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It was a fear from long ago.
A corner stone of a foundation, dysfunctional.

How you served me and kept me safe
All those growing years.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for your protection.

Today, with heart and mind
United with intent
I rubbed my hands together
Allowing your energy to grow
And grow and grow
Until it circles between my hands
large and full.

Then with the breath in
Holding on to the stillness.
I see the change.
Ask in prayer. Then give the command.

Breathing out and letting you go with gratitude
As I lifted my hands open to the heavens
My fear floated up toward the Light.
Forever shifted. For ever changed. Forever Transformed.
What happens to us keeps us safe, helps us to grow in awareness and opens our hearts to understanding and transformation. Gratitude releases and opens the heart to love agian.
Keiya Tasire Sep 28
A pathway that gracefully winds
Into the heights of Heaven Most High?
I have heard what they call this place
Medebah, Medebah, Medebah
The seventh heaven of seven heavens.
Where the cherubim, unicorns
And all the Spirit Children, dance.
Around and round in the meadow
Where the flowers grow
Where the Eternal
Tree of Life Blooms.

Be still, the Dove whispers, be still.
You have a key!
It is the breath
She whispers to me.
"Follow your breath."

To where I wonder, to where?
Am I to breathe?
The intention of my mind
The intention of my heart
Bound by a Golden Ring
The breath circles, in
the breath circles out.

Did you feel it?
That moment of stillness.
After the in and before the out....
I smiled and nodded, yes.
Dear Dove, smiled and began to dance.
Celebrating brightly, "Yes!!" "Yes!!" "Yes!!"
Keiya Tasire Sep 13
Oh, my dear loved one
I deeply feel you in my heart.
When all of my work in this life is complete
I look forward to sitting together on a green hill
Overlooking this Heaven most high.
Sharing, heart to heart
The memories and love.
My tears of Joy flowing
From the very first time we met in heaven, long ago
Sharing earth time together
Birth, laughing, playing, challenges, grief and growth
Becoming a comfort in each other's heart.

Such is the rising sun
Endearing thoughts of a heart remembering
With beautiful prayers of Love.
This expanding moment
Now comforts my heart.
Just knowing we can sit here on this green hill
In continuing, enduring peace.

Embracing across no time
In a moment of eternity.
My heart and soul are hopeful
Strengthening my resolve
To live fully within Love.
I was posting to a FB page I manage about grief today. This poem poured out of my heart within  minutes, placing itself on the page.
Keiya Tasire Aug 2
From stardust
We came.
A Divine Spark
To be clothed
Within this glove
We call the body.

To Create
To Give
To receive
To Become
With Divine Love.

United within
The Holy Stream of Life
The Holy Stream of Sound
The Holy Stream of Light.

Oh Eternal Sea
Where the Tree of  Life grows
Upon your shore
All of Creation
All hearts of humanity
Sing in Unity!
In Peace!
In Love!
Both ends of life are a celebration. We celebrate when a child is born. Heaven celebrates when as soul returns.
Keiya Tasire Jul 17
At times  I find myself blocked.
Stopped, unable to move forward.
Standing still, as the days pass me by.

Lost dreams, lost hopes.
Lost loves, lost friends,
Lost parents, siblings and children.
Lost heart, Lost soul.

Enter, exit, enter again and turn left
Or was it right?
May I go forward? Stop and  await.
Do this! Don't do that!
They are wrong. We are right!
Over manipulated. Over controlled.
Enough!!!! No more!!!

Watching loved ones leave
Never to return again.
Broken hearted,
Longing throbbing pain.

So easily distracted by appetite
The smells and enticing words
"Massaman curry with rice with spring rolls
A slice of cheese, with date or olive
Lost in tasting, numb in feeling....
Eating myself into the land of oblivion
Drifting, floating, never to return.

It came quickly!
The rain fell hard in my summer!
Can you see us?
Everyone in their own storm.
Oh, please be still my restless soul.

Watching "them" drawing up schemes
Complaining maneuvers and attacks
Smiling smugly, together
under their "justified" umbrella.
I turned my energy away.

The wind continues to blow
And the rain continues to fall
Do I give into despair?
Or take courage to persevere?  
Courage my friend.  
A  glorious choice, courage!

Moving gracefully through the storm
Calm stillness begins
Facing the sun
The shadows fell behind me.
"What if I grab the silver lining?
Will my life be forever changed?"

I am not a lone "Black Sheep" in this rain.
Each of us in line, shedding our fleece.
Letting it go, as white feathers
Gracefully floating higher
Upon sunbeams Home.

The storm continued as I built my  new home.
Among the quiet of the fragrant cedars
Maples, birch and pine.

The fragrance of the wind
and the touch of the rain
Now fills  my senses!

Opening, freely.
Spirit Dancing in the Rain!
My senses love the spring,
Summer and the fall rains!!

It was in this moment the clouds parted.
Revealing a flowing rainbow
With  vibrational colors of resonance
A phi ratio within each color
Singing, songs, and connecting
Each strand of my human DNA.

A smile expressing itself
Thousands upon thousands of Colors!
An adventure within each
New sunny and rainy day!!
Oh, how I love, this sweetness in life!!!
Alienation: as I looked for the silver linings within each challenge, I began to transition and move through the countless births, deaths, and rebirths within my current life, as wisdom opens and begins to sprout each day.
Keiya Tasire May 18
During this mornings climb
Up the hill behind the cabin
Gently walking on a blanket of moss
across the forest floor
Softly caressing the soles of my feet.
New growth sprouting up through the moss
Orchids, Oregon grapes, lupine, and fiddlehead ferns
Rocks and trees wearing
Robes of yellow, green, and light grey lichens.
The water clinging to their tender leaves.
Boughs of the cedar, douglas fir, maple, and mountain ash
Droplets sounding
A song as they kiss the earth.
In the limbs of the trees dance the
Robins, blue jays, chickadees and sparrows
With beautiful resound
The forest greets the morning sun .
The air feels fresh clean
On the breath, in and out
As Coco and Habibie scurry to and fro
up the trail to the old wooden sauna.
It is so beautiful here.
Stroking soft fur,
Purring and purring
Sitting our own little slice of heaven.
A morning walk up the hill for fresh air, listening to life and enjoying the morning sun through the trees. I love our morning walks up the hill behind our house.
Keiya Tasire May 17
When I was down, You lifted me up.
When I errored , You forgave.
When I was sick, You received me in your arms.
When I was lonely, You reminded me, "I am always with you."
When my broken heart despaired, You healed me with your Love.
When I did all that I could and wanted to quit, You carried me.
Lifting me securely into your arms.
When I learned to see you
I found you in everyone's eyes.

Divine Love, I love you.
Within my heart of hearts,  
As one Love,  never ever will we part.
Oh my beautiful Divine Love
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The beauty a relationship with an understanding of Divine Love as this love teaches, supports and heals a life.
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