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Starry Aug 13
I walk down the street
And all
The white people
Call me racist names
And talk behind my ******* back

And then I just sit here
And think.....
"huh, I got a ******* fanclub here!"
Hemlata Roy Aug 3
Bring happiness
Empty sadness.

Spread humanity
Accept unity.

Fill your heart with kindness
Fill colours in emptiness.

Forget strife
Love life.
Good thoughts can make your life happier.
Shane Leigh Jul 16
She had 4 children:
North, looking for guidance into the right direction;
West, seeking fortunes and unyielding business men;
East, holding on to shades that long fell but stand still;
South, proving isolation is just a form of free will.

Though each may have spread in different directions
There still stands their mother, in the heart, to anchor them.
Enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
Johnny walker May 21
I'm achieving my goals now In life to write poetry of my wife which I'll be doing for the rest of my
to write of our
love through stories
of our life that I do
It all about keeping the dream alive through the poetry I write day
night for Helen was love of my life beautiful wife and mother my friend and lover
For I'll never stop writing of her  of her for she's In my thoughts day and
and when I fall to sleep at night she comes to my dream's like Angel In the night
Flown from Heaven to visit me so my darling spread beautiful wings and  gather me up
safely away In your arms for I fear not with you, so fly me to Heaven's
It is not weak to yield
nor is it courageous
to rely on subterfuge
Speaking your inner truth
comes from daring to brave
eye rolls
shaking of heads
and mouths that smile yet
form cruel sentences all the same
You'll bleed
dripping perspiration
oozing all the love
you cannot find
Just when it seems as if
the sun is obscured by clouds
you get to your feet
tense muscles unclenching
utterly at the mercy
of all the light
you are just now starting to see.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Speak your truth. Live your dream. Act on your word.
Bellissima May 13

The news came in blows–bashes
to the heart, a butcher
beating a pound of meat.

The doctor said it was your breast,
that sack of fat that hung
so peacefully along your torso.
That soft small pouch which carried a secret,
a coin purse hiding stolen money.

It was that round raisin spout
that oozed liquid love,
what had once nurtured life
only now, to take it away.


The chemo was cold,
naked branches
in the midst of winter.

The doctor said your hair would go,
that those sun brushed locks would fall,
an autumn tree flaking its leaves.

Your nurtured garden,
to be plucked and uprooted,
picking carrots, bare and bald.


The disease crept up– multiplied,
a bomb of ants
ravishing a crumb of bread.

The doctor said that it had spread
to the cauliflowerd bumps between your hips,
to the heart shaped tubes that cradled
the unwanted mass, a *******
born without a father.

It was an attack your womanhood,
the predator, a ghostly outline
that lingered faintly in the scan.


The surgery took hours–heartbeats,
the wife of a soldier
waiting to hear of survival.

The doctor said they cut you open,
scraped it out, a pumpkin
scooped and carved on Halloween night.
Your gooey insides probed and poked,
until the rest of it was gone.

He said they shut you with staples,
a spine–like trailed railroad track,
that the skin around turned yellow,
while you looked sore and dead.


The healing happened slowly,
an infected wound
spewing pus then scabbing over.

The doctor said that you were clear,
like fresh water, clean and pure.
He said your hair would start to grow,
spring up like tulips
from beneath your scalp.

and you smiled so warmly–
the sun had baked your mouth.
Not only had your body healed,
but your soul.
*n a k e d* branches
A *b a s t a r d* born without a father
Small town.
Familiar faces.
I would pick this place
out of all places.
Where kindness is contagious
and love spreads like fire,
this is the place
that makes me like
a writer.
What can I say, I just love living in my small town! It inspires me so much!
Pallavi Jan 22
Beauty of giving,
having the  pleasure of living.
Sharing of knowledge,
beyond school and college.
The contentment of spreading
Joy and enlightment.
Removing the pain &
Creating divine environment.
Comfort someone with a helping hand,
a pinch of care & kindness to lend.
While looking for love
I stumbled, tumbled, tripped and trembled,
Wonder where to find love,
Is it up in hill or hiding down the bills,
Where does love live?
Oh love, it is in you and me,
Love lives in everything, everywhere,
Written by Kavitha.
I endow a package of love
to muffle up this new year
with memories of euphoria
spreading smiles throughout,
as this heyday will carry
winds of change to everyone.
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