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85.8k · Apr 2015
Kale Apr 2015
Goodnight my love,
Even though the moon's
Greeting comes
to separate us,
I will always love you.
Our bond that was
Formed by Fate
Can never be broken
Because with each
Setting sun
You enter
My dawdling mind
And my heart begins
To sing songs
Like the birds of
early morn
17.8k · Jul 2015
Pen and pencil
Kale Jul 2015
With the one pen and pencil
I can draw my way to a better life
Or rewrite my whole destiny
I can go on adventures
Or have a steamy romance
I can let go
I can be free.
Even though my
Freedom is short lived
I can create myself
Into a better human
14.2k · May 2015
Kale May 2015
Can you here it
The ticks on the clock
Making the noise
Indicating time is drifting away
You can't catch this clock
Because its too late
Now the Reaper of Death
Is waiting for you at the gate.
9.6k · Apr 2015
More than Friends
Kale Apr 2015
Every now and then
I think back
To my relationship
With you
How you loved me
But loved them more
How you were compassionate
But too insolent
I wished on every star
That you can see
My love for you is boundless
And that my eyes sees no other
But each day
I heal that breaking soul
You break mine twice as much
And when I call out to you
You brush off my presence
When will you see
That I want to be more
More than Friends
9.1k · Aug 2014
Favorite Toy
Kale Aug 2014
My plush buddy,
Which acted as a knight,
Is ready to hug me,
When I want to fight.

My dolls and men
Which laze around all day
Come through for me
When I want to play

My insects and bands,
Which decorate the house,
Helps to scare my mom,
Like a mouse.

I love my toys,
They bring joys,
And laughter,
And playful banter.
Do not think I am creepy. This is a random poem. Hope it is a little bit good
7.8k · Jul 2014
Kale Jul 2014
I am different,
And proud of this.
With this difference,
I make accomplices,
Who are different.
I don't care if you,
Call me different,
Because I love my,
7.5k · Nov 2014
Kale Nov 2014
I would like
To be on drugs
Just for one day
Not to get addicted
Just so i can let loose
Show a different side of me
Allow me to see the world differently
Allow me to forget my pain, and sorrow.

However I am conflicted
Drugs may make me loose my mind
I may end up rotting in prison
I may harm myself
I may harm others
I may shorten my lifespan
7.2k · Sep 2016
Kale Sep 2016
The time has come
There is a war in these
Love is dead
Passion is real,
We fight not because
We want to
Its because we have to.
We fight to survive,
To climb that
Crumbling social ladder
That only accepts
Those who are absolutely free.
Then, Maybe one day
We can go back
To our Roots
Where we basked in the cold
3.6k · Oct 2014
Ice Cream
Kale Oct 2014
You are a sweat
Shoulder I can depend on.

I use you to get over

I like you
Ice Cream.
But I have to avoid
Because like every
Love Story
I can't have you.
2.4k · Jul 2014
Kale Jul 2014
I feel like a video game,
Someone controls me,
Every move I make,
Every choice I choose,
Someone decides for me,
I feel like..
I feel like..
Its not me doing it.
2.2k · May 2015
Letter #1
Kale May 2015
If I was still there
Waiting on you
I would be dragged strait
To the asylum
You built for me personally.
You called me crazy
Because I wanted to shower
You in my affection
Because even though you
Committed adultery
Against me.
Thats why I had to go
Leave you behind
In that drunken sate
Still kissing that dreadful woman.
Don't look for me
I am not needed
Because I left to raise
our unborn child.
2.1k · Mar 2015
Kale Mar 2015
I don't think it's acceptable
For me, myself and I
To form endless tears
Over you who means nothing.
I am greater, stronger and better than that.
I a single so not applying to me
2.1k · Apr 2015
Another world
Kale Apr 2015
Don't you dream
You can be transported
To another dimension
Where there would be no

Well I dream to change
The world.
2.0k · Jul 2014
Kale Jul 2014
The inevitable end
to all life
Travelling too close
For comfort
Its callous hands reach
And touch the worthy
And unworthy
We try so hard to escape
His claws
But death always
Catches us
1.8k · Nov 2015
Kale Nov 2015
The litany of tears
Can not cease
Till man learn
To love
The people we meet.
We as humans need to end the violence between one another, and live in harmony #spreadpeace
1.7k · Aug 2015
Kale Aug 2015
Become my the reason
I retaliate against this
Crazy world
Where guns and violence are
My protection
And love is my weakness.
I am broken by the daily
That runs in my veins
Causing me to change
Each stupid day.

Become my soilder
That opens my heart
Which bears much evil,
Including the sins of my ancestry.
Your the only one I can trust
As I dwindle from my sanity
Because I am a devil
That needs redemption.
1.6k · May 2015
Kale May 2015
The whispers among the air
the  mouths twitching
the words forming
Some thing you don't want
Others to hear.
The whispers,
Getting louder
And i am trying to hear.
This is maddening,
Why don't I know
What are these secrets
That everybody knows.
1.5k · Oct 2014
Kale Oct 2014
I am captured by,
I am coerced into making
A change.
Forced into acting normal.
Forced into changing my personality,
Just to fit in.

I want to be different
But I am captured,
By this fast paced world,
Where being different,
Means being an outcast.

I will fight my captors,
Defeat the norm,
Play a different tune.
Become someone not changed by
Become not captured.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know
1.4k · Nov 2015
Kale Nov 2015
The world is spinning'
Out of my cold grasp
Moving forward
Leaving me behind
In the aisle's of the dark

You with your weak smile
Became my drug
My caffeine
The one to speed up
My days on this cruel
And unforgiving world
1.3k · Jun 2015
Kale Jun 2015
My body aches
From the back breaking pain
That you enforced on me
Every sad day.
I want to open my quivering
To tell you,
No Scream at you
"That this is not the end"
"I will get you back."
You caused me so much
That my eyes are forever dull.
I want to tell you
I hate you.
But it seems that my
Lips will remain shut
Because now I am looking
At your barren grave
Hoping that you are where you
Now that you are out
Forever gone from
My life,
I will become the
Depiction of false happiness.
However I will always remember
All your sins and
The scars that are buried deep
In my recovering skin.
Hoping that I can be a story of survival.
1.3k · Apr 2015
Kale Apr 2015
The glow
From the Moon
Rained down on my
Crying face.
I want to chase after you
But it seems like the worst thing
To do now.
So I will wait,
Wait till tomorrow
Hoping that you forgive me.
Hoping you are still there
With your shivering hands.
My words mean nothing
Now I wait in the presence of
The moons glow
Hating each moment
That we are separated.
1.2k · Dec 2015
Kale Dec 2015
Our hearts ever so pure
Tainted by the lust
We keep dormant
Explode once
Our cold fingers
And the warmth
Spreads around
Our body like
the blood that already
And we become
Beasts, who hunger
and treat each other
Like Prey.
1.2k · Nov 2015
Kale Nov 2015
Oh my love,
With your endless
and Personality
Can we spawn
The birds of love
This great day.
We are unable to grasp
Anything ending
What we hold dear,
So please treasure my heart
And treat it with care
1.1k · Apr 2015
Kale Apr 2015
As a symbol
Of our endless love,
Ill shower you
In gifts.
Not little trinkets
Or things of expense
Something that you can
Remember my love by.
Something that will
Make you shed tears
Of happiness
With every gaze.
I don't know how long
My body will remain
On this Earth
But at least you will
Have that symbol
Of our love to remember me by.
1.0k · Apr 2015
Kale Apr 2015
When I said I forgive you
I did not expect you
To walk right back
Into my life
Like nothing never happened.

We can not be the same
I saw you with my
blood shot and teary eyes.
You betrayed me
I am unable to give you such
Such Affection,
All over again
Because you disgraced not only me
But my pride as well.
1.0k · Jul 2014
Kale Jul 2014
This world is cruel,‏
And unbearable.
Humans have to strive,
but deprive,
Care but destroy.
We consume,
without thinking of others.
I apologize from now, most of my poems might be depressing and i hope that in some way it helps you feel better about life or something like that.
984 · Apr 2015
Kale Apr 2015
I owe myself the
Of confessing to you.
I loved you,
Since that first smile
On that first trip,
Remember it in grade 3.
You looked at the seals
Dancing at the gleaming waves.
Screaming in happiness
When the water touched
Your skin.

As you grew older
That smile seemed to fade
The screams of happiness faltered
Your bright eyes
Masked by glares.

All i want is the return
Of that happy child
The one from grade 3
The one I fell in love with.
975 · Apr 2015
Kale Apr 2015
As humans,
There are so many of us,
That every lineage can get tangled.
Then why are we killing our brother,
Assaulting our sister,
Bullying our nieces,
Persecuting our nephews.
We walk each day
With our heads held high,
Leaving the homeless on the road to suffer.
Ungrateful to fact that
if we work hard we can get everything
While some people have to work hard just to survive.
964 · May 2015
Night Light
Kale May 2015
I am waiting
For the night light
To become my guide
From  the evil
That lurks down below
and creeps in my head
While I sleep in my bed.

The night light
Brings me goodness and joy
Fade and dims
each time the clock spins.

Now, as i grew past the edge
of my twin bed
I need you to be my night light
So that I wont fall
Into the darkness at all.
952 · May 2015
Letter #2
Kale May 2015
Dear Whoever,
The life you sold me
The dreams you gave me
Were lies
Was it not.
You fed me like a child
With all the things you
Planned for us to do
But you replaced me for the
Lover you met last week.
I do not feel anger
Or resentment
Nor will I show resilience
I just hope
Your stomach is eaten by
951 · Apr 2016
Isn't it Strange
Kale Apr 2016
Isn't it strange
That men women and child
Are being prosecuted
Because of their beliefs
Because of their color
Because of their gender
Because of their class.

Isn't it strange that
Now-a-days it is cool to be stupid
But stupid to be smart
It is cool to bully
The weak
And praise the unworthy.

Isn't it strange
That we disrespect
Those who raised us
Because we see it happening
On TV.

Isn't it strange
That we would spend
Thousands of dollars
For the latest item on the market
But can't afford to help
the less fortunate.

Isn't it strange
That my voice will become
Because what I say is true
and I stand for what I believe in.
936 · Sep 2015
Dark Fantasy
Kale Sep 2015
I am blinded by
Your love
And unable to
Sing our favorite song
Because you left me
On the eggshells
We call a relationship.
Now I am sick
Unable to grasp
Because you showed
Me the true meaning
Of a Dark Fantasy
894 · Oct 2014
Kale Oct 2014
I want to visit,
The dreamland in,
My dreams.
To sleep an endless

Maybe I will be happier there,
Floating through Never land.
Making my wishes come true.
Not worrying about the stress,
The oppression,
The Money
Or the Wars.

But I know that this will happen
Any time soon.
I won't get my wishes and
I won't get my freedom
Because after every visit to
Dreamland I always wake back up.
869 · May 2015
Kale May 2015
We fight each day
Crying out to nature
Like the psychos
We all are,
We want redemption
From the evil that
Lay in the closet
But we do not accept the
Fact that the darkness
That is formed deep within
Our soul,
Is eating away at the Goodness
The peace
The happiness
That consumes our mind.
We are humans after all
We are the two sides to
Every story.
844 · Sep 2015
Kale Sep 2015
The willow tree
That I sit under
Beckons me to sleep
It holds me tight
Like the memories
I dearly keep.
But once in a while
It brings me despair
Causing me tears.
I couldn't handle
The thought of your
Blood shed and tears.
Instead of facing
The dark abyss
I lay dangling
From the tree's
838 · Sep 2015
Kale Sep 2015
Like a thief
My heart was poached
Causing me to fall
In the spiral of
But I did not know
The thief was evil
Causing me pain
Each day.
Shambling my hear
For the satisfaction
Of his own.
Never have I thought
I could be whole once more.
Then I met another thief
Who glued the
pieces one by one.
832 · Aug 2016
Kale Aug 2016
Sometimes its good
To start the cycle over
To erase all the troubles
The subsequently haunt your
Dawning future
And just be free
Even its for an inkling
Just start over.
803 · Oct 2015
White Room
Kale Oct 2015
Knock Knock Knock
The blank room
Is opening
Ready it
To drag
Me to the brink of
Having the padded
Cell Comfort Me
With the emptiness
Filling me
Leaving me to wonder
Why won't someone **** me.
798 · Oct 2015
My lover
Kale Oct 2015
You were dashing
And I was crying,
But you beckoned me,
To slowly follow,
Into the sea of mystery.
My misguided heart
Accepted you fully
And you kept me happy.
Then you took my soul
And guided me back
To the path of hope.
My savior,
My protector
And my lover,
Stole what was left
Of the shattered heart
And made it anew.
797 · Feb 2016
St. Valentine's Day
Kale Feb 2016
There are times
Where I am doing well
Standing strong
Because my life as
A single entity is awesome
But then the loneliness
Creeps behind my
Insecure mind
And fights to drag
Me into a deep depression.
I want to be independent me
But what is one shoe without
It's other half.
Happy Valentines to those who don't have a valentines
795 · Nov 2015
Kale Nov 2015
I am incapable
I am insufficient
To walk the path of man
What I have down
Or what I thought I did
Is inexcusable
My abilities over reached me
And now your gone.
I am now left with
The hidden messages in your
Bleeding words
790 · May 2015
Recurring Dream
Kale May 2015
The endless waking
In my sleep
Because of the
That are in repeat.
Each one,
Is a reflection of my daily life.
And with each one I die.
I die not because of the evil
That is rampant within the society.
I die because
My darkness,
My despair,
My sadness,
Consumes the air which I breath.
Leaving me helpless
And worthless,
Like a piece of trash
Drifting on the ground.
773 · Nov 2014
Kale Nov 2014
This is my Memorial
For those who died
In that tragic plane crash.

I knew you all
Too Well
That it is still a shock
That I haven't cried.

I will miss you
My dear friends
Hope your souls
Rest in Peace.
This is our final Good Bye.
Not only for those who died in the crash but tot those who lost someone special military wise or not.
751 · Oct 2015
Kale Oct 2015
Once, there was a girl
Who was pitiable,
Poisoned by the demons
Of the nightshade.
Unable to cope with
The fact that the world
Was against
Her tiny broken heart
She plummeted
From the tree that once
Touched the Round Moon.
742 · Feb 2019
Kale Feb 2019
They bumpy
Crunchy chocolate
Chip cookie
Oh how delicious!
With each bite
I die a little inside
Because soon
This moment
Will end
Wrote this for class
721 · Oct 2015
I remember
Kale Oct 2015
I remember,
When the sun kissed the moon
On our first date.
We were shackled
By our romantic stares.

I remember when you stood
Down the aisle
Waiting for my warm embrace.

I remember when I cried
You consoled my breaking heart,

I remember the call
That told me you were not alright.

I remember you being taken
By the glowing angels
That wanted to be selfish.

I remember being blind by
Fury and alcohol

I remember being drunk
I remember the cliff
I remember the pain
I remember you meeting me
At the big white door.
718 · Dec 2015
Kale Dec 2015
The passion we shared
Was the source of
My tears
But maybe
I love it
Because our struggle
To find total peace
Is what made our bond stronger
709 · Nov 2015
Fuck it!
Kale Nov 2015
**** my emotions
That I hold dear
Because no one seems
To adhere to my feelings.

**** the people around me
Because they ignore my
presence and call me
If necessary

**** relationships
Because it messes up my
heart and mind if there is
a deep separation

**** the world
who feigns peace
But is on the brink of
natural war.

**** everything
and anything meant to destroy
The life we hold so dear
692 · Nov 2014
Never Want to Grow Up
Kale Nov 2014
I will never want to grow up.
Because growing up is a pain.
I have to think about a job.
I have to think about taxes.
I have to think about dating.
I have to make too much **decisions
Peter Pan
671 · Sep 2015
Setting Sun
Kale Sep 2015
The burning fire
Of the bewitching orb
Comes to end the sweet day.

Our day,
In which walk on the tiny granules
Of the endless sand
Staring at the beauty
Of our love.

Once the sun sets,
I know our time has come to an end
Because now I am filled with
Memories whiles
In you are in the grave
Dreaming the night  away.
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