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“Love? People love what they can take from you or they love how you make them feel about themselves; but they don’t love you”

An interesting concept indeed
This human made emotional greed
I think you loved me, I do
But I think I was temporary to you
That’s alright though
I guess in the end we reap what we sow
Amanda Jan 10
Morning is broken
A lifetime almost done
A red bloated sun begins to rise
Its body fills the cloudless skies
Carrying the weight of its years
Unable to show sadness, cries no tears

It was there at beginning
When it was a new shiny, sparkling thing
Witnessing a floating rock spark to life
Then fill with seas, forests and wildlife
Eons of watching the little human things
Through winters, summers, autumns and springs

It had been loved, adored
Worshiped by a constant changing human horde
But many years have now passed by
It’s no longer looked at with a welcoming eye
Life had faded away under its growing, killing rays
Now it lights up a world filled with silent days

It can feel the weighted load
Only minutes away from the explode
But what a show, it will play to the crowd
It will go with a bang so thunderous loud
And the light will be seen galaxies away
So they will know this star had its day
Love was when she fought me
and we ended it by
hugging each other tightly.
clever Jul 2018
i'm counting every sin
and trying to drown my pain in
benzos and cocktails
and it never really fails.
no one else has noticed i'm
never on time.
i'm always alone
or on my phone.
my speech a little slurred
and the roads a little blurred.
i cover up what i'm feeling
with meds meant for healing.
my intentions are clear
but the end's kinda near.
all 'cause i ended us.
i'm okay though.
i swear.
SelinaSharday May 2018
EX'd Out!
Or Ex'iting
No matter what the who is or the they are.
And Why!
Finding ourselves in the
Ex'd out zone.
Balancing the tender spaces and delictae places.
We must be Ex'iting to fill our hands with better things.
Ex-employee..facing situations where your No longer..
in a top ranking position.
Coping, handling managing emotions.
Being in these tender places will make you stronger.
Failing to will cause you danger.
Being Ex'd Out can bring
Anger, fear feelings of rejection loss of hope..
Despair..pain within, anguish, turmoil, feeling like you can't cope.
Springing up emotions of hatred and bitterness.
Sowered things like unforgiveness..
rage and defeat.
Roots of loneliness and cravings so strong to regain
back again the place you were before all this began.
Soured..Its Time to move forward.
You have to be Ex'd out to move into new beginnings.
You have to Ex'it to seek the things much more perfect.
You don't have to see it as losing.
View it as Time to move to achieve your dreams.
If you needed to be Ex'd out for being corruptive.
Let the just live.
Allow em to live peacefully free from fear.
Free from any retaliation We have no right to rebel.
When someone wants our Ex'its from their situations.
Put your peaceful shoes on.. and move along.
Some Ex's have become harmfully dangerous.
It gives them no right to destroy any of us.
Cry to be delivered from evil..If being Ex'ed causes you pain.
Know the heart needs healing and is in critical condition.
Enter the spiritual ER emergency.
Until you can make a successful recovery.
Ex out all the negative..You have more life to live..
When you Ex'it successfully
Life has much more to give!
Writer SelinaSharday
S.A.M 2018
Constantly seeing more and more Ex's On the rampage. Making it a danger for innocent others. tragedies becoming commonplace. Its times to takes extra measures to doctor up the hearts and minds and prepare the souls for coping with being Ex'd out and or  Exiting the places you need to be removed from.
Seanathon May 2018
When his shoulders turn and all hope is falling, like an iron on steel, like the rain in May. There will be no tomorrow for the us which was, for the walk which couldn't be kept away.
This is a favorite of mine. Not a hopeless verse about breaking up. But an honest omission about how all things which are meant to end, simply will. It may not be in our time or our way, but we all live and learn for the next day.
Terry Collett Apr 2018
She was vacuuming downstairs.
He could her as he lay in bed.
It would have to be today he left

her as there was no days left.
He had been planning to leave
for some weeks but the time

never seemed right. It had to
be today. He could hear her
vacuuming with the old radio

churning out the pop music.
He got out of bed and went
and washed in the bathroom.

His last abulutions in this room.
He listened out for her. He got
dressed and arranged his

uniform in a bag with a suit
beneath to take to the dry-
cleaners. He'd take it down town.

She'd not suspect he wouldn't
be back. He went downstairs
and ate breakfast. She went

to vacuum upstairs. He sipped
his tea and ate toast. He went
upstairs and said he was going

into town to take his uniform
to the cleaners. They could go
down to town later and pick it

up and shop. He took his bag
and she walked with him to
the door. He walked down

the road and waved then walked
on and out of sight. She went
inside and closed the door.

She'd not see him that night.
Lacey Clark Mar 2018
Things that shape the tone of my writing/inspire me to write: trees (must be the top influencer!), classical music, sun-filled windows, antiques, the flow of pedestrians, children, fresh air, walking by myself, creaky cupboards, acts of kindness, melancholy, small victories, hardships, philosophy, insomnia, the past, optimism, sentimentality.
What inspires you to write?
writing craft poetry open ended community writers
to avoid the pitfall of prospective homelessness
which near future prospect
   induces existential angst i confess.

Today (end of rope rhyme rote
   approximately deux orbitz round the sun),
i wanted ta die and bid god riddance grandly
   going gamesomely gra grave,
   de deum, and cymbal crash

to Bing mulct emotionally, physically and spiritually -
   all the grinding hardships would be gone in a flash
how tempting to seek ot a solution sans hemlock
   or other deadly potion,

   whereby toothless mouth need not gnash
boot simply swallow and drink from the goblet of
   mortal freedoms renting psych *** under
   with purposelessness mine hash

tag, which bout with suicide
   while n the edge of thirteen -
   Anorexia nervosa defeated -
   then as now experience
   10,000 banshee maniacs whip lash

lacerating, flagellating,
   and repeatedly rousing thoughts
   shin to circle back to why death be not proud
   when life on par with a mash

up of ennui, futile gobbledygook housing incubus
   analogous luft waffe bombardiers quash
the joie de vivre per je ne sais quois spritely spring
   in step happy jollity,
   and levity attempt to make light

   of psychological me's mental illness rash
whence thru the (then) lvii roam min years
   as chief garbage taster of trash
hurled my way gnome matter

   the gremlins dwelt within the Wabash
distance to inflict din er of dissonance
   targeted this mortal for'er abash
as soon as he got expelled
   from the ****, his reddened ears did bash
from sonic screaming boom causing astir the nurses

   into the maternity ward
   of me late mum sped like dash
her, and fast as a comet Prancer doth emulate
   a con ***** dancer, cuz ova this rude half
   re: that came a boot
   from genetic chromosomal dna wash.
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