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But like any other love story, our love did not last.
While earth took us in her arms in the past,
whilst earth lovingly caressed humans otherwise.
In the present, it has harassed us as if we were Pennywise.
The touch of life used to give me butterflies.
But for now, all I hear is earth's cries.
The full poem is on my page make sure to check it out :)
Maria Etre Mar 10
Today I lost something I never had
and it hurt even more than when I did
Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Misunderstandings happen.
Relationships are broken.
Love is ended.
Memories are left and then further Nothing is spoken.

~your smiling queen :)
You left me BROKEN!
I know that one day
we will stop talking to each other
that you also might no longer call my phone

I recorded those voice notes
our late night calls
in case I misses your voice,
I still have the records :)
I miss you unfortunately,
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

and then pretended
that it was
your heart
whose life had ended.
I'm not being literal here; no one stabbed anyone.
I'm talking in the form of love and words.
Nic Mac Jan 2019
The advert we laughed at,
all that time ago, is still up,
going stronger than we could funny.
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