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You say I should go be happy
In a city far away,
And one day I'll be alone there
But I'm not allowed to stay ---
Because life with me is easy,
The same thing every day
Sometimes you wish for me to live here
But you would leave me either way.
vent poetry
Daylight 4U2C May 18
I feel like I'm spiraling weightlessly through space,
trying my best, to not lose face.
And at the end of the day, I'm deep in the ocean,
sitting on the shore, without any motion.
I don't feel restless-


-nor at peace.

I try to avoid it-
but it's like-

-it's me.

I'm the beast.

Because I'm trapped in this skin.

This weird-

thick coat of paint.

And I can't peel it off because there is just NO WHERE


-to tear.

So I keep swirling slowly through space.
Just watching.
Feeling like,
I'm an alien,
just watching,
through the windowed eyes of a creature, that I opened the blinds,
to understand..
And I got so caught up in their story, or
whatever world this was,
so mystified by what there was to see and feel,
I forgot how to close the blinds or walk away.
My feet are glued to the floor
and my eyes are glued to the window-
of their eyes.

I know


this 'thing-'

-it's not me.

I wasn't supposed to look out this window.
I just-

I'm supposed to know,
that I am not the only alien,
looking through a window,
floating through space;
sitting alone at the ocean floor with water shifting and swaying my hair and clothes all around,
just trying to understand and relate without breaking anything,
or making this poor, defenseless and confused human,


I continue in this journey of flow and forward,
a drift-feeling,
as though they all are real.
And I AM the only alien that accidentally just took a human under my control.

Some days I'm a water fountain,
and some days I've gone dry as drought.
Some days I'm warm and feeling,
some days I'm just empty and without.
All days I'm never-ending-thinking
too concerned with all that is.
I should be proud to think so deep
but sometimes I just crave the fizz.
I want to think,
but without fear.
I want to love,
but not to tear.
I want to dream,
but not to forget.
I want to be brave,
but without the regret.
I know there's more-
so I'll just say...
this too shall pass..
so I can't fray.
CAL Feb 24
kitkats and honeybuns

fat pockets and bulging skin

coffee and cream

too much flesh and blood

eating and drinking

too many calories and sugars

wishing i had self control

wondering why i cant stop

food and extras

sugar and spice

cant breathe enough to work it all away

my body will refuse to throw it up

and i dont know how to stop

but i want to
so bad
even if it killed me
i want to stop
because it could make me a pretty boy
feb 24
here is a vent piece from about a month back
Kaye Canter Mar 30
It rained today in Roanoke;
I got some peace of mind.
It cleansed the headache and my heart
From all I’d kept inside.

The rain today in Roanoke,
It seemed to ease my pain.
All the anger and frustration;
All the work I’d done in vain.

The clouds, they wept in Roanoke.
I’m happy with the grey.
I can’t dance in the sunshine
If we never have some rain.

Thank you, sky in Roanoke.
I’m ready for this fight.
I think all that I needed was
A little time to cry.

This is the first poem I've written in over a year. I've been feeling defeated by all of the issues in my work and personal life and bottling everything up. One night, it came out like a geyser. The following morning, on my way to work, it rained. I wrote this piece a few hours later during my lunch break, after my emotions had settled. I aptly named it Roanoke, after the city where I work.
Little Bear Mar 29
omission of truth
blundering white
jagged black

tears falling
with blatant

i see you
answering yourself

are in order
well done

well done
seared skin
****** within

even your truth
is a lie
you try
to conceal
who and what
do not deserve
to be

caught like flies
in your web of

one two three
how many more
are thee

a forked tongue speaks
writes in triplicate
sings lullabys of deception
a hundred fold

the little lambs wool
you have pulled
so they cannot see

i pity thee

bad wolf

a long day... and it truly has been eye opening
TinkerTom Feb 2
You are the love of my life
That's why I made you my wife
But sometime you can be hard to bare
The yelling ,the fighting ,and the glares
That break me down shatters my hope
And cause me to sometimes to mope
Though I hope we can brave it through
Because at the end of the day i still love you
Cyndi Feb 2
My will is breaking, My body's shaking
My brain is screaming, forcefully gating
Myself to this heater, my classification is stuck at Keter
Falling further, faster, deeper
Is this all just one big dream, or
Is this a dark nightmare?
Or maybe the warm air
Around me's turned to White noise, static,
Fear response is automatic
If I don't move from this spot then I can't
Relapse this dark habit
I can't move
I can't breathe
I can't hold on
My brain's slipping
Thoughts of red lines across my skin
Consume my every waking whim
I'm shivering like it's December
As if I'm beneath the weather
But I'm not
It's real hot
Underneath this heated spot
I can't stop
I can't stop
Please forgive me if I walk
This twisted tightrope once again
Letting down all of my friends
Making sure that it's hidden
Until I can't keep it within
Anymore, it bursts through my psyche
Burning up from deep inside me
A lust for something frightening
And faster than lightning
I have got a blade in hand
Body moves without command
I can't help myself
I fight myself
For control of my flesh, and
My conscious SCREAMS at my defiance
Screeching, "how DARE you defy this?"
And I'm trying
Oh, I'm trying, oh God,
Please forgive my weakness
Thoughts are stronger than my will,
I feel like I'm falling ill,
Like if I keep on fighting I'll pass out, or worse, I'll lose the duel
I try to think of something

Stop it,
Please just stop it,
Can't you see how wrong this thought is
Your friends and family beg you not to hurt yourself, but honestly
You're just a giant coward
with no regard for health
If you can't fight through these urges, you won't make it by yourself
So you burden others with your struggle
As if that's stop this drug, you'll
Never survive on your own, 'cause
Your weakness is to the bone
Only thinking of yourself,
A ****** up mademoiselle
Just keep writing, you lunatic
Maybe you'll wear yourself down

No! That's not what being said!
Stupid voice inside my head
I'd rather DIE than lose control over my body and mind, instead
I'll rhyme with all my might, as
That's my only way to fight, and
It pushes you to somewhere you
Can't control my hands
My hands
This body is mine
And I'd tell you that you can't take what's not yours but then I realized
For the first time
The scariest reality
A truth I wish I hadn't seen
'Cause even though I hate and antagonize you,
You're me.

But I'm slipping, oh I'm slipping
And I can't seem to break free
I know I'm so close to breaking
Maybe letting go is more healthy?
Not thinking that anymore
That thought goes straight out the door
Lock the handle, bar the windows,
Barricade the corridors
I won't let you reach me
If anything, I'll make you see
That becoming this parasite was the biggest mistake you'll make,
A petty biohazard, that's all that you are
A poisoned, greedy, harmful, needy thought and nothing more
That's not true,
I'm part of you,
You can't hide from your own thoughts,
You're a monster, you're insane and
I'm just your entourage.
Don't act all high and mighty, like I'm doing a disservice
You said it yourself, you're a coward, you deserve this
So just quit your *******
You've been itching
For the pain and you know it
Sometimes you just need a push
A seed for you to start growing


You can't make it worse than this.
The third in the RED series, looping in some Fire & Blood into the mix as well.
Can you tell I needed an outlet? (๑•﹏•)
Bard Jan 18
Its time to draw a lot from a devils claw
Born in Soldotna to a family of outlaws
Went below Iowa off  Mound Street In Arkansas

Left  before we attended police court
Landed to heat and haze I lost my heart
Left it complete in yesterdays start

Bounced from hotel to motel
Settled down in a ghetto
And had no choice but to let go

New start became a bookworm
And the people made me squirm
Awkward red cheeks that would burn

The compliments came in often
But it only made me frighten
Called exceptional so often

Test always said I was bright
On every test I would write
Cheating out of sight

A diet of highs
Prizes, Trophys, lies
Gave my ego a rise

Dad did the best he could
Till the oxy popped his hood
Empty eyes haunt my childhood

Came to school holes in my jacket
Wadin in a cesspool a poor bracket
Low income the rule bein empty pockets

Ate at reduced price at the mess hall
Head full of lice, bed bugs on the wall
Mind full of lies, delusion my heal all

Voices in my head told me it would get better
Voiceless thoughts all that held me together
Tomorrow it'll get better, tomorrow is never

At recess I traded and sold pokemon cards
Started with a few old cards made more with words
A dollar here a quarter there robbed kids with a word

A few years later I got a step mother
She was an agitator and instigator
Drug addict waitress, a complete failure

Brought two kids, two chains on my dad
He was playin with roxy, eyes empty and sad
Step mom spent the money things got bad

Stopped leaving my room became a shut in
Years alone only out for school started fallin
Grades got worse, lost my friends, death was callin

Alone for years on end as my father abandoned me
Just like my mom who left so long ago with no apology
Failed my 8th grade year then got sent over the north sea

Departed for Alaska and found that my heart
I left so long ago at the start was forever lost
Not so smart and without a heart I began a new start
Seanathon Jan 16
Who can master tongue
No friend without friend to hear
Can find self silent
Venting, A Haiku about how I usually have to speak it out before I can calm myself. Angered.
Wander Dec 2019
I wish i could just let it out, all my fears are just crystalized inside me
My sentences are longer, words shorter, the length doesn't matter
I hold my breathe, take it in, the scene before me happening again
I leave quickly, my heart beating, my fear raising, my hands shaking
I want to forget seeing that, suffering on another's hand, a red spot
On the cheek of someone who wants to forget, I want to forget
I don't want the bonds of society holding me down, nor the words
I don't want the judge to look at me and say "guilty" to my face
I stand in winter, stand in ice, in the frost crawling up, freezing me
To this place I stand, alone and cold, frightened of what's ahead,
I can't go home, as i don't know where it is anymore, i'm alone
I sit on a staircase outside an apartment, sidewalk barren
Cars brushing by, quick and heavy, one step and the end of my story
I don't want to die, but i don't want to live, can't you understand?
And if i ever take that stand, in front of that judge to say my part,
What would i ever say, what would i ever do, if its my crime,
but if it's not my crime entirely, taking the stand as alone as ever,
My partner gone, the room empty, just the judge and me, alone then
So if that judge does look at me and says "innocent", what would i do
Would i just go free, back to plain ,back to normal, and idiotic sayings
I hope not, because, I am guilty as everyone else is, of pain and lies
Blood and sweat, tears strolling down, feeling emotionless,
We have all felt that moment, of all these combined,
My fears are shared by society, shredded by people, laughed at
I'm scared of myself, being myself, look at others with complete truth
So i will never raise my hand, i won't speak or lie or care,
because my fear is just too great, my life is just too small
It's so small, so incomplete, i feel so gone, so alone
Standing on the sidewalk, moving slow and mournful,
reaching the edge, the curve, the *****, the mountain to climb
If i step into the lane, the cars, would i be forgotten, like others
Would i be like the rain that comes down and ,we notice it sure,
But forget what it gives us, would i just be the puddle after
would i be an ad in the newspaper claiming a sad tale,
I'd just be a story to tell to people about the community,
Forgotten like half of history, lied about by people who didn't know
I'd be just a story afterwards, but if i turn and walk down the street
Would i ever succeed at something, make my way to the courthouse
and say to that judge on the podium, "You don't get to decide"
what would happen, to me, to others, to us as people entirely,
And so i walk on, sludging through everyday life, concerned
Yes, i may trip and stay down for a few minutes,
but i will get up and walk on until i get to that courthouse,
And am able to say my piece to the judge
as we all are the problem
and i would say,
"Judge, we are all guilty"
wow look a vent poem thing
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