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Sombro Nov 1
What I am
Is true beyond truth
Accurate in the abstract
Bright when avoided
Dark when discussed.
Omnya0 Oct 16
Beat me in the head with a hammer
Throw me down some stairs
I want to tear my brain and shatter my wares

I am trapped in a glass jar with no air
There are no achievements I can maintain
And I. Am. Suffocating.

I can't breathe without feeling acid dripping down my throat
Every breath I try to gulp, my chest tightens
My anxiety is a titan
My sanity is slipping

My mind works at a million miles an hour and my soul pays for it

I just want a good night's sleep
I just want to be not constantly pacing
I just want the headaches to stop
I just want a warm hug

All I think I need right now is a warm hug
And a good cry
And I'll figure out the rest later
PandaPao Aug 12
You thought you are difficult to love
But I loved you anyway
You said it's complicated
But I saw a masterpiece
You are difficult to decipher
But I managed to bear with you
This seems illogical and irrational
But I still loved all of you
You thought you are difficult to love
But I loved you anyway
You found it difficult to love again
But you risked it anyway
I think that's how love works
Love will never come easy
But it's what makes us happy
Nathan Duncan Jul 22
In the midst of a vicious, windy sea
On a small boat trying to get to land,
It’s natural to proclaim “woe is me!”
Because you wonder if you can withstand.

But imagine if, with that same thinking,
You knew you had an invincible boat;
Incapable of all forms of sinking,
No matter the beating you’d stay afloat.

This is how it is with our lives on earth:
Gods sends many winds but they’re to our backs,
And he gave us our vessel with Christ birth
Blessing us with glue to repair all cracks.

We should be thankful for storms every day -
They’ll get us to land quicker in ***’s way.
Written on a boat headed to the Lofoten Islands.
it is so, so easy
to write about cold beds
and tear stained cheeks
yet, it is difficult
to write of memories,
                                       of thoughts,
                                                       ­      of happiness
the things that could illuminate city streets
so for now,
i will lay my head to rest
and come morning
i will write about the bright,
the stars that shine despite the night
I have aged,
Nearer to the ledge,
Remaining years are bonuses,
No more onuses.
I am grateful,
Life is more peaceful.
My hearing loss,
Is ***'s Gift of a rose,
My hearing aid I pretend not to wear,
Shrug off, like I don't care.
When I want,I tune out the family,
And be happy,
I frustrate people sometimes,
To repeat themselves many times.
About me what they feel,
Has made me almost change my will.
I now walk with the aid of a walker,
They made me wear a pamper,
In a way good,
No more frequent trips to the loo.
No more errands,or picking kids from school,
Put your legs on a stool,
Watch T.V or doze off.
Mark Wanless May 22
Stormy Sea

if on a dark and stormy sea
   washed with cold and spray
i see a lighthouse calling me
   i will gladly turn away
want the travail of the wind
   want the cold and spray
harbour is an earthly place
   no place for me to be
If only I knew life was going to be this hard.  Just give us a class please! Teach me that I'll still jump at a slaming door, hiding from my dad under the covers at 22. Tell me that it takes more than 3 lemons to make lemonade. Teacher show me love is way more important than math most days, but some days you still have to love math. Maybe it's good life doesn't offer a crash course. The pressure you get an A would be to overwhelming. I'd crash, of course.
that’s me
held together by wooden joints and strings
a real boy, a real boy
i repeat to myself
that’s what i am
and it’s true, it is
i just don’t look the part
i’m trying, i swear
it’s just so hard
i used to accept that i would always be a puppet
but i can’t anymore, you have to understand
i’m trapped in myself and i have to escape
but *******, i am going to fix myself
even if it means giving up a few things
because what’s the point in being happy when you’re not yourself?
It's truly hard.
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