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Kale Nov 2015
It seems as we age
We drifted apart
The love we shared was
Now I feel
Because I know I am
Kale Jul 2015
Do you ever have those
Dreadful moments
Where you thought
To blow up the world
Because nothing is going your way.
You curse the air you breathe
But the words come out in
Nimble squawks.
You try to bottle up
Every feeling you ever had
Because you know
If there was any slightest
Examination of your mind
You would be sent to jail
Or the psychiatric ward.
Anger the demon
That feeds off of every word
You said in past years
Is the reason behind many of these
Complex emotions.
We may try to stop it.
But eventually
It will consume us and hurt
Those who are near
Kale Apr 2015
Don't you dream
You can be transported
To another dimension
Where there would be no

Well I dream to change
The world.
Kale Oct 2018
Anxiety  sneaks up
Like a snake in the greenlands of Africa
It's poisonous fangs elongated ready to

Anxiety knocks on the door
Hoping that we would answer
His creepy smile
Hoping that we'd befriend him
And when we do
chokes us to unconiousness  

Anxiety please leave me be
I can't stop thinking
I can't breathe
Im suffering from an anxiety attack and was restless so I decided to rest
Kale Feb 2016
As a I child
I was ignorant
To the morbid society
That I lived in.
I was ignorant to the
Death that chocked me
Ignorant to the love that
Left me.
But now, I am not a child
I am an adult
Ready to beat the depression
That surrounds me with
A bright smile.
Kale Nov 2015
My love,
What broke you?
You are afraid to come
Out your depressed shadow
Afraid to show me that smile
Too tired to even laugh
Your beauty is no longer shown
In the crevice of you loud personality
I miss it.
Kale Jul 2014
What is this
We work hard to
Be the perfect creature
We are all beautiful in God's
Holy and Divine eyes.
Kale Aug 2016
Sometimes its good
To start the cycle over
To erase all the troubles
The subsequently haunt your
Dawning future
And just be free
Even its for an inkling
Just start over.
Kale Apr 2015
The woman in tears
Because the man she loved
Hit her once more
Without one inch of remorse.
They, who were in love
From the beginning of time itself
Now have two kids,
But he seems to forget
That they are watching innocently
From the chairs beside them.
She who loved him for so long
Turned his love into hatred.
Because he has been broken,
Broken by the pressure
Of life itself.
Anyone help this woman before its too late.
Kale Nov 2015
The world is spinning'
Out of my cold grasp
Moving forward
Leaving me behind
In the aisle's of the dark

You with your weak smile
Became my drug
My caffeine
The one to speed up
My days on this cruel
And unforgiving world
Kale Apr 2015
I am caged
In the midst of society
Living the life I despise
Hearing those who complain
And those who fight to survive.
We divulge in our imaginative beings
In attempts to become free
Only to be dragged back to reality
By the life we attempt to seek.
Kale Oct 2014
I am captured by,
I am coerced into making
A change.
Forced into acting normal.
Forced into changing my personality,
Just to fit in.

I want to be different
But I am captured,
By this fast paced world,
Where being different,
Means being an outcast.

I will fight my captors,
Defeat the norm,
Play a different tune.
Become someone not changed by
Become not captured.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know
Kale May 2015
Can you here it
The ticks on the clock
Making the noise
Indicating time is drifting away
You can't catch this clock
Because its too late
Now the Reaper of Death
Is waiting for you at the gate.
Kale Apr 2015
I owe myself the
Of confessing to you.
I loved you,
Since that first smile
On that first trip,
Remember it in grade 3.
You looked at the seals
Dancing at the gleaming waves.
Screaming in happiness
When the water touched
Your skin.

As you grew older
That smile seemed to fade
The screams of happiness faltered
Your bright eyes
Masked by glares.

All i want is the return
Of that happy child
The one from grade 3
The one I fell in love with.
Kale Feb 5
They bumpy
Crunchy chocolate
Chip cookie
Oh how delicious!
With each bite
I die a little inside
Because soon
This moment
Will end
Wrote this for class
Kale Aug 2014
Its crazy how everyone
Tries to be different
But are the same

Its crazy how
People dream of peace
And use violence To get this

Its crazy how
Religion can bring people together
And divide everyone to the masses
Kale Dec 2018
Once again I’m here
stuck at the crossroads
dreaming of chasing
the dreams that are forever
bounded by the comfort of the past  
where unhappiness reigned free

With path should I choose
It so hard to be free
I just want to take a path
That lets me be me
Kale Jul 2014
This world is cruel,‏
And unbearable.
Humans have to strive,
but deprive,
Care but destroy.
We consume,
without thinking of others.
I apologize from now, most of my poems might be depressing and i hope that in some way it helps you feel better about life or something like that.
Kale Mar 2015
I don't think it's acceptable
For me, myself and I
To form endless tears
Over you who means nothing.
I am greater, stronger and better than that.
I a single so not applying to me
Kale Oct 2015
We wait for the perfect
Where the world stands still
To dance in the moonlight
Bringing Joy to this depressing land,
We move our hands
Jump on our feet
Enjoying the company of one
And when the sun rises to say
I realize that the only one dancing
Was me.
Kale Nov 2015
The world
is filled with
My painful woes
Torturing me
Each day
With reminders
of what you did.
I am cold
and broken
Unable to comprehend
the situation I am involved in
Shattered by your
False Sense of hope and freedom.
Don't look for me
Because by the time
You find me
I will be gone
Running from the *Dark
Kale Sep 2015
I am blinded by
Your love
And unable to
Sing our favorite song
Because you left me
On the eggshells
We call a relationship.
Now I am sick
Unable to grasp
Because you showed
Me the true meaning
Of a Dark Fantasy
Kale Jul 2014
The inevitable end
to all life
Travelling too close
For comfort
Its callous hands reach
And touch the worthy
And unworthy
We try so hard to escape
His claws
But death always
Catches us
Kale Feb 6
I'm falling slowly
Deeper into madness
Becoming obsessive
Crazed with feelings
of insecurity
I want to *****
the happiness that
I have injected into
my veins
Can I cry?
I hate seeing myself
this way
I hate seeing myself
Can I cry?
Because I want to be free
from the shackles
That bound me to this Earth
Kale Aug 2014
You change
When you see others.
You become evil,
and sinister.
I try to compensate
for my faults,
but all you see is
my Destruction
Kale Aug 2015
Become my the reason
I retaliate against this
Crazy world
Where guns and violence are
My protection
And love is my weakness.
I am broken by the daily
That runs in my veins
Causing me to change
Each ****** day.

Become my soilder
That opens my heart
Which bears much evil,
Including the sins of my ancestry.
Your the only one I can trust
As I dwindle from my sanity
Because I am a devil
That needs redemption.
Kale Oct 2015
They say opposites attract,
But I can't say the same for me and you,
We are completely the same
which makes our hatreds
Grow stronger.
Why do we still remain merged,
Once we came to that realization,
That we were never meant to be,
We struggle to keep the relationship going,
We destroy ourselves,
To create the facade of happiness.
Kale Jul 2014
I am different,
And proud of this.
With this difference,
I make accomplices,
Who are different.
I don't care if you,
Call me different,
Because I love my,
Kale Oct 2014
I want to visit,
The dreamland in,
My dreams.
To sleep an endless

Maybe I will be happier there,
Floating through Never land.
Making my wishes come true.
Not worrying about the stress,
The oppression,
The Money
Or the Wars.

But I know that this will happen
Any time soon.
I won't get my wishes and
I won't get my freedom
Because after every visit to
Dreamland I always wake back up.
Kale Nov 2014
I would like
To be on drugs
Just for one day
Not to get addicted
Just so i can let loose
Show a different side of me
Allow me to see the world differently
Allow me to forget my pain, and sorrow.

However I am conflicted
Drugs may make me loose my mind
I may end up rotting in prison
I may harm myself
I may harm others
I may shorten my lifespan
Kale Jul 2014
For me to respect you,
You must earn my respect.
For me to trust you,
You must earn my trust.
For me to be honest with you,
You must be hones.t
For me to love you,
You have to earn my love.
Kale Mar 2015
Emotions are useless
They bring forth words
expressions, and attitudes
We wish to dispel.
Is it better to not care?
Is it better to become a big pile of meat?
Unaffected by what people do or think
Because emotions are useless.
Kale Sep 2015
Love how cruel You are
You attempt
To show us that
Are obtainable
But never once showed us
The trouble we have to go through.
Never once did you
Show Me the amount of tears
And heart-ache that I have to face
Because of the little rush
Of Emotions
My cold heart felt.
Love, You are a cruel being.
Why can't you just strike us
With an invisible arrow,
To prevent the difficulty
Of finding "The one"
The difficulty of getting drunk
Off of ****.
Kale Aug 2014
My plush buddy,
Which acted as a knight,
Is ready to hug me,
When I want to fight.

My dolls and men
Which laze around all day
Come through for me
When I want to play

My insects and bands,
Which decorate the house,
Helps to scare my mom,
Like a mouse.

I love my toys,
They bring joys,
And laughter,
And playful banter.
Do not think I am creepy. This is a random poem. Hope it is a little bit good
Kale Mar 4
I want to meet you
I want to kiss you
I dream of our life
Together, forever
I admit it
I have feelings for you
But that term is
I’m scared
My feelings may no longer
Be one of flirtatious exploits
But of obsession.
Kale Sep 2015
As I spiral down
Into the deep sense
Of Depression and Regret
I was for the beckoning Finger
Of Death to comb my shivering
We all want something
I chose death
So that I can escape
The wicked sense of humor
This world has.
When it comes to replaying
My life
I regretful that I let this Secret
Follow Me
To the wooden bed
Under the Earth.
But I am glad
I wanted to die,
So someone could
Unravel the secret
That was almost like  bullet wound.
Finally I will get Justice.
And I will dance in
The After world
Where I am bounded by Freedom
Kale Aug 2015
Blood reigns from
My flickering eyelash
As he tells me it's "okay"
But how can it be
When each day I am
To your stainless shoes
In my pain
You come to hush and soothe
But it turns to stinging and crying
Am I not the one you love
Am I not the one you adore
I guess not
Because even though
We are both freaks of nature
An abomination by modern society
I have come to turn
That ore mature love
Into consistent anger
Now it's my turn to cause pain
Because my fire has re kindled
And I am ready to start
Burning your life down.
Kale Jul 2014
I always wanted
To be a fish.
To swim with agility
and grace.
To roam the water,
And dance with the waves.
To swim around the world
And back.

But if I am a fish,
I would be eaten too quickly,
by predators lurking,
in the shadows of the deep sea.
I would get poisoned,
or poached,
or suffer from global warming,
Each day I would wait for,
Something to destroy me.

Unless i am born again,
as a fish,
I can not
be a Fish
But I want to save the fish,
of the vast ocean.
They are
Graceful creatures
and I dream of being a fish.
A fish poem i just thought of......
Kale Nov 2015
**** my emotions
That I hold dear
Because no one seems
To adhere to my feelings.

**** the people around me
Because they ignore my
presence and call me
If necessary

**** relationships
Because it messes up my
heart and mind if there is
a deep separation

**** the world
who feigns peace
But is on the brink of
natural war.

**** everything
and anything meant to destroy
The life we hold so dear
Kale Sep 2014
This is the beginning,
Where everything started,
So lets,
Lets start over,
Become reborn with me,
Become my beginning,
become my Genesis.
Short poem for you guys
Kale Apr 2015
Taken from our midst,
Our grasp.
We waited so long
For her arrival
And now all we do is mourn
Because we were careless
And she slipped through
Our glossed fingertips.
All we can do is cry,
Cry to God
Asking, no Begging to bring
Her back.
But its too late
No miracles can change time
She is gone
Kale Apr 2015
Goodnight my love,
Even though the moon's
Greeting comes
to separate us,
I will always love you.
Our bond that was
Formed by Fate
Can never be broken
Because with each
Setting sun
You enter
My dawdling mind
And my heart begins
To sing songs
Like the birds of
early morn
Kale Sep 2015
The willow tree
That I sit under
Beckons me to sleep
It holds me tight
Like the memories
I dearly keep.
But once in a while
It brings me despair
Causing me tears.
I couldn't handle
The thought of your
Blood shed and tears.
Instead of facing
The dark abyss
I lay dangling
From the tree's
Kale Sep 2015
Like a thief
My heart was poached
Causing me to fall
In the spiral of
But I did not know
The thief was evil
Causing me pain
Each day.
Shambling my hear
For the satisfaction
Of his own.
Never have I thought
I could be whole once more.
Then I met another thief
Who glued the
pieces one by one.
Kale May 2018
I've never felt at home
I always felt ostracized
Unwilling to conform
To the lifestyle
Society provided me

I just want to find
That place
Where I am free.
Where I don't have to change myself
To fit in
I just want to find
Kale May 2015
We fight each day
Crying out to nature
Like the psychos
We all are,
We want redemption
From the evil that
Lay in the closet
But we do not accept the
Fact that the darkness
That is formed deep within
Our soul,
Is eating away at the Goodness
The peace
The happiness
That consumes our mind.
We are humans after all
We are the two sides to
Every story.
Kale Apr 2015
When your body
Mind and soul
Has been enticed by someone
And you do not feel the urge
To let them go.
Well that's what I am going through
And it feels great
I am walking taller
Talking more
and its because of you
*If you don't let me go
Ill never let you go
Because I am in love.
I am not in love so don't ask
Kale Mar 2015
I am knocking
Waiting at the door
Seeking your assistance
So I won't cry anymore
My knocks are louder
As dawn becomes dusk
But all I hear is a shout, scream and cuss
Will you open
I am begging please
Because I can't take it anymore
The demons of suicide, ****** and madness
I dragging me into the darkness
All I want you to do is let me in
Kale Oct 2014
I can't take it,
I am on my last lap.
I cannot cry
Because there are no tears left.
I am sorry
But I am going crazy.
My mind and heart
Joined forces
to drag me to an early grave.
I am so tired of life.
Kale Nov 2014
I have been thinking
About You.
How you anger me
And we argue
And then burst into laughter.

I have been thinking
About You.
How you tease me
And I can only smile.

I have been thinking
About how much
I hate you.
But you make me
Love you.

I have been thinking
About You.
How you make me crazy
And Insane.

I have been thinking
About you.
How you are you
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