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i long to be
your first cup of coffee
kissing those
sleepy eyes awake,
whilst you feel the warmth
spread through your bones.
i long to be
the reminder of home
felt with each
gentle mouthful,
now an essential part
of your daily ritual.
i long for you
to spend the day thinking
of when you might
taste me next,
leaving hints of cinnamon
and sweetness on your lips.
- this morning, with her, having coffee.
MicMag Sep 20
C8H10N4O2  so  softly  calling
Feel  my  energy  level  falling
I­t  faintly  whispers  my name (psss)
But now I'm just stuck stalling     (uh)
I  try but just can't break  free        (so)
"How about some herbal tea?"     (no)
Your  suggestion  is  appalling  (ugh)
But  coffee?  I'm  al­ways  keen
Need that daily hit of caffeine
Reworked previous poem into the shape of my beloved coffee mug
MicMag Sep 16
The C8H10N4O2 is calling
I feel my energy level falling
As it whispers my name
Now I'm just stalling
Can't break myself free
"How bout some tea?"
Your suggestion's appalling
But coffee? I'm keen
Seeking my daily hit of caffeine
Inspiration found in a local cafe with the molecular formula of caffeine (C8H10N4O2) painted on the wall.
Anna Sep 16
Our smoke was all over the room
Oh you said it was killing you
But we were killing the seconds
Lying on your mom's carpet.

Oh, my time killer
Don't rush it
Running towards the minutes
Scaring the hours.

No need of caffeine
You had the adrenaline in your blood
You were in a hurry.

Now my feet don't touch the ground
They touch your feet
No way down, do you feel me?
Seanathon Sep 5
When the first summer rain stirs the peaceful veil
And the white fly casts shadows down tried and true
When the firelight sparks in the first dark of night
And the thunderous call reaches the mountains through

Within grandeur ends such glory
A quiet death for time as it stops

Crashing like passing waves ashore
Bursting into the creative mind

That is the caffeine rushing to a combustive heart
Trying to write with morning fog, mostly about morning fog, is like a descriptive eye chart. LOL. #wakeup
Dream Fisher Aug 23
Too Much Caffeine in the Poetry

My brain feels spun,
The other kids are having fun.
I'm not sure what direction I'm on.
Should I be playing, slaying, laying down
I don't let the ground hold me up.
I sip apple juice from a Lego cup
Then let my thoughts erupt.
Blow off my mind, it's dusty
But I'll be a quick spitter like Rusty
The pinch hitter who lost the game
Still dancing all the same.
Oh and you just lost the game.

I'm sorry, I'm not sorry.
The engines are not starting,
The cylinders should be firing
Though now expiring, into nothing.
It's not snow, it's just a dusting.
I have a two, a five, a seven, jack and queen,
In other words, I am absolutely bluffing.
The suit does not match the shoes that
I wore to score a date too late.
Miss Cinderella it's half past eight
And those glass shoes are positively fake.

Today I wrote nothing,
Mistrusted my hand to stand on it's own
But Mr. Right, I was wrong.
You need to leave the page alone.
Today, I drank a drink that made me think
I'd never stop the twitching hop
My mind had surely bled
And left this mess before I went to bed.
Empire Aug 20
Tired of feeling exhausted
All the **** time.

Done feeling numb, empty
Every heartbeat void.

Well, it's legal... accessible...
It tastes pleasant...
It'll do the trick...
The kind of acceptable addiction
No need to hide
Flaunt it a bit
See if they care
Play it up
Show them

But don't forget to enjoy it, dear.
Feel your pulse in your wrists
s                                u     r                    g    i              n    g
c-c-c-c-ccount the dosage
80 mg..... 120 mg.... 300 mg..... 400 mg............

Where's that laugh been all this time?
Full of... joy....?
That smile cannot possibly be your own....
It's so....... pure.

And again here I am
Crashing from the high
Mild headache
Numbness returning
Depression invading

And you.
My neurotic shadow.
You creep back into my mind.
I hear the whispers of your familiar voice.
It makes me want to chase a different high.
One that'll leave a mark.
Not my most eloquent work... perhaps that captures the concept better... I don't know...
Vivek Gupta Jul 31
Dependent on caffeine!
When I was sixteen!
It's mixed with my blood!
Over the top like it's flood!
Through the sleepless nights!
In the ***** fights!
On small rides!
****! time flies!
Missing those days!
Finding the ways!
Can I go again?
Or will I just go insane?
AvengingPoet Jul 7
I’m a mechanized piece of dirt
And I don’t want it anymore

But the demands have uprooted
Anything I ever wanted or dreamed of

I guess this is the hand that was dealt
In our Americanized dream

I don’t wanna deal with it anymore
But let’s face it, there’s nowhere to run anyhow

The noise is constantly buzzing
I need the white noise to sleep

But I never get enough rest anyhow
A cup of coffee just to function for the day

Not sure if I’m cynical or just facing a reality
But I know there’s something better out there

9-5, cups of coffee, entertainment to **** the time
I guess that’s all that was needed

Lights are out, it’s time to go
Little moments of purpose.
Empire Jun 11
Procrastinated all day
So here we go...
Caffeine high
Music so loud
Laptop out
Calculator ready
Let do this.
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