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lovejunkie Dec 6
when we reach for
the future, unafraid,
while letting go of the
restraints from past mistakes,
then we will find, also, peace.

i promise you.
it works.
Samuel Louis Nov 29
sweet sweet
as the warmth
from your
to my own
We are laying in bed with our legs intertwined, and I can't think of anything besides how lucky I am to have you here at my side.
Crego Nov 21
(Insert satire
about my
Michael Nov 13
Young child at home you are free,
Home is where you belong,
At home there is serenity.

The world has it's jaws wide open
Waiting to devour your soul.
The world is not where your freedom lies,
The word freedom in the world is a lie.
The world is a jungle
Where the need to survive restricts your movement
The need to survive is what kills you Young Child.

The world tells you:
**** to survive
But what she didn't explain is that
You survive to be killed.

Young child at home you are free
Home is where you belong
At home there is serenity.
The world is full of deception and if you are not careful you will be eaten up and spat out. That's why home is where your freedom is.
Haylin Nov 9
They say if you’re awake at 3am, you’re either inlove or broken.
I say it’s neither.
Perhaps it is the silent space between feeling too much and feeling nothing at all.
The indiscernible sentiments of someone who has been long lost and is yet to be found.
A soul that is neither gleeful nor wretched;
And instead waiting to feel, pondering on certain circumstances,
Or probably continually yearning for a type of serenity that time could still not dare to give.
Asante' Nov 8
It was a beautiful moment
Of dissatisfaction.
One where she realized
Does not equate
With serenity.
That stagnancy
Does not yield joy.
So she moved,
Not only her feet.
She moved mountains.
The earth quaked beneath her,
And flowers bloomed
In every *****.
And this,
She thought,
THIS is how it feels
To be alive
Ellison Nov 6
It is magic; pure pleasant purple-dotted
Oddities in the reflecting pool of our imaginations
Yet is it so absurd to believe in a second in time
Where words mean something and love and rhyme?

I ponder in a candy land upon a sleepy pink hill
And floating one-eyed people tumble around and spill
Out the words that make them real and who they are
But you and I should rise beyond and float amongst the stars.
For the pages of hearts and wet mouths cry
And the cotton-clothed blanket lets us warm and dry
So can’t we simply stay in our warmth so long at peace?
I never want the enchanted feeling of your being to ever cease.
Izabella Nov 6
Looking into his eyes
Felt like
back to earth
But I was not fearing the impact
The thought of the trees so deeply rooted in his mind piercing me was not intimidating
I was excited for the impact
Almost ecstatic
I felt the wind beneath me so desperately trying to hold me up
It was no use
I had already fallen so hard and too fast
The forests you offered me were perfect
I was ready for impact
I was in love
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