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Oct 2015 · 337
Kale Oct 2015
The tension between
Our cold eyes were
We entangled our broken
Into one entity
Without realizing we dragged
Each other to the breaking point.
We worked hard
To maintain this fleeting love,
But our pride
Crushed it.

Now we are left
In a pool of tears
Wondering what life could be
If remained unified.
Oct 2015 · 782
My lover
Kale Oct 2015
You were dashing
And I was crying,
But you beckoned me,
To slowly follow,
Into the sea of mystery.
My misguided heart
Accepted you fully
And you kept me happy.
Then you took my soul
And guided me back
To the path of hope.
My savior,
My protector
And my lover,
Stole what was left
Of the shattered heart
And made it anew.
Oct 2015 · 366
Kale Oct 2015
We wait for the perfect
Where the world stands still
To dance in the moonlight
Bringing Joy to this depressing land,
We move our hands
Jump on our feet
Enjoying the company of one
And when the sun rises to say
I realize that the only one dancing
Was me.
Oct 2015 · 592
Diabolic Lovers
Kale Oct 2015
They say opposites attract,
But I can't say the same for me and you,
We are completely the same
which makes our hatreds
Grow stronger.
Why do we still remain merged,
Once we came to that realization,
That we were never meant to be,
We struggle to keep the relationship going,
We destroy ourselves,
To create the facade of happiness.
Sep 2015 · 442
Kale Sep 2015
Once again
I am all alone,
Living a life of
Your smile
That once greeted me,
Is a fleeting existence,
In what seems to be my
Expanding unconscious.
Why did I let
You escape my wavering hands?

I allowed myself to confess
To you,
The only one I loved,
But it seemed the feelings
You had for me were

Someone, any wake me up.
Wake me from this dream
Where you don't talk to me,
Where you ignore me.
Wake me from the dream
Where I told you I love you
And those words became my enemy.

Please someone send me back
Let me take those words
So we can become what
We were before,
Because I am becoming lonely
And the Guilt
Is rotting my soul to the
Dark Core.
Sep 2015 · 573
Second Nightmare
Kale Sep 2015
I had a dream,
Not one filled with
The Rainbows of
A small child,
I was overwhelmed
With constant fear
Running from what,
I do not know,
But I was mortified,
That when I called out
To you,
You did not answer,
So I was blindly
Running into ****.

One Sweet day,
I got the courage
To stand up to
The terror and fear
And saw that I
Was actually running from You.
Sep 2015 · 524
Kale Sep 2015
My body aching
As I sit there relentless,
Waiting for the daybreak
Wondering when this
Torture of love will be over.

I am waiting,
For the Redemption
That I believe I deserve.

I was told to wait
But waiting is not enough
I am no longer the same
And You will never be
Who I wanted you to be.
Sep 2015 · 600
The Night
Kale Sep 2015
Whispers of the Moon
Sing Lullabies
To the soothing children
But we are still up exploring,
The wider world of Love.
We are drowned in
Each other's presence
And destined to sing the unearthly songs
But when you have such
Between two people
Who were drawn together
By Kismet,
Not even the chattering crickets
Become a Nuisance
To the Love that
Remains undaunted.
Sep 2015 · 370
Kale Sep 2015
As I spiral down
Into the deep sense
Of Depression and Regret
I was for the beckoning Finger
Of Death to comb my shivering
We all want something
I chose death
So that I can escape
The wicked sense of humor
This world has.
When it comes to replaying
My life
I regretful that I let this Secret
Follow Me
To the wooden bed
Under the Earth.
But I am glad
I wanted to die,
So someone could
Unravel the secret
That was almost like  bullet wound.
Finally I will get Justice.
And I will dance in
The After world
Where I am bounded by Freedom
Sep 2015 · 562
Evil Love
Kale Sep 2015
Love how cruel You are
You attempt
To show us that
Are obtainable
But never once showed us
The trouble we have to go through.
Never once did you
Show Me the amount of tears
And heart-ache that I have to face
Because of the little rush
Of Emotions
My cold heart felt.
Love, You are a cruel being.
Why can't you just strike us
With an invisible arrow,
To prevent the difficulty
Of finding "The one"
The difficulty of getting drunk
Off of ****.
Sep 2015 · 813
Kale Sep 2015
Like a thief
My heart was poached
Causing me to fall
In the spiral of
But I did not know
The thief was evil
Causing me pain
Each day.
Shambling my hear
For the satisfaction
Of his own.
Never have I thought
I could be whole once more.
Then I met another thief
Who glued the
pieces one by one.
Sep 2015 · 778
Kale Sep 2015
The willow tree
That I sit under
Beckons me to sleep
It holds me tight
Like the memories
I dearly keep.
But once in a while
It brings me despair
Causing me tears.
I couldn't handle
The thought of your
Blood shed and tears.
Instead of facing
The dark abyss
I lay dangling
From the tree's
Sep 2015 · 489
Kale Sep 2015
I let the sadness
and the pain
Eat at my flesh
Causing me strife
In walking another day.
I stayed for you
Changed for you
But I guess it was not enough.
Now I am locked in the
Pit of Sorrows
Waiting for you to
Rescue my heart
From the shadow which
You left it.
Because one day
The noose around my neck
Will get tighter
And that will be the end
Of the bond I treasure
Sep 2015 · 567
Setting Sun
Kale Sep 2015
The burning fire
Of the bewitching orb
Comes to end the sweet day.

Our day,
In which walk on the tiny granules
Of the endless sand
Staring at the beauty
Of our love.

Once the sun sets,
I know our time has come to an end
Because now I am filled with
Memories whiles
In you are in the grave
Dreaming the night  away.
Sep 2015 · 918
Dark Fantasy
Kale Sep 2015
I am blinded by
Your love
And unable to
Sing our favorite song
Because you left me
On the eggshells
We call a relationship.
Now I am sick
Unable to grasp
Because you showed
Me the true meaning
Of a Dark Fantasy
Aug 2015 · 228
Never Knew
Kale Aug 2015
As it dictates
In the land long ago
There once was a human
Who gazed on the flowers
So lovingly
That every every petal
Caressed their ankles
That swept through
The bumpy pathway.
But the flowers never
Knew about this person's
Pain that was buried
Within the shadows
Of the heart.
The flowers never
Saw the tears
Or the screams.
All it saw was the
Majestic smile.
Aug 2015 · 487
Kale Aug 2015
I am not crying because
You left me
My tears are meant for
You who loved me,
Each back breaking day
You showed me that simple smile
Which became my ray
Of sunshine.
How I loved dancing
Under the moonlight
And kissing you in the rain drops.
I wont grieve the loss
Of our relationship
Because I will treasure
Each fleeting moment
That we shared for so long.
The stars that glistened
Each night you drove me home.
The night the son
Of death came
Causing you to leave me abruptly.
The sadness
Will never cease
But I will not squander
The times we valiantly shared.
The tears I have
Aug 2015 · 275
Kale Aug 2015
The dark shadow
That sits on these shoulders
Chokes my existence
Draining the life from me
Causing me to fall closer
To insanity
Where no one can redeem me.
I am here to bring you light
Through this darkness
A man once said
But all he did was keep me
As dead weight
To exempt him from his
Proceeding troubles
Then when got his
And realized I wasn't enough
He left me stranded
And he entered the realms
Of death.
Now I am alone
To roam the dark streets
Through my un natured dreams
Waiting until
I execute myself
To finally be free
Aug 2015 · 461
Kale Aug 2015
Blood reigns from
My flickering eyelash
As he tells me it's "okay"
But how can it be
When each day I am
To your stainless shoes
In my pain
You come to hush and soothe
But it turns to stinging and crying
Am I not the one you love
Am I not the one you adore
I guess not
Because even though
We are both freaks of nature
An abomination by modern society
I have come to turn
That ore mature love
Into consistent anger
Now it's my turn to cause pain
Because my fire has re kindled
And I am ready to start
Burning your life down.
Aug 2015 · 1.6k
Kale Aug 2015
Become my the reason
I retaliate against this
Crazy world
Where guns and violence are
My protection
And love is my weakness.
I am broken by the daily
That runs in my veins
Causing me to change
Each ****** day.

Become my soilder
That opens my heart
Which bears much evil,
Including the sins of my ancestry.
Your the only one I can trust
As I dwindle from my sanity
Because I am a devil
That needs redemption.
Aug 2015 · 243
Kale Aug 2015
As the clock moves
It's hands foreword
We begin to realize that our
Time alive is deadline down
By the millisecond
We have to understand
That that the years of
Adulthood are overbearing
And so we need to clench onto
Our mothers *****.
In which we graciosly  need.
Aug 2015 · 284
Kale Aug 2015
I don't know how to
Some days all the confusion
Of the world muddles
My senses and I am unable
To tell right from wrong
And other days the perfection
Of a blooming flower
Gives me hope that i will one day
Evolve into a better human.
But for now
I am stuck here listening
To the endless banter of the
Screams in the wind.
Who would cease when I
Put my world to an end.
Aug 2015 · 494
Kale Aug 2015
I am not as beautiful
As my ice cold heart,
Which glimmers each time
We experience pain.
But I will not waver
Because they say I belong in a fortress
To hide this outer shell
And this soul that crawls within me.

I would dream of endless nightmares
In which I obtain the beauty like
My callous heart
But then I would realize I would
Loose those who are special.
And don't care if I am a goddess
Or human.
Jul 2015 · 17.3k
Pen and pencil
Kale Jul 2015
With the one pen and pencil
I can draw my way to a better life
Or rewrite my whole destiny
I can go on adventures
Or have a steamy romance
I can let go
I can be free.
Even though my
Freedom is short lived
I can create myself
Into a better human
Jul 2015 · 373
Anger Issued
Kale Jul 2015
Do you ever have those
Dreadful moments
Where you thought
To blow up the world
Because nothing is going your way.
You curse the air you breathe
But the words come out in
Nimble squawks.
You try to bottle up
Every feeling you ever had
Because you know
If there was any slightest
Examination of your mind
You would be sent to jail
Or the psychiatric ward.
Anger the demon
That feeds off of every word
You said in past years
Is the reason behind many of these
Complex emotions.
We may try to stop it.
But eventually
It will consume us and hurt
Those who are near
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Kale Jun 2015
My body aches
From the back breaking pain
That you enforced on me
Every sad day.
I want to open my quivering
To tell you,
No Scream at you
"That this is not the end"
"I will get you back."
You caused me so much
That my eyes are forever dull.
I want to tell you
I hate you.
But it seems that my
Lips will remain shut
Because now I am looking
At your barren grave
Hoping that you are where you
Now that you are out
Forever gone from
My life,
I will become the
Depiction of false happiness.
However I will always remember
All your sins and
The scars that are buried deep
In my recovering skin.
Hoping that I can be a story of survival.
Jun 2015 · 410
Kale Jun 2015
As a child
I was left to be free
I was able to walk
To talk
To do anything that
The imagination
Though was real.
But as I grew older
I was told everything
That I once knew was wrong
And that happiness had to be earned
And that imagination
Is only for those who are unwise.
I had to make a metamorphosis
To conform into adulthood
And all the creativity and happiness
That was rampant
In my younger years was
****** from me.
Jun 2015 · 267
Letter #3
Kale Jun 2015
My body waits
For your tenderness
To show me the love you deserve
But we are undermined
And treated with scorn
When we share our radiant love
That bound us together
We are separated because of culture
But we are bound because of the spirit
Don't keep me waiting forever
Because my shriveled hands
Wants to hold yours
Rescue me from this brooding tower
Of hatred that surrounds me .

Yours truly
Your one and only love
Jun 2015 · 605
Kale Jun 2015
Should I be what
People want me to be?
The judgmental eyes
Loom over my shoulders.
And the whispers sends the
hairs flying on my neck.
I want to be different
But its so easy to be misguided
so easy to follow the trend
But the trend will never stop
Someone from being dead.
Jun 2015 · 331
Kale Jun 2015
Isn't it hopeless
To attempt to please everyone
At least one person
Will cause you tears
When you try to spread happiness
That one person will stir
Many emotions
That you try to keep
Bottled up
Causing you to explode,
May 2015 · 835
Kale May 2015
We fight each day
Crying out to nature
Like the psychos
We all are,
We want redemption
From the evil that
Lay in the closet
But we do not accept the
Fact that the darkness
That is formed deep within
Our soul,
Is eating away at the Goodness
The peace
The happiness
That consumes our mind.
We are humans after all
We are the two sides to
Every story.
May 2015 · 939
Letter #2
Kale May 2015
Dear Whoever,
The life you sold me
The dreams you gave me
Were lies
Was it not.
You fed me like a child
With all the things you
Planned for us to do
But you replaced me for the
Lover you met last week.
I do not feel anger
Or resentment
Nor will I show resilience
I just hope
Your stomach is eaten by
May 2015 · 409
The Tree
Kale May 2015
Under this pinnacle
Of green leaves
I sit
Waiting for my lover
Who tells me a bunch of sweet
Who wipes away my tears.
This pinnacle
Our love
Which is full of strength.
Now, I must wait
For my soul mate,
That brings me to life,
Like the sun does to the leaves.
May 2015 · 207
Kale May 2015
For me my life was
Taken abruptly
With no form of sympathy
It feels like  an
Endless Nightmare
That I attempt to fight
But the thief is more
And expects me to fail
As the thief
Consumes my
happiness, peace, freedom
I lay awake in my
Barren room
Cryinglike an
Infant child
No one hears my
But one day these cries
Would cease
And there would be murmurs
Among the land
May 2015 · 2.2k
Letter #1
Kale May 2015
If I was still there
Waiting on you
I would be dragged strait
To the asylum
You built for me personally.
You called me crazy
Because I wanted to shower
You in my affection
Because even though you
Committed adultery
Against me.
Thats why I had to go
Leave you behind
In that drunken sate
Still kissing that dreadful woman.
Don't look for me
I am not needed
Because I left to raise
our unborn child.
May 2015 · 359
Who am I?
Kale May 2015
I am oblivious,
To you and your feelings,
To your pain
To your anger.
I consider you an insignificance
To the air space
Your presence annoys
My living soul.
You come to question
Who I am?
I am someone who is the
bane of your entire existence.
May 2015 · 763
Recurring Dream
Kale May 2015
The endless waking
In my sleep
Because of the
That are in repeat.
Each one,
Is a reflection of my daily life.
And with each one I die.
I die not because of the evil
That is rampant within the society.
I die because
My darkness,
My despair,
My sadness,
Consumes the air which I breath.
Leaving me helpless
And worthless,
Like a piece of trash
Drifting on the ground.
May 2015 · 411
Kale May 2015
My love for you will always
Be there
Death being the only obstacle
We enter the escapades
Of our love.
We may fall in love over
And over again
Each time
If we are reincarnated
But love that is limitless
is Boundless
and I will love you
Until love is a figment
Of the imagination.
I don't know if this makes any sense ... I am questioning it myself
May 2015 · 1.6k
Kale May 2015
The whispers among the air
the  mouths twitching
the words forming
Some thing you don't want
Others to hear.
The whispers,
Getting louder
And i am trying to hear.
This is maddening,
Why don't I know
What are these secrets
That everybody knows.
May 2015 · 14.1k
Kale May 2015
Can you here it
The ticks on the clock
Making the noise
Indicating time is drifting away
You can't catch this clock
Because its too late
Now the Reaper of Death
Is waiting for you at the gate.
May 2015 · 833
Night Light
Kale May 2015
I am waiting
For the night light
To become my guide
From  the evil
That lurks down below
and creeps in my head
While I sleep in my bed.

The night light
Brings me goodness and joy
Fade and dims
each time the clock spins.

Now, as i grew past the edge
of my twin bed
I need you to be my night light
So that I wont fall
Into the darkness at all.
May 2015 · 156
Kale May 2015
Thinking is so powerful
That it can destroy
A nation.
It can stop time
It can bend backs
We have to think to create
Because we have to imagine
The benefits
The consequences.
Of what we plan to do.
Apr 2015 · 224
Kale Apr 2015
I am caged
In the midst of society
Living the life I despise
Hearing those who complain
And those who fight to survive.
We divulge in our imaginative beings
In attempts to become free
Only to be dragged back to reality
By the life we attempt to seek.
Apr 2015 · 373
Kale Apr 2015
Whenever you are
Please be reminded that
The someone somewhere
Is doing worst than you
Crying out in pain
Drawing their last breath
Hoping that they would see
The light of day again.
Apr 2015 · 263
I am in love
Kale Apr 2015
When your body
Mind and soul
Has been enticed by someone
And you do not feel the urge
To let them go.
Well that's what I am going through
And it feels great
I am walking taller
Talking more
and its because of you
*If you don't let me go
Ill never let you go
Because I am in love.
I am not in love so don't ask
Apr 2015 · 264
Kale Apr 2015
The woman in tears
Because the man she loved
Hit her once more
Without one inch of remorse.
They, who were in love
From the beginning of time itself
Now have two kids,
But he seems to forget
That they are watching innocently
From the chairs beside them.
She who loved him for so long
Turned his love into hatred.
Because he has been broken,
Broken by the pressure
Of life itself.
Anyone help this woman before its too late.
Apr 2015 · 485
Kale Apr 2015
How can I let myself roam free
When the darkness creeps behind me.
Waiting for me to to stumble
So that I loose every
Sane thought that I  own.
So I would have to scream to
The heavens
For being abandoned or alone.
The darkness hates
Hates the positive thoughts
That consume me.
So they lock it up
and threw away the key.

Why are you waiting
To drag me down that road
Can't you see I wan't
To be free from this Asylum
Free from this insanity.
Apr 2015 · 198
Kale Apr 2015
I strive to accept
The ones who hate me
To be like Ghandi
To work for peace
In its manifestation,
To be free like a bird
Unbound by hatred.
To love one another
Like Bob Marley loved his country.
Apr 2015 · 334
War poem 2
Kale Apr 2015
Over the horizon,
The sobs can be heard,
From the Creator
Of the greatest Masterpiece.

Humanity that corrupted
His work
Show no remorse
Because each day
A new echo of chaos
Can be heard on the barren streets.

War comes like a plague
Turning the lavish scene
Into a wasteland.
Making people
Into skull and bones.
But no one can stop it
Because the origins are unknown.

The Creator
Will continue to cry out
In the desert
That used to be a home.
Waiting for the mass to
Listen and hear
The destruction
Of everything He holds dear.
I am thinking of entering this for a competition
Apr 2015 · 959
Kale Apr 2015
As humans,
There are so many of us,
That every lineage can get tangled.
Then why are we killing our brother,
Assaulting our sister,
Bullying our nieces,
Persecuting our nephews.
We walk each day
With our heads held high,
Leaving the homeless on the road to suffer.
Ungrateful to fact that
if we work hard we can get everything
While some people have to work hard just to survive.
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