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Jeremy Betts May 2022

Dark is older then light so that might be why fright is what I'm accustome to
Neither vast nor confined, maybe both at the same time, it leaves no clue
I don't know how to get my point across to you to help you to see what it is I go through
It's a nothing that consumes my everything, there's not a thing you can compare it to
Similes only vaguely paint the picture but it helps to toss in a few
If there was only a wind that blew, even once, maybe it would bring a familiar view
But this void in its vastness brings nothing new, allows nothing to continue
It's the solvent to my glue, everything I've done it's managed to uproot and undo
And it's so quiet but yet this silent surrounding is deafening to an alarming degree
In it I use to find beauty, now it's my captor, one of which I'll never be set free
And it's convinced me, or maybe I've convinced myself that I am unworthy
Of anything else and its that false certenty that cleverly keeps me in captivity
I carelessly embraced this darkness that slowly replaced the old me entirely
I scream, cry then whimper softly as the misery slowly embodies me
Then lay back in submittance, in silence and plea for swift mercy
I can't stay in this purgatory so give me my life back or take it from me completely

I feel numb, I feel numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing, nothing, nothing...
I feel numb, I'm so numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing here for me

I had light once, I actually got to hold it
But it was a betrayal, only staying for a moment
In its wake the dark returned to claim what was stolen from it
The door was to heavy, I couldn't shut it
The nothing engulfed my everything, I couldn't out run it
Panic set like quick cement, begin to sweat, my feet became heavy, I began to resent and regret
All those scary movies I watched cause I knew for sure that this was it
But that's just it
Nothing happened, I literally mean nothing was the constant
No up, no down, no light, no sound, I couldn't even pick up a sent
Then in an instant it hit me like a brick and I knew what it all ment
Light, so faint and vulnerable, so young and nieve
It didn't stand a chance against the dark, give a **** what you believe
Just because you achieve a small glimpse of hope don't think you'll never grieve
When your life starts to unwieve that's when the dark races in like a thief
Every religion and belief labels it differently depending on the way they perceive
They have to cause a mind can't conceive it so it almost has to make it make believe
But please believe this is real, don't mis conceive
Best heed my warning cause once you're here you can never leave

I feel numb, I feel numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing, nothing, nothing...
I feel numb, I'm so numb, I feel nothing, there's just nothing here for me

Vira Apr 2022
You do this to me
I was away from all the games of love
Trying to gather my pieces and find me my-self
You came and destroyed my entire wit and will
Proving to me that my resolute was next to nill
And I am left longing for you and fancying you every minute
From the moment you met my eyes, with love infinite
You are a gentle soul with the voice, sweetest
You teach me with the thought, kindest  
Full of talent and creativity!
Yet you need my attention? what a pity!
I am a plain jane, to your talents, unmatched
Human nature somehow is indeed complicated
Why o why
Am I worthy of your love? and what if I am not in love?
We perhaps fall in love with the idea of the person rather than the person.
Cat Jul 2021
It makes me sad that I can’t seem to find a way.
The entrance even seems so far a way
Each door a new beginning or an end to one.
I can not help but feel like there’s not a single one
A single one, worth the trek.
Sometimes I just feel like a wreck.
Jane Smith Apr 2021
I love you.
Since I saw the cracks in your bookshelf,
Your graceful hair intertwined with your shoulders,
The way you throw your head back and laugh.
If you are Juliet, I am death,
And I wonder how the snake felt,
Knowing he allowed Eve the apple.
I should hold my forked tongue,
For I know you would care for no,
Walking nervous breakdown.
Who could?
But this agonized black mass,
Writhing inside me, where my heart should be,
Barely living, barely dying.
Masquerading passion, good will.
I just need you to shoot it.
Safiul Feb 2021

That day when you asked if you could tell me a secret
I was so excited,
But to be honest I freaked out.
I was so unworthy of that weight.
My simple heart cannot hold such pressure.
The weight you are carrying.
The knowledge that you've earned.
I felt so unworthy of the words that would spill out of your lips.
That day I felt something different.
I thought I knew knowledge,
I thought I knew how to take life as easily as a floating feather.
I thought I knew how to take my problems and put it down with my fists.
I thought I knew what is love.
But that day your eyes told me a different story.
Your eyes showed me a story of a thousand nights.
A forest of thousand lives.
A Library with thousand books.
A universe of thousand skies.

Your eyes asked for trust that day
It asked for a chamber with a lost key,
Locked away and cannot be found for eternity.

But I am just a human.
Unworthy of the treasury you wanted to give.
Illiterate to the feelings you wanted to share.
And unworthy of your trust.
Diana Santiago Jan 2021
So what of those who aren't sought
Or the ones afflicted with eternal solitude
Where do our hearts go or rather hide
We are the refugees of this so called euphoria
An enigma so potent known as love

We are those not wanted by it
The unchosen and not desired
It chases us away like we're rats
Forcing us to scurry for cover
When all we want is to be fed

We've been shut out of it's presence
Like we are unworthy vagabonds
Sleeping on an empty cold floor
Crying ourselves into slumber
Only to be orphaned again tomorrow
I'm tired.
Tired of convincing myself that it was them,
and not me.
Tired of trying to understand their uninterest,
in me.
I'm tired.
Tired of lying to myself,
that one day ill find the one that will,
love me.
Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
Just don't think about those people
Who have left you with no choice
But to think the reason of your aloneness.

Just don't hover around,
Making you feel unworthy,
Shut their door,
And don't worry dear,
It isn't ego,
It's self-respect,
Self esteem and

Just don't be with those,
Bragging about their victory,
By belittling your tiny beginnings,
And don't worry dear,
It isn't that you aren't worthy,
But the person is so unworthy
To witness your
Victory by stepping tiny it's.
You are a gem ❤️
Joe Workman Aug 2019
your eyes and their laughter lines,
   your hair and your familiar frame,
      your bare feet and clean teeth,
         the warmth from our shared time.
the miracles made into memories,
   the wonders into wishes,
      the triumphs into tragedies,
         your patience with my pretending.
untouched i longed to be untethered,
   but too long in the mire to change.
      how long will you wait
         for my hands to be your hands?
a song in a dream and awake we're apart,
   my fear my fault and my freedom my fear.
      you may not want me anymore,
         for i am ragged.
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