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Me and mine had our fill of HIS ****** royal Lip,
And racist, sexist philandering entitlement.
"We don't come to Canada for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves."
"I don't think a ******* is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing."
"When a man opens a door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife."
"why can't I be a man that likes pink,

why can't I be a woman that likes to surf the wind,

why can't I be a man that cries tears of joy,

why can't I be a woman that's not a mommy

why can't I be a man, without toughening up,

why can't I just be

be a human"

Wutherings Bronte
sydney Mar 19
Why is it that
I am held to a standard set in stone
That you are able to treat like a mold

Why is it that
I am punished for not acting “lady-like”
Yet you are excused because “boys will be boys”

Why is it that
When I was a girl, I wasn’t strong enough to lift a chair
Because you, were the “strong boy” my teacher required

Why is it that
I am trained in passivity
While you are praised for being actively inquisitive

Why is it that
As I speak out, I am obnoxiously bossy
But as you speak out, you are a heroic leader

Why is it that
When insulting me, I’m a *****
But when insulting you, you are just a son of that *****

Why is it that
I can’t speak my truth because that would be emasculating
But you are entitled to, because your truth actually has value

Why is it that
—for the same action—
I am spat out, left ruminating in a puddle of self-doubt
While you are uplifted and encouraged

And, why is it that
I've internalized all of these messages, absorbing the ramifications
While you are able to effectively maneuver them, benefiting off of my downfall

Why is it that, now
I reflexively utter “sorry,” coating my rhetoric to please you

Why is it that, now
I instantaneously tell you, “no, it's ok” when
it isn't. ok.

Why is it that, now
When an adult man catcalls me, a teenage girl
I am taught that is my obligation to indulge him, be kind
So I am not further harassed

And, tell me, why is it that
I am taught to compromise my needs
To fulfill yours
This poem is about the double standard and misogyny that is so rooted in our society resulting in, eventually, every person being a walking reflection of it.
Dinara Tengri Feb 23
My hair is not a raven's wing,
A wave of black, a river whose
treacherous shores
you long to explore.

My ******* are no doves: soft and fluttering;
No Promised Land of milk and honey:
there is no one to welcome you home.

My stomach is not a valley of wonders
leading to a treasure so many men
have died for.

My eyes are not slanted windows to some
ancient Eastern wisdom; no obsidian pools
that many great warriors have drowned in.

My features are not exotic
My skin is not silken
My soul is not unknowable
My mind is not inscrutable
And my body is not your muse.
Leila Feb 22
Delicacy in its purest form
Might have cried a tear tonight
Torn a chipper down foreworn
Tickled pink in fright

She wants to ****
To die in black
Not so simple anymore
She’s aches and whack

Can she feel the naught?
Cultural worthlessness
She is an endearment
They’ll **** her if she’s anything more

Ahmad Attr Feb 9
Little girl get in the rush
Pink blush and get on the bus
Stay shush and get your dreams crushed

Don’t stuff in, the things that don’t matter
There’s no way up so burn down the ladder

Put on the lipstick, take your pretty brush
Shut up, even if it is sad, even if it hurts
Stay hush, and that’s how you will live lush

Locked in the castle, now wait for your prince
Bow down to him, the moment he’s in

Little girl get in the rush
Pink blush and your crinoline skirt
Stay shush or else you will get crushed
This is a female counterpart to Xylophone Medley, tackling sexism, misogyny and toxic gender roles.
Her and higher education:

Those narrow walls

That building
with too many stares

All the talk about climbing
up the flagpole

Just to see
what goes up

And what comes down

It was so much easier
when they just wanted

To carry her books
Note: The placement of stares, and not stairs, is intentional. It is not a typo.
Ashley Goel Dec 2020
See I never understood
The kind of humor they posses,
They make jokes about hate crimes
And call a man gay for wearing a dress,
And I never would have thought
That these people could make such a mess
And then tell us
To clean it up
Like it wasn't them.

Always falling for the bad guy
Because he never got a chance,
And ignoring what's wrong with him
Until we’ve got blood on our hands,
And I never would have thought
That he could make such a mess
And then tell me
To clean it up
Like it wasn't him.

They always ask us to smile
But they never understood,
They tell us we belong in the kitchen
But if they were us they never could,
They say “go wash the dishes”
Just like a woman “should”.

See I just don't understand
The kind of humor they posses,
They make jokes about ****
And shame the sizes of our chests,
And yet we continue to praise the bad
Over and again,
These girls’ minds were stolen at the age of ten.

They’ve taught us to close our mouths
And they tell us to shut up,
We were raised by the same women
Who would never give up,
We painted signs,
We said our speeches,
But I guess it's just bad luck,
We can't change people who refuse
To grow up

And I never would have thought
That these people would make such a mess,
Just because she's drunk
It doesn't mean its a yes,
Why has it been so hard to get this through their heads,
“Your overreacting”
Let's all invalidate her feelings instead.
Leila Nov 2020
I won’t forget the way your eyes look down upon me
The condescension in your voice
The laughs
I won’t forget the dismissal of my pain
My grief
As the horrors of my inadequacy confine me
Hurt me terribly so
But maybe you like my pain
My fright
I want to prove you wrong
That my life is as worthy as yours
But my throat closes around me
It lists me in
Turns me inside out
Exposes my innards and true dark horrors
That of which I’m nothing
Nothing worth more
Your very existence continues to triumph mine
While my own breath wastes away
I want you to hurt
As badly as I do
But I cannot hurt you
You’re too much for me to handle
You eat me away at every core
I hate you
I hate you
Why am I not enough
Why was I cursed in this feeble body
My self pity does me no good
While yours gives you an army
Don’t look at me
I know how little you think of me
I want to cut my throat and bash my arms
Bleed all over you
Give you all of my struggles
Be free of my deference
I posted this a while back but got embarrassed and deleted it. Decided to post again. Hope you enjoy it <3
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