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Man Nov 3
Each emination,
Hot as an inferno.
The breath I let escape
Burns before it boils,
Serpent, tongue coil.
The way you worked me;
Nailed the coffin, spread the soil.
Benzene Jul 2021
my mind and heart are constantly at
war ;
to prove to each other their
When I let my heart decide
my mind refuse to take my side
but ;
whenever I let my mind to score a win
my heart goes in a terrible spin.

They both make me confuse with their advice  
It make me over think everything twice

You have to learn to let you mind and heart
and this is a wonderful art .
Sometimes They both give you strife ;
but this is all experiencing
Is this happen with everyone or I'm the only one to face the internal war? .haha , but I'm learning to let them be friends .Hope you all doing good , take care of your health and family .
Karijinbba Jul 2021
Two Men's vibes
burning reach my Evez ice.
Two my diamond cave enter.
underneath my water fall.
Vibration's from beyond,
  two distinctive voices won,
ever twirling on and on;
deep as violins his pitch fiddle
his electrical guitar's timbre
command starry skies above!
My tantrick abyss below.
I love thee two, lovers mine.
Punjabi voice lover divine.
I thirst for yours all's mine
Our stars wisely magnetized!
Both cosmically energized.
A state of knowing is ours.
dancing eons on two poles,
to twirl on and ages on,
the mornings and eves long.
I twirl on two magestic poles.
Long shiny studs hard as steal!
First pole's twirl echoes longer
Kemah lover elite's older
  ancient memory hunger!
Implant blue pill chip slumber.
From willow tree, past pole lover
to renewed beloved my forever Kemah twin oaks
two glistening poles
I am art twirl divine

from past to present LOVE
Lives on and on!
By Karijinbba
All Rights Revised 7-29-21.
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Social media's intent was to spread authentic information among people but a few motivated by their selfish motives used it to generate those flocks which easily form conjectures just on the basis of baseless accusations disseminated from unknown sources and keep on barking with profanities on others.
Iska Sep 2020
Meanwhile I’ve just sat by and wrote poems about her passion pretending it was my own. Little did I know, a seed was planted and she was watering it as it grew into a dream I never knew that I had buried.
Iska Sep 2020
I am a wandering soul, I know not where I go. My goal is not In the ending nor is it whence I came. my destiny is in the now as I dance between these plains.

I wander with the wishes and chase the petals and leaves, but no matter how far I meander, my roots will follow me.

Breathe in deep and spread your roots to the edges of the universe, in this way everywhere you go becomes home

No matter how far you go, those roots will guide you home
Knut Kalmund Jul 2020
spread the word
we, who you shall never see
have landed on your grieving
and poorly sculpted land
we, who you shall always seek
have taken our mighty tools with us
a humankind worth

to patch up the bursted leaks
from the excess bloods
that you have spilled for us
to stomp down the shielding walls
that you have built for us
against all those infidels

no more impotent convictions
you may ring the bells
now that we are here
the indomitable truth shall be proclaimed

for every single cell
of you chapped skins
will bow down, knee-deep
among the carcasses of the self-appointed saints
and deeper and deeper

until you hear the wind of desolation
rampaging over our seas
and your ridding threnodies
in the hallways of the earth
the virus is showing
its resurgent
which is why people
must stay well away
from a crowded

the virus's spread
is akin to a wild
and it burns into a human's body
with a uncontrolled
kind of

the virus isn't to be
nor treated as a non
threatening germ's

the virus is still out
there waiting to
onto our healthy
Be aware at all times that the Coronavirus is still out there...
Michelle Apr 2020
I lay,
Soft head in soft pillow.
Fabric against porcelain skin.
Heart spread wide open.
Gentle stream filled with warmth,
The hush of one thousand voices
in my mind,
And even through the ceiling is dark,
I can feel the gentle warmth of the
You know the feeling ;)
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