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Neha Sharma Aug 9
Misunderstandings happen.
Relationships are broken.
Love is ended.
Memories are left and then further Nothing is spoken.

~your smiling queen :)
You left me BROKEN!
Karijinbba Jul 5
In open ended words
tis open ended world
but silent scaled eyed inaction  
nor writ response may prove futile on time sensitive stride
we fail, we fall we
splatter apart
and alone succumb
so say it sing it and write it
be thy thankful for poetry
teaching those asleep to wake up
to speak with action then
the brightest star
at dart to bull's eye
an essay writ conquering
far and wide
it changes mind then ignites
All Hearts Alike
aiming ever high
changing the world
stride by stride
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Experincing defeat makes a
poet and poetess
open ended wise
to travel far
I know that one day
we will stop talking to each other
that you also might no longer call my phone

I recorded those voice notes
our late night calls
in case I misses your voice,
I still have the records :)
I miss you unfortunately,
A poem I promised to write Helen In life that
I never got round to writting sadly till after
the poor girl had
That first poem I wrote which thought at the time to be my one and only
turned from poem to
My dream one day to have someone sing It as tribute to my wife the poem that turned song Is titled
The Last Christmas
this was the very last Christmas Helen would ever see as for me I can
never celebrate
ever again 23rd December
2017 where It all ended for me
24th December chucked out the tree lights and
Never again a Christmas tree lights or decorations
no Christmas collaboration
will I do anymore all ended for me 23rd Of December 2017

and then pretended
that it was
your heart
whose life had ended.
I'm not being literal here; no one stabbed anyone.
I'm talking in the form of love and words.
Johnny walker Mar 16
While sat In my garden one sunny day I look to the faraway hills to where played as a child whilst up there one sunny day a young girl came skipping my way so
pretty she
We went to be childhood sweethearts back In the summer the of 63 school holidays ended and we went back to school
hand In hand to school we did go
but as time went by we went our separate ways
I went to a life as a loner
my sweetheart went to marriage she married a guy In the
Air Force
who didn't treat her right no respect did he show her Eventually divorced her
Many years
I was to meet my childhood sweetheart again were we fell love married she gifted me a son we had twenty years together till sadly she passed
but I still think back to that summer of 63 to where that oh so pretty girl came skipping my way on that glorious summers
Remembering the summer of 63 to where a pretty girl came skipping my waywe became childhood sweethearts
Johnny walker Feb 28
Spent most my life with
head In the clouds to much spent days wasted days layed around day
Nothing too much trouble  days just didn't know what I was doing nothing was clear my mind a
Anything other than my day dreaming didn't want to know but the dreaming ended the day I met
I used to spend all my days day dreaming most the of things that never would be
Nic Mac Jan 24
The advert we laughed at,
all that time ago, is still up,
going stronger than we could funny.
“Love? People love what they can take from you or they love how you make them feel about themselves; but they don’t love you”

An interesting concept indeed
This human made emotional greed
I think you loved me, I do
But I think I was temporary to you
That’s alright though
I guess in the end we reap what we sow
Amanda Jan 10
Morning is broken
A lifetime almost done
A red bloated sun begins to rise
Its body fills the cloudless skies
Carrying the weight of its years
Unable to show sadness, cries no tears

It was there at beginning
When it was a new shiny, sparkling thing
Witnessing a floating rock spark to life
Then fill with seas, forests and wildlife
Eons of watching the little human things
Through winters, summers, autumns and springs

It had been loved, adored
Worshiped by a constant changing human horde
But many years have now passed by
It’s no longer looked at with a welcoming eye
Life had faded away under its growing, killing rays
Now it lights up a world filled with silent days

It can feel the weighted load
Only minutes away from the explode
But what a show, it will play to the crowd
It will go with a bang so thunderous loud
And the light will be seen galaxies away
So they will know this star had its day
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