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I was looking forward to beginning a book about felines,

the beautiful view of moggies in verse and rhymes,

but after perusing a few there was a nagging sense in my head,

I didn't agree with a lot
that I read:

I saw words like "aloof", "distant", "scorning",

as if these things only

arrive when they deem to


and I thought you really

don't know cats at all...

They'll follow you down the road to see you for a bit more time,

and sit on the knee, purr contented divine:

although still a bit scared on her back will roll and with vulnerability meet,

conjuring up the sweetest of greets.

Someone once sang...

"Don't get excited, cats will never be our sidekick
so I know our love will always be unrequited."


Bouncing down the street to see me when I got home from school,

I forgot in an instant a bully was cruel,

then lost, bereft, day all of the slow,

went and sat on my shoulder to say, "I'm here, you know":

an attempt to lift, a furry kick-start,

if that's unrequited I choose a broken heart.

Okay, maybe a scratch, never say never,

but our love is precious

and always forever.

Write what you see, sing your song,

but please, please,

stop getting cats wrong.
Curiosity perhaps killed many a cat
For a cat it is an inquisitive brat

It could rummage through anything even your ******* trash
Tabby may spring on dinner table and cutlery may crash

Famous might be a cat for those famed nine lives
but not much help is that if in every danger it dives!

Its feline curiosity to crash-land it in trouble
for it tends to explore every kind of rubble.

The catty **** likes a fight and a wild-goose-chase.
Forever looking forward to amuse and amaze?

In a cat basket he's likely to be struck with ennui
Perhaps his caretaker thought only of his fengshui?

His meowing and hissing resonates in the valley
as he tussles with many rival cats in the alley

Mr. Tom cat thinks most females are saucy
but with them he acts in a way quite bossy

Wild and rough, with macho feral pride
I watch you tease and taunt in your typical stride.

No way is he kitty soft paws
Mr. Tomcat sure has the sharpest claws.

Tomcat ate the fishy leftover pudding & fish pie
and kissed the feline females and made them cry.

But my fav is my own cutie darling so soft
even if she may raid the larder and loft that's aloft .

A fun poem over the hols inspired by cats I have and watched
Oh no not again
I knew it would happen
The unmistakable carpet stain
An innocent look of "it wasn't me"
As he bounds off upstairs
To spread more mud
"That's it you flee!"

Next time I'll be ready
With sponge in hand
And towel at the door
But you'll wriggle and squirm
"Just give me your paw!"

Swift and slippery
You think this is a game
Well i'm not impressed
On hands and knees with a rub and a scrub
Giving my patience the ultimate test!
My cat tries to bring muddy pawprints indoors all the time. I love him, but it annoys me a lot. Here's a poem about it...

Copyright Joshua Reece Wylie 2023
Oh ocelot sky
spotted clouds of black and gold
filled with stars
the shining eyes
of a cat
among the heavens
Gabrielle Feb 2
There are cats in all my dreams,
And I don't know why

Cause I don’t dream of tuna
Or mice or flies

They sit on windows,
Waltz through halls

Stare from the ground when I fly
Nudge my knees when I’m naked at the ball

Watch as I drown in honey
Paw at the bugs crawling up my arms

Sit on my lap as the plane goes down
Chirp along to the fire alarms

Do cats run out of dreams when they sleep?
And so wander into other people’s?

Is that why, when I wake up,
My cat always kisses my temples
K D Kilker Jan 1
I’m not missing you; I have
my cat.
My soft little shadow.
We’re perfectly happy
listening to jazz manouche
and taking selfies on the
floor together.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
If otherwise we were, we might,
if otherwise we were, we might

answer boldly all the common conundrums
whying one way and ifing another,
howing all things,

indoing each as must be done, otherwise,
undoing first cause ifing any reason
authorizes our use of may, as well
we may, if we can make believe.
Good morning subperson, that
street cat's slow closed eyes otherwise said.
Lizeth Andrade Sep 2022
I really hope that you understand how much I love you, because I love you SO much
You are currently chewing ends of my glasses, and I'm letting you
You are my literal sunshine, you always make me smile no matter how horribly depressed I am
You are 7 years and 3 months old; I know you're getting older
You're technically a "senior" cat now, and I am so grateful that you're here with me right now
Every day I beg god, the universe, any higher power, I beg that you're happy and healthy and that you'll stay that way into your 20s
I can't imagine my life without you
I know you can't read or fully comprehend human words, but I really really hope you feel how much I love you, in every pet, in all the scratchies, brushies, in every cuddle and kiss
I know I upset you when I trim your claws and paw fur, and when I take you to the vet, but I do it because I love you
It makes me endlessly sad and anxious that you're a big boy now; I know your joints will get tired, your fur will turn white at your snoot, you'll sleep more
I know that you growing older isn't something either of us can control, but I don't know what I would do without you
You have been there for me through the worst parts of my life up to now
I want you to be there with me during the best parts too
I want you to meet my spouse and my kids when I grow up (if I ever get married)
I pray that you'll be with me for at least 13 more years
I know one day your breath will get heavy and troubled, your joints will ache all the time, I know one day I'll have to do what's best for you in your old age; I know I'll have to hold you close, with tears running down my cheeks, and I'll tell you how much I love you, until your beautiful little heart stops beating and your little lungs give out
And I will sob hysterically, scream and curse god for taking my baby boy
But until then, hopefully far far far from now; I will make sure you're happy and healthy
You will always know that you're my baby; that you're my home
I love you, my fat little man
yes I wrote a poem about my cat,, what about it?
Fey Jun 2022
On a rustic bench there laid
a single cat of dire age.
Between lushful green she gazed
longingly into the distance - as if
far away she would catch a glimpse
of home to reside in irides of an amber lynx.

© fey (05/06/22)
A B Perales Apr 2022
The cruelest
of all things
is the short
amount of time
the Gods
have allowed us
to spend
with our pets.
how I miss her
negra kitty 2006-2022
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