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Zywa Apr 30
Dad did it unnoticed
I was his princess
he fulfilled all my wishes
and I had no suspicion

We moved to France
I didn't have much to do
besides my lessons, enough
time for Eddie, a nice boy

I had the age
and suddenly it went fast
the engagement, the secret
of the rings, tailor, hairdresser

and then finally the wedding
Afterwards, I asked questions
Mama taught me that there is more
than the things that happen to us

more than what goes wrong
between people, we walked
away from the men
and counted our blessings
Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a début"
Mrs Timetable Mar 22
That's how many days
We've been one
Its hard to remember
When we were two
When did two equal one?
9855 days ago ...
or so
1995 two became one...

You have my permission to use your own number of days...the formula works for everyone
Mrs Timetable Mar 18


First two are fulfilled by the third
I’ll probably wear yellow at our wedding
Because as Anita sang so sweetly
When I lose my way
your love Comes
Lighting up the path
to brighter days
I’ll decorate my ebony brown skin
In yellow for you
Because I believe
that joy will be our portion
Even when things become dreary
We will always see the sun
Emerging from the clouds
It’s brilliant yellow rays
Clearing the skies
And warming our skin
You. Bring. Me. Joy
And like a mirror
I will reflect
Right back to you
I will hold your hand
And warm you with my smile
And rainy days
will always be worth while
When I’m by your side
I’ll probably wear yellow at our wedding
A queen cloaked in joy
Adorned in love
Only For you
A king
My king
Sometimes I just want to be in love. In my mind it is beautiful. I hope to fall in love with the right man one day. I hope he loves me back and I’ll find myself with him face to face, in front of our families expressing our love to each other. I’ll be the one in yellow. 🌻♥️
Paul NP Jan 24
You are the Love that I Remember,
You melt me through Aeons of Winter.
You make me the blazing Djinn,
You make me the Christ without Sin.

You are the Cure for The Cold
and my love is like Footsteps in Snow.
Where I follow with Feather and Rose.
To give you my Heart and my Soul.

You are the Love that I Remember.
You are the Love that I Recall,
You are the Spirit of my Crossing,
You tie me in Beautiful Woes.

You are the Essence of Color.
Also the midnight cruiser.
You are the spring fawn,
and its your laughter that makes me grow.

You are the will of the bright.
You are the source of my spiritual writing.
You make me the king in blessings.
Blessings of virtue and light.

You are the love that I remember,
the truth and the love that is tender.
You are the ocean of responsibility,
that I pick up when reason is withering.

You are the quintessential virtue.
That all there is to know is full.
The fullness you supply, I imbibe
these virtues; with intimacy, grace and time.
Written in the Muse of my new song, But also a Work in Progress
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
I held you like:
a new born child,

Wondering how I could keep
the fires of life in the light of your eyes.

For even if I had to hold
you as my wife,
Life does change drastically a single
heart into marriage' life.

After the church bells,
the clapping applauds,
as tears see you walk down that isle,
I see the pretty flower. Praying
I know how well to take care of a rose.

Yes love does grow,

But only of what you make
it grow into.
Everything grows, the hate, love,
guilt, and fears.
And in the coming years,
you'll start to see what you grew.

Yes love is time,

But how much of it are
you spending it on a pretty lie?
When she asks you, "what's wrong,"
and your pride won't let you cry.
When you shy away the obvious mistakes,
and she still sees you for you,
But you still want to hide.

Yes love is commitment,

But you could commit to something
you didn't sign up for.
Argue with each other on the
first night. *** becomes a rival,
because you try to sound right; quoting
scriptures from the Bible.

Yes love is truth,

But not all we admit,
eases all that hurt.
I thought as much, I would be
safe if I admitted it first.
Asking me if that wedding dress
still fits, and my response made
you question your worth.

Love is just that.
Something we don't fully understand.
We could hold onto past grudges;
more than we hold hands.

But I would love you past that,
for if we never move past the
heaviest of all tears,
We'd never make it to dryer land.

So if you're scared to love,
darling I can only understand.
But we could both brave this
love together. Just firstly take this hand.

We'll hold on together.
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