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Belle 7d
M, I vow to love you. Simply and purely, Just you forever.
I vow to hold your hand through hardships and cheer your victories. The small, the large, the ones that seem like they couldn't be.
I vow to be your family, no matter who comes or leaves our life. May our family grow, though if it does not, may my love be enough.
I vow to keep you company, all the days of your life. In person or through spirit.
I vow to hold God in our relationship. That he might guide us to love one another better.
I vow to love you, M.
Not really a poem, but after Paper and Diamonds, I thought I'd share...
I remember when I was little,
I used to dance in your room.

I don't know why,
but I guess I really liked your room!

At your wedding,
I called your name all the time.

You were so beautiful to me,
I wished you were mine.

I never knew how much you loved me until now.
And I will give you my promise when I have taken my vow.

You told me you were proud of me,
and you were filled with surprise.

You said,"I always wish for your happiness,"
tears fill my eyes.
I sometimes wonder if you'd invite me to your wedding.
And if not why?
Would it be to spare my ghostly heart the pain?
Or to spare your rotted one the guilt?

If you did, I wonder if your blessed bride would see my fake smile  covering up the snarls of my jealous rage.
Or if to her, I would simply be as insignificant as you make me feel...
Itunu Sep 7
I am choked up by your love,
for me
I am choked up by my love,
for you
And I am in blissful happiness the further I drown in the sea of you.
I am in love with every part of you,
so in love, I forget to breathe.
And I want to breathe in every part of you,
I want to breathe in all the air we share,
so that we become so close, we are one.
I am in love with you,
every part
I am infatuated with you,
And as I say these vows to you, I promise to you,
I won't forget to breathe you in,
I won't forget to hold you close,
I won't forget to love you
As much as you love me.
One glance
One look
Once smile
And she would fall for him
And she would love him forever
even if the smile wasent meant for her lol
Do you understand how your eyes shine?
Do you understand how I love you?
Do you understand how I could never live without you?
ren Aug 22
I can’t come to your wedding. Because you will stand there looking so perfect⁠—I mean perfect. There will not be a single flaw on your face. You will stand in front of the aisle with such excitement and happiness you’re waiting for her to walk down the aisle. And you will marry someone who loves you. But if I went, I would sit there, loving you too.
3 weeks later, it still ached
Khoi-San Aug 20
Where mothers wail,
family, friend, and foe
gather in last respect
and jovial sadness,
greeted by whiskey and tea, in the aftermath of moths wearing black vails, stepping on flytrap petals,
walking down the aisle of the pallbearers wedding.
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