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I remember they say Hell from Heaven will come soon.

You should have seen how the people were paranoid and
The wheel of the world wobbled on a broken axle

My curiosity rages like a deep thirst...
Anyways i'm glad i lived my life Preoccupied.
Paige Error Sep 16
45 days have past since I have written last
Not that I haven’t tried
but I couldn’t find the words to
Until tonight that is because something just isn’t right
You were supposed to arrive at nine but it’s midnight and
Are you okay since you’ve been away
I know it’s probably fine
and just paranoia on my mind
…but what if it’s not
I feel helpless as time goes on and you’re still gone
Honey are you ok?
Please be ok.
lake Aug 11
is there anything worse than losing yourself
i can think of many things stuck on the shelf
must be something else that slipped my mind
perhaps a feeling that someone left behind
i can't just pretend that it isn't there
i cannot see it so i shouldn't care
that sounds fair but i keep having nightmares
then it hit me, it was always right there
paranoid nostalgia just thinking about ya
now my voice is louder but it doesn't have the power
the power to lead me away from my misery
Ackerrman Aug 8
I guess it is a relief to see you
Again, my old friend. Cloaked, your head of blue,
You wander among the graves like fireflies,
Absolute darkness, jittering night skies.  
It never seems to fail to startle my
Child-like sensation of life passing by.
Orderly rows, rigid cartridge paper,
Ink and tax reports, functions to cater.
Misanthropic, naïve, idealistic
Degenerative and narcissistic,
Paranoid, poisonous, parasitic
Fear giver. Fear receiver. Entropic
Skeleton, dancing in caustic acid,
Looking on. A quiet, forlorn Aphid.
as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
lake Aug 1
privacy is really a thing of history
nowadays it's all up there like a gallery
even when i'm alone there's always eyes
it's exhausting putting on such a disguise
when the lights are off and blinds are closed
it would be fine to be blind i suppose
glancing at my back like there's a ghost
staring at every single tweet i post
no such thing as being invisible
still just a student dodging the principal
some of you might say i'm just paranoid
nah i'm just worried about my word choice
twisted voices can make terrible noises
life is a bumpy ride and i'm getting nauseous
"WooOoo TeChNolOGY and SOCiaL mEDIa BAD" don't take this too seriously actually
jilli Jul 23
I’m starting to think I shouldn’t be left alone. My thoughts drip too deep to the blackness below. Am I really alive or just existing? My view is consistently, painfully twisting. Late at night too anxious to sleep, unwelcoming images start to creep.
how i really feel
Millie Jul 20
The closer I get to you
The more I see you slipping through my fingers
Dam* my paranoid mind
Somebody wants,
Sombody needs,
To **** me before I speak.
Because what I am going to say they won't like!

I am paranoid,
Doesn't change the fact,
That they are after me.
I am not crazy.

They have eyes everywhere,
They are watching me.
They are watching you too,
I hope they see me,
Flipping them off through my tv.
I wonder why I feel this thick weight sinking my joy into a sea of fear.
Pending destruction is near, creeping behind my calmed motion.
I fear

that if i love, it'll be stripped away
Left to decay.

I don't think I can feel that again...

So maybe that's why I feel so anxious.

Love too hard and it breaks the foundation, love too soft and it floats away...

I can't take this, is what I want to say...but I know I might not ever get my way.

I love hard, crush hard, feel hard emotions...a battle in my head filled with so much commotion.

A battle, a war between 100 of me, how...

I wonder why I feel so sick when I talk to him now.

The ship is strong, but the sailer is scared of waves

Be still my beating heart, for I need you to behave.
julianna Jul 3
Choose to stop
Choose to be different
Chose to be blissfully unaware
Of the chaos unfolding around you
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