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Imprisoned in our drunken thoughts of escaping
Is there any single hope for changing?
If the moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to
Then why does it say, there are no directions available to pursue?
I wanted to live a dream, he granted it for me
And yet, there is no time to spare
O you, lonely soul, are you melancholy, or are you in despair?
Words cut like a knife sometimes
But it pierces my heart instead
They say that the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end
Will it even ever change?
collective thoughts around times of covid-19 when everything seems meaningless, repetitive, hopeless, and in utter metaphysical despair. I longed for a real connection with people.
Samara Dec 2020
isn't it a wonder
that confinement
from the world
into a world
of prisoners
is punishment
that confinement
from the world
of prisoners
into a world alone
in an even
greater punishment?
- - -
then what about
those of us
that are confined
to ourselves
by ourselves
with our thoughts?

is that the
greatest punishment
of all?
Anavah Nov 2020
The walls have managed to keep me well-aloof and apart
It was March just the other day
My prison cocoons me in the cool autumn wind
Not sure of what danger is out there
War, virus, riots and ****
Itโ€™s a crazy world, I am safe.
I question my safety now and then.
My sanity I question more often.

I twirled in front of my dresser
Posing for acquaintances
Smiling through the boredom
Of never-ending video conferences.
The strain is showing through
On threadbare patience
Straining at the slightest provocation.

The glaring screen tempts me  
Into one last indiscretion
Of unreasonable outrage.
Elections, propaganda and
Undeserved praise
Who is worthy? You say.
Valid question.

The stench of my stale room
Reeks of carbon dioxide
The air around me
Threatening death
Inside outside
Masks always existed
Now they only cover more
Not just your intentions
And it is fine; Nightmares
Are better hidden

My prison cell comforts me
And I get accustomed
To the confinement
Of my own house
Months have passed
Days are passing
Minutes seem longer now
I haven't written in a long time. 2020 has mostly been stagnant with all the paranoia of an unknown disease looming over us. It has changed us but not to a great extent.
Julia Nov 2020
I can feel my brain cells dying
during government-sanctioned torture.
Dizzying debt left me lying
in a heap of steaming culture.

Forbidden from my friends, instead
I bonded with the roaches.
Free will proved a failure now
as Judgement Day approaches.

I tried to read the tiles,
wandered โ€˜round for miles.
Iโ€™m all wrung out of smiles,
but at least I have my piles.
Douglas Balmain May 2020
No use in saying
what wonโ€™t
be understood.
After all,
how many times
must the experiment
be run?
How many
times must the
confirmation of
and rejection
be faced
before the soul
learns to stop
as a prisoner in
a foreign
land sits silently
within a cell
between walls
built of ears
and eyes
who see and
hear all
and use
all against him?
How long before
the soul is
reduced to giving
only a knowing nod
and a saddened smile?
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Enchanted a vision of pure plendour, graceful grandeur.
Like that of a starry abyss
Your eyes beckoned my soul toย aย journey of promised heavenly delight.
Your smile whispers my name, I immediately find me gasping to breathe.
Grasping in tandem at aย ย heavenly love we share.
A match adoren in heaven, our souls combined hearts beating as one, it completes us.
As your silken hand rest in mine, with unspoken words dancing around our single world.
The song in our hearts the only music we love and cry to.
When we embrace, I feel you holding as if I am the only one to save your soul.
In this instant, I hold on tighter.

You are my guiding light in a darkened world.
My oxygen in world choking
You eridicated cynicality,
I now shake the hand of optimism, I once again wed hope.
I like to think our love is pure
Untainted by the hate in the world
You equivalent to hatreds cure.
I appreciate you wholeheartedly
Today , tomorrow and forever more
Faizel Farzee May 2020
You are the beauty in beautiful.
A true visions delight
A essence the gods finds enticing
I lost my resolve, I fall endlessly for you.
My conquerd heart lost all it's fight.

Your kisses tastes of sugar
Sweetening my dreams at night.
Your silhouette in the stars captured perfectly
Sentuated by the wonderment of the singing moonlight
A pictured elegance.
The sun envious of your smile,
As It shines just as bright.

With every word you whisper
My soul you excite.
My passion you ignite
Without even trying
A better me you incite.
Love is what keeps me sane
Even if the world's insane
She's my muse within this ugly world
She aliviate all it's pain.
Faizel Farzee May 2020
I don't get it?
How simple is it to stay inside?
Get the essentials, then run back and hide.
I get there's situations, maybe some people's deprived.
I'm sensitive to this, but this is what history created, a unhurried suicide.
A portion of the human race living in luxury, when majority having daily to strive.
At the same time, there are those
That refuse to help themselves.
Is it derived by situation, or lack of drive.
All I know is...
The world is cynical.
Built from living  in a world that's constructed on lies.
Sometimes I wish as a race we could ascend
Elevate our consciousness,
So it's raised above the chaos
Be alligned with the skies.
With morality our compass, a human race revived.
Thinking of things that will never happen.
It's a ******.
It's the truth..
The corruption is ingrained in history
Beating to the evil beat of the drummer.
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Sitting here jotting down my current thoughts.
I get stuck on this thought
Has the world gone insane?
Or are we just bored?
Living this life without knowing it's true purpose
this notion we ignore, so we don't get caught
in spiralling mess, leaving us perplexed
fighting feelngs we previously fought
it leaves your stomach in knotts
hurling up reasons that does not make sense
are we here to destroy this world, or simply to live
is this just a badly written plot, common sense twisting
Brains going insane,
Reasoning starting to clot.

Wait? this topic's to hot

To the subject at hand
stay inside, together protecting one another
without having to try.
i get its frustrating i am not going to lie
the alternitave, is possibly having to die
we not scared of death, as the verse above would imply
We scared of the unknown, a feeling we disown
so stop risking our lives.
I know every circumstance is different, it can be tough at times.
There are measures in place, so together we strive
Together apart, we all going to survive.
As my creativity flows
i write to be bold, sometimes it get frowned upon
it's a endless story im told
the truth is, i write for me
not to save anyone elses soul.
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Corona virus, Corona virus
Truth is it's a retrovirus
How are we supposed to protect our Iris
I wish I could ingest a antivirus.
You mean a cure?

Who asked you for chorus?

Go get the horses, tonight they don't know what the main course is
It's the apocalypse
Each one will have their own story
Mine won't be boring
I sat whole day watching finding Dory
Wishing I could forget
What I did this morning
The same as yesterday
My life has become a rerun and really corny

The up side
I have a wife, so that's impecably good when I get lustfully *****
I work from home
The only solace, when outside it's pouring.

i already redid all the flooring
now the inside of my mind i started exploring
i left so quickly
beacause i dont know what inside there i'm storing
It looked so gory
even myself at times i started ignoring

What day is it?
i stopped counting
everyday i see a little more people pouting
when they think about the last time they were out on a outing
i even started doubting,
that this life is real
this whole ordeal i started flouting.
Thoughts in confinement can be crazy
just this whole situation is starting to get a bit hazy
our whole demeanor gets kinda lazy
yet all the leaders can retort
is oopsie daisy

(5th poem with adifferent style on the same subject matter)
Flouting - meaning-
openly disregard (a rule, law, or convention).
"the advertising code is being flouted"
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