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Priya Gaikwad Sep 22
Only I will destroy my life,
No one else will contribute to this catastrophe.
Anna Sep 17
It's funny-how one word can change everything.
One word can make the good memories fade away.
One word can hurt more than a physical blow.
One word can overtake your every thought.
One word can consume you.
One word can break you.
It's funny how one word can destroy you, but one word can also set you free.
I would rather be hit with sticks and stones- then ever have to hear that one word.
the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a lie. It is something we say to gather strength and dignity after the words have already done their damage.
Ava Courtney Sep 16
If our heart is the strongest muscle
Then why does it break so easily?

The strongest ***** has open wounds.
It's dripping with pain.

Once again
It's broken and bruised.

Our acidic love is burning.
Through the flesh
Im screaming in pain

Every scar of the past
Is ripping with regret

There's poison in my veins.
The antidotes missing

My hearts beating the blame
And pumping out shame

The ache,
The pain,
The hurt,
Is just another
Toxic mistake
Ruthlessly destroying my heart
You were destructive 
You destroyed some of my parts and left me mercilessly.
But some parts are still begging to die by you.
Please come back and destroy them too.
maria Aug 21
Why did you have to make me hate myself for loving you?

Why do I have to live with the memories of you when all I want to do is forget?

Why did you have to destroy all I ever thought of you?

Why did you make me lose every hope in love?
Sometimes it's not the break up that destroys you but it's everything after that. Sometimes you don't know a person if you've never been in a difficult situation. And when you see the distance and cruelty you're just disappointed.

Written on August 21, 2019
Tea Aug 17
No matter how friendly I stay...
My mom always has another way...
She points at all my bad stuff...
And I know that I'm sometimes rough...
But she goes over the line...
I'm trying to clean myself so that I can shine...
And I believe that I'm making some progress...
But in her eyes, I always make a mess...
I don't mind if she helps me here and there...
But it is like she points everywhere...
I don't mind if my brother plays with the stuff I throw away...
But whatever I say...
They'll never understand or see...
The soft pain inside me...
I know my brother is still just a child...
But he goes wild...
I don't want to see how he destroys...
My old toys...
But no one cares a thing...
Except for my King...
Luca C Aug 2
There are teeth
that gaurd the one
and only
me, I have ever known.
The one that hurts
anyone they've ever loved;
the one that destroys everything it lays its eyes on.
My healer,
the one who rubbed
ointment on my wounds,
calming and relieving the pain.
Who's presence was the epitome
of comfort and love.

Has now become the stealer,
of my happiness
and the exploiter,
of my kindness.
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