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We are here today to celebrate the love
You so obviously share,
A love you wish to formalise
And publicly declare.

A couple truly meant for each other,
A couple truly meant to be,
A couple whose friends and family,
We are very proud to be.

We hope your happiness continues,
That you have much more in store,
We hope the memories made today
Will stay with you - forever more.
A poem suitable for reading at a wedding ceremony.
Akta Agarwal Apr 24
On the wedding day of our friends
We met coincidentally
And from there our destiny met coincidentally
That one coincidence
Tied us in a relationship of love and friendship
After that we met several times with the excuse of coincidence
And then we ******* forever
In the relation of husband and wife
And that's coincidence of wedding day
Leads us to our wedding
Destiny can let you meet your partner anywhere
They easily left in a remorseless goodbye
I tried to forget and seemed to get by

The hardest part of moving on
Is always remembering that they’re gone

Even if they’ve forgotten about me
Feelings can’t be erased nor the memories

Friends stick together and lovers depart
I’ll say I’m better but always feel the spark

With a promising brandish it died on your end
My heart sunk and drowned, trying to pretend

That I felt okay, that I was going through some phase  
Everyone assumed, but it never felt that way

What does it matter, you have a wife and kids
To be trusted and lusted by you  
I’d sacrifice anything to give  
But dreams like that never come true

Happy ever after seems a faraway thing
Effervescent laughter inside two rings

That sparkle on both of your intertwined  hands
How left behind I feel you’ll never understand
I wrote this after listening to right where you left me by Taylor Swift.
miniyollo Apr 24
She walked down the aisle,
In a beautiful white gown just like her smile,
Her hair in a bun
with a crown just like Eve,
Her lips without a smudge,
Her cheeks rosed pink
And her eyes in tears.
She made her vows with the one in her eyes,
But her throbbing heart
Knew she lied.
Since childhood, the angel thought
This day was the best.
Only to realize,
It wasn't the day,
But the man she would spend her rest.
The princess did not have her prince charming riding the white horse,
But he sat on the wooden bench like a silenda,
Reliving the moments of their star crossed saga.
Who knew there was an obscure string,
That would never let them apart,
The flowers,
The mass,
The rings,
Thy charm,
Was all just a show,
When the heart wasn't ready to vow.....
walk with me through the valley
show me that it's possible to love me
i might not know the best part of me
but with you, i see more than i ever dreamed of seeing
walk with me through the good and the bad
through the worst and the best
i pray to one day see you walk down the aisle
coming to publicly give your heart to me
walk with me through it all
and i will make sure to fall a million times for your soul
walk with me because i know you are all of me
this love we have is fueled by serendipity
protected by God almighty
promise to never leave me
and i will promise to always love you
Clive Saffron Mar 26
Over the sands of time you’ve travelled.
Across the ocean of life you’ve sailed.
Through the fog of daily worries,
Your unfailing love’s prevailed.

Your light shines from within,
Brighter than the heavenly sky.
The fire in your soul’s unquenched,
The flames one can’t deny.

Don’t measure your life in years
Nor by the number of breaths you take,
For we’re blessed by your resounding wisdom
And the memories you continue to make.

In your footsteps I wish to tread,
I want to grow in your direction,
To mirror your warmth and kindness,
Your honesty, integrity and affection.

Your life is truly remarkable,
A lasting legacy you’ll surely bestow.
Let’s joyfully sing your melody
And forever bask in your glow.

Although you’ve entered your twilight years,
So much you’ve done is unsung,
But in your heart, for all eternity,
May you be strong, radiant and young.
My name is Clive Saffron, a published poet with the desire to use my writing skills to bring the feel good factor to others. Creating rhyming poetry is my passion and favourite art form and born out of my joy of the English language. For me, it is a wonderful form of catharsis and self-expression. As somebody who likes to sing too, the rhythms and lyrics of so many songs inspire me to play with words and arrange them in metrical patterns to create rhymes. I have established Rhymes For Times to offer a fully personalised, bespoke and rhyming poetry and speech writing service for individuals and businesses worldwide and for any occasion. I always take exceptional care and pride in creating poetry and aim to touch the hearts of those who read it and have them connect with the deeper meaning of my words. It is a highly satisfying feeling to arouse people's emotions with my poetry and make them laugh and cry and put smiles on their faces.
CI Thomas Mar 15
I remember you
When you were four feet tall
And you kicked me in the shins
For pulling your piggy tails

I remember you
With your thick-rimmed glasses
And some senior girl pushed you around
And you tripped her in study hall

I remember you
On the senior trip to Vermont
And you got a cold
And I spent the whole trip inside with you

I remember you
On graduation day
And you were crying as you drove away
And I was crying as I watched

I remember you
When I walked into that meeting
And you were sitting there
And I made a fool of myself

I remember you
That second first night
And I felt dizzy when you kissed me
And you stayed for breakfast

I remember you
An hour ago
And you snuck into my room
Because we couldn't wait to see each other
Sharon Thomas Mar 13
I remember you walking down the aisle;
Your eyes met mine,
As you graced me with your smile.

My heart beat so hard;
As you kept walking towards me.
I have never loved another;
Who'd made me weak to my knees.
This must be God's decree.

As I made my vows,
with you by my side;
I knew one thing was for certain,
Not even death would dare to take you;
Even if he tried.
Po Mar 9
"I promise" -  as her dad carried her from preschool after a boy was pulling on her hair
"I promise" - a line from her vows
A poem to celebrate a marriage

A wonderful and beautiful story is about to unfold,
Celebrating the marriage of two hearts into one.
Each turning page shall be illustrated in vibrant colour
And follow the path of true love that’s just begun.

This, your Wedding Day, marks a new chapter,
Where, as a couple, you’ll learn what love truly means.
May you laugh together, comfort and forgive each other
And share all your hopes, aspirations and dreams.

As in fairy-tales, dance freely in each other’s arms
And smile with your eyes, come rain, wind or shine.
May you bring music to each other’s lives,
As your souls sing from now ‘til the end of time.

A deep well of happiness is wished for you,
Overflowing with blessings and filling your cup.
May the warm rays of the sun fall upon you
And bring you energy to lift each other up.

As you walk this journey from beginning to end,
Sharing your lives as the years come and go,
May you surrender your hearts to each other always,
For the sweetest love comes from the seeds you sow.

Through good times and bad, for better or for worse,
Be there for each other always, to have and to hold.
Rejoice in your love, side by side, through all eternity,
Creating memories and the greatest story ever told.
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