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Bad gateway
Bad character
Villain of sorts
I don't like it
Where to try it
Where to get justice
I don't know it
With difficulty
Everytime I repel it
Will someone arrest it
So that I upload it
Virtuosos to vet it!
Lots of time is wasted posting poems due to Bad Gateway 502.

When you
find your
morale up
and down
like a roller
coaster, it's
because you
confidence in
Never lose
focus, adhere
subscribe to
attention. Only
gut could lead
the way, be
dared to do
that seem
most difficult.
Be tempted
by your
greatest goal
make it
fall for you.

"opportunity isn't far but it usually

hides in difficult circumstances and

it takes optimism to figure out."
M Vogel Nov 2020

Your soul's movement
is everything..
my sin;  when made manifest,
a particulate--

(when breathed in,
there is a certain freedom within it)

Within view of the altar stone
all  hidden knives, become fully known
(and, alas, my love--
there's no ram  in the thicket)
Beautiful, within the endeavor
though still vastly distant--

what a fool I make of myself
trying to make this thing, rhyme
by having the audacity
to use the word, Covenant.

Maybe, I--
your long-lost,  supplicant  
has been  nothing more
than a deeply-embedded, replicant.
(or something)..

i am loved,  but i need help learning how to even breathe in this world
oh, lord..
oh my lord
Allesha Eman Jul 2020
Your heart rests in the palm of your father's sacrifice.
Your breath rests in the nostalgic wind that passes by him
When he remembers his past and reflects on your future.
Your colours run down the lines of your mother's smile,
Whenever she raises her hands to the sky,
Praying for you and a little more time,
Because she left her beating heart back home,
To become foreign and unknown only so you could grow.

Their complexions are painted with fatigue,
Because when you're sound asleep,
they run toward bordered walls,
so that when you wake up in the morning,
There will be open doors at your feet.

When a nostalgic wind passes by them,
They'll tell you stories of their childhood,
And they'll leave each word,
With a taste of reminiscence,
A hint of stolen years reflected in the teardrops,
That rest in the corner of their eyes,
And yet when they look towards you,
In seconds your reflection overshadows everything they once used to dream.

All for you...
Uzo Okoli Jun 2020
Pain causes friction within
It pierces the souls of men
Gladdens the hearts of sadists
Impoverishes the minds of the feeble
Who feels pains?

Tears symbolises modern humanity
Contradicts happiness and sadness
A bitter sweet flavour of the eyes
Pure like raindrops.
Who likes tears?

Difficulties weaken the strong
As she walks majestically to glory
After several trials of error.
Ladder of failures epitomises difficulties
Who loves difficulties?

Scar sets the tone of recollection
The clothes of men gives it a royal apparel
When the eyes of the beholder recounts the ordeals of the scars
Who adnires scars?

© June 2020
The Earth is full of egoistic tendencies.
Elymaïs May 2020
Wees is 'n werkwoord,
Want soms is dit harde werk,
Net om te bestaan.
Apoorv Bhardwaj Apr 2020
I saw a 10 year old,
Walking down the street,
With a handful of bowl
And in another a younger kin.
Chanting "what was our sin?"

I saw a handsome lover,
Beside a lonesome tree
Strangled by the memories
Of his lover who loved somebody else
Trying to stop how does it feel.
Writing up the blues to heal.

I saw an old aged person
Who barely can walk
He was happy, had a family
Not so long ago
Sitting with his basket
upon the sidewalk
With nowhere to go

I hope you think about them
If not me when you say
Life is unfair.

I saw a mother of two,
Sunken beneath a pannier.
Dreary eyes and a crooked leg,
Says the burden of life's heavier.

I saw a husband, a son,
A father of one.
Miles away from home,
Aiming to be suffice,
Guarding the border,
A few laughin' at the sacrifice.

I saw a man in a white coat,
People say he's akin to god.
Broken in tears saying
'There are battles that can't be won
For these hands saved so many
Now loosing a loved one.'

I hope you think about them
If not me when you say
Life is unfair.

I saw the dreamers
Quitting before they die.
Heard them saying that
they gave a million try.

I saw people dying in lone
That were once on the Billboards
At times there's no one to hold
I saw blind men crossing roads.

I saw the animals crying for the lost homes,
People fencing their little domes.
I saw the birds crying for the lost trees,
The poor cries and no one sees.

And yet you say
Life is unfair.
Amidst so much of suffering life goes on.
rose Apr 2020
I hate the feeling of wanting to know
but never getting the answers
I am looking for

I have to make up my mind
at some point

as I dig deeper
I find more questions in the answers
which is not enough to solve my problem

I will get my answers eventually
putting my mind at ease once more

waiting for those answers
will be difficult

my mind will wander
in hopes of finding the answer itself

but all the searching I make will lead to
inevitable disappointment

this leaves me with queries

my questions asked today
are left
perhaps awaiting the answers of tomorrow
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