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Zack Ripley Sep 2021
I know it's been a long time coming.
But these days, it doesn't seem
like anyone's home emotionally.
Like we all took a midnight drive
to clear our head.
But by the time we were ready to come back, we got lost
because the street lights were dead.
This is a call to all our loved ones waiting anxiously by the door:
Turn the lights on.
We don't want to be alone anymore.
Rone Selim Aug 2021
What is this longing that i feel?
Is the moon getting older
or everyone around me bitter?
My heart is streched,
into millions of pieces
Unable to recognize what it's calling for.

Who do i talk to, when it feels the loneliest?
The house is getting cold,
my feet heavy.
It is creeping on me
How do you help,
how do you soothe
when you feel
the weight of the worried on your shoulders?

Do you ever feel the pain of your loved ones as your own?
A thought from 2018..
stillhuman Jun 2021
I get you
we're one
I feel your essence
and you feel mine
and my loneliness
in crowded spaces
with eyes pretending
to understand my thinking
and my pain
and my mending
You get me
get my anger
and my shame
and my torment
and how everything hurts
my skin tense
like needles are stuck in it
and tearing it apart
and i think i exaggerate
and i make up things in my mind
to try and survive
all the horrible darkness
the average human knows
but you tell me
that it's fine
it is mine
I'll survive
day by day
step by step
and that this pain is real
though it can't be seen
and i tell myself that i fake it
but it causes me to cry
at random times at night
when all else is still
but all is blurry inside
and i get a sense of clarity
when i'm hurting
cause i'm trying
to make sense of my reality
and you get me
and it's alright
and we promise each other
we'll be fine
It really ***** when the pain you feel inside your head affects your body but the people you love still can't see it
They are doing their best
Alvira Perdita Apr 2021
when we sit in the shade
from the burning sun on the
autumn afternoon, listening
to the children hunt for eggs,
all i can think is that you all
belong here.

i am the imposter, i can feel that they know. your jokes are all funny and i can't find the energy to laugh.

i don't want to be here, i hate 'family lunch'es, i hate pretending to be alright when i just want to sit in my room, alone.

family is always priority for me,
but i cannot place them in my life.
so we sit, laughing with all your loved ones,
and i pretend not to feel alone.
i dont think i'll see 2022 if things carry on this way.
John Tan Jan 2021
We often think strangers have,
The upper hand in crafting our pain,
We believe they feel no remorse,
For their cruel deeds.
But most times,
It’s the ones closest to us,
Who recklessly hurt us,
Without feeling any guilt.
Raven Blue Sep 2020
Everybody says I'm nothing;
Yes, I'm nothing.
I'm not popular,
I'm not beautiful in other people's eye,
They say I'm crazy, I'm horrible, I'm a loser.
But  I have my family who cares for me;
I only have few friends who supports me;
I only have few people who truly loves me.
Those "few people" are the ones who makes my day complete.
Those "few people" are the ones who makes me happy and they are a gift to me.
Yes, You can say I'm nothing;
But I have everything.
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
Aren't we the same as the ancient trilobite... That no longer exists but still found in fossil memories?

For we may perish upon the face of the earth...

But our essence remains in the soil in the form of tender shapes carved in the rocks of yesterday...

We will be found in the hearts of all who loved us and still love us...
Inspite of our surrender in the ever flowing river of time!
We will live even after death in the hearts of our beloved!
Just a small reflection!
Thank you for reading this! ❤
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