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Aaron LaLux Sep 16
... Give me one reason to stay here,
& I’ll turn right back around,
said I don’t want to leave you lonely,
you’ve got to make me change my mind now,
give me one reason to stay here, & I’ll turn right back around,
& no money won’t help not at all not in any amount,
I’m past possessions & almost past The Point of No Return,
so at this point I see no point in turning back now,

like Tracy Chapman, Bruce Wayne Batman, or Tracy Morgan, like the Joker, Heath Ledger, Edgar Poe, or Captain Morgan,

or a Spacey Captain,
or a **** Batman ready for action,
just not actually Kevin Spacey,
we all know what happened,

we can imagine, so there’s no need for a reenactment,

I know I’m handsome,
thanks for the compliment, I’m flattered,
but not interested, ‘cause I just don’t find guys that attractive,
so quit the harassment & passive aggressive temper tantrums,

& quit asking for a dance,
you already have your answer,
I only give straight facts fam,
don’t know those fake strangers,

don’t need the gold you try to coax me with, soul’s platinum,
not a flash in the pan scam, I scan more than you can imagine,
hindsight 20/20 vision, I read the whole thing backwards,
from the final ending, to lights camera action,

gone till November,
leaving on a jet plane to Denver,
more Tracy Chapman than Tracy Morgan,
more Jon Wayne than Jon Denver,
more Honcho than Jon Doe, more Pronto than Macho,
more Brando than Tonto, full throttle no turning back now,

won’t back down,
feel most alive in times when I almost die,
the real thing, we vroom vroom we do don’t try try,
no need to try to live this life when you really live that life,

why sail the high seas when you can reach Heaven & fly?

Living The Life of Lives, living The Dream of Dreams,
one dream at a time, lucidly asking,  “What do you mean?”,

I mean, for real, for really real, how do you really feel? ...

continued in poem #74 in
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3 available here:
[16:11, 8/22/2019] Me: Why are we doing this tbh. Not that it's bad, There's not a lot of things I'd rather do

[16:11, 8/22/2019] You: I don't know
[16:11, 8/22/2019] You: I guess we are just trying to find ways to be happy?
[16:11, 8/22/2019] You: and like. It's intriguing

[16:12, 8/22/2019] Me: As long as we'll stay together, like, that we're not out there alone, I'll be happy

[16:12, 8/22/2019] You: I feel the same, because we can get through it together
[16:12, 8/22/2019] You: as long as we are together, I will be okay and happy

[16:13, 8/22/2019] Me: It'll be okay, probably

[16:13, 8/22/2019] You: it will be
Amira Aug 31
Run away you,
away from desolation,
away from these blinding city lights,
away from this dense hard-to-carry burden
away from society and its atrocious ways.

Into tomorrow,
start over, turn over a new leaf,
a brand new you, because better days await
and never contemplate over what could have been.

Anastasia Aug 25
i want to leave this place with you
leave our past
leave our pain
go someplace
and dance in the rain
i would run away with you
again and again
Afterwards, I was really glad you stayed with me that hour.
We were talking, chatting, like normal teens.
But I know we are different of all of those.
Suddenly we were discussing a plan to run away together.
We barely know eachother,
But it's so close.
Let's run away and never come back
A "poem" every day.
B D Caissie Aug 18
Ever since the moment you left, he sits and waits on our front steps. He sadly looks his eyes to me, I scratch his ears on bended knee. He softly whimpers as if to say, why’d she have to run away.
Hope Lee Aug 14
We need to get away
From here
From our problems
From reality.

We'll fall down the rabbit hole
All it takes is one simple misstep
We'll run away to Wonderland
Away from our tears
And fears
come on
let's go
just you and me
Finally free.

The Mad Hatter will invite us for tea,
Tell us about things we have yet to see.
We'll meet the mouse and the March Hare
Act like we don't have a single care
Because everything is grand
Nothing is bland
When you go to Wonderland...

Come now
Take my hand
And we'll run away.
I wonder what the Cheshire Cat will say?
Will he grin his infamous grin?
Teach us the true meaning of madness?
Or will he simply vanish, forgetting his smile?

We ran away to Wonderland
to forget our worst nightmares
Quite like the Queen of Hearts,
She chops off heads,
Plays croquet,
Orders her army of playing cards
to chase us out of her kingdom.

Wonderland isn't our place.
But Darling do wipe those tears from your pretty face,

Reality can't be so bad,
Especially if we're both mad.
I was rereading Alice In Wonderland and got inspired so enjoy the outcome.
Kayal Jul 22
Let's runaway
You and me.
Just you and me.
Just like how we have dreamt,
Just the way we have always wanted.
In one of those long trains,
That takes us to destiny.
Along the other bunch of curious eyes,
Ours being the brightest,
Hand in hand, lovey dovey,
Blending with stardust,
Let's get lost into our dreams.

Come, Lets runaway

From all these planned chaos,
Organised crimes, so called selfless responsibilities.
Let's free ourselves from this cage.
This cage, locked by the society.
We've gotta escape it.
Not like the dewdrops slipping through the leaf,
But like the warriors breaking through the fortification.

Come, Lets runaway,

I don't know where
Let's just run till we find our destination.
Inevitably this will be a long run,
But this will never be tiring
Because we are together.
We will be tormented with storms
Don't be scared, we are together.
We will survive the storm.
When the journey gets harder
Don't be flustered, never step back.
Hold my hand tight, we'll be fine.
Trust me, this is what our every single heartbeat wished for.
Every breath out of our lungs went in search of this quest.
Lets get it and feed our souls.
Lets run away.
Karen M Jun 10
All the flowers in his pocket and
Bruises covering his knees
Couldn’t hide the satisfaction
Decorating his chubby little face.
Every surface inch on his
Favorite pair of jeans was unprotected from
Grass stains and dirt cakes. Oh,
How our father would tear
Into him later. It was worth it when the
Junior high school quarterback
Kindly accepted his confession instead of
Laughing like the adults surrounding the pair.
Mom thought it was cute how the little oblivious
Nine-year-old boy had gotten down on
One knee, arms outstretched, as if he were
Proposing to his babysitter. They joke when it’s a child, but
Quickly shun their once loved ones by forcing them to
Run away from home. It wasn’t funny when our
Sister vanished from existence after coming out
To our religious family. They don’t laugh at
Us when we mutter her name. That girl,
Valerie, left all but one shred of existential evidence    
When leaving us for good. Hidden amongst the trees are
Xylographed initials made by lovers over
Yonder in the suburb parks where the human
Zoo couldn’t keep them under watchful eyes.
Based off of real events (not my family). I was given permission by my friend to write about his sister. Her name is changed for privacy reasons.
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