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Sipaas Jun 2
It sounds like you
telling me,
that you've been
searching for me
in the sky
among every star
you ever came across.
Eva Mar 25
red, pink, and white
cheap or expensive gifts
from friends, family, or loved ones.
some people are sad if they don’t
receive one from anyone they know.
a holiday celebrating couples,
what about the single people?
what would happen if
you weren’t loved?
what would happen?
valentine’s day originated
from women getting sold
in a town square
and hit and whipped
after being bought.
Esther Krenzin Nov 2018
A fragile shell of what once was,
decimated beyond comprehension.
Shards of a old life slipping away,
into the silent empty space.

Memories of loved ones,
eluding desperate hands that reach and seek--
For what is buried beneath the dust.

Submerged in perpetual darkness,
the stars have lost their light,
the moon has lost its glow.
Every infinitesimal shard of your very essence,
is engulfed in the empty space.

The empty space that exists outside time,
and matter;
Hides in the desolate corners of your mind.

A invisible fog covers your soul,
stealing it away like a thief in the night.
And you are left unreachable,
a blank page in a book full of blotted ink.

The ones who loved you with every breath in their lungs,
surround and overwhelm with tear filled eyes.
Utterly helpless as you disappear.

Years pass,
Evaporate into the empty sky.
Dead to yourself.
Dead to the world.
Dead to the ones who loved you most.

And though your gone, an empty space lingers in your wake.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
For Grandpa, who was diagnosed with dementia when I was five. He has disappeared and I cannot see anything but a broken shell.
I'm thankful for the time to reflect
To feel warm embraces of memories
Emotions of lighthearted joy, and
Scenes of my life that conclude with
Their own heartfelt epilogues

Thankful to shed tears
Serving as reminders
That no matter the hardship
We are one as human

Keeping internal connections alive
Breathing in this life to the fullest

I explore in self
What I can give
Back to this journey

My eternal gratitude
For moments like this
And loved ones like you.
I wrote this piece last year for Thanksgiving, but its message goes for each and every day. Let us always spread love and warmth, and open our hearts to each other. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Cherish what you have, and remember that you are loved, always.
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
I am an empty shell
I am full of happiness
I protect my loved ones.
That makes me happy.
That's all I feel but it will soon disappear.
Don't cry carry on for me.
FlipThePoet Sep 2018
High school wasn't big enough to
encapsulate the beauty you possess
and now on my IG feeds you appear,
glowing like the morning sun
wrapped in long dark hair.

Currently, we are cities apart
but my words for you still draw blanks
such beauty I can't understand,
my thoughts choking  
and I still don't know why.

We seldom talk now and then on snap chat
but it's all an act
I know we don't attract.

You different now you not that girl
the beauty is there but your lifestyle changed.
I guess it's as a result of growing up
not sure why mine hasn't changed.

I just want to stop being attracted to you
Can you tell me how?
ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
Marble walls tainted blue, crying tears of rain.
Marble sculpture crying rains and years of pain.
Wasn't shattered because I was made too hard by the pain.

Shattered. Finally broken apart.
Freed. Finally knocked down the bars of iron and cards.
Not confused anymore.
Through the shattered glass I can finally see more.

What was once a fogged view, what was once a mirage of what's true. It's mine. Finally mine.

My heart rejoiced.
My soul raises high it's voice, it's praises to the one true King.
No longer a melancholy song sang, but now a song lost.
I look forward to that day. Where I am with you God. Save me from this world, this body.
Break me and build me up.

Marble walls tainted blue, no longer there, just me and you.
Me and you God yasss and me and my family and my friends, hope I see you guys in heaven, hope I go heaven too..
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
With my heart weeping every moment,
& my deserted eyes not even shading a single tear,
Oh! I feel my every part screaming with pain,
But my tongue yet silent with a known  fear!
& no here ain't present  any of my lover,
Or anyone of my creditors,
      who owe a part of my love,
But in the similar faces left are just the pain givers...
The pain givers are only the one whom you have ever loved....
Unknown & unloved ones can never give one that severe pain, which causes      "Heart Break"!
faeri Jul 2018
I didn't pay attention to you.

I couldn't bare your company.

I didn't know much about you.

Maybe I didn't even meet you.

All I know is that you loved me,
no matter my

It's a shame to say that I didn't care for your aging heart

until the day you

The day I had to say goodbye to someone I hardly knew

Then I grew up and realized what you mean to me
and couldn't even tell you.

I'm sorry I didn't appreciate you
for you always loved me
and I hope that you know

that I love you too.
Cherish the people around you because one day they won't be around anymore and you'll want to be at peace with the time you've spent together.
Mary-Eliz Jul 2018
fingers feel for loved ones
tears when they are found
names etched in solid history
lives taken in the emptiness
of war
A challenge to use less than 25 word poem; prompt word: wall.
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