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Man May 2023
Civility for civilty's sake
Do you laugh to feel,
Work to wake?
Is there a person there real?
Or, are you too fake?
Talia Feb 2023
Camouflaged amongst
chaotic crowds
Eyes with a ****** range
Target detected.
Locked in                              
since you weren’t
Locked up.
Heart rate raised. Enraged.
I check my calibre.
explored using ****** terminology
I Can't accept the truth baby, ignorance is bliss. I can't escape the memories of all that this is. Rather let them fade away to champagne thrills, falling off the edge of abyss.
Rather let them fall like I fell for you. Like the ashes, burning off of this cigarette.

Cause I knew it from the start.
Every second, every time. I knew you'd break my heart every time we spoke a rhyme.
I knew it'd fall apart.
Couldn't say that you were mine.
But that's just want I want to say because I know it's time.
So ask me how I feel.
I can't tell what's real.
Insist that we would fall apart until you sealed the deal.
I wish you said loved me like you said you used to feel.
and I wish youd call me baby
cause you know I'd hope it's real.

But how can I love you if I never loved myself? Like everyday I wake up wishing I was someone else.
Cause everyone I know has seen a better side of hell.

And you know I fall apart, in the darkness by myself.
alexis Apr 2021
I get paranoid after throwing up my fears the night before, intoxication comes easy when you’re lost in the worries of not being enough. The whispering from my nightmares become real, their faces distort in disgust when they look at me and the weight of terror eats me alive.
Jessica Oge Feb 2021
This smoke screen
A ruse to throw me off
This staunch scent
I can barely breathe
Words fail me
Paranoid and wary
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Like a sucker to the yellow kid,
I'm enthralled in this illusion
You conceal your intentions artfully,
A gracious gift
You beguile me
I'm helpless to your control
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Your front is peace-loving
Yet, i know no peace
and love has eluded me
Neither impatient nor angry
But this rod on my neck tells a different story
Still, your smile charms me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

The role naive suits you
A befitting cloak for your bland tales
An unrepentant rogue
Harmless and banal
You lure me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived.
certain humans are graced in the art of deceit
PallGally Dec 2020
As the time Ticks quickly, leaving me behind
Situations I would hate always came to mind
White noise chased me even in my dreams
A parasite eating my mental stability.

I ran and ran till I was out of breath
but I knew I cant escape reality, I don't know what's coming next
I want to ask for help but there's nothing to say
the only one who could help me is myself anyways

to think I myself is the cause of this torture
many sleepless nights and fearful slumber
thoughts ran, repeatedly whispering
"you should say I love you before sleeping"

I'm concerned and confused for feeling like this
there really isn't a good reason why
I grew up healthy, and I really didn't have a problem
but I still ended up getting tied
I am scared for my Life and
Our Oath will keep both of us
Safe till I build orphanages,
old people's homes and
till our songs gets Grammies, B.E.Tz and
a special place on the internet!

I decree
All Poets, Musicians, Artists and Listeners are Prophets if not Prophetic!
Alien Nov 2020
I mustn’t speak
or the monsters will creep
I must’ve bled
they sent vultures to keep
I wish i could speak
about what my mind leaks
bury my eyes under my cheeks
they sneak a creak
i am too scared to peek
i wish i could speak
of all that i fear
but my voice i cant hear
and so i disappear
theres a knock at the door
my heart hits the floor
my back against the wall
i still feel someone behind
there is someone in my mind
this room'ss key i can't find
everyone lied,
i must hide
the flower that died
and the child abide
though her spine
spiked with sharp edges
and still!  
she mustn’t speak.
Alien Nov 2020
A tick on a clock,
And a fallen vail of another affair
My mind melted watching trying to unlock,
I hold my head as if it was to pop off
With every tick my stomach feels sick,
Eyes so weary,
Soul so dreary
This agony,
Caused my heart vessel to stretch, pump and rush to survive.
My mind is upside down,
My room is a ghost town
And i seem to be the clown,
laughter is their fairground
They pick a choose my every move,
And when i disapprove
My sanity they assured me will be removed
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