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Madi Dinneen Nov 20
my skin
my bones
my hair
my blood
bleeds red
for you

my breath
my time
my love
my heart
will beat
for you
Artem Mars Sep 30
I'm scared you'll do something
I'm scared it's my fault
because I am a coward
and you are not
that scares me
a lot
you don't want to be your dad
but you don't see
I already am my dad
because he was my hero
but he's not a good person
I'm scared you will do something
and I think I know why
it's because of me
and all that I did
but if you look closer
I'm the only one that's bad
You told me you'd be fine
but it's kind of selfish
to leave the planet
and not care what it does to me
you think I'd be better
it would destroy me
I'll talk you down
I know it's not your fault
guess. just guess. :)
You know me so well
I share everything with you first
You know everything about me
Things I might not even be aware about
You bring me to Utopia with each touch
A single swipe, and I get my cup of tea
But how bad could you be for me
I have increasingly decreasing attention
I am just a tool to you
A point to collect more data to sell
And sell away to manipulators
And attack me with new intelligence
I am always gullible
Technology, I can't live without you
I need you more than I thirst for water
why do you set out to destroy my entire race?
Everybody has a voice inside
That whispers day and night
For the criminals it says
Destroy the evidence
Destroy the witness
Lest they should be done
For the pious it says
Do good to others
Do not harm others
Lest they make their own fun
As we take our first breath
We are handed a tool
Given to us by the creator of the universe

It never leaves our hand
Although we cannot see it
Or feel it
We can sense it

Some are meant to change people
Into better or worse humans

Some are meant to carve the world
Into the place we love or hate

Some are meant to give us hope
Which without we would fall

Some are meant to teach us
What we would never know, other-wise

Some are meant to strengthen us
To become who we really are

Some are meant to save us
Before we disappear

And some are meant to destroy
The better humans we are
The world we love
The hope we stand upon
The knowledge we know
And the strength we lean on

Which tool is in your grasp?
Isaac Ward Aug 12
How much does a life cost?
If you were kidnapped,
Sackcloth bag over your head,
Thrown in a cell-
Barely more than a pit in the ground,
How much should be charged?

How much does a life cost?
If you flip burgers,
No air conditioning,
Grease bubbling on a hot stovetop,
Rent from two months past a-haunting,
How much should they pay?

How much does a life cost?
The nurse advised a second opinion,
Dark circles under her eyes, under yours,
Anarchy inside and outside,
Is it just a bump?
How good is your insurance?

How much does a life cost?
A muzzle flash in an alley-
Yesterday it made your nose wrinkle,
Today you'll smell the alley one last time,
Oh god, oh god, you would miss it,
How much did they take?

The generation of today is living an insecure life.
Life full of comparison
Possession of things without thinking of what may happen
A generation trying to prove others that they are the best

A generation where young and energetic men are trying to prove themselves by destroying others.
A generation where big and high class daddies destroy the young with material things
A confused generation showing their happiness and wealth through photography
A confused generation  hard to love people from a broken family
         Everything is invalid!

We suffer insecurities we didn't create
Many are becoming insecure
Completely unstable
Trying to compare themselves with our today's models and celebrities of our century
Probably hiding behind makeup
Cause probably without the makeup!
They,themselves are a hot mess!
They pay a ransom to look great!
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!
Then,why suffer so much trying to look spectacular?
Why spend to your last coin attracting a whole lot of people?
They say beauty comes from within
Our generation need to stand courageously
And fight against the enemy of self insecurity!
The stillness feels like death
But movement isn't life either
I'm getting bored again
But moving around isn't the answer

I'd rather move inward
Make a temple in my heart
That only I can build or destroy

For I know why I move.
To feel home in places
Alien to humanity
A temple in my heart..
It's now, you need to be brave
For you've fear in your heart
It's now, you need to obey
For you've been free, too long

It's now, you need to be responsible
For you've ran away from it all your life
It's now, you need to fall in line
For your entire life was out of line

It's now you need, Balance
For you've enjoyed the imbalance in chaos
It's now the time to sit still
For you've never stopped moving

It's now the time to build
For you've only but destroyed
Remember the message
Alas, you'll repeat the mistake twice.
HYA Jul 15
bury them in my pillow,
the memories we can't boast;
maybe they'll replay in my sleep
and i can have you again

through nights like this, i hide myself
and get lost inside the maze i create
i then destroy for the very sake of a goal in mind—
to feel the pain, no, to let it out at last
i don't know if i am talking to a person or to my little feeling called despair
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