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Boss Wretch May 19
Your eyes are swallowing me
Mirrors start to whisper
Shadows start to see
My skin's smothering me

Help me find a way to breathe
Without you, it's so hard to be me
It's hard...
It's just hard...
Elymaïs May 8
Wees is 'n werkwoord,
Want soms is dit harde werk,
Net om te bestaan.
I saw a 10 year old,
Walking down the street,
With a handful of bowl
And in another a younger kin.
Chanting "what was our sin?"

I saw a handsome lover,
Beside a lonesome tree
Strangled by the memories
Of his lover who loved somebody else
Trying to stop how does it feel.
Writing up the blues to heal.

I saw an old aged person
Who barely can walk
He was happy, had a family
Not so long ago
Sitting with his basket
upon the sidewalk
With nowhere to go

I hope you think about them
If not me when you say
Life is unfair.

I saw a mother of two,
Sunken beneath a pannier.
Dreary eyes and a crooked leg,
Says the burden of life's heavier.

I saw a husband, a son,
A father of one.
Miles away from home,
Aiming to be suffice,
Guarding the border,
A few laughin' at the sacrifice.

I saw a man in a white coat,
People say he's akin to god.
Broken in tears saying
'There are battles that can't be won
For these hands saved so many
Now loosing a loved one.'

I hope you think about them
If not me when you say
Life is unfair.

I saw the dreamers
Quitting before they die.
Heard them saying that
they gave a million try.

I saw people dying in lone
That were once on the Billboards
At times there's no one to hold
I saw blind men crossing roads.

I saw the animals crying for the lost homes,
People fencing their little domes.
I saw the birds crying for the lost trees,
The poor cries and no one sees.

And yet you say
Life is unfair.
Amidst so much of suffering life goes on.
Rose Apr 8
I hate the feeling of wanting to know
but never getting the answers
I am looking for

I have to make up my mind
at some point

as I dig deeper
I find more questions in the answers
which is not enough to solve my problem

I will get my answers eventually
putting my mind at ease once more

waiting for those answers
will be difficult

my mind will wander
in hopes of finding the answer itself

but all the searching I make will lead to
inevitable disappointment

this leaves me with queries

my questions asked today
are left
perhaps awaiting the answers of tomorrow
Dez Mar 29
When the tension is tight
Expect the fight
Unless through the plight
You make light
And thereby avoid a fight
A Jung Lim Feb 29
Crashed left
Crushed right

I was running, running
not knowing what happens
as I couldn't understand
as nobody understood me


But just kept running, running
as it was the only thing that I could do
as it was the only way to mirror myself falling down

At that time

But at the bottom of myself
something that handled me
My other voice

you will get your wings
Inside of you
A growing butterfly

Make a shell

The dazzling butterfly
waiting for its time
Mamta Wathare Jan 31
my inner thigh

a nausea wave
in my belly

a hundred bottomless pits
in my gut

the dense gap
between my soul
and body

I tell my self
Just breathe
Pranav Khanna Jan 25
Everyone in this world needs a little saving
From the treacherous ones,
From all the things that might seem so overwhelming,
Too overwhelming to even be possible.

Everyone in this world deserves the best
No matter how rough they may be,
No matter how shrewd they may be

But to the ones like you,
The ones that are so pure at heart,
The ones that put others first, no matter what they're going through themselves,
You, deserve something even better.

You may feel desperate at times,
Desperate for your share, for your share of love
And of life, and of happiness, and of satisfaction
But with time you shall have it all,

Every single thing that you've ever wished for,
You shall have it all,
But not before the time is right
Not before this world has prepared you for it.

You may have a lot of friends,
And you may not be able to share your mind with them,
But you oughta know that you're being heard,
You're being heard every single time you wish to be heard.

There may be times when you feel low,
Times when you feel that life is not just,
Times when you want to quit and stay low,
But remember that times like these are the best for that must needed ******.

Life is hard, I get it
But you're a winner, trust me
You've got everything sorted in your head, even though you may not know about it,
You've got it all sorted out in your heart.

Just be grateful for what you have,
Hold on to the ones who look out for you,
Take your time to absorb everything that's going on with you,
And, with your head held high, kick all the walls down that try to hold you hostage.

For you are the one you've been looking for in all the wrong places,
For you are the hero in your story,
For you are one of a kind, unparalleled,
For you are, already in your mind, whatever you dream to be.
Life may seem unjust and you may not always get what you so desire, but have faith in time, for it shall give you ever single thing that you want, but only when the time is right. Do not look at other and frown, for it may be their right time to have it all, and you, just wait for your time to come.
Stuck in the wreckage

In a maze
Not sure if we can get be a team
And not end up mean

An attitude
adjustment needed,
making it impossible
to Communicate
Loud voices
And. Now I'm out of line
Told to stop being so rude

Calm yourself
And this unruly behavior doesn't need to happen
Be a good girl
And don't be so quick to yell
Think about who your speaking with

I love you and that means you do too
No need for the difficulty
I'm not your enemy
Daddy loves his little
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