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The Big Day

Something, somewhere, must be alright,
So why is all I see and hear today so wrong?
I was drinking so heavy and hard last night
And I finished the night with a hit from the ****.

What day is it?  Oh yeah, that's right,
It's the most important day of my life.
For today I get married, for the first and last time,
To my beautiful fiancé who has always been at my side.

Who I can show off with pride,
As my beautiful bride,
For the very first time tonight
And for the rest of my life.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amy E Mar 9
I must tell you of when Bridezilla came
But beg, please repeat not of this true tale
She had a dream, anyone she would maim
If they stood between her white fairytale
A gasp, a screech, her eyes went wide as wells
A maid’s bouquet lost, bride began to melt
Her skin flushed red, her eyes could only swell
A lovely wedding still be born, maids felt
She barked for them to leave the room at once
Hushed whispers rose throughout the dainty church
Such small matters could cause her to denounce
Finally, the bride at last emerged
Of course, the union came to be, oh yes
But not before creating undue stress
First time writing a sonnet. This was a challenge.
I remember so well Helen and I our wedding day a
beautiful sunny morning
the night before as tradition
I stayed In a local hotel for the night but didn't sleep to excited I was suited up at 4 am the morning of the wedding
I decided to go Into town
to buy some flowers to put
In Helen and I the room we had booked In the hotel where I had stayed the night before
It was finally time to make my way to register office there was nobody
I had left my watch at home didn't know the time
anyway guests started to arrive but still no bride so
thoughts to enter my head had Helen changed her mind
Anyway eventually the car pulled up Helen got out she look beautiful her daughter had done her make up for
she had on a lovely summery dress on a little navy blue jacket and shoes to match apparently she was late because stopped off at the post office to cash a Ciro check
I was so proud this girl I loved was about to become my wife the ceremony went perfect we stood outside photos being
one our family was  videoing the whole wedding service and also the reception which we held In our back garden where Helen and I cut the cake
And still such beautiful sunny day luck was on our side for sure beautiful memories of that day seems like only yesterday I kissed my bride on that beautiful
Memories of our wedding day sunny day perfect reception held In our back garden where we cut the cake that had been made by my sister
Äŧül Feb 23
May your coming wedding be smooth,
There's nothing left for you to prove,
You're a gem for your parents,
A cousin brother for me,
Younger you're an inspiration,
I shall never forget how you played,
The smoky lorry seems like yesterday.
My HP Poem #1733
©Atul Kaushal
Pyrrha Feb 19
"Till death do us part"
I refuse to say this when I am wed
because love does not have an expiration date
I hope that long after I die
you will still look back and remember
how deeply we loved
If you die before me
I will love you into my next life

Till death do we meet again,
to renew our love and fall once more
Summer magnolias, cream-white bows on boughs
Moon pies, cold milk from timothy blessed cows
The South, she's gifting us love
Sweet tea, screen porch, mourning doves
Asheville bride in Queen Anne's lace, whispers vows
CL McEachern Feb 16
Instead of a wedding ring,
Give me a collar
With a name tag
That states
Who this *****
Belongs to.
I'm not the biggest fan of weddings and all the other ******* that they include. Don't know if you can tell?
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to get married October 3rd, 2020.
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to walk down the aisle in a white gown I picked.  
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to walk myself because I'm not an object to be "handed off".
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to get closer and closer but yet it feels so far away.
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to see eyes on me I only wished would have given me that much attention growing up.
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to vow to the man I love that I will "always be with You".
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to cry because life feels like its moving so fast yet the moment's pass so slow.
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to pray that people care enough to come.
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to hope his family accepts me without a second thought.
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to convince myself that "I'm strong enough" to hold it together.
I'm getting married in October.
I'm going to marry the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with.
I'm getting married in October.
"I'm going to be his wife."
I'm getting married in October.
I'm getting married.

Man I'm old
Rasha Joie C Feb 4
How do you feel
Now that it’s less than a year and we’ll have the same surname?
How do you feel
That you need to prepare stuffs like looking for suppliers for our big day?
How do you feel
When all of a sudden people expect a lot from you and me?
How do you feel
When I said I will live my life with you forever and ever?
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