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void Jan 7
you made a playlist
of songs about
car crashes

not because you
want to die
but because
your mind
mjad Nov 2018
Of all the fun Ive ever had
Almost all I've never told you
From vaping in the car
To drinking in my friends basement bar
Almost all I've never told you
Nearly crashing a car
Kissing strangers just for fun
Smelling like **** a ton
Sneaking out to a friend's wedding
To seeing the cops pull up and dreading
You hearing about all the fun I've had that I've never told you
But you never knew, never found out about
The times I don't want to forget
You don't know about them yet
And my only regret out of all of it
Is that I can't tell you one bit
Part 2 to "Fun"
CGW Oct 2018
She dreams in yellow waves.
In summer time she wishes that she were asleep than awake.
Eyes shut.
Weightless but not for long.
A shot of blood against the windshield.
She regrows her roots into consciousness at the speed of darkness.
She thinks.
Over contemplating the smell of burnt rubber and musky metal.
She watches her dislocated broken body wash from the ocean cliff into the abyss.
Aa Harvey Jul 2018

You to me are wonderful; you came along and rocked my world.
You made me see, that I could be, anything I wanted to be.
You made me chase all of my dreams;
You made them become a reality.

The day you crashed in to my world;
The same day you became my girl.
The day we went for a drink in the pub;
The day we got extremely drunk.
The day you met some of my friends;
The day you wrote off my Mercedes Benz.

I drove along like every other day
And there you were, I saw your face.
I could see that you were besotted with me;
As deep into your eyes I could see.
You made the whole world disappear
And then you hit my car and then it got hit in the rear.

I don't recall his protestations;
I don't recall our head on collision.
I don't recall feeling any pain;
I think you kissed it all away.
As you floated down into my life,
I found love at first sight.
When you bumped into me, I got quite a fright,
Because you came along and completely changed my life.

The two of us, are now dancing hand in hand,
To the muffled complaints of an angry man;
But he cannot bring bad karma, into our bubble.
He cannot make either of us worry.
But please could I have your insurance details
And carry you away to the nearest hospital?
For you are not hurt and neither am I;
But I'd like to get away from that angry guy.
So could you pretend to faint and I'll carry you home,
So the two of us can be all alone.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
One For The Road

A mother cries, at her babies smile,
Because everything is alright.
A father lies dying in his car,
He’s not coming home tonight.

If only he had changed his ways,
If only he had used his head today.
If he hadn’t gone out to celebrate,
Maybe he would be coming home again.

There’s been another crash on Route 66,
That left a single mother with a newborn kid.
It’s just another headline news story,
It’s just another drink-drive tragedy.

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

A man lies dying in his car,
He dreams of holding his baby in his arms.
But we all know that will never happen;
Never again will he know happiness.
We all know how the story ends;
A single mother with a newborn kid.

Another crash on Route 66,
Another victim of the Devils drink.
Another headline news story,
Another drink-drive tragedy.

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

So if you’re drunk and sat in a bar,
Just hand over the keys to your car.
Go and call yourself a cab,
Because it's not too late for you to be a good Dad.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Rach Jun 2018
They replaced the road.
with a different colour.
A much lighter grey,
then the other tiles,
that overlap and flow.

They replaced the road,
to mask the crimson red,
to stop children from seeing splatters on the tile,
growing up too young.

They replaced the road
so that we don't have to see
as those who are gone are always forgotten.

But we won't forget you,
who made us realise the impermanence
Too young, we are for this.

They replaced the road,
But I don't go there anymore
I don't see the lighter grey,
of which crimson used to be,
before, there was security
a bliss of ignorance.

Becuase with every loss of life,
there comes new
a new feeling
a new sadness
a new road tile.

What else has been covered up?
Aa Harvey May 2018
Ghost bike

Another ghost bike, chain around my heart.
Another fallen hero, gone up past the stars.
Another soul, lost in the night.
Another memory begins to fade; gone is this twilight.

Haunted by a voice of angels.
Sorrowful cards, praise the truth.
Strike a fist against a table;
Demand another chance to love them anew.

Banish the pain; remove the scars that this world leaves behind,
When people go to wherever they are.
Speak your words, tell their tale.
All are taken too soon from this Earth of ours;
We all need to find a grail.

Broken street lamps; tires screech.
Understand and continue to speak.
Change the mindset; cracks in the pavements.
When there is nothing left, but regrets,
Will you begin to make amends?

Broken headlights on bumper cars.
We need to reverse the damage we do.
Rebuild the human and give them more care.
So self-aware; so always lacking being there.
Live a life inside your phone
And all you will be left with are bright lights and broken bones.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Bibby May 2018
A nother day.
C arelessly we go about.
I can only remember so much,
D ismayed, we all started to cry.
E verone will be O.K." They rushed.
N ightmares that leave me awake,
T hanking God, we are all alive.
This poem isn't all that good, but recently we (my mom, me, and my aunt) were all involved in a car accident and I am still having trouble getting through this. We are all okay, but not without our own injuries, although my mom suffered the worst in breaking her back.
I started a GoFundMe account for her to help her in anyways I can, since I am going through guilt, and bad depression for seeing her this way.
The link to her page is here:

Any donation helps and I am only doing this to help her with the support she deserves most. To anyone/if anyone donates, God bless you and a huge "thank you" from my heart miles away.
JP Mantler Apr 2018
Celebrity car crash,
Diana's obliterated,
so sad so sad, and the world goes round

Twenty-one years later, and it's no accident
The Ryder had killed them poor *******
But we'll get the *******, we'll get the *******

The sidewalk ain't safe, the playground ain't safe, the schools ain't safe, but hey, my home is safe for now

I'll eat spaghetti out of a can if I have to,
I'll **** in the bucket if I have to,
Just to keep my poor *** safe from the loonies

Marked safe, I'm listening to static all of the time
Living under the rock is cool and calm
Until the jackhammer penetrates my skull

You're safe, you're not safe,
and the world goes round
Steel seams once welded
safety torn and matted
scattered among the blood

I waited, perched
facing the pound
silhouettes of people dance

Lights of blue flash next to red
hurried bodies take in the flesh
torn and matted among the blood

Pebbles tossed create ripples
one action has lingered effects
silhouettes and shadows dance

As I wait,
uniforms investigate, the damage
the glass shards mingle among ****** hair
the scent of burning floats aware

I turn to the breeze
Imaging your hair twined to the wind, dancing
I wait for your embrace
but you never came
I was imaging a lover waiting in the park for her lover, that never came.
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