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Nina May 2019
Can we start over?
I miss the old us
When we both were so close
And not fading away
Can we start over?
As friends
And fall in love again in the progess
Can we start over?
To a time
That its certain
We will be more than friends

Can we start over?
Because i miss what we had.
Rowan S Jan 2019
In a new place now
One last chance to start over
Breathe deep, you got this
After living in 4 states in the last 3 years, I can say with a doubt:

A geographic change could not help me run away from my problems, especially because most of them both internal and external were caused by none other than me.

I carried my issues with me like unnecessary carry on bags across every one of those state lines. I wrote this a day into my most recent state, and the only reason my life has been any different was I finally gave into the idea that enough was enough and I needed to change.
Tadios Yeab Dec 2018
New year is a reminder,
That everyday is a new day,
A new day to breath & breath again,
To let go of what lies behind,
And strain forward to what lies ahead,
Live more to give more than to receive,
To start over and forgive,
And most of all to be grateful,
Thank God it's a new day,

Happy New Year to you all,
With so much love,

Andrea Armstrong Dec 2018
" Sometimes you have to burn it all, Break the foundation and start brand new. To get where you are going is never an
easy task. The only part that will hurt you is
keeping what you can't Salvage. "
Many are scared to start fresh, but most of the time, it's needed.
Autumn Lewis Sep 2018
The button glares it's hideous grin beckoning me to give it one good push
Start Over is plastered over it's red polish
Why is the button always red? I question
I am numbed my core rotten as I stick in my hands in to see if my heart still beats
Everything fades and my senses feel as though it is just an anesthetic
I try to see but all I know is this dream within my nightmare
The button grows further and further away
Will I be able to reach it in time?
I don't know...
This is my experience being high the first time and my general mind set right now
Carlyyyy Jun 2017
If I am a wanderer,
do I have to be lost?
Where did I begin,
and will I see an end?

I won't call it "the end",
but "my destination to be"
It'll make everyone feel at ease,
even me.

Plan A could have pleased
My optimism equalled my confidence
Oh, how I wish it had worked out
I concluded it to be my only way out

I didn't think of a plan B, C, or D,
I didn't make it to E through Z
I'm right back to square one
I find myself stuck and alone

My optimism will peak soon,
I will see an option or two
Right now, everything seems meaningless
And everything I did incredulous

I'm not one to drift into the wild dark
My soul, intact or wounded, craves peace.
My heart, empty or full, leads and conquers
My voice, shaky or unheard, still comes from me.

I'll get to where I long to be
But I'm back to square one
And don't know where that might be
Forgive me, if I waste time
But I need it.
I've been rejected. It's not the rejection that hurts me but the fact that I have to stay here just a little longer. I am not sure where I wanna go or what I wanna do anymore. I am gonna figure it out again.
Kale Aug 2016
Sometimes its good
To start the cycle over
To erase all the troubles
The subsequently haunt your
Dawning future
And just be free
Even its for an inkling
Just start over.
Mrs Robota Aug 2016
Woke up early this morning
To discover you weren’t lying beside me
Ran to the kitchen hoping to find you
Ready with pancakes, pouring my coffee
But it’s empty.

I’ve spent a lot of time warring with myself
To make a change, leave you behind
Start new because you’re always late
And I’ve noticed your eyes wander
I’m feeling betrayed,
Wondering, “Shouldn’t they be on me?”

I used to be able to read your mind
Now there’s only vacant stares
Fake smiles exchanged across the room
Arrogant laughter tickling my ears
I’m feeling insecure
Wondering, “Is this a phase?”

I see the way you look at them
The warmth in your eyes
Used to be directed at me
Instead, I receive shallow waves of insincerity

I’m looking down from the edge of no-turning-back
I tipped over the hourglass  
I can feel each grain passing through the pinched center
I can see time running out
For you and I

Woke up early this morning
You weren’t lying beside me
Walked to the kitchen knowing I wouldn’t find you
Readied the pancakes, poured my coffee
Feeling content
I’m ready for the conquest
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