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The same food everyday
The same room everyday
This same stranger everyday
Telling you to sit and stay

You wish to play
But they're away
For you were stolen from your family
You wished, you could stay

Far away to a strange new home
You look up to them, they give you a bone
For a time it is, they are nice to you
Spending so much, so much, life for you

But then you get older, they toss you aside
Too old to care
You really are no longer worth
Their time

Your life in this cage, you'd try to run away
But everytime, they chased you down
Your confines bind you
You stay, and pray

They beat you now, they spank you now
You bite them once
To defend yourself
They say "wow"

So you come to a place, you do not know
A shiny room, and mask, a man, he is grown
This man, you see, shows a shiny thing
One *****, one blink, you are gone, you cannot see

So it begins again, this cycle a cage
Through your eyes they never see
Both lives
Are the same

May 21 2019
So many owners, treat their pets, like objects
Life is no possession
Not animals, not plants
All life wants freedom
Freedom to spreads our wings and fly
Our fins, to swim
Stretch our legs to run
And our minds expanded, for fun.

But so many animals, never get that
They get abused, used, tossed aside
And they can never be free in this world of men
Cars, hunters, "humane societies"
Our way of life, with pets, will never change...
Humanity will always be the same

Animals should run free, but humans need familiars
Like they "need" diamond rings.
Ennis S May 14
First days of spring
How many poems have been written about you?
Could you count them on all your fingers and toes
finally free from wool socks
or on your highway medians’ flower buds
barely visible from the rolled-down windows of passing cars?

Let me add one more set of words--
images of a Saturday afternoon in April
cats snoring
pressed against sun-dappled window screens
and daffodils adorning
even the smallest patches of earth
between city streets and sidewalks

And most of all
that sublime knowledge
a proof of concept
that bulbs become blossoms
that winter layers will be shed.

The things I thought were dead and rotting
were only dormant for a season.
The chill of winter--which will come back--
fades for now, replaced by milder breezes.

The dull walk to my parked car
a trudge that seemed so long and dreary
is now a brief journey
dotted with colors and  
full of the splendor of living things.
Simon Soane May 11
As you walk over
what you have done
and where you have been
in instant glory.
Oh all the places you have roamed,
all the houses you've made your home;
good old Twist
may we always greet,
every time
I see this street.
Mitch Prax May 3
She treasures her cats
more than any old treasure-
more than life itself.
Jim Davis Apr 29
Dogs forever will love you
Cats barely will tolerate you

One might ask when dating... before getting serious in things... Are you a dog or a cat person?  

©  2019 Jim Davis
Claire Gordon Apr 23
A heavy rain cloud
purring loudly on my bed.
Outside birds call her.
not really a haiku but formatted like one...
We met when you were small
a tiny white puffball
I placed a band blue
round your neck to
show you were my kitty

I knew so exactly
what you should be
good, kind, lovely, sweet
smart, fun, strong, complete
the package with loyal

and you were, so royal
without blemish or soil
upon your pure white fur
heart free of smudge or blur
your name was Snowbell

you grew to know it well
from birth to when you fell
crimson mottled splotch mess
stained your angelic dress
a broken vessel as am I

speaking of how you did die
your life story in my eye
tale of cuddles, head rubbed
rolling joyful in the mud
you spirit confined

by man’s wall defined
freedom’s what you pined
for ever gazing at door
shut stuck wanting outside

Petite Cherie, where now you reside
may sweet freedom fully abide
may you live without doors
fields of grass be your floors
enjoy them, please, it is your right

for this world which held tight
to be lost in pursuit
finally allowed to be you
I let go the band blue
but never my love for you

Petite Cherie, run, be free—
please wait patiently
for the time when we
both have naught but grass floor
no remnants of that shut door.
In memoriam of Snowbell (2005-2019)
She was the best feline companion this fellow has ever been blessed to have.
RequiesCAT In Pace, Petite Cherie
When you are at a swimming pool, and you see a dog, you know that it will be pushed into the pool by a cat.
then it is frowning, like grumpy cat
and humans are laughing
and it goes on youtube
and you've been framed
here comes the dosh £$€
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