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Hands of Love
Hands of Understanding
Hands of Compassion

Ears that hear
Eyes that understand
A heart of wisdom & knowing

Unwavering & supporting
Without blame
Without shame.
Never a criticism given

You heard me.
You held me.
You helped me
Move through Grief
Toward a measure of Serenity.

My dear love
How could I ever repay you?
When someone we love dies, the saddest thing I have experienced is no one there for support. Maybe they did not know how or were lost in their own processes. It was not until now, at 63, that I have felt this unwavering love and support.
I am not controlling
My life,
Nor the world,
Nor the words and actions
Of all these people around me.
Still I am in control.
Still every word makes sense,
Just as it always had.
Still their actions are clear,
Plain and intellegible to me.
I have an identity, somewhere.
But I don't bother to find it.
Everything just fits.
And I am not really supposed
To explain why.
Maybe this vertigo
Is the last sigh
Of my controlling self,
Slowly fading
In this new found peace.
Maybe it is the beginning
Of an emancipated self,
Free and calm.
Maybe this vertigo
Is another name for freedom.
We can call it
Freedom, or Liberty or Self-determination.
Maybe the cultured man
Will think of Euthymia,
Or some other label
Of Stoic wisdom.
Be like that.
Maybe it's an ending.
Maybe a beginning.
Probably, both.
Maybe it's just beautiful.
birds twitter about
hidden pond comes into view
water laps softly
8/16/2018 - Poetry form:  Haiku - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Sometimes I want love to find me.
For when love takes over,
you'll walk the road of serenity.
You'll climb the mountain of euphoria.
You'll swim the ocean of ecstasy.

Yet, I don't think love is good for me.
I'm afraid it'll **** me in a state of oblivion.
But perhaps that's all I ever really needed;
to fall into the pit of love and never
break through the surface again.
I feel almost weightless,
As I notice all my problems
Fading into the nonsense
To which they belong.
Serenity reigns,
Everything is calm now.
A deep sentiment of rationality
Pervades my mind:
Everything is in the right place,
Everything is in the right time,
Everything is in the right order.
Everything makes sense.
Everything is just fine.
Everything seems so quiet,
So calm and still,
That I feel like
Nothing could ever affect me.
I am ethereal-minded,
I am like sunset on a lake,
I am like the breeze on my face,
I am like a deep underwater cave,
I am almost weightless.
And that's the best I've ever had.
Quinn Adaire Sep 26
The magical moment
When you wake up
But you’re still slightly sleeping.

The beautiful moment
When you are not worried
You are honest
You are content
Anger fear and hate
Seem to have never
Manifested in your mind.

You are a tree
You are a blade of grass
Blowing in the wind
You are the wind blowing.

You are...
Inspired by Jerry Spinelli’s book Stargirl. We are reading it in ELA class. It’s a really good book.
Ms L Jul 18
It's a chaos.
They rumble and jumble inside me.
Something's throwin',
Something's turnin'.

I plead.
It's breaking.
Deep breathing.
Can you please stop?!

Be quiet.
Stay still,
Or hold me atleast.
Please help me gain peace...

I just want serenity,
A cup of calming tea,
Phrases to keep,
And a good night sleep.
Think of it as a Vacation (For the New Comers to Treatment)
                    Written by: Matthew J. Sanchez Age:(23)
                                            August 10, 2019

For the empty souls who think their life is at a loss,
I've got a letter folded up, that's as simple as a coin toss
But here's the thing it's not always easy
It leaves you sad, mad, isolated, constantly feeling uneasy
It's a disease we have to fight with every single day
A war within a substance that only traps us in a haze
Lost in a dark room; a dark minded struggling maze.. wasting away
the years with each passing day.
You have to know when enough is enough,..
Or it'll only tear you apart ending in death, institutions or handcuffs
Therefor the choice is yours!
No more excuses to avoid opening an unlocked door,
Make the big decision or you'll be nevermore
It's time for you to open your mind ,discover new places you've never
The choice is yours for the taking, cause the withdrawals will only leave
you nauseous and shaking
Or even worst it can lead you to a hollow grave, an eternal rest in
which you can never escape
So take the time we're granted as an advantage for yourself
Find who you truly are and travel far to escape that internal Hell
Because if you really think about it, this is like a Grand Vacation
To ease your pain, and find a way to be saved through Rehabilitation
The choice is yours, to spread your wings and soar
Smash this disease into nothing, and finally walk through the door.
To the addicts still struggling out there, just know that it's not over for you. Everyday is a new day to start over with a better life, just gotta make that first step, and you gotta really want to overcome the disease of addiction. God Bless to the ones in recovery and to the addicts still out there struggling.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Serene and still, so fast asleep,
Your body, soft white gold,
Radiating morning warmth,
Wrapped up away from cold.

Your skin reflects the morning light,
sneaking through the blinds.
Your hair a thousand shades of shine,
conceals your perfect lines.
Hannah Aug 23
I have known one hundred humans
For every year I have lived
With whom I cannot speak freely
But I commune wonderfully with
The trees
The rain
The stars
They expect nothing of me
I expect nothing of myself
In their presence
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