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Pallavi Jan 22
Beauty of giving,
having the  pleasure of living.
Sharing of knowledge,
beyond school and college.
The contentment of spreading
Joy and enlightment.
Removing the pain &
Creating divine environment.
Comfort someone with a helping hand,
a pinch of care & kindness to lend.
While looking for love
I stumbled, tumbled, tripped and trembled,
Wonder where to find love,
Is it up in hill or hiding down the bills,
Where does love live?
Oh love, it is in you and me,
Love lives in everything, everywhere,
Written by Kavitha.
I endow a package of love
to muffle up this new year
with memories of euphoria
spreading smiles throughout,
as this heyday will carry
winds of change to everyone.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
I don't know why you do what you do,
and hurt other people with words that aren't true.
Your words, your actions;
they make me angry.
And especially that reputation that you carry.
Does it please you when others hurt?
When you call them ******, dumb, or a ****?
Do you find happiness in that?
Telling people things that ware full of bad?
If so, I don't know how you do it,
spreading around so much hatred.
How about you try something new.
Being kind and caring; saying please and thank you.
All those hurtful things you can't undo.
So start spreading around things that are true.
This world would be so much better if people were kinder to each other. But we only have this planet to live on so far, so we might as well make it a welcoming place; you know, just incase the aliens decide that there planet isn't kind enough and they'd like to come and live here.
예지엘 Dec 2018
She decided to drown herself
but as the water starts to fill her lungs,
a silver line of regret rush through her.

She wakes up with the white ceiling blinding her.
And realization starts to strike her
like a cold bucket of water
with the memories come flashing back.

And a little thank you Lord for another chance
spread awareness
Lynnia Nov 2018
They ask me why
I care so young
I shrug a lie
On silver tongue
Can’t waste my breath
On smaller trials
Can’t stop for death,
It makes me vile
If I can’t help you,
can’t make you see,
can’t give you hope,
what’s the point of me?
What am I here for?
Why let me be?
I’ve more to do here
Than hide or flee
There’s so much I’ve got
So much to give
If that’s all for naught,
why even live?
I’m here for a reason
So lend me an ear
It’s not just this season
It should be all year!
If I have two shirts,
why not pass one down?
If someone else hurts,
can’t I turn their frown?
Is this not my purpose?
Is this not my heart?
Go mend all those pieces;
don’t tear them apart.
If I’m here, I’m here for a reason. If I’m here and I’m happy and other people aren’t and that makes me sad, maybe that’s an indicator of what I’m here for. And if I’m here and I’m doing nothing, what’s the point of even existing?
Rabeya Tasleem Nov 2018
I hope,
Yet i don't want to,
I miss,
Yet i don't want to,
I love,
Yet i don't want to,
Making me heartless again,
We left each other for good,
Yet we don't want to.
Deniz Eilmore Oct 2018
Life is painful
But what can we do?
There wouldn't be good
If there wasn’t bad too

Sure, it hurts
But from it you grow
You learn to spread your wings
And let it all go
Gods1son Oct 2018
Everyone has love in their heart
For some... Love has settled down
in the V-shaped part of the heart
Just as you would shake a bottle of juice before serving
The same way, you would have to stir the heart up very often
To have an homogenous mix of love for the day!
I look for those who deserve my attention,
it makes me want to give them my affection.
When I talk to them it is my intention,
to help with there ascension,
to happiness and the prevention,
of sadness and cause its remission.

It's not out of pretension,
or a sense of condescension,
but because it causes me jubilation,
to better those who deserve my concentration.

My happiness and love are just an extension,
that spreads from my heart like it's from another dimension,
and when you deserve it all I'll do is mention,
all the wonderful things about you and remind you those bad thoughts are just an invention,
of your mind and I'll help you get rid of that fixation,
on the negative and cause all your positives an inflation.

All of this is done because I'm a unicorn that gets rid of all the tension,
in your life and increase the duration,
of what makes you great and cause the negation,
of the bad parts inside yourself in relation,
to how you might lie to yourself since the bad is an abomination.
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