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Aren't we the same as the ancient trilobite... That no longer exists but still found in fossil memories?

For we may perish upon the face of the earth...

But our essence remains in the soil in the form of tender shapes carved in the rocks of yesterday...

We will be found in the hearts of all who loved us and still love us...
Inspite of our surrender in the ever flowing river of time!
We will live even after death in the hearts of our beloved!
Just a small reflection!
Thank you for reading this! ❤
Jackie Mead Jun 14
Do you ever wonder, what why, who you see?
When you cast your eyes heavenly.
By night when the stars shine bright.
Like fires burning in the skies.
Do you ever wonder who you see twinkling before your eyes?
Do you ever wonder who has joined you that night?
Is it a popstar, politician, inventor or wisely sage?
From a time so long ago, you cannot remember their exact age.
Clinging to their last song, speech or invention.
Letting go, never their desire or intention.
Or is it a lost loved one?
Letting you know they are near.
Listen very closely what do you hear?
“Hi, its smee, I know you think of me all the time, I just wanted you to know, I did not go far, I am right here!”
Taking in the stars is a game we all love to play.
Breath in
Breath out
Take a minute
Take Five
Take a moment to feel alive
Connection made now you can rest.
Relieve the pressure from your chest.
Sleep tight without longing.
Knowing you can see your loved one again tomorrow.
Brings a small amount of peace and joy, helps to dim the sorrow.
Dedicated to all lost loved ones, in particular Dad, Pete, Shane, Oskar and Ted.
Always missed, never forgotten. Keep shining brightly, we see you.

3 years ago, Grenfell Tower happened and many people lost loved ones and some lost many loved ones.  This is dedicated to anyone who lost and still misses a loved one.
Atharva May 23
The person I loved once , has become one among the stars
stars which are far and high shining in the sky.
And the ones sitting next to me , leave with scars
All those memories startled me ,
It felt like the cool breeze during the summer
the breeze of memories which sometimes freeze my emotions
while sometimes it felt relieved and peaceful
like siting under the tree when the sun is high and bright
or like a beautiful night under moonlight  
or may be peaceful sound of the sea and it's endless sight.

Sometimes I wonder why ,
All the loved ones goes away
while the ones we care never stay,
why is it when I am crestfallen
Everything seems broken ,
and what I like the most is taken.
May be it's for greater good ,
I guess it's about moving to adulthood.
well the world becomes realistic,
where people might assess you with statistics.

There are things that can't be shown ,
things that can't be told ,
May be it means you are finally grown ,
may be it's about getting bold.
well the blame is on time
It alters like everyday ,which changes from morning to dawn
dawn to night
But unlike everyday changing from morning to night
time isn't same every time.
sometimes it's good sometimes bad,
sometimes it makes you smile while sometimes it makes you sad.
sometimes it makes you cry ,
sometimes it motivates you to try.
I got no time for hate
it’s a heavy weight

I actually could,
but it’s no good

and even if I don’t like you
I still wish you great
everyone has their fate

I’m too busy living my life
too happy to be alive

so you can leave,
there is the door
’cause I’m too busy loving the ones
my heart beats for.

- gio, 10.04.2020
ira Apr 19
He was tall and strong,
Didn’t say much, just watched.
I would climb up the trees to get mangos,
As he would watch.
I would fall and he would watch.
I would wait for my share of those juicy fruits,
Yet I would never get any.
Being the smallest I would cry,
Then he would call me.
Taking me to his secret stash,
And letting me pick as many as I pleased.
He would then smile and tell me to go play.
Those were my fondest memories of him.
I miss you...
The big sixteen
Isn't like it seems
Pink balloons and confetti cake
Doesn't cure my constant heartache
I hold so much anger in my heart
Why? Because my life is about to start
And the world is already giving me trash
Peter Pan has kicked me out of Neverland
And I am stranded on a foreign land
Loved ones and friends are gone in a flash
Because I don't need their support anymore?
We were supposed to be together forevermore
I guess that's not to be
For everyone in my life is at sea
And I am still on the dock
Clinging onto childhood.
Pranav Khanna Jan 29
When you fall for someone just know that you’re not at fault,
For you are but an innocent lover,
When you fall for someone just know that you should never hault,
For it is the most beautiful feeling ever.

When you fall for someone, you should not care at all,
About how you might end up in your life,
Will it be with them or without them, for all
You know that they might come around and make it all worth the strife.

When you fall in love with someone, just know that you are lucky
Because love isn’t easy to come by these days,
When you fall in love with someone just accept it as the key
To all the doors that are locked in front of you, and unlock them all in beautiful ways.

When you fall in love with someone, be prepared, for it might burn,
To know that they may not feel the same,
But when you fall in love with someone, you are already prepared to churn,
Every last piece of you heart and soul in this never ending game.

But remember that when you fall in love with someone,
It is the most beautiful experience in the world,
It makes your heart beat with theirs as one
It makes you the happiest in this world.

It may be difficult at times,
to accept that they might not feel the same,
But trust me it’ll be more melodious than wind chimes,
And you will know that you are in true love when all you want from the world is to hear it calling their name.

You will be okay even if they don’t show up,
Every now and then when you’re in need,
You’ll be fine even if they have given up
On you and your love on which you feed.

It is okay to be sad sometimes, to cry your heart out
For it will only make you feel better,
It is okay to be angry and lash out,
But remember, with their thought In your mind, there nothing better.

So whenever you fall in love with someone, don’t expect anything from them
For expectations are your worst enemy and they make all attempts go in vain
Just let things unfold and imbibe the beauty wrapped in them,
And let them be, for thinking will only give you pain.
Never expect anything from the people you love, it'll leave you hating the whole idea of love.
From the dead ravens sorrow
Ran the poor mother
Just a small sparrow
No more together

The dead shall rise
And we will be once more
The difference in size
Will be no more

The mother cry’s
The raven caws
The sparrow dies
Locked in a crocs jaws

The mirror I stare in
Before me now
I bare my sin
Bare, upon my brow

I see a raven stand behind
Cloaked in darkness
I am no more
Alice Swatridge Dec 2019
A dose of 30 paracetamol
And lithium to help keep sane
You lie in a bed with drips
Vomiting out your pain

The veins on your arm stick out
Blue against dark red scars
There are bags under your eyes
Black like a sky of stars

I hold on to your thin arms
And I hope it doesn't hurt
"Don't hurt yourself again"
But my words are lost in your shirt

You're home sometimes, or not
A long, long stay away
I miss you when you're gone
And you missed my birthday.
Keiya Tasire Dec 2019
We look different.
Yet we are the same people.
We each desire to love and be loved.
We each desire to belong and let others know they belong.
We each have gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses.
We each have something innate within each of us
It supports us, leads us, guides and protects us along the way.
We each desire to know, seek and find peace.
Not only for ourselves do we hope for all of this
This yearning extends to our children, grandchildren
And to all of our generations to come.
In this way, we are the same, all over the world.
May peace and joy be with you and your loved ones
This beautiful holiday season
Heart felt reaching out.
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