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Do I wish to think?
To dream the unimaginable.
The mind of a viper;
Ambitious swipe towards intent.

Yet, its possessed fangs drip,
Such venom. A gradual drip would
Destroy the work.
“What work?” I hear you ask.

“Exactly” I whisper.
There is none to behold. With all my gall
And flapping gums, such spittle
Did not exist.

I crave to bite the apple of my existence…
Lingering doubt, lingering hope.
Can I foresee the future?
Can I not think?


To exist with intent…
Wanting so much to do, create and be something, telling people you will or you want to, yet not fulfilling that wish nor making strides to achieve that dream is something I think a lot of people feel at some point
Loving you was hurtful, having to destroy myself to please you was one of the most overwhelming things i could’ve ever experienced. Not being able to truly tell you how i feel because I’m afraid you won’t care. Not being able to have the freedom to do what I want because i’m afraid that you’ll get angry. Not having the strength to fight for myself but fight for someone who doesn’t fight for me. People like you are the worst kind of people.
When you bite a Scorpio,
You end up poisoning yourself.
larni Mar 31
how is it okay
to not only break someones heart,
but to also destroy their opinion on love?
Empire Mar 22
I need you to know
You have to let me go
I’m not helpless
I am relentless

My body cries out
It screams in frustration
And I have no doubt
That what I crave is liberation

You have no right to control
It’s taking a toll
I’m not your toy
That you can destroy
Don’t tell me I’m strong, treat me like I’m weak, then wonder why I don’t trust you.

You’ve made me your prisoner. Just because you left my gate open doesn’t mean I’m free to go. I know better.
Amy byrne Mar 19
My love for you burns
within my
My heart lay
untill i met you
We convirged like
two tectonic plates
You caused me to
what was first
is now
molten lava
boiling through my veins
intoxicate the lively soul with lies
the obedient will stay grounded,
and the thinkers they shall then pulverize

for mindless madness drifts
falsehoods become candid
and society rifts

nobody knows the bucolic
so humanity must be

so when bumblebees eat their kin  
and butterflies drink blood
i’ll engage in our guilt sin

They clip your wings
so you cannot fly from
this place.
So you can never reach space.
Empire Mar 5
Is destruction really so bad?
I mean
You can't build until
You've destroyed
Whatever was there
And maybe
What I am
Needs to be rebuilt
Maybe I need to face
My destruction
So that I can come back
Or maybe it's just
An excuse
To give in
And destroy myself
Lae Mar 3
It was like breathing every ocean air and letting go. Like a sunshine creeping in the small corner of your room and those familiar eyes you once loved turned to you slow in recognition.

Like your favorite red balloon slowly slipping away from the tip of your finger. An old photograph left in the lost places of a book.

That's what i used to be. Someone who tried so hard to make you laugh. Someone who wanted to make you happy. Someone who prayed so hard to make it last.

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe you were just another lesson being taught to me. Someone who could only stay for a while and leave you when you're asleep.

A nightmare dressed like a daydream. An angel who was ought to destroy me in the end.
Lily Feb 28
Crashing and turning
So beautiful yet destructive
A young girl reaching out to someone
she can never quite catch

Maybe thats why tidal waves are so strong
Wanting to talk to the land
Tell them how their destructive humans are destroying it
Drowning in lack of love
Drowning in itself

So confusing
So overwhelming
Tidal waves rolling out of her eyes
Crashing into her soul
Cracking it
Until there is nothing left
But tidal waves
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