I haven’t felt like this in years.
I woke up to noisy traffic roaring outside my window.
A smile escaped my lips,
With enough energy to run a marathon,
I would like to keep this peace.
My old friends depression and anxiety no longer friends,
I welcome happiness and creativity with open arms
What is this?
Am I allowed to feel happy.

7day vegan challenge.
This challenge is proving to be amazing.
awknight Jul 26
the strength in you
is voraciously eaten
by the soul of me.
your hands introduce
the touch of messiahs  
to my frail , battered skin.
the tips of your cosmos
trace my spine
where your lips soon follow.

I am an altar.
Janan Jul 19
Not everyone who shows you an ounce

Of attention during your states of vulnerability
Where your brokenness has drenched blood into your arteries,

Clogging the bit of hope you had left seeping in an abyss,

Deserves to bask in the taste of your ancestral secrets.

Why weren't you taught the science of the lion and the gazelle,

Where predators seek out the weak and down-trotted,

Just For their leisure?

just because they’ve seen tears shed

And they've caressed the nothingness that
wallows in the pit of your stomach,

does not entitle them to your graces

You must learn when it’s time to protect your peace.
must learn when solitude is necessary
Kim Essary Jul 16
The wind on the beach blowing a soft breeze through my hair, as the hint of salty sand caressed my lips of fresh gloss,
My eyes closed as my ears listened to the peaceful sound of the waves crashing on to the  shore .
My satin sundress cuddled my body from the force of the wind , the exotic arousel of the fresh ocean air in traps my mind into a place far away where the  dolphins swim freely by your side and the sea horse tickle your toes. A place made up of sparkling white sand and water off emorald green.
The serenity and peace of mind are unlike no other place except the place with so many hidden secrets left to discover buried far beneath it's floors of coral and gems and lost treasures which may forever go unseen.
So far below us yet it sends it's magic through the waves upon the shore or crashing into the reef, dropping some of it's beauty for us to see like the conk shell, as we place it to our ear we can hear the sound of the ocean or the sand dollar, if broken just right it holds the beauty of a seagull fitting perfectly in it's middle. My place like no other the land I long to see, the land far away under the sea.
I would love to dive as far as I could and explore the beauty and mystery under the sea
Sara Kellie Jul 2
You're just above the water, just.
You know you're going, don't you.
You've hung on for ages, years.
You seem ok about going, are you.

Just go, now.
Just go.

Poetry by Kaydee.
A short poem about the right to die.
Calmly exiting life.
Sarah Mann Jun 30
Watching the clouds is such a calming activity. I wonder why I don’t do it more. I suppose it’s because during the year “I don’t have the time”, but what does that even mean? There is always time, time is continuous. It is fluid, I am not reminded of this often enough. I like being outside during the time just a little bit before sunset to watch the majesty of nature welcome the night. Spending time with my dogs is rather pleasant too, I don’t do it frequently enough, I know. The sky has slowly turned into shades of grey and the clouds are growing heavy. The final calls of the birds are echoing off the dusty concrete as they call to each other in what I can only assume is their language. There is not too much longer that I can sit outside for before it’s completely dark which I know I wouldn’t enjoy. There’s too much uncertainty about the night compacted with the well known and well repeated fact that I can’t see. It’s pretty much a nightmare combination. However I have to say, there’s something special about sitting barefoot in the grass watching the sun go down with the only company being your dogs.

It’s quiet. It didn’t used to be. My parents have been fighting for who knows how long tonight. It’s not great background noise when I’m trying to relax. There’s a motorcycle racing down my street there is definitely something to living behind the protection of a driveway. I couldn’t imagine how awful it would be to live next to a highway. It’s peaceful watching the clouds slowly amble across the sky changing color ever so slightly. I really enjoy summer in this moment. The gentle breeze, the kisses from my dog, the slowly setting sun, and melodic hymn from the birds create a vision that seems to be stripped from a movie scene.
Stream of Consciousness - June 28, 2018 - 7:27 PM
Regan Jun 24
The burning sand sliding in between your toes.
The breeze making you feel weightless.
The salty-smell filling the air.
Seagulls flying above.
Once touching the refreshing sand in the ocean,
You’ve become it.

© Regan
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Pull the smoke cascading through your cracks back inside. Nobody can know that you are burning down,
Nobody can know that you are being engulfed by an all consuming destructive blaze of emotions.
You have worked so hard to make them think nothing is wrong, That you are stable, solid and serene.
They never look close enough to see the cracks that have been formed with each failed love
And they never stay long enough to see the ash stained tracks the tears that these loves create carve their path down your face.
As far as they can see you are in perfect control.
Unflappable to the extreme.

You should be able to do this so easily.
You have done this since the first time the moon in your heart was ignited and eclipsed by the rage of rejection.
Up until now you have performed this act so well that they have begun to forget your humanity,
They have started to revere your serentity.
They look at their own cracked interiors and think that only a god can ward off the human flaw of heart breaking emotion so effortlessly.
They have named you a diety entrapped in flesh and now you can’t dissapoint them.

So breathe in.
Smother the ever rising fingers of fire inside of you.
Look around you at the other collections of flaws in human form and notice that they too are crumbling, smouldering ruins held together by smiling masks.
Breathe out.
You are just like everyone else, but they cannot ever know.
lins May 31
I have pictures hanging on my wall
inside the thin black frames
are portraits of flowers
to which I don’t know the names

some may call them boring
maybe even too plain
but to me they are perfect
they make me feel more sane

the light blue flowers
on the stark white canvas
lighten the room
and suppress my madness

as I memorize them
every night before bed
I’m overwhelmed by their beauty
and it begins to clear my head

when I close my eyes
I can see those flowers
as I remember every detail
I stay calm for hours
something that brings me a little bit of joy
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