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Hello Prolly Mar 6
Today woke up to see,
if still here and breathe.

Shared the crazy colours
with those precious in the arms.

Raced the town to say,
the yellow train goodbye.

Visited the morning trees,
seeing the specks of light in beams.

Went to the banks of river
to dream a bit of lovely ******.

Speeded up just enough to take off,
to ****** up the day.

Because I've witnessed beavers to be gifts, make fireworks and save her day )
Have you?
say Mar 5
Oh how beautiful are we.
A product of serendipity.
Lost feelings of ambiguity.

You next to me.
Rose Mar 1
a snapshot in time
i knew in that moment
you didn’t know my heart
but in that small moment
we were an endless stream
of warmth spinning by our eyes
colors blending into paint
and these hearts
for a moment
those times where if feels like you connect- really connect. but sometimes nothing can stop the spell from breaking.
Anna Feb 2
I hear them

The others

My age and

I just don't


I just don't understand it

The lingo

The music

The attitude

The emotions

I try

I really do

I swear

But I just don't


They're laughing

And they

Cry together

They love company

But I don't

Get it

They're not afraid

They're shining brightly

And I'm


But maybe I am

I just shine different

Where they glow

I fail

But it seems

They make up the color in the world

At least

They do in mine

They may act...


I will not

Deny that fact but

They're my family

I'm always going to forgive them

Even if they're loud

And don't really understand

And so

So optimistic

I love them

I have to admit

I'm jealous

Jealous of what they have

And I know

That they're envious of me sometimes too

But the difference

Between them and I

Is that they're trying

Trying hard

And I

Have not put in

As much effort into the

Same things

So when I say

To "ask them"

Even if I sound condescending

I care

And you cant

You won't

Insult them as I do because

They're my family

I'm allowed to

You're not

They know I love them

But do you?

Do you really love them as I do?

Because I can guarantee

You have not seen them

At their best

Nor at their worst

As I have

They're my younger siblings

Not Yours

And even if I don't express it

I love them to bits

So back off

Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
I'm from
Different time
A different species
Raised in a different way

Request to you, all

Don't connect with me
Connect with the words
That too, if
It touches your soul
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: I don't want to hurt you, neither i want to get hurt.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Small specs of light
They surround
Arranging themselves
Forming new worlds
Creating constellations
Glorious they watch
The night hours
Those of absolute
The grandeir of the obsolete
floating and falling
Each with a tail
Morning rises
Moons begin to sail
Marcus Belcher Oct 2018
That raw
Simple, unspoken
I can see your thoughts
In your eyes
Fall into the essence
That lies beneath your skin
Merging with your spirit
Then lie still in your presence
Quietly enjoying your existence
Grateful for your creation
Kind of love


I want that

But only if she is ok with me

So I asked....
**** with truth and a purpose if you must. That's just my 2 cents
Anya Sep 2018
In hybridization
Shuffle around electrons
In orbitals
To be able to bond
With the maximum number of electrons
Of another atoms
Rather like the amount of effort
She takes
To connect with you
Does it work, does it not? I wouldn’t mind some feedback.
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