance yet

Alas the revelation that fear was never tangible only imaginative

Why won’t you believe for one second that the you that exist is the me you hide from

Enough !
Now you see that me is seeking reconciliation
Grab my hand place your face on mine
Your lips on mine
your heart beat on mine and release

I feel you shiver, your hairs standing
Don’t tremble dearest one

I hear you scream “let go”!
I watch you flee into the abyss

I’ll be here again when you arrive
saying won’t you stay with me just a little bit longer this time
krahisunknown Nov 15
Alone...yet I'm not alone.
I feel your presence, what do you want with me? what do you want me to do? I can't focus...
I'm not to be controlled by you, I allowed you to enter my life and completely destroy my well being. Are you satisfied? You like to see me in pain don't you?
Maybe it's time...
krahisunknown Nov 11
I gave you everything not knowing what I was getting myself into. I feel unwanted, used, destroyed. I feel...empty. Being unable to continue and progress in my life has been the worst punishment I've ever experienced, but you...you're able to act like nothing has happened and walk around with a smile on your face. I remember smiling...laughing, feeling happy. I ask, what did I do deserve to be treated this way? what did I do to hurt you? what did I do to make you hate me?
Despair Sep 29
Lies are used to Build Walls
Lies are used to Barcade our true selves in.
Lies are used to Hide what we think is wrong
Lies are used to Build a fase world that encases us and destroys our humanity.
krahisunknown Sep 18
I sometimes find myself wondering what my life would be like if I hadn't met you. Would I be the person I am now? Would I have more freedom? Would I have less freedom? Would I be happier? Would I be sadder? I tend to think that we are put in certain situations to test our strength and our abilities to either move on or give up, BUT now I'm not so sure... Are we being tested? Are we being watched? Are our lives being planned out as we speak? So many questions and very little answers.  Maybe we are supposed to live the pros and cons of life but maybe I'm just over thinking.
krahisunknown Aug 27
Understand that I've tried to forget about everything. I've tried to move on and not look back but all I can see is  you. After all the damage you've caused me, I don't understand why I still feel the need to love and care for you...i'm done feeling unwanted, you've made me feel like i don't have the right to live and I can never forgive you for that. You've taken the happiness that I once had and completely destroyed it.  I hope you can live with what you've done to me because at this point in my life I feel as if I have nothing to live for.
krahisunknown Aug 16





Sara Kellie Aug 8
There's no need for this
never ending doubt.
Be the first and the last
of your very own devout.
Clear the clouds of those
who surround.
Your mind is stronger
pound for pound.
For you are you
and they are their friends.
Realise this and all your
fear ends.
You are one, now light the flame,
your doubters gone.

Do you see what I mean that
it doesn't matter where you've been.
'cause now your all knowing
It's about where you're going.

Poetry by kaydee.
True self realisation destroys all and any negativity that tries to swallow you.
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