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Keiya Tasire May 16
I am?
Be Still.
Be Love.
Be Peace.
Walk with Faith.
I Am  Peace.
I Am  Love.
I Am  Still.
I Am.
Moving through Fear, challenges and pain; to find the connection within.
Keiya Tasire May 16
Water the Greenhouse
Water the plants on the deck.
Walk Autumn Moon.

Salutation to the Sun
Yoga on the deck
Angel of Air
Reading & Study with Ken
Sipping herbals & he, his coffee.

Pick up.
Moving the living room furniture
Rearranging. Sweeping. Mopping.
Clean the kennel.
Fresh bedding for Autumn.

A break for Sevenfold Peace in the sunshine.
Listening to the Holy Stream of Sound.

Playing with Autumn.
Laughing with Ken.
Continuing with rearranging & cleaning

Another break
With Ken, Autumn & Habibie
By the firepit in front of the shop.
Auti chasing water up and down and around.

Walk to Alli's, talk and pick up the key.
Cut broccoli, cabbage, carrots, & kale
Add a few pods of peas
Drizzle poppy seed dressing.

Two bowls with 1/2 cup of rolled oats each
Add cinnamon.
Taking a teaspoon
Half full with honey.
Dipping it into the center of the oats
Pouring boiling water over the honey.
Into the oats.

Stirring and stirring
Watching the cinnamon spirals
Mix into the sweet porridge.

Small cacao chips, sunflower seeds
A few raisins
Sprinkled as garnish.  

Eating together
Smallville, playing with Autumn
Habibie resting near by.
She maybe carrying kittens.
Too early to tell.

Tired. Good night. Sleep.
2:30 am.
Ken up watching a movie on is phone.
My, my, how times have changed.

Return to bed.
Writing, writing, writing….now it is done.
It was a beautiful day today. It was peaceful and joyful. I tresure productive, peaceful and joyful days.
Keiya Tasire Apr 25
This is, the Creator's Delight!
The Sun through the rain opens a rainbow of color.
Resounding within layers upon layers
Vibrational tones & hues.

Flowing continuously
Into each Arc & Convenient.

The seven flowering, whirling lights
Spin, emanating their specific color
Thousands upon thousands of tones & hues.

Shinning outward
Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

Standing together in harmony
Each a Rising Sun
A reflection of a reflection
Repeated in countless rays
Reaching from the rising base
An outstretched  fan.
Etched up on my mind
This memory  lingers long past sunset
Within the fan's folds
For here resides the mystery of Light.

With Great understanding. Great wisdom, knowledge and joy.
Love Arise!!
In Unity!  
The Creator's delight!
In Unity!
Love Arise!!
With Great understanding. Great wisdom, knowledge and Joy.

For here resides the mystery of Light.
Within the fan's folds
This memory  lingers long past sunset
Etched upon my mind

An outstretched  fan.
Reaching from the rising base
Repeated in countless rays
A reflection of a reflection
Each a rising sun
Standing together in harmony

Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green  and Blue.
Shinning outward

Thousands upon thousands of tones & hues.
Spin, emanating their specific color
The seven flowering, whirling lights

Into each  Arc & Convenient.
Flowing continuously

Vibrational tones & hues.
Resounding within layers upon layers
The Sun through the rain opens a rainbow of color.
This is, the Creator's Delight!
This is about both a physical and spiritual sunrise and the splendor of all of the physical and spiritual color within each sunrise.
Keiya Tasire Feb 24
Suddenly the dark clouds appeared!
A cry of disbelief!
A cry of despair!
The agony of a heart breaking!

The mind clouded over  
Relentlessly trying to push the pain away!
"Breathe! Breathe!
Remember to breathe! ...."
He said to himself, "Remember it is just a rainy day. "

He continued to breathe for years and years
Reminding himself,
"We all have reasons we grieve."
Until one day he realized there was a purpose.

"It was the lessons of the grief
That opened his heart to understanding."
It is here where fellowship began to bloom
Opening the door to something much deeper....

Longfellow, I stood still!
During all of "The Rainy Day" days.
Fully opened and allowed the tears and memories to flow...

And the lotus flower of the heart opened
One at a time
Petal by petal

He looked up into the top of the Tree of Life
The Dove came
Hopping down it's branches
Singing to him - a song
Dropping the fruit of wisdom
One fruit at a time!
Into his heart.

Hearts rejoice!
Hearts full of laughter!
Heart's still longing
Yet comforted
With Love!
We each have a different understanding and lesson we gain from grief. What is yours?
Keiya Tasire Jan 17
Long ago she lost the ability to cry.
He thought her so hard
When she turned her face and walked away
As through she did not hear
His gesture say, "I am drawn to you.
Is something here to explore?"
She walked away without looking back
Then stopped.
Looking straight ahead.
He thought of himself, a man of power
So he followed her ,
Lured with the intrigue to conquer

Yet, she did not desire to be conquered!
She was only uncertain
How do I express "I only want to be truly loved."
He came to her. She resisted. He conquered.

She sank in despair, only more withdrawn
The uncertainty about life looming.
Does love even exist?
Or is it only my illusionary butterfly?
She walked away.
Vowing not to ever be conquered again.

Time passed.
She licked her wounds.
She grew. She healed.
Mending her once festered soul.  
No longer did she draw nor desire conquers

Now a golden bright sun
Roaming the universe  
Circling as a bright new star.
As she roamed into a sea of stars
One came beside her and said,
"I'm drawn to you.
Is there something to explore here?"
She replied, "Maybe so."
So they danced among the other stars
Until they found a rhythm of their very own.
And a path along the universe
To call their very own.
Without knowing our true self, relationships are difficult at best. Yet,  there is lots of hope and opportunities to grow together in the process of getting to know each other. If this can be done. The longer term commitments have an opportunity to become more durable and strong.
Keiya Tasire Jan 17
Notes.....are you? Mesmerize?
Keiya Tasire Oct 2020
It was a fear from long ago.
A corner stone of a foundation, dysfunctional.

How you served me and kept me safe
All those growing years.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for your protection.

Today, with heart and mind
United with intent
I rubbed my hands together
Allowing your energy to grow
And grow and grow
Until it circles between my hands
large and full.

Then with the breath in
Holding on to the stillness.
I see the change.
Ask in prayer. Then give the command.

Breathing out and letting you go with gratitude
As I lifted my hands open to the heavens
My fear floated up toward the Light.
Forever shifted. For ever changed. Forever Transformed.
What happens to us keeps us safe, helps us to grow in awareness and opens our hearts to understanding and transformation. Gratitude releases and opens the heart to love agian.
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