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Jack L Martin Sep 27
"I see what you mean!"
signed the deaf lady,
to the blind man,
who replied,  
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that!"
rob kistner Sep 16

the poet’s eye is like your eye
yet it sees life’s un-shown
and reflects it for your sight

the poet’s ear is like your ear
but it senses life’s most quiet
to resound so we might hear

the poet’s tongue is like your tongue
yet it speaks what is not spoken
and becomes the voice of truth

the poet’s hand is like your hand
yet when it reaches out
what it touches is the soul

rob kistner © 1987
A 31-year-old contemplation of mine regarding what makes poets different.
rob kistner Sep 16

eccentric in their special ways
they prefer the path unclear
the trail unmarked

fond of stumbling in
fumbling through
finding the way that's theirs

engaged by the obtuse
the uneven
the asymmetric
they see grace and form
in brilliant imbalance

seduced by the clue
drawn to the fog
they seek the wonder
it withholds

where they long to go
is always 'round the bend
over the hill
behind the closed door

their ears prick
to the distant sound
that arises
just beyond clarity

to all these things
their souls are pulled


down the trail
in the mist
around the curve
over the crest
shut away
comes the clarion call


rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on the poet's wonderfully special traits.
A Rivers Aug 14
I lost one of my hearing aids now I'm deaf on one side
Vulnerable to the things I try to hide
It rushes over me like the sand bashed by the tide
I'm normally so outgoing but today I feel shy
Let me look really intending to see

How soft and graceful your smile can be

Let me gather every furrow’s wrinkle and dip

Each purposeful twist upon your lip

Sensing every fear, anger and envy

Let me escape judgments of thee

And keep all distractions away from me

While I am collecting all of your script

Let me look, really intending to see

Summon each emotion be it sad or happy

Amass all your thoughts, goals and worry

Reflect, rephrase, without a slip

All pain, plight, dilemma, and witty quip

And in the end realize the need to let you be

Let me look, really intending to see
The wind rushes though my hair, 
Whistling it's shrillness in my ear.

The thunder gives a deafening boom,
Echoing inside my skull.

It never ends,
The crashing of water on rocks.

Like war soldiers in battle,
The waves cry out.

Desperately wanting to
Be rid of such pandemonium.

I'm unsure of the havoc it's caused,
With all the loudness it brings.

Everything is on hyperdrive,
My ears even more so.

Now the wind is coming much faster,
Causing me to loose all sense of direction.

The high pitch of an alarm is off in the distance,
Still trying to resonate above all the turmoil.

Suddenly, everything stops
And I'm left to wonder where it all went.

No nosie, no thrashing of the trees,
Complete silence - trance like even.

It's over. I'm free.
ollie Jul 26
They taught Helen Keller to communicate through sign language in her own palms
I hope someone realized how intimate that must’ve been
I learned a while back that when you lose one sense, the others strengthen to compensate
The girl had only three senses
I wonder what baking must’ve smelt like to her
I don’t worry about how it tasted
It must have been the highest form of intimacy to communicate by touch for her
I imagine it feels similar to how I roar to life when I see the ace of hearts
Mary-Eliz Jul 25
though the moon tries
peeks through the trees

we can’t see in the night
but we can feel

weep not for darkness
but for unfeeling hearts

the moon tries
peeks through the trees

we can’t see in the night
but we can hear

weep not for darkness
but for those who won’t listen

the moon tries
peeks through the trees

we can’t see in the night
but we can dream

weep not for darkness
but for those unable to dream

the moon peeking
through the trees cries
Inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca poem.
Brent Kincaid Jul 21
Please listen.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Please don’t make me one of them.
It’s just one of life’s bad breaks.
Replay what I have told you again,
And listen, please listen.
Look into what I have said,
Let it play inside your head.

Please listen.
Listen to what I am saying
Instead of what you’re thinking.
Make me the song you are playing.
Then, listen, please listen.
Not what you think you heard.
Do listen closely to my words.

It is so very important
That you hear the content
It’s from my innermost heart,
It's what I think and pray
From my soul at the very start
And it will never ever go away.

So, listen.
It’s easy to stay half aware
Of what others have to share
And not quite care to hear
What their heart is crying out
The hopes they hold dear
That you could care about.

It is so very important
That you hear the content
It’s from my innermost heart,
It's what I think and pray
From my soul at the very start
And it will never ever go away.
Jme Love Jul 19
did you see the beautiful sunrise
or the flower blooms?
did you hear the birds sing
or listen to your favorite tune?
did you feel the wind in your hair
or the warm sun on your face?
did you smell the bacon in the air
or eat at your favorite place?
did you once think how lucky you must be
to have eyes that let you see?
did you once think how lucky you are
to have ears that let you hear?
did you once think how lucky it was
to just be free?
have you once thought of how lucky
it is to just wake up?

even in the dark i hope a song can lead your heart
even in the silence i hope a star can shine on you some happiness
even in lonely times i hope the company of a pen can keep you alive
ive had nothing ive had everything.ive lost little ive lost lots.ive had beautiful light ive seen my way out of the darkest places.ive loved ive lost love i loved again.ive learned ive forgot.sad to say it took all this and alittle more to make me appreciate even the smallest things in life.no matter how bad things get i can always find one thing that im grateful for.thats the only push i need to keep going.
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