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three in a row,
he swings hard,
alarm bells go,
a knife and knife
a circular ring
who's got the guts
to come clean?

Slurry of blows,
slurry of speech,
maybe there's more
to being a leech,
a man made of pride
a man made of sorrow
what's a man to do
when he can no longer borrow?
Time for some rhymes. What happens when you're stuck in a situation that forces you to get in even more trouble?
How could you end things so easily?
Was the love really ever there ? And
Did you ever really care? My heart
Is broken once again. Not once not twice but thrice .. you left me again. You’re
Verbally abuse and I’ve took this for long
Enough. I have to be done I have to get rid of you emotionally mentally and physically.
You just wanted to be done so bad over a
stupid argument .. shows your true colors
Shows me who you really are .. I deserve better than this.
Freestyle poetry
CautiousRain Sep 27
Cold as ice and cold as sin
a man that lost shouldn't've been
but he played his cards
and he played them right
cause nothing touches a man
cold as ice.
Rambles and rhyming
As ya do
Anastasia Sep 26
i don't feel like doing this
i hope it'll make me feel better
i have to say
i really did love you
a lot
i would have done anything for you
i really don't think
that you ever felt like i was anything special
and i get that it's annoying
when someone likes you
and you
don't like them
couldn't you have even tried
to be gentle
i know i shouldn't say i hate you
you're not a bad person
hurt me
i know you won't read this
but i hope someday you'll know
that you ******* tore me apart
CautiousRain Sep 26
Every time I think of you
I imagine myself transported
to this notion we had of ourselves
together in the woods,
but somehow alone,
and I'd kiss your lips every morning
but it'd be bittersweet,
and I loved bitter so much at the time
that I'd melt anyway
and somehow in the woods,
in this tiny cabin,
you'd be able to hide from all your sins
and maybe you could protect me
from the bears
from the harsh weather
and from you.
my draft folder is so clogged rn
also this is a sad boi hour poem but uhhh good morning anyway
Zoie Marie Sep 22
I don't hate you
That's not possible
You opened my eyes
It's only plausible
That i still idol you

I make people mad enough to hurt me
To throw me
To choke me
To scare me
To push me away

I learned lessons from you
Patience is key
I hope one day you'll see
I am trying
To be what you wanted me to be
I am so sorry i am venting where you can see
Zoie Marie Sep 22
Did you love me?

Your hand was once around my throat
Now around my mind

Did you care?

The fear was once in my eyes
Now around my heart

What was I to you?

The confusion was once in your heart
Now in my eyes

Did you love me?

These questions once held hidden
Now find Their way out

I need answers
Any i can get
I know you regret it
I know you're growing

How do you haunt me?
Even without contact
You stay in my soul
Your words wrapped around it.
will i ever find closure even in your answers? or will i be permanently haunted by thoughts of me taking a wrong step?
Hunter Sep 16
I hope,
That one day my loneliness won’t be the death of me.
That my loneliness will spur into something to live for,
Something great enough to die for.

I’m watching my world fall apart,
And the pieces are falling between my fingers,
Like loose grains sand.
Feels like all I can do is stare blankly.  

My loneliness is no longer my fault,
But simply a condition of existence.
I’m not sure if I’m thoughtful,
Or just empty
I'm staring at my laptop trying to vent emotions, and this feeling I'm typing out just kinda washed over me. So yeah.
CautiousRain Sep 14
The flesh, the flesh,
it's always the flesh.

I sometimes wish I would have
given up
just to see how much
you'd try to take.
posting my drafts
CautiousRain Sep 14
It's all too much to handle;
the tangible and intangible
taunt and mock me
and the vibrations of the room shine through
this lowly, softened flesh of mine
as if to punish my existence.
trying to clear out my draft folder some
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