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Cox May 19
Listening to the soundtrack that the rain is playing,
I want to be beside you.
Yet, here we are in two different towns,
in two different beds loving from afar.
Jason Apr 27

I want to wrap myself around you,

My entire self, my spirit, all my life,

I want to cradle you in the arms of my galaxy,

Serene in the timeless embrace of our fusion,

The rest of the universe spinning around us,

Starlight fireworks dancing to the beat of our heart.

© 04/27/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, somethings I just couldn't stop writing about:)

steps echoed down the stairs bringing a wild relief to his blare

approach of silence to regret the resilience

of an unspoken battle of illicit stares in defiance

embrace of warmth heartens the overdosing serenity

hold of love for the first time in months

bringing safe havens to my desperate soul magnificently

When I can find in this world a piece of truth and a knowing of trust then , I will be free of the burdens of my walls built so high I cannot see
When , I can find love with passion & truth then my walls will begin
to crumble
When this worlds comforts me & I can feel hope & a bit of peace
These walls will fall & my soul
will be set free
I hope I find this serenity
I desire this to be
So mote it be © Jennifer L Delong 8/15/18
Joy Mar 30
Nothing more,
nothing less
than the seed growing
in the ceramic ***,
than the serendipity of
stumbling upon people made of
sunrays and stardust,
than the potential for growing,
than the potential of decay.
I'm nothing more
nor nothing less
than potential for love and hate,
for creation and destruction.
Insignificant and small.
Important and huge.
I am everything
and nothing of major importance.
I am somehow miraculously
in the most mundane sense
Happy birthday indeed.
Sharon Thomas Mar 11
What's it gonna take?
For me to enter your mind,
I've heard of a universe;
That you try so hard to confine.

What's it gonna take;
For me to make you smile
The crinkle in your eyes is enough;
To make anyone go wild

What's it gonna take;
For your eyes to meet mine;
There is serenity in them
That I cannot fathom;

What's it gonna take;
For you to whisper my name;
My heart would burst into a thousand flames
And most willingly;
Loner of the planet
Where dreams give way to musing,
Flemditation and Jarvoy,
Living with Jhello made of peppers, hot,
Loons scouring cobbled city streets
Well treated with modelparse wine,
Reflecserve chortling along in
Plan to watch a mockumentary,
broken by the doorbell -
A fairy telegram:
Invite to brunch
From Trolly,
Best friend, the only,
One to teach me
How to use my spork.
Glad to lose the smog of this morn,
I dress-up cheching the mirror:
Great a fit of my suithalf.
Portmanteau Poem written at request, a challenge taken for practice and a little fun.
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