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Just imagine if I disappeared,
Would your memory of me be blurred?
Rusting away in your mind,
Leaving me behind.
A face you had known, a name you had heard.
Emma Nov 28
I really want to run away with you
Don’t be scared, it’s easy.
We wait until no one is watching. It has to be dark out.
We’ll need food and drinks and blankets
We should leave our phones behind for obvious reasons.
And we’ll need matches. Lots of matches.
And then.
We build a shelter
Out of blankets and chairs
We cuddle up underneath,
And escape this world together
Using candlelight and cookie-dough
I told you it’d be easy to run away
And we did it
All while staying indoors.
Bullet 6d
Please don't leave me so soon
Thought we had a connection we -------- are
Plugged__/\into our own light

Couldn't even bring a brightness to it

You're bitter right oddly thinking it didn't dim right

Runaway for me
Before I trip fall in n' ruin the extension of the wire
Runaway from me
Before the power trip runs fluorescent white within

Love brings the ultraviolet light
Running away seems only right
Tori Ginter Nov 21
I'd run away
but where would I go?
with you or not
I still feel alone
Gracie Nov 17
I wish that we could run away
just to a little place
where everything is all okay.
once again, creativity is all gone
cupid Nov 14
i hate so much you referred to be as pretending
as if dressing me as who i am is wrong
as if my name is a lie
i have been pretending to be who you say i am for years
but now that i come clean
i am so angry that this is all only a big deal because you know now
none of it mattered before you got a call from my school
it was whatever before it was brought to your attention
i have felt this way everyday for years
i have been who i am for years
i don’t know how to tell you that you aren’t helping
that you aren’t being supportive
if this were a phase
or just the teenage fever idea of being who i’m not
it would be different
but your words feel like knives
you keep telling me that how i feel about you and my life makes you feel bad
but think that for my mentality to get to that point how did you make me feel
i know that everything is not about me
nothing is
this is all about you isn’t it
all the wasted time my wasted life is going to be
how you won’t let you kid be who he wants
how you would rather a daughter who feels robotic
a daughter that has no feelings
how you would rather your son pretend to be you daughter
you would rather your son feel disgusting and trapped
feel like an inconvenience
an annoyance
feel like all he will ever be is a burden
a misfit
you would rather i fake who i am
answer to the name you forced upon me
live up to not your standards but your expectations
i know you say otherwise but i cannot feel that you want anything than for me to be your picture perfect daughter
that i need to succeed and be what you wished you had been before anything else
before my dreams, my expression, my happiness
you are never ready to tell the person who raised you that you would rather disappear then feel the way you do
but you are ready to play pretend about it until you blow up
i am so ready to pick up and leave
David Abraham Nov 13
You didn't really think of anyone else,
but who am I supposed to blame?
Yeah, you may not find fame,
you may not really smile,
and I know that with this
****'s only growing for us.

I can feel fire with the knot in my throat,
when he says I should not have my own thoughts and opinions,
especially not in these conditions,
cause I know you gotta escape.

Yeah, ****'s about to get so much worse,
and I am about to get so much more terse,
but it's for you so I hope this pays off.
2123 November 12 2018
cupid Nov 12
drapetomania is the intense desire to run away from home
i have always been a wanderer
a drifting spirit
i like places i shouldn’t be
and to parallel that i dislike places i need to be
i despise my classes and i love empty hallways and alcoves
i am captivated by the feeling of walking away from my house
bewitched by abandoned houses and grimy alleyways
ensnared by groves of trees and creeks
sadly my “home” is the house i grew up in
i say it is my home only because i am confined to it, because it is where i need to run from
home for me is not where my heart is but where i have been trapped
my place was predetermined
my psyche was chained to the foundation of this place
a ragged person tethered to a crumbling house
my need to be somewhere else is insatiable
i’m not aloud to leave
i feel restrained
i can feel the serpents of my manic tendencies
rolling beneath my skin
a fever enveloping my coherence
my wanderlust, my drapetomania is getting to me
i can’t sleep
my drawings have morphed into scribbles and pen sketches
and my mirror is covered in expo-marker words of disgrace
i look at my reflection and i’m told i imprisoned myself
i can see only that i am a monster
a monster with an obsessive, excessive, and exaggerated wanderlust
i cant wait to leave this gods forsaken place
cupid Nov 8
he wants to be a run away
who? what do you mean “who”?
you know him
the distant blonde kid who sleeps through half his classes
yes, the artist
i heard he’s depressed
i saw him crying to his brother the other day
did you know he plays cello?
he ***** at it but it probably makes him happy
some girl told me he paints
his friend asked him what was wrong, i guess he’s heartbroken
no i don’t know his name
everybody calls him something different anyway
he has a rebel spirit
if he was less loud and more attractive
everyone would be in love with him
he’s the kind of kid that would go missing
and no one would know
he’s probably a vandal
or a ****, i was told he’s from a bad neighborhood
what if he really runs away
i mean im not his friend but he could be cool
maybe we should talk to him
yeah i wonder what he writes about too
no i don’t think he’s crazy
but he is a punk
he’s a troublemaker
his name is cupid and he will be a run away
this is set as a conversation but written only from one side if you cant tell, please take a guess who it's about
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