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my mother is like the queen
she is the queen of everything
but in the sense that all that matters is reputation and
i am merely a means to an end.

i am the pawn on the chessboard
and she likes to play with her pawns carved out hollow,
brittle shells on the edge of breaking.
she likes the power of holding a fragile heart in her hands
to nurture and then destroy as she sees fit
for her own entertainment.

is it still my fault i turned out the way i am?
the ground shook when the crown was placed upon her head, for surely even earth began counting down the time until its destruction.
These lies,
Are what keep me from falling.

But these lies,
Might also break me.
I need these lies either way
Flickering in my hands
It can destroy the lives of many
If I drop it on the dry wood floor under me
Or if I blow it out
It doesn't make a difference to me
It doesn't affect my life
But it's not who I am
I blew it out
Days go by
Rainy days
Depressing days
Grey skies
I live in a hotel and I'm bored
I'm very lonely
I am a lonely girl
I paint, I make music
I try to keep myself busy so I don't end up in depression
Life is hard
Loneliness can be soothing as it can be bitter
I feel like my life is defined by waiting for time to pass
We feel alone but we are not
God is there to strengthen us
That's why we need to pray
Pray because Jesus hears us and is there
He protects us from evil
There is no such thing as evil
It's just demons that want to destroy us
But we must fight them thanks to God
God is in my heart and it's thanks to him that I'm alive today
Pray my child and all your demons will disappear
Stand clear
I’m a bomb and I’m set to explode.
I swear
It’s best that I do this alone.

Head for the hills love,
Go lock your doors.
It’s how I’m programmed,
I can’t do more.
Leave me be and let me explode.

You can’t stay here, love
I can’t disengage.
My manual is missing pages…
Tonight, I’m shooting straight for the moon.
Oh, I won’t be back soon.
Tonight, I’m going to detonate.
Oh, I don’t wanna be late.
Don’t wait.
Don’t wait for me.
Nought Mar 3
You were the sun;
Bright, warm,
Destined to destroy the Earth.
And that, I suppose, just happened to be me
- Nought
Payton Feb 24
His love was like an earthquake, and it rocked her world.

But one day, it destroyed everything she had built for herself.
This is less like a poem and more like a pretty thought.
Written in 2016.
Alicia Feb 19
I know you meant to destroy me
     in that hate
I found peace
Zack Ripley Feb 1
So much time to win.
So much time to lose.
So much time to think.
So much time to choose.
So much time to love.
So much time to hate.
So much time to give.
So much time to take.
So much time to be afraid.
So much time to be brave.
So much time between
the cradle and the grave.
So much time to create.
So much time to destroy.
So much time to unapologetically
Be who you want to be.
Whether you're a girl or boy.
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