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Business people live silly little lives…
Walking so fast in pleated pants…
Racing around self-imposed mazes…

Will they have anything to say when it’s all over?

Everyday spent “delivering solutions”…
Neutered emotionless existences…
Sitting there with that doe eyed look…

Will they have anything to say when it’s all over?

Driving cars and tolerating personal lives…
Each and every day a pre-defined process…
Anxiety, fear and caffeine distorting brains…

Will they have anything to say when it’s all over?
Dream Fisher Sep 26
Sick of being stuck awake,
I should probably bake a cake,
Stuff a file inside, then sit for an hour of wait,
Another hour to cool, use the tool to pry my mind from this cage
Blow out the candles, the world becomes my stage
But I fall flat on a crowd with button eyes, deaf ears,
Rusted mental gears, and smiles looking at me queer.
"Hi I'm Ryan, I'm a poet. I belong here."
Reading to a generation that skipped reading,
Stuck feeding off of the teat for free
Asking for another handout that a past life made them believe
They deserved, too delicate, while I stay thick like corduroy,
Poking fun like I should take some ilk, you're too soft
I destroy you, still drinking mother's milk, you're soft as silk.
Don't make me spell it out, we are cut from different cloth.

I've sat with my life choices happy as an oyster
In a month that doesn't have an "R"
People walk through the door and try to raise my bar,
You couldn't come close, don't judge those who trudge
Through mud and sludge then take a second to coast,
I'm still a star while others whack the green,
Barely even keeping up with par.

I don't even have enemies, I get angry with my own mind
That tells me I should be on a steady grind
Then find myself too tired to stay awake
Too awake to fall asleep, let's write it out,
I never was one to be good at counting sheep
I took to counting breaths, counting beats,
Never couldn't count on me, have a seat.
Let's talk it out and bake a cake,
Another file filed so I can free this cage,
I flee the stage.
lins Sep 5
you're like caffeine in my veins
the way you get to me
stop me in my tracks
make it hard to breathe

when I'm near you
I can't feel time pass
you make my eyelids close
and my heart beat fast

a moment with you
is like a single drip
of that strong coffee
that you love to sip

I need you closer
I'm getting addicted
this isn't healthy
look what you've inflicted
L Aug 17
When in


Drink 6 shots of espresso

Or, you know, maybe dont.
Chiron Jul 29
Do you tip toe around words like me?
Delicately finger
nouns and verbs like me?
Do you taste-with your tounge-conjunctions- like me?
Concentrate constantly on consonants like me?
Or indirectly object as i subjectively subject your ears in an attempt to make these words connect....like me?
Or do you laugh at at the above just like me?
I have no idea where this came from or where it couldve gone, all i know is it had to end as quickly as it began.
Night & her infernal hues
push the caffeine drip.
I'm caffeinated.

Night & her peyote cues
push the whole world flat.
I'm gelatinous.

Goo, yes, goo.
to form
to dust
to mud.

Night & her violet light
guide me in to silence.

Silence but
for the strike
of a Clipper
or the pop of a
bottle top or
the rip of a
The coffee at the gas station is coffee nonetheless,
The coffee at the gas station is coffee, so I guess-
The coffee at the gas station, is free, I cannot stress,
The coffee at the gas station taste like shit, but I digress
I don’t normally drink coffee, but it was actually pretty good.
TSPoetry Jun 6
The sun limps across the horizon
a damp grey washes the roots
and a desolate urge begins to cry
It's been three days  
drear settles in  
pulls murk my mask
but I cannot lie
a singular perk
a mouth full tango
swirled and imagined
blowing up my mind
birds encircle high
blood's letting out my eyes
adoration held in attention
I'm about to die
rjh Jun 4
you are nothing to me
but a two year memory
of cigarette stains
and a caffeine dependency
that still claims me to this day
Rowan May 23
I crave for your taste
You're sweet, strong, and flood my senses
Warming me from the inside out
When my lips touch you I shiver from delight
I know you are bad for me though
But you're so good that I don't care
You make me anxious more so than normal
As I think of the people judging me for having you
You make me restless as I pace the floors
Worried of when you'll leave me again
I can't stop shaking and moving
If I stop it feels as though I'd be doomed to die
Then later as you finally leave me
I crash, falling over myself from exhaustion
I love you, I need you
But you're not good for me
When this isn't about a person, but caffeine. I am sensitive to caffeine and this was to help my friend understand my thought process as I drank it and instantly regretted it.
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