Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Pull the smoke cascading through your cracks back inside. Nobody can know that you are burning down,
Nobody can know that you are being engulfed by an all consuming destructive blaze of emotions.
You have worked so hard to make them think nothing is wrong, That you are stable, solid and serene.
They never look close enough to see the cracks that have been formed with each failed love
And they never stay long enough to see the ash stained tracks the tears that these loves create carve their path down your face.
As far as they can see you are in perfect control.
Unflappable to the extreme.

You should be able to do this so easily.
You have done this since the first time the moon in your heart was ignited and eclipsed by the rage of rejection.
Up until now you have performed this act so well that they have begun to forget your humanity,
They have started to revere your serentity.
They look at their own cracked interiors and think that only a god can ward off the human flaw of heart breaking emotion so effortlessly.
They have named you a diety entrapped in flesh and now you can’t dissapoint them.

So breathe in.
Smother the ever rising fingers of fire inside of you.
Look around you at the other collections of flaws in human form and notice that they too are crumbling, smouldering ruins held together by smiling masks.
Breathe out.
You are just like everyone else, but they cannot ever know.
lins May 31
I have pictures hanging on my wall
inside the thin black frames
are portraits of flowers
to which I don’t know the names

some may call them boring
maybe even too plain
but to me they are perfect
they make me feel more sane

the light blue flowers
on the stark white canvas
lighten the room
and suppress my madness

as I memorize them
every night before bed
I’m overwhelmed by their beauty
and it begins to clear my head

when I close my eyes
I can see those flowers
as I remember every detail
I stay calm for hours
something that brings me a little bit of joy
I met her on the desertshore,
a model of grotesque fashion—
fairy face juxtaposed by her bloody clothes.
A bicycle laid on the dewy grass and she
was on her back on the gravel floor,
singing about being my mirror, and
being afraid, being alone. Her blonde hair
was painted pink, fresh strawberries growing
inside a wound. She was at peace amongst
the rubble, her voice like a lion’s last roar.
The summer air whirled through every freckle,
as if a sieve that eliminated all the hurt.
I witnessed all the silvertraces
erase her empty pages.
Mary-Eliz May 12
blooming white
verdant pines

that breathe
a shimmery mist

clouds offer

a moment
a handful

of happiness

mauve topped


a beloved child

the blue earth stops
to see
birds smile

weep with joy

arms embrace
Inside you there's a soul
So beautiful yet so torn
Baby let me love away the pain
Being with you is the only thing that's keeping me sane
We'll get through all of this together
You should know that I'm here for you whenever
Because you're my priority
Let's grant eachother serenity
Helene Marie May 3
Emerald green eyes
glow in the dark
there is a certain
cutting through
the fog of their thoughts
like a knife
The flecks of gold you see
lost in the midst
of their irises
can be decieving
for you might think
you're seeing serenity
but you're actually
seeing scars
Pinal May 2
On my more lonelier nights
I can see the moon gazing upon me
From behind the branches of a bare tree.
For all the cold in the night,
It offers a warm, comforting presence.

The moon, which the world shares
Feels like it belongs only to me some nights.
A date without the romance,
Shared between old friends with stories to tell.

I suppose I have nothing more to say
Other than thank the moon for its support.
Because while the sun’s bright optimism is lovely,
Darkness has a peaceful charm of its own.
The moon is one of my best friends.
Jeff Gaines Apr 30
I wish I could fly above mountains so high,
soaring with laughter,
caressing the sky.

I'd fly when in boredom,
in sorrow
or pain.
I'd fly in the moonlight.
I'd fly in the rain.

I wish I could fly
through clouds so white …
warm in the sunshine
and cool at night.

I'd fly over houses
and people
and trees.
I'd fly all directions
with Falcons and Bees.

I wish I could fly over buildings so tall,
with no need to catch me
if I should fall.

I'd fly over pastures
and canyons
and streams.
I'd fly through some hurricanes,
I'd fly through some dreams.

I wish I could fly, just up and take flight.
I wish I could soar with all of my might.

I'd fly when I'm lonesome,
or mad.
It would make me happy,
and glad.

If I could just fly … Lord knows I've tried.
I'd never stop flying, 'til the day that I died.
Haven't we ALL had this dream at one time or another?
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