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Amanda 4d
******* my thumb like a nervous toddler

I fooled her into believing
Retained the innocence of a child

And like a baby cried into the void around me without reason

She licked wounds I pretended to have like a lioness cleans the fur of her cubs

Slurping my regrets like spaghetti noodles

I hid truth and to reciprocate she exposes my vulnerability as an infant

Despite deception she still longed to fix whatever made me lie in the first place

And that made me realize
Wasn't acting like a babe anymore

That night was a newborn again
Since then I have started to grow little by little
Day by day
Ketanya Rose Nov 14
I have cried,
The tears of a thousand widows
Stripped my soul bare
Sold some organs
Rearranged some bones
But still.....
You went to heaven without me
Sonnet: Second Sight (II)
by Michael R. Burch

(Newborns see best at a distance of 8 to 14 inches.)

Wiser than we know, the newborn screams,
red-faced from breath, and wonders what life means
this close to death, amid the arctic glare
of warmthless lights above.
Beware! Beware!—
encrypted signals, codes? Or ciphers, noughts?

Interpretless, almost, as his own thoughts—
the brilliant lights, the brilliant lights exist.
Intruding faces ogle, gape, insist—
this madness, this soft-hissing breath, makes sense.
Why can he not float on, in dark suspense,
and dream of life? Why did they rip him out?

He frowns at them—small gnomish frowns, all doubt—
and with an ancient mien, O sorrowful!,
re-closes eyes that saw in darkness null
ecstatic sights, exceeding beautiful.

Published by The Neovictorian/Cochlea. Keywords/Tags: sonnet, newborn, baby, birth, labor, slap, breath, screams, life, sight, vision, mrbson
In 2009, The american disaster film "2012" was released.
Preparing for "The End of The World" was easy.

A piece of cardboard at a Red Light.

"2012 The End Is Nigh, What's a dollar?"

We might as well have smiled, given a friendly wave,
honked our horns like we were passing the Freeport Flag Ladies.

In 2012, I was in high school with my first job.

I didn't care that In the twinkling of an eye,

we were gonna hear God's last trumpet.

On Rapture-Eve, I set out "Milk N' Cookies" for the "Left-behind"

I left next mornings outfit on the side of the road as if Angels abducted me ****-*** naked mid-stride

Turns out, the red light never turned green.

The "left-behind" kept breeding

and Hell on earth just kept recruiting

Now it's 2020,

The Freeport Flag Ladies are in Quarantine,

the signs have needles in our eyelids like mechanical spiders,

You can't even turn the news off now,

I pick it up at CVS Like a Controlled substance prescription.

They make you call in once a month to get it refilled.

Some how my amazing wife Amy and I

Not only survived the rapture,
we brought a brand new life into it.

For 10 days we were locked in a hospital

We never looked at the news.

The world melted away as we danced together

Waiting to meet our little miracle.

After Amy was whisked away for intensive surgery
and survived the most unspeakably amazing thing in the world
a nurse eventually grabbed me and asked if I wanted to meet my daughter,
I was guided to a baby table

with knobs, meters, heat lamps,

and on a tiny cushion

in a tiny plastic crib,

My daughter.

Sophia Naomi Mae Coulombe.

wide eyed

staring into my pupils



Now we are home.

No nurses, no IV.

Somehow it feels like the end of the world and all it's chaos
was the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Everything happened exactly when it needed too.

We couldn't have had better timing

if God planned it.
I would love any editing advice! I know this poem is raw and precious, but please feel open to being savage with the red pen!
Keiya Tasire May 11
Is a Child
A mirror of himself
his father,  and his father's fathers.
All culminating within the palms
Of his own two hands
His newborn babe.

He wonders in awe,
"How can I best teach, support, and love you?"
With ears of compassion
Eyes of love, and a heart of gratitude
His Spirit spoke,

"Allow your light to shine."
Allow your heart to breathe.
Allow your your ego
to slip away into the shadow
Of your Ancient Wise Soul.

He felt it!
As he breathed deeply
Down to the depths of his soles.
A heartfelt love
A love that was only imagined
Until this very moment
The very moment we realize that we are a father, and that another generation has risen through the union of the one we love  to create a new precious loved one to welcome to this world.
Violet May 1
Legs, straining
Pain, excruciating
Sadness, looming
Loneliness, accumulating

My future further
An alert to my health
They said, it is time to go  
Mom beckoned me home

I will never
Hear the waves
Feel the ship rocking
Donning the uniform
Saluting with pride

For I did not make it
Years I yearned the post
Now it is just my forgotten dust
Farewell my dream  

Determined soul
Fighting against defeats  
For I am a newborn  
Learning to love
For love is my strength
Oh lord please tell me  
Tell me it is all worthwhile
I gave my on trying to go for my dream job for love, tell me it is worth
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
You say you're too tired
To even smile,
These days you fantasize
About naps,
Not me.

Baby has our life in limbo.

I try to help,
But it's always the wrong thing,
The wrong way.
Hey dear, I'm new at this.

I miss your touch,
I'm desperate for anything
From you:
The time and attention
You used to give
To my heart,
To my thoughts,
To my *****.

I'm withering on this vine.

But I understand, my love,
There's so much more to this
Than me.
You look equally lost
In your role as a new mother,
And you complain far less.

I love our child,
Just as importantly, I love you.
I may not know how to do
Everything just right,
But you can count on me.
We'll find a way together,
And one day we might even
Find time to sleep.

And sleep together we shall,
Just as it once was,
Albeit much more quietly.
For now a kiss
And game plan will do.

Then let's get to work!
Inspired by the poem "Haiku Father of My Child" by fellow HP writer Nerissa.
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