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I give my love
To get it back
Oh what ethics
My morals lack

In a war against apathy
Empathy is rampart

The walls of paradise
Blackout the sun

Without the shadow
There cannot be the substance

What madness this all is!
This ridiculous order of chaos
Traveler Tim
Daniel Cuzzo Nov 15
Sweatshirts bury the purpose of a green chair,
Mace Windu perches atop shelves of foreign poetry.

But there’s one thing that’s not coffee left, water right,
sneakers at the computer chair, hanging hand-me down suits
or pajamas in a pile below.

The anomoly turns the rug into slippery spinning dances.
Cup-holders fall to become balance beams,
djembe drums vibrate with warmth and a messy tone.

Everything awry becomes a laugh or a song,
pain and shadows prevent it from lasting long;
but, for a time, this clutter, inside and outside the man

it’s something no one else needs to understand.
Last poem I pulled out from the spring pile.  It's not perfect but it has charm and sentimental value.
Who is born
Happy and smiling
You cry
While others smile
As you grow
Restlessness presides
They say
First attain peace
Everything falls in order
Is attaining peace
Child's play?
I question
This world
Propels restlessness
Never wait
For peace to come
Lest fodder to the world
You become
Try simultaneously
Peace procedure
And work towards
Your material welfare
A little buddha, a little yodha(warrior)
Inner Engineering
With external performance
Disorder to come to order
Don't wait to be a Buddha
Everyone can't be a Buddha
Strike a balance in life to live good life
Simon Sep 25
Forever, isn't a contemplation for a girl's nature of "temptation" to be (now and forevermore)...become "tempted" itself! Don't be naive.... Because if it does go according to this very standard wish of one's very contemplation state... Then your again (now and forevermore) meant to be..."naive!" Wishes don't contemplate your desires into a wishful bottle full of unlimited possibilities. But instead take rapid possession of that very "bottle full of unlimited possibilities"... And suspects that very girl to commit (right away) towards the very situational desires that grow on that very contemplation state itself. (Like vines that are just willingly able to sprout itself as part of it's tempted nature to do so, among natures own contemplation state.)
Something this very girl would argue isn't the same (when and ONLY when)...they start to officially "doubt" that very contemplation state (first and foremost).
And this is when the very quote to this very passage weeps accordingly to that very contemplation state. When it (first and foremost) becomes "tempted" by that very nature (that's made to be this main ingredient...forever)!
Because when that happens... Then that very girl's "tempted" contemplation, is made too be (forever open) to the possibilities for more issues to start to arise more attraction to the girl's very temptation towards that very contemplation state. And it does this either (first or last). Since it now (forevermore) doesn't matter what implication first arises in whatever order or category, essentially speaking. Whatever exchanges that very trade for trust to be the beneficial reason for doubt to "taint" ALL for a single contemplation to meet it's end... Would then officially (more than ever)...become the last certified "lasting" impression for the girls very tempted self among a contemplation.
Then whatever comes next (before whatever had just "centered" itself first and foremost) will in fact bend to the will of the next sequence of events, essentially too follow.
PS... Remember, "forever" is made to reason the abstract will to a girl's more "primal" justification at heart!
Detesting full logic to the benefits of some untested angle here (without knowing of the entire implications ahead of time)... Would in fact spill out trouble for the (least likely too succeed), reasonably speaking.
i lay in bed

is this all that life is?

or is there some grandeur
some mystery purpose

that i'm too dumb to understand
Tony Tweedy Jul 26
Of dust both stars and we are born and so to all will each return.
But in between, dust gives a heart a need for loves' enduring yearn.
In times' course on cosmic scale all particles are drawn to another one.
And so stars and love set adrift, until once more, all but dust is gone.
How can dust become love, desire, passion? From its vastness to create that feeling between two hearts.... and yet in that vastness in the scheme of things.... so fleeting the experience and its brightness..... to dust.
HYA Jul 19
i have a devil on my shoulder
it speaks to me when i sigh;
when i follow his orders, he grows heavier
my sight, which was once bright, is now darker

he, the weight upon my shoulder,
pushes me down when i try to fly
quite selfish, isn't he?
he has his wings, but still on my shoulder

he whispers rumors he hears from a far
and giggles when i listen to him
he sure is heavy on my shoulder
when would he ever fly away?

he has the space on my shoulder, yes
but at times, i feel him somewhere else too
he holds territory on my shoulder
but also on my mouth, my hands, my eyes, my ears, and my feet

i thought he is only on my shoulder, parasiting me
now, he holds me wholly and stops me from moving
he slowly takes over and control my body
when did i get this devil on my shoulder?
Betty Jul 4
Does life have order

    Are we just colourful leaves

   Slaves to fortune's wind
I am not so sure,

Phone Me Now Now

A guy called up a customer order line and talked to a gal agent:

“Its for my step sister she needs a dress.”

“What type?”

“Long, short, slutty. Yes, slutty.”

“Are you wearing underwear?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Well, are you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What type?”

“A red thong. Back to the dress. What type?”

“Bare shoulders and short skirt.”

“Yes, that one. In blue.”

“Ok then.”

“Oh babe, I’m coming. It feels so good!”

“How dare you! How f*cking dare you! This is all recorded.”

“I’m off now. Send the recording to your boss baby. I love you.”

There was the sound of a gunshot, the agent screamed and call ended.
from SUCTION PUMP 2020

Jimmy Boom Semtex

out soon
Salvador Kent Jun 10
You seem so sad when you laugh.
I still don't understand why.
I can see mourning in your dance,
When I catch a glimpse of your eye

You look at me in a state
Of desperate pleading
And your closed lips whisper
"Unwanted Euphoria" at every breath.

New order ask you how you feel
Over the speaker in the corner.
You want to answer but can't.
Mouth the words instead.

Adolescent night life
Is so false. You say
Outside. Smoking the **** end
Of a cigarette.

How does it feel to abandon old friends?
To love? To cry? Live a bittersweet lie.
Why did you love her that way?
What did she say

As you stared into her eyes
That night. A long long time
Ago. Did she smile in the way
Lovers do in hollywood?

When we talk you challenge me
In ways I never expected.
You reach into my soul
Like Princess Psyche.

I thought we were all young
And sadly dumb
In the modern age.
You tease. You anomaly.

And yet you still stare at me now
Dancing across the room to
The melancholy synth of new order,
Screaming unwanted euphoria.

Take me outside poet.
You say in unwanted bliss,
Make me draw a pretty picture,
Turn off Blue Monday.
I like this one.
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