anon Dec 2017

he said he couldn't see me
because he was busy
stuck at work
staying after class
visiting family
caring for the sick
doing everything
but being with me

i'm not a jealous girl
i don't disbelieve people
but when you're busy
in the morning
and almost every minute

there's a problem

and i fear the problem
is me

because maybe i'm clingy
for texting twice
or crazy
for wanting to be the first
to comment on his pictures

or maybe i'm not good enough
like they say about us girls

i don't show cleavage
or my thighs

i don't have sex
or look with lust

and maybe that's the problem

i love beauty
in the mind
on the heart
dotting a cheek
spreading like a disease

and not the physical person
said to be beautiful

but no
he's just busy
he's helping himself
and others

i'm being paranoid

i'm busy
being paranoid
about him being busy
stuck at work
staying after class
visiting family
caring for the sick
doing everything
but being with me

guys i'm just ranting and i'm sorry
Quinntin Bravo Dec 2017

It’s those words that I’m afraid of the most
The ones you haven’t yet spoken
Latching onto me like the veins that run through me
Circulating through me again and again
Sucking both my time and emotions out of me
Sooner than I can process, one grows into a swarm
Making it impossible to resist the current
But once I seem to be drowned by the flood
Once I’m on my last few breaths
Everything drains
Left with not even a drop

Hannah Zedaker Nov 2017

Paranoia is electric green.
It sounds like the small hum of a 1976 refrigerator.
It tastes like somebody left a hair in your sandwich.
It smells like aged copper, dangling around your neck.
Paranoia feels like pins and needles right after standing up.

Xaviera Allan Nov 2017

Remind me how
I am ignored
I am usually hidden
How I live unseen
I am important, at least 
In some grand scheme
But to a casual person
I am but in passing
This I need to remember.
Tell me how
I am not a star
Bring me down
And humble me
Not my pride, it's my insecurity
I am not so important
Not everybody notices me
This I need to remember.
Inspire my thoughts
About how I am a mouse
And mice may poison millions
But it is still a mouse
Cover my eyes
So I can feel my path in sight
Open my heart
Because I'm not omnipotent
Nor will I ever be
This I need to remember.

Paranoid and anxious. Criticism appreciated, though I didn't try for any specific form.
Journey of Days Nov 2017

the faerie is unwell
irrationally suspicious of motives and voices
even poker games with his shadow
descend into  farce
wth accusations and malevolent glares


after rigorous analysis of observations and field notes now conclude that  faeries have personality disorders
karola Oct 2017

paranoia is fear
no, fear goes away
paranoia is worse than fear
paranoia is being curious and afraid
paranoia takes over your thoughts,
paranoia manipulates your thoughts and emotions,
turns them into something ugly;
something terrifying
not even you can comprehend it in your mind
not even you, can picture what you are afraid of
paranoia never dies.

as paranoia becomes a part of you,
you become constantly anxious
when you begin to overthink,
your heart stops
because you finally realized what you are afraid of.
you are afraid of your own thoughts.
you are afraid of yourself.

Karisa Brown Oct 2017

I'm tired
Of trying to
Fit into a box
Which has no category

To belong
Is where I want
To begin

Trauma state identity
Who cares
As long
As your grinning

I can't even
Do that anymore
I feel there's
No one out there
That remembers
My name

When I want
To collide with
My words
And unite

This feeling
Of guilt
My desire

Fucked up
As it sounds
No one
Does care

So why are they

Tyler Matthew Oct 2017

Memorizing times and dates,
trying to get a jump on fate.
Good things come
to those who wait,
but that just isn't me.

The moon, a dagger, hangs over all.
I watch to make sure it won't fall and
walk away, my shadow tall
to see that it's still hanging.

In anxious sleep, symbols of blood
haunt my dreams, the coming flood
when I'll be left lost in the mud
and revising what I'd thought I'd known.

Bibek Oct 2017

People often fear the nights,
That give them dreams

Shortly secure
Mitch Prax Oct 2017

I feel a weight of the world
Upon my shoulders
My stomach churns
And there is no escape
I tell myself there is a light
At the end of this tunnel
There has to be
The nights aren’t getting
Anything shorter
The thoughts aren’t
Going away
But there’s no turning back now
On this long road out of hell

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