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Jeanmarie Nov 20
They told her to run away
To go far, far away
Far from home to hide away
She had enough money to keep away
To stay far, far away
So she ran away
Far from home to hide away
Far, far away
To start a new life and keep away.
Noah Nov 13
Livin’ and breathin’ is all that I got
Take a deep breath got my stomach in knots
Can’t tie me down, no you can’t enslave me
Hopin’ someone will come out and save me
Fear and depression are clouding my head
I’m closing my eyes, I think that I’m dead
Fighting for sanity, fighting to lose
Fighting for the chance that I get to choose

Running from something I can’t recall
Too many steps and I’m gonna fall
The buildings edge is right in my sight
One little leap and I can take flight
Lost in the sounds and lost in the pain
Know what I’ve done’s been done in vain

I’m haunted by the past of me
A ghost of who I used to be 
Their mistakes are all that I can see

I’m running, I’m running

I hate the scars along skin
A memory of where I’ve been
They’re white lined trails of my darkest sin

I’m running, Im running

Screaming and crying filling my ears
Covered in burns from venomous tears
Im breaking mirrors, I’m screaming in pain
Can’t go on living, theres nothing to gain
Losing myself in the ruts of my days
Breathin’ in smoke with eyes blurred by the haze
Once a week poison killin’ me slowly
Devil on my back, they call me unholy

No where to go, got hounds on my trail
Begging that somehow I will prevail
Imagine a life where I can rest
Instead I’ve got this weight on my chest
Got these voices, they callin’ my name
No one around me, no one to blame

I’m haunted by the past of me
A ghost of who I used to be
Their mistakes are all that I can see

I’m running, I’m running

I hate the scars along skin
A memory of where I’ve been
They’re white lined trails of my darkest sin

I’m running, Im running
I’ve been writing with the intention of putting a beat behind my words. I hope y’all enjoy.
I want to runaway at times
Escape to a happy place
Be where , I feel loved
Be where , I feel at peace
At times , I question it all
At times , I feel no hope
That really rips me apart
Hope is all , I ever had
Hope made me keep living
Hope made me feel strong
So here , I am feeling hopeless
Thought , I would have found
it by now that which makes me
I have some
but the struggle contines
The up hills
The going gets good
then drops another rock
to crawl over
knocking me back 6 feet
How can it continue
One can only be pushed
so far
One can only feel hopeless
then the struggle becomes
too real
So ...
I want to runaway
I am questioning it all

© Jennifer L DeLong 10/31/2020
Caleb Smith Oct 31
A child growing out of his clothes, into grown folk
A metaphor for metamorphosis,
A child looking within, questioning, if there’s an adult in this
His childhood of little resourcefulness still made him fortunate
It formed a fighter from birth, against evil’s extortionist
As he was marked from the start like the A of adulteress
No pretty dimes on his line, petty crimes to his name
He’s penny wise with his time, plenty wise for his age
Open wounds made him an open book, his cover couldn’t stay
Every year a flipped page, read between the lines under his eyes
He looks aged, his childhood misplaced
Lost himself, like slaves and last names
The child’s aim was to arrive to adult destiny
He was never given the train
His “Rite Of” Passage
the underground railroad
He freed himself from mental chains
He became
his own Harriet Tubman,
Fled from home, got hip to runnin
Walked through the hills and valleys
reminiscing on fam in Cali
They thought he left to rebel
but truth is he misses em badly
Long ago, his parents a Jack and Jill
went whack for real,
colliding down a hill,
They were taken,
gravity steals
It’s fill of will over them still
And ever since the spill,
they been ill
popped the pills
caught the chills
unpaid bills
losing everything
so they became his Achilles heel
Left an orphan to look like Prodigal,
but the optical isn’t real
His struggle doesn’t appeal,
so many stare unaware,
looks can ****
Labeled as a runaway,
he just took ambition, and ran with it
He can’t look back to miss them, he has to travel the distance
He’s set sight on his vision
He lost everything in the year twenty twenty
So how is he still running?
he lost the baggage with it
A child running out of lessons from adolescence
Adulting is different
He grew up hard and fast,
busted through the concrete
Ready to make the past his ***, screamed “put it behind me!”
Hurt people hurt people
So he declared “it’s all love”
They hit him, he gets back up
Thanks to The God up above
lua Oct 9
the ringing in my ears
the lump beating in my throat
the sound of my heartbeat caught in a flame
that burns bright and angry
in my lungs
as i taste iron on my tongue
and blisters bloom
on the soles of my feet
like flowers in a summer's field
and yet the stench of sweat
the cling of cloth against my skin
raw and pink and thick with grime
but i'm running out of time
i won't ever stop to breathe.
lua Oct 4
i think i've lost the feeling in my fingertips
and the words that
graze my lips
and dissipate
into meaningless thoughts
onto a page
it's the banging against my window panes
the clang and drip of rain
it's the constant reminder of the sun
that 'yes, i live'
'yes, i am here'
'yes, i will stay'
'for as long as you will let me'
it's like listening to the sound of crashing waves
against the shore
as i dip my toes
in the moonlight
there is that fear
of the unknown
the slippery tongues of the abyss
that lap and lick against my heels
the tremble of my lip
the shudder down my spine
as it snakes around my legs
it's the longingness to runaway
and disappear
to leave without a trace
no new names, no fake identities
not a smidge of existence
no footprints left behind.
it's been hard to do anything lately.
I want to scream, at you,
I want to see you move,
Just a flinch.
Why won't you move?
Why won't you run?
Run, away from me.
Stop looking at me.
With that look in your eye,
My eye.
I want to run away.
Run away, with me,
Stop holding me here.
I need to scream,
I need to stop screaming at me.
Do you hate knowing that the enemy is you? The person stopping you saying hi to that guy you like, or reaching out to your father, getting out of bed. I do, but I can't bring myself to say no.
jcl Sep 22
I have been craving for whiskey
for the comfort it gives me,
when all that lingers was your warmth
that went too fast like February.

Hand me a glass of whiskey
as quick as you can.
Catch me on the last train,
let’s escape the town while we can.

Oh, I guess I had too much whiskey
that I forget I am running away alone.
Just a little taste of whiskey,
sober enough to remember
to leave the things I don’t own.

But life,
it’s too short, too fast
to get drowned in whiskey.
And life,
it’s too playful, too painful
to have let me love,
but never experience you.
s a m Aug 8
Dark clouds start to chase 
a life who's keeping up the pace  from falling out of grace 
and dying without a trace.
POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
gabby Jul 28
yesterday i decided
where i will run away to-.
i wrote the coordinates in black
on a blue colored paper
and threw it
in my childhood friend's garden.

i also called a star after
my first lover's name;
that star will be my home.

i will travel just at night
because i know that all the people
that pretended to care about me
are all so afraid of the dark.

....and i will begin to write
about my life as a youth,
but by the time they recongnise me
i will be gone, diving
into cherry blossom water
and bittersweet freedom.
i will dye my hair
light ocean blue and
finally settle myself
in the first city i fall in love with.
i will spend nights
at karaoke famous clubs
dedicating songs to old faces
and i will spend mornings
sipping lavender tea at fancy cafés
observing those people
who will never die.

but i know that, in the end,
none of these will be part of me
for eternity.

a scared girl who thinks is brave
because she ran away.
too...? i know this is a bit chaotic, but i am glad i found a way to express all these things i kept for myself for too long. wish i could go anywhere
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