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Flo 6d
If I were to go into the void
Leaving everything behind
Will I find serenity?
Will there be peace?
Stripped of all weight
Freedom awaits
Lay me down to rest
In everlasting darkness
Once I take my final steps
Into the void
A poem from my dark poetry series.
she's gone like the stars in the morning time
a few left to make you smile
never enough to overwhelm.
she's fine like the sweet escape of time
they call her name
she says i'm running away.
she's felt so deep
like a trench where soldiers laid
so awful it was to lay with them.
she's kind as flowers are pink
sometimes they are
and sometimes you have to look inside.
she's rough like jagged stones
beach hair tousled from the breeze
"baby," she says "come back to me."
she's sick of deception
who knows her name
"please get away from me" says she.
she's me.  
cant you see?
i'm feeling more calm
Sally A Bayan May 16


At 4am, serenity surrenders to the rooster.

Early risers snap from their slumber,
thinking, the world is on their shoulders.

Eyes close...thoughts for the day gather,
strength is renewed...mind gets sharper
while under the lukewarm shower.


Aromatic moments stir the cold sleepy air.

there's hot coffee, frittata and fried frankfurters,
day starts with good food, whatever the weather.

Between work and breaks, we count the hours
of an unpredictable day, til 9-5 pressure is over.
coffee, gardening or wine, undo the day's fetters.

sally b

Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
ND Uzoamaka Feb 6
The wind is beautiful this morning
Awesome and soothing before my body
relaxing like the sights of the water lilies
embalmed with nature's aura
marinaded in the helms of the valley
defiling the sanctuary of my mind
I let this beauty envelope my very being
as I hang on to the very last straw grasping for air
like a desperate baby clutching on to a candy
Holding on to the very notes from unsung pipes
gliding through the very surface of the sun
dancing to the beats of these symphony
this orchestra, peace for my troubled heart
beauty for my broken soul
I let myself swim in the parfum inhaling every essence
as I watch the wonders heal my soul
I beheld the tranquil touch my heart yearned for
as I let peace conquer my anxiety
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2021
No power in the 'verse
can stop her,
her name is a channel
in all directions,
it's just an object,
it doesn't mean what you think.

"Two-by-two, hands of blue."

Simon says safe passage
is such a slender thread,
a watered-down exchange,
it streams into
the substance of things:
objects in space.

"Two-by-two, hands of blue."

A life of Serenity,
it’s not applicable…
cold and naked,
dipping her feet
into a pond of impossibilities
—what she sees is seldom what she gets.

"Two-by-two, hands of blue."
prairiegrass dreams

Across the Sandhills
wading into the untamed Niobrara
barebacked.. brown,  and beautiful

Within her Misty Mountain dreams
she is heading my way.
Ah, sweet lord God almighty,
look at her go..

Westbound,  she is best-found

    right there..  on the edge
    of these dreams of my own

Oh my lord..
look at that beautiful horsedream  go
Will I be able to survive her..

  I don't know
.  .  .  

You feel him..  don't you, sweet one..
my beautiful Snickers
on that Gordon, Nebraska hill--
his home,  his birthplace..

Until his beautiful spirit
one day..  finally found me

Striated and stoic
he is waiting for you..
To bring, you
the rest of the way home.

North now,  into Dakota
as you bleed  
with the Lakhóta
on a trail,  split

   between Pine Ridge..
   and Wounded Knee.

Feel your war-torn  Spirit
melt  in to them
(you will not fall)

As you ride this black-maned  dream
just a bit further North..
towards a man, named Paul

Within my own,  I can feel you both

Ah hell, babe..
I can feel you all

hold on to your dream of this dream..
remember every-thing

Rough draft, this feels inadequate
to the picture I want to convey.
His likeness is in the sixth frame shown,
and again, between the two  of her;

His eyes.. in the two, up close.
You will not go lonely
Farah Taskin Sep 2021
under the rain washed
sunny heavens
the heavens are as clean
as a whistle!

lolling in  
the lawn
sipping cappuccino
a love story
sensual serenity!
Life sometimes offers good things :)
Melody Mann Sep 2021
Grace your presence on each living entity that roots itself solemnly in your grounds,
Rejoice at the mercy of the infinite as he showers his benevolence on your path,
The road to redemption is a tedious feat,
May you guide the course with light and serenity.
C Biluk Sep 2021
Dreams and reality
can get pretty loud

If you need a break
Just walk back

to the big tree
beside the quiet river

and the soft breeze
in the morning light
Kamila Aug 2021
I wish I could describe the feelings
I have each time I look at you.
You are my source of energy and healing,
And inspiration, too.

You let my worries fade away,
And ground my wandering mind.
When I'm with you, I love the way
I put the rest behind
Dedicated to nature
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