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ky Jul 2023
I never knew you.
You never knew me.
We never met;
this never happened;
it was all a dream.
(And I'm finally
Mrs Timetable Oct 2022
Going forward
Every day
Seeing in frequencies
Hearing in color
Reminds me
It's ok to get there
In reverse
Scarring is a part of healing
i lick the sweet syrup from my fingers
so i can eat the same sticky pancake like it's new
i rearrange my room with the same three pieces of furniture
i've had since i was eleven and all the clothes i got from thrift stores thinking i could make them mine if i put holes in the knees and elbows

so i'm sorry if i keep starting over
always trying to love you from the beginning
i don't know why i'm in love with starting over, but i hope you like once upon a times
Dave Robertson Aug 2020
The edges of summer’s
soak and throb routine
begin their curled leaf fraying
with the last fat spoons of clotted dreams
lashed haphazard

All those weights we foisted forward
to when wet autumn
would just **** us off anyway
rattle-threat at their fastenings
in the fractious post-tropical gales

Inertia makes it clear
why our transatlantic cousins call it fall,
but pre-echoes of crisp, clear frosts
do their best to placate anxieties
that appear to be calendared
Ursula Wolf Apr 2020
Shimmering pain at the coldness of birth,
What's your purpose?

First moment of unfair life,
Why did you bring me here?

Hollowing crawls from my first step,
What's your way?

Enjoyements and sins, that took me away,
What's this all sh*t?

Cold breeze on my eyeball,
While putting the shoes on my hands.

I look into the nearness with my lips
And try to reach the core of the Earth.

I hit the space, because I want to talk to the wall,
and try to catch them all.

You mean what?
Wonders of self-lovingness,

Towards You, Me, Them, Those...

The gate that is close to open through the wall,
Let me in and find me lost.

Keep your hands to yourself and reach me,

Then kiss me while you are pushing


Love, that is screaming backwards,
Hold my brain with your crying heart.

Born me back to hauling death,
Let my eyes talk to your head,

Then take me and bring me back
On the thin line of curse of life.
Nina May 2019
Can we start over?
I miss the old us
When we both were so close
And not fading away
Can we start over?
As friends
And fall in love again in the progess
Can we start over?
To a time
That its certain
We will be more than friends

Can we start over?
Because i miss what we had.
Rowan S Jan 2019
In a new place now
One last chance to start over
Breathe deep, you got this
After living in 4 states in the last 3 years, I can say with a doubt:

A geographic change could not help me run away from my problems, especially because most of them both internal and external were caused by none other than me.

I carried my issues with me like unnecessary carry on bags across every one of those state lines. I wrote this a day into my most recent state, and the only reason my life has been any different was I finally gave into the idea that enough was enough and I needed to change.
Tadios Yeab Dec 2018
New year is a reminder,
That everyday is a new day,
A new day to breath & breath again,
To let go of what lies behind,
And strain forward to what lies ahead,
Live more to give more than to receive,
To start over and forgive,
And most of all to be grateful,
Thank God it's a new day,

Happy New Year to you all,
With so much love,

Andrea Armstrong Dec 2018
" Sometimes you have to burn it all, Break the foundation and start brand new. To get where you are going is never an
easy task. The only part that will hurt you is
keeping what you can't Salvage. "
Many are scared to start fresh, but most of the time, it's needed.
Autumn Lewis Sep 2018
The button glares it's hideous grin beckoning me to give it one good push
Start Over is plastered over it's red polish
Why is the button always red? I question
I am numbed my core rotten as I stick in my hands in to see if my heart still beats
Everything fades and my senses feel as though it is just an anesthetic
I try to see but all I know is this dream within my nightmare
The button grows further and further away
Will I be able to reach it in time?
I don't know...
This is my experience being high the first time and my general mind set right now
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