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just to put on public record,
once and for all,
the lies that keep surroundingme,
will eventually fall.
I will never take my own life,
that will never be my thing,
i was ****** for being innocent,
for same reason,  i had to sing.
i sang, because it's relentless,
all the things they do to me,
the bullies surmounted me,  
facts some know and see.
because I don't matter
evil ,sick ,bad, or wrong,
they have become this to their core,
if they killed me young,
It  have been better,
than all the evil i did endure,
there is no let up from bullies,
they plunder, **** and maim,
they prey on child, the innocent,
the purest is their game.
I may be stupid, naive, and dumb , a clown  
they called a dope,
I won't **** myself ever, with Christ I have all hope.
Life is precious and more than that ,I  respect the life I bore,
I will never give up the life God gave me, for this you can be sure,
God is the goal for my soul, I went to hell and back,
My destiny is with Christ, his love I never lacked,
I would have thrown my life away, if I did not have Gods grace,
so put this in your censored news, in twitter ,book face,
Just know all you enablers, when they try to take me down,
I have a shield, I have a medallion, I also have a crown,
I have a star in heaven , two eagles,
my Father sent to me,
my white shell from opening 8 locks,
a blessed destiny.
a multicoloured dream coat, brought strife and jealousy,
my gifts from up above,
precious beyond compare,
thats why I don't chase earthly goods, I don't belong to here.
when i look up, my star looks down,
the trapdoor men and women,
can wear my frown.
I'm going to look after my body, I care about it a lot,
this  temple with a truthful heart
took your pain, **** , torture lots ,
I was ****** when I said nothing, I was ****** if I spoke,
so ploitters, power houses, politicians, cops, priests, not so intelligient intelligience,
take back all of your sicknesses,
and own your foul misdeeds,
a message from angel Michael, and Mother Mary
when they set me alight in flames,
advised me the lies they hooked me with,
the methods they used to  trick,
same killed God when he came to earth,
this is not my job to fix.
my perspective is not high enough to see the insides of their hearts,
predatory  wolf men batwinging their  world wide web of tricks
Ciao it was not nice knowing you, you make my stomach sick
The lies you told will trip you up, I know if you plan my end,
She didn't **** herself, the ***** did
her story will eternal trend
somethings are more precious than gold
for me that is my soul
cannot be bought cannot be sold
sometimes even God gets angry Christ also
unlike the most of the people i have met
keep bowing to mammon
good luck with your greed
only on earth evil succeeds
God loves all his children
he pays the ones running out of steam
up front
Keiya Tasire Sep 2020
Oh, my dear loved one
I deeply feel you in my heart.
When all of my work in this life is complete
I look forward to sitting together on a green hill
Overlooking this Heaven most high.
Sharing, heart to heart
The memories and love.
My tears of Joy flowing
From the very first time we met in heaven, long ago
Sharing earth time together
Birth, laughing, playing, challenges, grief and growth
Becoming a comfort in each other's heart.

Such is the rising sun
Endearing thoughts of a heart remembering
With beautiful prayers of Love.
This expanding moment
Now comforts my heart.
Just knowing we can sit here on this green hill
In continuing, enduring peace.

Embracing across no time
In a moment of eternity.
My heart and soul are hopeful
Strengthening my resolve
To live fully within Love.
I was posting to a FB page I manage about grief today. This poem poured out of my heart within  minutes, placing itself on the page.
Lovelyn Eyo Sep 2019
We generally gain true great knowledge from one who knows better than you & I
A higher knowledge of truth that's beyond the human scope
cannot  originate from mere mortals BUT from THE IMMORTAL &OMNISCIENT ONE who knows more than any human being.

Eternal life is the life of GOD revealed through CHRIST, intent on gifting those who follow the life of truth & holiness as personified by CHRIST-THE WORD OF GOD

GOD is neither silent nor imaginary
but has spoken since the beginning of time
& keeps speaking to those who
are open to the truth
humbly aligned with HIS love
and goodness of heart

HE has revealed what's beyond any human scope
through JESUS -The LOVEofGOD that came down from Heaven
who also is the ICON & MODEL of eternal life evident through  His death & resurrection, bringing forth GOD's salvation to the entire human race &the radiance of the AFTERLIFE-the greatest hope in glory for humankind
A brief insight on the afterlife, a revelation shown through CHRIST and a supreme gift of GOD for those who live by HIS word of life
blackbiird Apr 2019
Even in the wilderness
I can feel the calmness of the
Wind as you lead me to
The river to take a sip of eternal life.
blackbiird Feb 2019

Does the sun miss the moon
When it’s sleeping?
Does the hand miss the thread?
When it’s no longer spinning?

Is the child no longer?
Dependent on its mother
even after he or she
reaches adulthood?

Is a clock is still a clock
Even when it’s not ticking?

So tell me how could I
Possibly miss the chance
To dance with my first love
for the rest of my days.

For the brokenhearted, may you confide in Him for whom is the healer of all things.
Ariel Neves Jan 2019
I pray to you
Cause truly i don’t know what else to do
The devils a liar
But I am a fighter
Fighting for your kingdom
Fighting for things that are higher
If you are willing
Hear me out
My baby sis is thristy
She’s in a drought
I pray for living water to flow
Fill her up so she can hurt no more
She needs you
I need you
We need you
Reveal yourself to her
She needs to see you
See who you truly are
Look at my hands
Don’t you see the scars
Death has lost its sting
With you is where we need to be
Jesus come back and finish the story
Life without you is really boring
I will fight till there ain’t nothin left
They did not repent of their murders
Or their sorceries
Or their ****** immorality
Or their thefts
Don’t they know
That the blood can make them clean
Believe in me and I’ll give you life
forestfaith Dec 2018
i didn't know why i felt dark as i dwelled in the light.
i mean, everything is fine, going well, all swell,
and yet i felt dark and well....left in darkness.
wishing i was dead, crying in the silence of the night at 1am, i was hoping someone could hear my chocked cries.
but then.
you reminded me you are real.
you have always been.
you opened my eyes, you opened my wrinkled hands.
you've held my heart close to yours.
your light shines true.
your love, grace, mercy, kindness rings true.
and maybe i don't know why i feel the way i do, the way my mind is wired.
but you say your plans are good.
your plans would not harm me but give me a hope and a future.
you will be my light, my strength, my hope.

and i will shine your light on other people too.
i will do my best.
heyyy, so urm, God has really been so real. So i was in this period of time in my life that i was just so down, and sometimes i still am, but God kept on and keeps on reminding me that he is close, that he is real, so many times i wanted to **** myself, but by his amazing grace, AMAZING GRACE, LOVE i am safe.
he truly changed me and he loves you too :)
accept him, he wants to have a personal relationship with you...
you can message me to i guess know more if you are curious about Jesus and the Bible :)))) i will try my best to answer you :)
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Deathstar Prince and The Princess of Death

I’ve lived here for eternity, I’ve seen them come and go.
They all smile throughout the summer days,
But hide once winter brings the snow.
Too cold for some, that human bunch,
But I can’t feel a thing.
I am The Bringer of Agony and Death!
I am the Sorrowful, Deathstar Prince!

Such heartsore mist creeps over me
And washes my happiness away.
The night has once more crept upon us,
To bid goodnight to the day.

It’s lonely here inside my heart, whilst she is lonely too.
My Angel of the Bitter Heart,
I see you watching me, as I watch you;
But I saw this ****** death coming,
Since long before you were ever born.
Drawn together forever,
In love’s twisted mind of thorns.
“I shall make you feel each other’s soul,
And then I shall tear them away.”
I’d like to say it all came as a big surprise,
But I’d be lying once again.

Another century passes by; time to get a bride.
The last one didn’t like me much, so I’m afraid she had to die.
Such bitter sweetness to be tasted in her veins.
The body remained perfect;
It’s a shame the same couldn’t be said of the brain.
Next time will be sweeter though, I shall find a star.
My pale white dark love of temptation;
I can see what you truly are.

The She-Devil stands before me, waiting to be wedded in white.
This ***** of the visual ****** sends shivers down my spine.
She draws me into her engulfing buxom; tender loving care.
I draw her into my cold dark world, full of death and despair.

Eternally devouring each other’s love;
This attraction has gone beyond any reasonable version of lust.
It crashes through the sound barrier, it jumps off the chart.
My lust for this woman is greater than,
The love that I have hidden within my heart.

I kneel before my Princess of Death;
She allows me to gaze upon her as I rise to my feet.
My desire cannot be hidden from her eyes,
As we stand breath to breath.
Our lips touch, we fall in love again, as we join the deceased.

The hunt is on for a fresh victim tonight.
Who will find the tastiest blood?  Will it be me or you?
Let’s take our death, to her or him, my bride.
The moon is drawing low now;
It lights up her skin, as pale as the moon.

Hand in hand, we carry the body;
This beautiful damsel in distress.
Her name unknown, her view not asked for;
All we ask of her is death.
Her blood still pumps fresh inside her neck.
She screams; she tries to reason; in vain she doth protest.

I gaze my deadly stare upon her and offer her some pain.
She gladly offers her wrist to me, so I can have a taste.
But my Princess is the only one who can ever truly love me;
For she is my Forever Bride, she is my Everything.

I pity you food, you lack any imagination.
I’ve spent three thousand years, living in damnation;
But death I was able to grasp.
Whilst you struggle and squirm,
Before you’re bitten and collapse.
Your last gasp of air, is replaced with despair,
As we take all your troubles away.
Your deathly stare at my debauchery enslaved,
Lets you realize, how little I care.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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