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Keiya Tasire Apr 2020
The sun, shined warmly this morning.
Yet by noon the rain clouds rolled in.
We donned our sweaters and hats.
Yet off they came and the clouds parted
And the sun began to shine.   

Facing the sun
It warmed our cheeks
Lifted our souls.
Our hearts understood
Even when it rains
The sun continues to shine
Above and between the clouds.

COVID-19 is just like a little rain
In the larger scheme of Life.
When trouble comes
We don our coats
And remove them
The sun shines  hot upon us.

Day after day,
Season after season
Year after year
Looking between the clouds
Lifting our eyes to the Light
Noticing the wheels
Within the wheels
And cycles within cycles

It is the same within
As is above.
The sun in its orbit
With the Earth revolving
And turning upon itself
Inward around the sun.
Season after season
Circling, around
The evolving celestial paths.
Until this too is but a memory of long ago
When the COVID viruses used to roam the earth.
And this too shall one day pass into history. For there is a part of us that will always remain eternal and never die.
kevin Jan 2020
I got a new sweater today
Men's section
Of a cheap department store
It's too big on me
Fits like drapery
Concealing my form
That's the only thing I want to do anymore

I don't fit in clothes
Like I don't fit with girls
Too big, too bustless
Their sweaters hug my body
In all the wrong places

But I'm too small for boys
Too young
Too restless
With messy girly hair
And a slim doe's neck
I am not enough for them
I cannot fill their shoes

So I bury myself
In a baggy sweater
Drowning myself
In insecurities
Hoping no one will look closer
Find out what's beneath these clothes
Beneath this skin
Beneath "me"
Clothes are like metaphors *insert The Fault In Our Stars quote*.
it's the complete opposite of sweater weather,
and for once,
i'm enjoying it.
feeling the hot sand between my toes,
the contrast of the cool waves lapping at my body
as i soak up the sun before i get in,
the all too familiar smell of sunscreen,
that lingers all the way home till i shower off the salt
that formed onto my skin.
the routine that i get into,
clears my head,
making me relish the remaining time i have of it:
the sweet smile of the waitresses once i order my coffee,
already making more plans even when i'm out of the house,
posting pictures of how great i look
without the crippling pressure of school
that weighs down my shoulders.
truly, i don't know how i manage,
when the time eventually rolls around to wear sweaters
Mae Apr 2019
A mber leaves and golden fields glisten in the morning sun
    as farmers work each day to finish the harvest.
    After all  is done, the warmth of family welcomes them home.

U nfazed by the moonlight, a football field fills to the brim
    as school colors filter into the stands full of hopeful fans.
    All the while, friends huddle under blankets avoiding the chill.

T rucks fill pumpkin patches as families pick out decorations for
    their porches,
    and friends enjoy corn mazes, hayrack rides, and haunted trails.
    The excitement for Halloween grows like a wildfire as the day
    draws near.

U nder each roof, families come together for Thanksgiving:
    savory turkey, green beans, and pumpkin pie.
    The rest of the day is spent visiting with satisfied appetites.

M any girls search their closets to find sweaters
     for warmth and comfort as they try to ward off the crisp autumn
     Wrapped in soft, cozy cotton, the evening soon becomes as
     exciting as ever.

N othing can compete with all I love about fall:
    candy apples, pumpkin spice, sweaters, and fallen leaves.
    Needless to say, I am partial to the
                                       chilly nights,
                                            Halloween frights,
                                                 and football lights.
lulu Nov 2018
winter nights,
couch days.
sweater, socks and
no pants.
coffee with half a spoon sugar,
some days i like the bitter and the cold in the chaos.
only cuddles and coffee.
Madhav Mehra Nov 2017
And Love is like sand
You can never hold it
But once you've been to the beach
You'll always find it somewhere,
Glittering in your sweaters.
Once you've loved someone there's no going back from it <3
sweet ridicule Nov 2017
brown ringlets
we fall in love gently like raindrops
Love is not like I think but instead
calm and sweaters and hugs and I feel calm
(for moments here and there)
coconuts and socks I want to
remember the softness of you (your hands)
and the fire of you
the way you cry the way you are earth
I want only to tell you that the way you (are)
sing , dance
make me love you more (often)
to you for making me feel loved without a boy
hang the clean laundry
on the rafter
above my head

tired hands
wring out drenched

clothing above me dripping,
the drops fall on me
like rain
Sarah Michelle Oct 2016
Sweaters may be bad for
lonesome people. Mind you, they don't
make up for a lack of

caresses. They heat the soul;
loose ones make it flirty. But no
cashmere can kiss your neck.
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