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The Vault Aug 28
The walls have ears
Whether it be a dog
Or a child near
The walls have ears
So your secrets are never just yours
Cause all walls have ears
And your secret
And all your lies
Will be known
Cause the child hears.
Francie Lynch Aug 16
When she said, Don't talk to me,
She lost some of her voice.
Then I heard, Don't look for me,
She gave no other choice.
Don't touch, I have no feelings,
You make my skin crawl,
Don't expect a pick up,
If you pick up to call

But I still smell her everywhere:
The shampoo used on her hair;
The bedsheets where we lay bare;
The fragrance of her festive tree;
Her aromatic herbal teas;
The lilies she could grow in sand,
Are sensational in my memory glands.
Lilly F Aug 13
you **** me softly with every syllable,
your vocals do not make me shake,
but make me stand perfectly still
to make sure I don't miss hearing even a mumble
come from between those lips

pt 2 of series of poems I've been writing: what I love about you
Dog you hear my words
For you just mouth sounds
Only in your dog head
So you hear me say:
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Walk; Fetch; Sit; Stay.

And to me similarly conveyed
From others I have some
Vague recognitions
Among words meant to help:
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Protocol; File; Save; Trending.

And now all is a bleak
Brief inexplicable future
I hear much of confusion
So give it to me straight:
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Life; Beauty; Death; Ending.
Touch -
The most significant insignificance.
Sight -
The slightest intention.
Hearing -
The loudest silence.
Taste -
The most complicated intricacy.
Smell -
The love of the non-discriminatory.
You -
The "when all else fails".
CautiousRain Jul 23
If you lied
and he lied
and everyone's lying
then what am I doing here
listening to everything
when I could be damaging my ear hairs
another way?
rambles always
mer Jun 10
and listen
to the sound
of your breath

one day,
you won't hear it
Don't worry,
Be happy,
Snooze and relax in your rocking chair,
First the hair,
Getting white and receding,
It happens, it's nothing,
Nature compensates.
You tend to get fat,
Diet and lose weight,
No, she makes your teeth go rot,
So you eat less what you eagerly sought.
Decayed teeth, ****,
What a pity,
Don't worry,
She makes your eyes go bad,
Your vision somewhat fade,
See, others can,
They call you toothless gran,
So she makes your hearing become less,
What they say you only guess,
And if you hear anything,
You soon tend to forget and remember nothing.
Life takes its course,
Make of it the most,
Don't worry,
Be happy.
I seldom learn about life
When walking fast along a path,
Exercise becomes the goal
Instead of understanding
Who I am, what the world is about
And why I am here

I seldom learn about myself
By reading the morning paper
instead of hearing the good morning song
Of the wren visiting
Among the feeders

I seldom learn about you
By thinking what I will tell you
Instead of hearing deeply
What you are saying and
What you are feeling while you say it

I seldom become aware
Until I feel my breath
Cascading in and out
Filling my belly and
Leaving my chest

Perhaps life is simple
When we experience it
Moment by moment
Instead of trying
To capture it
And make it ours
Morning reflections
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