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August Sep 22
i wish you'd come back for even a second
even if it's just enough time to remember the color of your eyes
Gazing out towards this ocean
This endless blue sea
Warm water
cool breeze
Coarse sand
Under my feet
Waves crashed
Waves beat
I understood what it meant
What it meant to be free
As I gazed towards this ocean
This endless blue sea
Just a soft, easy experiment.
Rhea 4d
No words can share the chaotic precision
Of waves sweeping a sandy shore

Clean of its filth, expired life, footprints
Leaving the ground beneath supple and bare

Find me the words to describe
The confidence of a feisty crest

As it approaches the shore so swiftly
To pound without relent

How the pinnacles raise
A turbulent impasse

Until another frothy height
Follows its thin soapy tier

And stacks its might like ***** keys
Carrying them both to shore

Tell me the poem that captures
The layers and ripples dashing

As countless and intermingled
As the buttery layers of a croissant

I wish I could find the words to hold
This image deep within me

To remember the blur of green and blue
When I am far from their ruling roars

I would enshrine their vivacity
With a razor in my heart

If I could keep their beauty
A keepsake of nature’s art

When the outside world is yelling
I wish I could recall

At will the rumble of undertow
The thunder of admonished land

The crashing sounds that kidnap you
Forcing reality far behind

For no mortal trouble is so large
To ground you by the sea

The only thing to consume a wave
Is the crest rising in its wake
Mose 6d
Let it be owed to the girl who wears struggles as a beaded pearl necklace.
Who never chocked on the words “I need help”.  
Refusing to wither away into the corners of which life pushed her.
Grabbing with a tenacity that assured others this will too heal.
Scars to be ravaged in glitter as if gold was the only thing to bleed.
A woman worth loving in the way she pronounced I, redefined I.
No proclamations of apologies.
Rest assurance that you didn’t need to be broken to learn how to love.  
Never ashamed of the way life made her say sorry before thanking you.
An omen to herself for not loving every part sooner.
Giving leeway to the forgotten little girl.
As the mind clear and the dawn flickers with the passing seconds, allowing the minutes to tip-toe by leaving a imprint across the night sky. Quietly disappearing with the dawn that is merrily sneaking in to take place of the earlier darkness with sounds that joins the light. It serenades ever so peaceful while being a warm delightful ascending melody of the winds and some birds playing and dancing in a still blurry vision which accompanies the opening of one’s eyes upon rising. To be in the sight of beauty; the first glimpse of a sparkle catches the watchers soul with a grasp is paralyzing of joy.
     Now the sounds of heavy breathing has infected ears to induce joy and happiness.
Knowing that it is I who is sharing space that the morning sunshine has solidarity control. Now it is me; yes me who know shares this space with your lovely soul…

CE Cheatham
Like a spinning stone, skipping along the surface, waiting to sink, and find it's place back among the bedrock.
Busy Brain, dances through the years, yearning to still it's thoughts, that it may sink into it's purpose
Lee Carter Sep 8
I sought serenity in silence
to find an empty sound.

I looked for calm in darkness
where in light it can't be found.

I searched for peace inside myself
to win the war within.

I explored the path to journey's end
so that I could then begin.
Amanda Hawk Aug 28
Serenity is translucent

In the stillness I find myself

Icing over my skin

Tracing tranquility in small patterns

Over my stomach

Letting my strength be silent

As my mouth rests

Control doesn’t have to be loud to be heard

Standing here, I watch the world move

I feel myself come into me

Reflecting my soul within tiny flecks of light

I let my dreams bend and shimmer

While I wait motionless

Composure freezes upon my face

Stern eyes and soft smile

I will greet the world with open arms

In my silence, I find myself
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
A melody sings
Throughout a concrete jungle
Even it, can find peace
Gabs Aug 6
I listen to the sounds of the breeze
I focus deeply upon its hum as it travels through the atmosphere.
It drifts past my ears creating a humanly like voice
I attentively tilt my head.
What that last phase was...I cannot be sure.
Yet I lift my body up attentively and look out into the night.
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