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Thomas W Case May 17
I had just came
out of an AA meeting.
I looked to the
west, and spied a
mother cat with
a litter of kittens.
Little ***** of fluff,
running and jumping in
the tall grass,
unaware of the
danger that lurked.
A large black and white
Tomcat eased his way
up on one of
the kittens.
The tiny one arched its
back and hissed,
trying to be brave.

Male cats **** the
kittens so that
the female will go into
heat sooner,
and then he can
mate again.
He's a born killer,
living to ****.

As I walked towards him,
I thought to
myself, why can't cats
be like penguins?
The father helps raise the
little ones, and they
mate for life.
Why can't nature
have morals?
He was nose to nose
with the baby, when I said,
"Go on, get out of here."
He walked slowly, and then
turned and tried to come
back toward the kitten.
I put my hand on
his side and pushed him.
I stomped my feet and he
sulked away for
the time being.
He'll be back.

It ****** me off
and made me sad.
I thought of Caligula and
Roman empires,
and felines of all breeds.
The *** drive,
human and animal,
has its brutal side.
You give us good bites from the table
Where Daddy will just pet our fur
Lil nuggets of chicken or salmon
Like perfectly made petits four

Your ballet nails scratch our backs
Our sleepy eyes close in delight
And then suddenly you sneeze us awake
So we have to shout Meowsundheit

This tiny poem will show you our love
More than any pretty flowers say
And so we're forever your cutey kittens
Happy Meower's Day
Our two cats are very talented at verse.
There is 2
One is Zoey
Black and fat
One is Battle
Grey and tall
Russian blue
Can be moody
loves to be petted
Short hair domestic
Eats alot
needs attention
but must have her space
Characters they are
So opposite
So alike
it's quite fun
having these two
they are my joy
they give me
alot to look forward to
I know they care
No matter what
These 2 cats
really are so special
we are family
I got them
and they got me to
I love these 2 cats
they are so cool
They know I love them
They are kinda spoiled
but deserve it
that much is true
These 2 cats
My 2 cats
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
The garden cats aren’t mine
with my pss-pss-pss
and shuffle finger
I try to entice them
but mainly, warily
they ignore in the truest
feline tradition
to leave me and my allergies
Jupiter Magna Mar 29
This cat has a tongue that sticks out
From behind sharp teeth does it sprout
She hasn’t a care
How we all stare
We’ll never know what it’s about
If you want to see the picture:
Laokos Mar 14
heather is a feminine body
in a suede chair under charcoal ceilings

perry is wearing
sweaters to evening dinners

katie is a black light poster
in newspaper print

alex is an origami sailboat

spoon feed yourself some more cathleen,
the cats are waiting
My Relationship With You

I give
and you take
I give
and you take
I give
and you take.

This relationship,
built on what I do for you,
and you give little back,
a look, a word (in your fashion)
should I step out of line.

And still
and still,
I (like the ancient Egyptians),
obey you,
my feline masters.

James E. Roethlein copyright 2021
Jim is the author of two books of poetry “Musing On The Cricket Game of Life Part 1 1/“ and “An Extravagant Way of Saying Nothing “ both available on Amazon
a question:
what’s better than picking up
a fat or fluffy cat
and seeing that untamed belly fur
pointing up like the pyramids
standing to salute the sun?

the answer:
not too many things.

my cat doesn’t really like being held.
he doesn’t sit on laps, either.
he’s sort of independent like that.

a second question:
what’s better than a grey and white little bitsa
that comes running to meet you
when you’re returning home from your walk?

the answer:
absolutely nothing.
I had a cat's scream symphony by the night,
'Till the neighbour's dog got tired and barked away, scaring em ***** cats,
Then the clock hit 4 a.m and Jennie's baby started to cry,
She yelled, loud as if she had a tail  between her legs and two cat ears over her head,
My ears, gladly super powered by the earlier *****, would also catch moans, from downstairs
And a soft, wet rain that would fall upstairs,
Hangover would meet me later, but 'till then, I'd hear all this and giggle as if life was better than it really was;
eve Feb 5
I listen to the endless cries of cats at night
Lonely and helpless,
Abandoned and forgotten
Living in a narrow, deserted alleyway.
I’ve left cans of food for them,
But that’s not what they want
They want love
To feel protected and sheltered
By the sheer warmth of compassion
Some may want to be reunited with their mothers
Or from their owners’.
No matter how many times these poor animals were left out in the cold
Or met with the scorching rays of the sun
We’ve neglected them to the point where
Anything better than what they have right now will suffice.
The next time I hear their cries
I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of guilt
Part of me wants to take every one of them out of their miserable lives
But some of these cats had lives
Some of us overlooked that
Walked right pass a cat that belonged to someone who didn’t want them anymore
Threw them out like the piles of trash
In the alleyway.
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